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Friday 17 September 2021, UKT
Russia, Youth
08:00 Kryliya Sovetov Youth - CSKA Youth2.3611.461.523.252.24
 Kryliya Sovetov Youth - CSKA Youth2.041.251.641.683.51.98
 Kryliya Sovetov Youth - CSKA Youth1.841.51.831.873.751.80
 Kryliya Sovetov Youth - CSKA Youth1.661.752.022.1441.58
 Kryliya Sovetov Youth - CSKA Youth1.4722.342.374.251.46
 Krylya Sovetov Samara U19 - CSKA Moscow U191.961.251.741.5132.24
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U195.5301.16---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.000.251.14---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U193.750.251.28---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U192.960.51.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.600.51.13---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.600.751.06---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U192.000.751.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.601----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-11.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.601.25----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-1.251.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-1.51.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.601.5----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-1.751.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.601.75----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.602----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-21.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-2.251.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.602.25----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-2.51.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.602.5----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.602.75----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-2.751.41---
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.603----
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-31.411.030.517.50
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.603.25-
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-3.251.411.392.53.00
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-3.51.411.963.51.81
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.603.5-
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.603.75-
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-3.751.4112.006.51.05
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U19-41.4112.007.51.02
 Samara Kryliya Sovetov - CSKA Moscow U196.604-13.008.5-
 Ural Oblast U19 - Dynamo Moscow U192.060.751.641.6632.04
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth2.8201.25---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth2.490.251.47---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.310.251.21---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.800.51.08---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth2.130.51.67---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth1.930.751.75---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.800.751.08---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.801----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth1.6711.99---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth1.511.252.24---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.801.25----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-1.51.67---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.801.5----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-1.751.67---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.801.75----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-21.67---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.802----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.802.25----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-2.251.67---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-2.51.67---
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.802.5----
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.802.75-
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-2.751.671.031.53.50
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-31.671.472.52.32
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.803-1.592.752.11
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.803.25-1.7831.88
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-3.251.671.993.251.66
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.803.5-
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-3.51.671.114.51.06
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-3.751.671.115.51.01
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.803.75-
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth-41.671.117.5-
 Ural Youth - Dinamo Moscow Youth3.804-1.128.5-
09:00 Akademiya Konoplev U19 - Ufa U191.960.751.742.0231.68
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov6.4901.04---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.080.251.16---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov7.240.251.04---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov3.150.51.29---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov8.000.51.03---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.100.751.02---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov2.090.751.29---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.101----
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-11.29---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.101.25----
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov2.221.251.51---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.101.5----
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov1.971.51.84---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov8.001.75----
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov1.791.751.86---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.102----
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov1.5822.13---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov1.452.252.36---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.102.25----
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-2.51.29---
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.102.5-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-2.751.
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov8.002.75-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.103-1.442.752.41
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-31.291.5532.18
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.103.25-1.933.51.71
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.103.5-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-3.751.
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov8.003.75-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov-
 Arsenal Tula U19 - FK Rostov4.104-
 Football Academy Of Konoplev - UFA Youth1.4302.431.492.252.28
 Football Academy Of Konoplev - UFA Youth1.640.252.031.672.51.99
 Football Academy Of Konoplev - UFA Youth1.850.51.801.852.751.81
 Football Academy Of Konoplev - UFA Youth2.100.751.602.1131.59
 Football Academy Of Konoplev - UFA Youth2.5211.402.343.251.46
10:00 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar5.7601.16---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.210.251.14---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar3.910.251.30---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar3.080.51.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.800.51.12---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.800.751.06---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar2.060.751.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-11.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.801----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-1.251.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.801.25----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.801.5----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-1.51.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-1.751.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.801.75----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.802----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-21.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-2.251.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.802.25----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.802.5----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-2.51.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.802.75----
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-2.751.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-31.45---
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.803-
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.803.25-
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-3.251.451.392.53.00
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.803.5-1.963.51.75
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-3.51.453.204.51.34
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.803.75-5.705.51.14
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-3.751.4511.006.51.04
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar-41.4511.007.51.01
 FK Khimki - FC Krasnodar6.804-12.508.5-
 Khimki U19 - Krasnodar U191.811.51.891.713.251.99
 Khimki Youth - FC Krasnodar2.3211.471.5332.20
 Khimki Youth - FC Krasnodar1.991.251.671.723.251.92
 Khimki Youth - FC Krasnodar1.791.51.861.933.51.74
 Khimki Youth - FC Krasnodar1.611.752.072.143.751.57
 Khimki Youth - FC Krasnodar1.4322.412.4841.41
11:00 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth1.6902.21---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.020.251.87---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth1.520.252.50---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.340.51.66---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth1.420.52.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.340.751.49---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth1.210.752.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.341----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-12.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.341.25----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-1.252.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.341.5----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-1.52.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-1.752.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.341.75----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.342----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-22.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.342.25----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-2.252.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.342.5----
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-2.52.70---
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-2.752.701.030.53.30
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.342.75-
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-32.701.502.52.26
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.343-1.622.752.06
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.343.25-1.8131.89
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-3.252.702.033.251.64
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.343.5-
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-3.52.701.124.51.06
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-3.752.701.125.51.01
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.343.75-
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth2.344-
 PFK Sochi - Chertanovo Moscow Youth-42.701.128.5-
 Spartak Moscow U19 - Rubin Kazan U191.420.252.441.512.752.24
 Spartak Moscow U19 - Rubin Kazan U191.590.52.111.6532.01
 Spartak Moscow U19 - Rubin Kazan U191.850.751.931.873.251.84
 Spartak Moscow U19 - Rubin Kazan U191.9311.712.063.51.62
 Spartak Moscow U19 - Rubin Kazan U192.141.251.562.333.751.47
13:30 Lokomotiv Moscow U19 - FC Akhmat Grozny Youth1.440.52.401.482.752.29
 Lokomotiv Moscow U19 - FC Akhmat Grozny Youth1.550.752.181.6232.06
 Lokomotiv Moscow U19 - FC Akhmat Grozny Youth1.7911.941.853.251.87
 Lokomotiv Moscow U19 - FC Akhmat Grozny Youth1.941.251.702.043.51.64
 Lokomotiv Moscow U19 - FC Akhmat Grozny Youth2.141.51.552.293.751.48
12:00 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.4302.44---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.700.252.02---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.330.252.80---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.270.53.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.970.51.89---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth2.100.751.60---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.130.753.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth2.5211.40---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-13.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.971.25----
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-1.253.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.971.5----
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-1.53.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-1.753.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.971.75----
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-23.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.972----
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.972.25----
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-2.253.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.972.5----
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-2.53.25---
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-2.753.
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.972.75-
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.973-1.642.52.22
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-33.251.702.751.94
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.973.25-
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.973.5-4.804.51.15
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-3.753.
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.973.75-4.806.51.01
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth-
 Nizhny Novgorod U19 - Strogino Moscow Youth1.974-9.008.5-