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Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
Sweden, Allsvenskan
12:00 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK1.7402.21---
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK2.040.251.881.241.54.36
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK1.560.252.581.552.252.58
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK1.440.52.941.752.52.17
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK2.320.51.671.962.751.94
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK2.750.751.502.2531.70
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK1.320.753.652.553.251.56
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK3.5511.332.843.51.46
 Degerfors IF - IK Sirius FK3.981.
Sunday 9 October 2022, UKT
12:00 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg3.3701.35---
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg2.560.251.561.231.54.33
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg3.860.251.281.542.252.58
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg2.150.51.761.742.52.17
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg1.910.752.031.932.751.99
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg1.6512.342.2131.71
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg1.511.252.692.503.251.56
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg1.411.53.022.783.51.47
 GIF Sundsvall - IFK Goteborg1.301.753.745.044.51.18
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF1.4402.94---
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF1.340.253.401.251.54.14
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF1.680.252.271.572.252.48
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF1.280.53.881.782.52.10
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF1.990.51.942.042.751.88
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF2.220.751.712.3131.65
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF2.7611.492.633.251.52
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF3.161.251.392.913.51.43
 IF Elfsborg - Kalmar FF3.561.51.325.434.51.17
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo1.320.753.50---
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo1.3913.08---
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo1.591.252.431.171.55.17
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo1.791.52.081.562.52.48
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo2.041.751.881.692.752.22
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo2.3621.631.9131.99
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo2.682.251.502.153.251.73
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo2.992.51.412.413.51.59
 Malmo FF - IFK Varnamo3.652.751.304.164.51.24
14:30 AIK - Helsingborgs IF1.1905.14---
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF1.330.253.501.251.54.09
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF1.480.52.791.562.252.51
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF1.600.752.441.762.52.13
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF1.8312.101.992.751.91
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF2.131.251.772.3131.65
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF2.451.51.602.653.251.51
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF2.901.751.442.963.51.42
 AIK - Helsingborgs IF3.7821.295.524.51.16
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken1.4802.78---
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken1.380.253.20---
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken1.720.
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken1.310.53.621.632.52.36
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken1.980.51.941.782.752.11
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken2.240.751.702.0231.88
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken2.7411.502.283.251.67
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken3.101.251.402.553.51.55
 Djurgardens IF - BK Hacken3.471.51.334.604.51.21
Monday 10 October 2022, UKT
16:00 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF1.4802.78---
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF1.360.253.281.341.53.38
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF1.760.252.151.5422.57
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF2.050.51.891.802.252.07
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF1.290.53.772.072.51.88
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF2.390.751.632.372.751.63
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF3.0611.412.9231.44
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF3.501.251.333.633.51.30
 IFK Norrkoping - Mjallby AIF3.941.51.287.394.51.11
16:10 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS1.290.753.74---
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS1.3613.24---
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS1.581.252.471.191.54.79
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS1.791.52.081.602.52.40
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS2.041.751.881.742.752.13
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS2.3521.632.0431.87
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS2.672.251.512.263.251.67
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS2.972.51.412.543.51.54
 Hammarby IF - Varbergs BoIS3.632.751.304.464.51.21