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Wednesday 1 February 2023, UKT
India, I-League
11:00 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC1.6502.301.080.57.00
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC1.470.252.761.110.756.80
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC2.050.251.861.1316.00
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC2.360.51.611.281.253.55
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC1.360.53.301.441.52.81
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC2.890.751.431.561.752.47
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC1.240.754.191.7422.11
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC1.1216.
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC4.0311.262.342.51.61
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC1.111.256.602.782.751.45
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC4.581.251.223.4531.30
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC4.501.51.193.803.251.25
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC6.251.751.124.403.51.21
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC---5.503.751.15
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC---
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC---
 Real Kashmir - Aizawl FC---
13:30 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC5.6201.
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC3.530.251.311.201.254.40
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC5.750.251.141.331.53.33
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC6.400.51.121.401.752.85
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC2.740.51.471.5122.59
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC2.390.751.601.752.252.10
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC2.0811.822.002.51.88
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.781.
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.601.52.442.7531.47
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.451.752.933.103.251.35
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.3023.923.453.51.32
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.252.253.804.253.751.21
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC1.152.755.506.404.251.12
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC---6.804.51.12
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC---
 Kenkre FC - Punjab FC---
Thursday 2 February 2023, UKT
11:00 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.1505.501.020.512.00
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.430.
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.110.56.601.4423.30
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.500.752.771.652.252.50
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC1.6512.321.852.52.10
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC2.081.251.882.082.751.93
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC2.241.51.702.4831.68
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC2.641.751.532.383.251.55
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC3.3621.383.093.51.45
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC3.762.251.303.303.751.33
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC3.702.51.264.1541.22
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC4.502.751.194.504.251.19
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC6.6031.115.754.51.17
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC7.
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC---
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC---
 Rajasthan United - Sudeva Delhi FC---
Friday 3 February 2023, UKT
11:00 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC1.8802.03---
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC2.140.251.711.301.53.41
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC1.570.252.411.4722.65
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC1.440.52.791.702.252.13
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC2.490.51.541.942.51.89
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC1.300.753.462.202.751.66
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC3.020.751.382.6631.47
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC1.1814.933.293.51.32
 Trau FC - Mohammedan SC4.1611.236.374.51.11
Saturday 4 February 2023, UKT
08:30 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers1.5902.36---
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers1.920.251.921.281.53.57
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers1.440.252.801.4422.77
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers2.200.51.671.672.252.19
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers1.340.53.221.902.51.90
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers1.230.754.112.142.751.70
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers2.610.751.492.5631.50
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers3.4111.313.173.51.34
 Sreenidi Deccan FC - Churchill Brothers3.851.
Sunday 5 February 2023, UKT
08:30 Sudeva Delhi FC - Punjab FC1.871.251.891.902.751.86
11:00 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala2.4601.55---
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala1.900.252.01---
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala3.020.251.391.110.56.21
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala1.630.52.271.471.52.65
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala3.550.51.291.601.752.33
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala1.450.752.751.8122.04
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala4.680.751.
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala1.2713.752.402.51.56
 Neroca FC - Gokulam Kerala1.