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Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Cup
20:10 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.1306.00---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.110.253.77---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.310.253.06---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.090.52.77---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.500.52.35---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.500.751.83---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.040.754.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.501----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-14.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-1.254.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.501.25----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.501.5----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-1.54.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.501.75----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-1.754.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-24.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.502----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-2.254.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.502.25----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-2.54.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.502.5----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-2.754.16---
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.502.75----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.503----
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.503.25-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.503.5-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.503.75-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-3.754.1615.006.51.01
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre-44.163.457.5-
 Newells Old Boys - Club Villa Mitre1.504-6.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Nacional B
18:05 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago2.0301.91---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.680.252.34---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago2.510.251.60---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.510.52.76---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago2.970.51.46---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.340.753.51---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago3.820.751.31---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago5.8011.15---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.1815.37---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago6.501.251.13---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.151.256.08---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.131.56.80---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.201.51.12---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.201.751.06---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1.061.756.80---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-26.80---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.202----
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.202.25----
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-2.256.80---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-2.56.80---
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.202.5----
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-2.756.801.130.57.00
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.202.75-1.561.52.46
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.203-1.661.752.13
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-36.802.0321.82
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-3.256.802.292.251.55
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.203.25-2.702.51.48
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.203.5-5.603.51.17
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-3.56.8013.504.51.05
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-3.756.8013.505.51.01
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.203.75-13.506.5-
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago-46.8034.007.5-
 Deportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago7.204-34.008.5-
19:00 Colegiales - Defensores Unidos1.5302.38-0.55.00
 Colegiales - Defensores Unidos1.980.251.861.781.752.03
 Colegiales - Defensores Unidos---2.0821.74
 Colegiales - Defensores Unidos---2.882.51.40
 Colegiales - Defensores Unidos---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.7602.20---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.520.252.75---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown2.210.251.76---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.400.53.31---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown2.660.51.55---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.260.754.30---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown3.320.751.37---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.1316.75---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown4.8611.19---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.111.257.50---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown5.531.251.16---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.101.58.00---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.201.51.14---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown1.051.758.00---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.201.751.07---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.202----
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-28.00---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-2.258.00---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.202.25----
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-2.58.00---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.202.5----
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-2.758.00---
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.202.75----
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.203-1.661.52.36
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.203.25-1.841.752.00
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.203.5-6.404.51.04
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-3.758.006.405.51.01
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.203.75-6.406.5-
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown-48.009.807.5-
 Comunicaciones - Almirante Brown6.204-9.808.5-
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.5402.63---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.390.253.29---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.950.251.98---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.310.53.85---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza2.300.51.70---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza2.780.751.49---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.200.755.22---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza3.8511.28---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.0919.21---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.081.259.51---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.421.251.23---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.991.51.20---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.071.510.31---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.991.751.10---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza1.031.7510.31---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-210.31---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.992----
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-2.2510.31---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.992.25----
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.992.5----
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-2.510.31---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-2.7510.31---
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.992.75----
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.993-
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-310.311.581.52.38
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-3.2510.312.0621.78
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.993.25-2.782.51.46
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.993.5-5.803.51.16
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-3.510.3113.504.51.05
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.993.75-
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-3.7510.3180.006.5-
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza4.994-240.007.5-
 CSD Flandria - UAI Urquiza-410.31100.008.5-
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.6702.27---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel2.110.251.82---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.470.252.83---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.360.53.40---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel2.520.51.59---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel3.110.751.40---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.240.754.50---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel4.4911.22---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.1117.49---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.101.258.34---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.141.251.18---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.091.59.20---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.801.51.16---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel1.041.759.20---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.801.751.08---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.802----
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-29.20---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.802.25----
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-2.259.20---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.802.5----
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-2.59.20---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-2.759.20---
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.802.75----
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.803-
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-39.201.591.52.46
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.803.25-2.782.51.46
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.803.5-13.504.51.05
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-3.759.2034.005.51.01
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.803.75-80.006.5-
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel-49.20240.007.5-
 JJ Urquiza - CA San Miguel5.804-100.008.5-
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.7502.20---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas2.180.251.77---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.520.252.77---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas2.540.51.56---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.400.53.35---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas3.300.751.38---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.270.754.28---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.1316.84---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas4.9811.20---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas5.691.251.16---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.111.257.62---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.401.51.14---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.101.58.40---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas1.051.758.40---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.401.751.07---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-28.40---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.402----
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-2.258.40---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.402.25----
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.402.5----
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-2.58.40---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.402.75----
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-2.758.40---
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.403-
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-38.401.671.52.34
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-3.258.401.851.751.98
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.403.25-2.942.51.42
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-3.58.406.203.51.14
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.403.5-
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-3.758.4034.005.51.01
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.403.75-90.006.5-
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas6.404-280.007.5-
 Talleres de Remedios de Escalada - Sacachispas-48.40100.008.5-
20:00 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.8102.20---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro2.260.251.75---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.550.252.70---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.410.53.25---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro2.720.51.55---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro3.420.751.38---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.270.754.29---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro5.0711.20---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.1217.09---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.101.257.94---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro5.761.251.17---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.091.58.80---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.201.51.15---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro1.041.758.80---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.201.751.07---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-28.80---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.202----
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-2.258.80---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.202.25----
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.202.5----
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-2.58.801.160.55.90
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-2.758.801.381.252.66
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.202.75-1.681.52.32
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-38.801.901.751.92
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.203-2.2521.58
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.203.25-2.602.251.40
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-3.258.803.102.51.38
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.203.5-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-3.58.8015.004.51.03
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.203.75-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-3.758.8018.006.5-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro6.204-18.007.5-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Club Almagro-48.8050.008.5-
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste1.5102.501.110.57.40
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste1.920.251.981.531.52.56
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste1.320.253.001.611.752.20
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste2.260.51.611.9221.90
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste2.760.751.392.232.251.59
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste---2.602.51.50
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste---
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste---
 Independiente Rivadavia - Ferro Carril Oeste---
22:00 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.5402.67---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.900.252.04---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.390.253.24---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine2.260.51.72---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.310.53.82---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine2.740.751.50---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.200.755.22---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.0919.21---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine3.8411.29---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.081.2510.10---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine4.471.251.24---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.101.51.20---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.071.511.00---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine1.031.7511.00---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.101.751.10---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-211.00---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.102----
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-2.2511.00---
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.102.25----
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.102.5----
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-2.511.
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.102.75-1.311.252.90
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-2.7511.001.581.52.40
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.103-1.751.752.04
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-311.002.0821.74
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-3.2511.002.432.251.48
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.103.25-2.842.51.46
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-3.511.
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.103.5-
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-3.7511.0034.005.51.01
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.103.75-100.006.5-
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine-411.00240.007.5-
 Agropecuario Argentino - Villa Dalmine5.104-100.008.5-
Monday 25 March 2019, UKT
00:10 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense2.0101.89---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.650.252.39---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense2.550.251.59---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.480.52.88---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense3.050.51.43---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense3.970.751.29---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.310.753.70---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense6.4011.13---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.1515.83---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense7.201.251.11---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.131.256.61---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.111.57.40---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.001.51.10---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.001.751.05---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense1.051.757.40---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-27.40---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.002----
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.002.25----
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-2.257.40---
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.002.5----
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-2.57.401.160.56.00
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-2.757.401.361.252.71
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.002.75-1.731.52.24
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.003-1.971.751.93
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-37.402.2321.60
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-3.257.402.592.251.41
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.003.25-3.402.51.40
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.003.5-
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-3.57.4017.004.51.04
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-3.757.4016.505.51.01
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.003.75-16.506.5-
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense-47.4016.507.5-
 Defensores de Belgrano - Platense8.004-16.508.5-
00:00 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.5102.71---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.880.252.06---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.370.253.34---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.290.53.97---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca2.250.51.75---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.180.755.47---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca2.690.751.53---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.07110.07---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca3.5811.31---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.071.2511.03---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.131.251.25---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.671.51.21---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.061.512.00---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.671.751.10---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca1.031.7512.00---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-212.00---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.672----
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.672.25----
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-2.2512.00---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.672.5----
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-2.512.00---
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.672.75-
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-2.7512.001.601.52.32
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-312.001.751.752.03
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.673-2.0721.76
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-3.2512.002.392.251.50
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.673.25-2.842.51.44
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.673.5-
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-3.512.0015.004.51.04
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-3.7512.0015.005.51.01
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.673.75-15.006.5-
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca-412.0015.007.5-
 Mitre Santiago Del Estero - Olimpo Bahia Blanca4.674-15.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Primera C
19:00 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.5002.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.160.251.16---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.090.251.34---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.090.51.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.220.51.14---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.220.751.07---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.040.751.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-11.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.221----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.221.25----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-1.251.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-1.51.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.221.5----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-1.751.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.221.75----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.222----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-21.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.222.25----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-2.251.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-2.51.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.222.5----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.222.75----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-2.751.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.223----
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-31.50---
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.223.25-
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-3.251.501.011.51.02
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.223.5-2.492.51.43
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-3.51.501.653.51.02
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-3.751.501.655.51.01
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.223.75-1.656.5-
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano1.224-1.657.5-
 Deportivo Merlo - Sportivo Italiano-41.501.658.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Primera D
14:00 Claypole - CA Lugano1.3603.00---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.210.252.75---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.540.252.07---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.180.53.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.810.51.79---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.090.753.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.810.751.39---
 Claypole - CA Lugano-13.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.811----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-1.253.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.811.25----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-1.53.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.811.5----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-1.753.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.811.75----
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.812----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-23.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano-2.253.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.812.25----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-2.53.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.812.5----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-2.753.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.812.75----
 Claypole - CA Lugano-33.20---
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.813--0.57.00
 Claypole - CA Lugano-
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.813.25-
 Claypole - CA Lugano-
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.813.5-1.374.51.03
 Claypole - CA Lugano-3.753.201.375.51.01
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.813.75-1.376.5-
 Claypole - CA Lugano1.814-1.377.5-
 Claypole - CA Lugano-43.201.388.5-
19:00 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.4002.75---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.580.252.00---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.210.252.16---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.170.52.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.890.51.72---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.080.752.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.890.751.36---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.891----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-12.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.891.25----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-1.252.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.891.5----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-1.52.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.891.75----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-1.752.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.892----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-22.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.892.25----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-2.252.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.892.5----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-2.52.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.892.75----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-2.752.40---
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.893----
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-32.40-0.56.50
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-3.252.401.011.51.02
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.893.25-
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.893.5-1.373.51.02
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-3.52.401.374.51.02
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-3.752.401.375.51.01
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.893.75-1.376.5-
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui1.894-1.377.5-
 Centro Espanol - Yupanqui-42.401.378.5-
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas1.7302.00---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas1.900.251.62---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas1.400.252.32---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.260.51.48---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas1.320.51.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas1.160.751.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.260.751.24---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.261----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-11.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-1.251.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.261.25----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-1.51.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.261.5----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-1.751.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.261.75----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.262----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-21.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.262.25----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-2.251.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-2.51.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.262.5----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.262.75----
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-2.751.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-31.89---
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.263--0.57.00
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.263.25-
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-3.251.891.012.51.02
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.263.5-1.373.51.02
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-3.51.891.374.51.02
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-3.751.891.375.51.01
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.263.75-1.376.5-
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas-41.891.377.5-
 Deportivo Muniz - CA Atlas2.264-1.378.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Torneo Federal A
14:00 Ferro Carril Oeste General Pico - Club Cipolletti1.4002.75-0.57.00
19:00 Atletico Parana - Sportivo Las Parejas3.0001.36-0.510.00
 Atletico Parana - Sportivo Las Parejas---1.902.51.90
 Douglas Haig - Defensores Pronunciamiento1.5002.50-0.59.50
 Douglas Haig - Defensores Pronunciamiento---1.902.51.90
 Gimnasia y Tiro - Juventud Antoniana1.5002.50-0.59.50
 Gimnasia y Tiro - Juventud Antoniana---1.952.51.85
 Independiente Neuquen - Deportivo Roca1.5702.25-0.56.50
 Independiente Neuquen - Deportivo Roca---2.302.51.60
 Racing de Cordoba - Juventud Unida Universitario1.3603.00-0.59.50
 Racing de Cordoba - Juventud Unida Universitario---1.852.51.95
22:30 Sportivo Belgrano - CA San Lorenzo de Alem1.1405.00-0.510.00
 Sportivo Belgrano - CA San Lorenzo de Alem---1.802.52.00
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Australia Australia, Pre-Season Cup
09:00 Fremantle City FC (Wom) - Balcatta SC (Wom)1.9802.02-0.519.00
 Fremantle City FC (Wom) - Balcatta SC (Wom)---1.482.52.60
 Fremantle City FC (Wom) - Balcatta SC (Wom)---1.7532.08
11:00 Queen's Park (Women) - Northern Redbacks (Women)1.6202.20-0.521.00
 Queen's Park (Women) - Northern Redbacks (Women)
 Queen's Park (Women) - Northern Redbacks (Women)---1.903.251.90
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Austria Austria, Landesliga
09:15 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.5002.65---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.750.252.17---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-0.251.05---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-0.51.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.870.51.92---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-0.751.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII2.160.751.65---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-11.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII2.7211.36---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.111.25----
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-1.251.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.111.5----
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-1.51.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.111.75----
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-1.751.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-21.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.112----
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-2.251.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.112.25----
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-2.51.11---
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.112.5-1.030.513.00
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.112.75-
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-2.751.111.442.252.51
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-31.111.662.52.20
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.113-1.872.752.00
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.113.25-2.1631.64
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.113.5-
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.113.75-1.365.51.01
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-3.751.111.366.5-
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII1.114-1.367.5-
 SR Donaufeld - FV Austria XIII-41.111.378.5-
09:30 Annabichler SV - Rapid Lienz1.5002.50-0.523.00
 Annabichler SV - Rapid Lienz2.030.51.781.292.53.60
 Annabichler SV - Rapid Lienz---1.933.751.88
 WAF Brigittenau - Post SV1.3303.25-0.517.00
 WAF Brigittenau - Post SV1.650.52.151.532.52.40
 WAF Brigittenau - Post SV1.850.751.951.8531.96
 WAF Brigittenau - Post SV2.1411.662.073.251.71
 WAF Brigittenau - Post SV2.431.251.482.293.51.55
12:30 Kottmannsdorf - ATSV Wolfsberg1.8001.91-0.515.00
 Kottmannsdorf - ATSV Wolfsberg---1.652.52.20
14:00 St Michael/Bl - SAK Klagenfurt4.0001.22-0.519.00
 St Michael/Bl - SAK Klagenfurt---1.452.52.68
 SV Eberstein - FC Eisenkappel1.03010.00-0.534.00
 SV Eberstein - FC Eisenkappel---
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Austria Austria, Regional
14:00 TSV St. Johann - SK Bischofshofen1.2004.33-0.529.00
 TSV St. Johann - SK Bischofshofen---
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Austria Austria, Women
11:30 SG Ucs Landhaus/Austria Wien - SKV Altenmarkt1.0807.00-0.534.00
 SG Ucs Landhaus/Austria Wien - SKV Altenmarkt1.781.752.
 SG Ucs Landhaus/Austria Wien - SKV Altenmarkt---1.803.752.00
12:30 Union Kleinmunchen - FC Wacker Innsbruck2.6301.44-0.521.00
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Bangladesh Bangladesh, Championship
09:15 Victoria Sporting Club - Dhaka City FC1.2903.50-0.56.00
 Victoria Sporting Club - Dhaka City FC---2.502.51.50
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Belgium Belgium, First Amateur Division
14:00 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.0201.73---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.430.251.36---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United1.730.251.76---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United1.560.52.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.840.51.29---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.840.751.14---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United1.280.752.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-12.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.841----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.841.25----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-1.252.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-1.52.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.841.5----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.841.75----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-1.752.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.842----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-22.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-2.252.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.842.25----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.842.5----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-2.52.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-2.752.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.842.75----
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-32.06---
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.843--0.513.00
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.843.25-1.652.52.20
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.843.5-1.583.51.42
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.843.75-
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-3.752.065.006.5-
 RFC Liege - Seraing United-
 RFC Liege - Seraing United2.844-5.008.5-
 Rupel Boom FC - RWDM Brussels2.1001.67-0.515.00
 Rupel Boom FC - RWDM Brussels---1.632.52.25
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.0001.49---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.380.251.38---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek1.720.251.77---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.760.51.31---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek1.570.52.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek1.280.752.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.760.751.15---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-12.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.761----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-1.252.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.761.25----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.761.5----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-1.52.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.761.75----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-1.752.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-22.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.762----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.762.25----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-2.252.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.762.5----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-2.52.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-2.752.06---
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.762.75----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.763----
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-32.06-0.52.16
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.763.25-1.582.52.16
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.763.5-1.583.51.43
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.763.75-4.605.51.01
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-3.752.064.606.5-
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek2.764-4.607.5-
 Rupel Boom - RWD Molenbeek-42.064.608.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Belgium Belgium, Jupiler League
15:00 Tubize - Roeselare2.7501.51---
 Tubize - Roeselare3.110.251.40---
 Tubize - Roeselare2.170.251.79---
 Tubize - Roeselare3.600.51.33---
 Tubize - Roeselare1.880.52.04---
 Tubize - Roeselare1.610.752.37---
 Tubize - Roeselare4.690.751.22---
 Tubize - Roeselare1.4013.03---
 Tubize - Roeselare7.3511.11---
 Tubize - Roeselare1.331.253.46---
 Tubize - Roeselare8.071.251.10---
 Tubize - Roeselare1.281.53.89---
 Tubize - Roeselare8.801.51.09---
 Tubize - Roeselare1.181.754.65---
 Tubize - Roeselare8.801.751.041.070.511.50
 Tubize - Roeselare1.1027.
 Tubize - Roeselare8.802-1.321.53.55
 Tubize - Roeselare-2.253.891.351.753.10
 Tubize - Roeselare8.802.25-1.4722.68
 Tubize - Roeselare8.802.5-1.732.252.10
 Tubize - Roeselare-2.53.891.982.51.90
 Tubize - Roeselare-2.753.892.262.751.65
 Tubize - Roeselare8.802.75-2.7931.48
 Tubize - Roeselare-33.892.853.251.40
 Tubize - Roeselare8.803-3.453.51.34
 Tubize - Roeselare-3.253.894.003.751.23
 Tubize - Roeselare8.803.25-5.7541.14
 Tubize - Roeselare-3.53.896.004.251.13
 Tubize - Roeselare8.803.5-
 Tubize - Roeselare8.803.75-
 Tubize - Roeselare-3.753.8934.006.51.01
 Tubize - Roeselare8.804-100.007.5-
 Tubize - Roeselare-43.89170.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Belgium Belgium, Women
14:00 KAA Gent(W) - RSC Anderlecht(W)2.7501.40-0.515.00
 KAA Gent(W) - RSC Anderlecht(W)---1.552.52.38
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Bolivia Bolivia, Premier League
19:00 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.3004.00---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.250.254.44---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.490.252.83---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.220.55.00---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.690.52.35---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.880.752.07---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.140.756.83---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.0619.76---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.1511.79---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.061.2510.35---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.451.251.58---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.051.510.95---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.751.51.47---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.751.751.23---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora1.021.7510.95---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-210.95---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.752----
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.752.25----
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-2.2510.95---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-2.510.95---
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.752.5----
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.752.75-1.040.515.00
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-2.7510.951.211.54.70
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.753-1.672.52.34
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-310.951.762.752.07
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-3.2510.951.9631.81
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.753.25-
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-3.510.952.583.51.52
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.753.5-4.504.51.18
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.753.75-9.805.51.08
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-3.7510.9521.006.51.03
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora-410.9550.007.5-
 Guabira Montero - Club Aurora2.754-100.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina, Premier Liga
14:30 FK Olimpik Sarajevo - Velez Mostar1.8001.91-0.58.50
 FK Olimpik Sarajevo - Velez Mostar---
 NK Igman Konjic - NK Metalleghe BSI1.6202.20-0.59.00
 NK Igman Konjic - NK Metalleghe BSI---
 NK Tosk Tesanj - Jedinstvo Bihac1.2903.50-0.512.00
 NK Tosk Tesanj - Jedinstvo Bihac---1.702.52.10
 NK Vitez - NK Novi Travnik1.6702.10-0.58.50
 NK Vitez - NK Novi Travnik---
 Rudar Kakanj - NK Bosna Visoko1.2004.33-0.58.50
 Rudar Kakanj - NK Bosna Visoko---
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Acriano
22:30 Atletico Acreano - Humaita1.2903.50-0.513.00
 Atletico Acreano - Humaita---1.602.52.30
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Baiano
18:00 UNIRB FC - AD Atlanta Doce Mel3.2501.33-0.511.00
 UNIRB FC - AD Atlanta Doce Mel---1.802.52.00
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Brasiliense
18:30 Brasiliense DF - Bolamense1.0409.00-0.513.00
 Brasiliense DF - Bolamense---1.502.52.50
 Ceilandia Esporte Clube DF - Paracatu FC DF1.5002.50-0.57.50
 Gama DF - Taguatinga EC DF1.1704.50-0.57.00
 Luziania DF - Real FC DF1.6202.20-0.58.00
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Carioca
19:00 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ4.3301.201.050.512.50
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ2.590.51.491.311.53.55
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ2.290.751.731.3922.76
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ1.9711.891.662.252.19
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ1.701.252.191.982.51.94
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ1.531.52.492.172.751.68
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ---2.6031.44
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ---3.353.51.34
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ---6.504.51.11
 Americano RJ - Botafogo RJ---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.2205.24---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.400.253.33---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.180.256.06---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.600.52.61---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.150.56.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.760.752.23---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ1.070.756.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-16.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ2.0111.87---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-1.256.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ2.381.251.60---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ2.751.51.47---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-1.56.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-1.756.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.321.751.34---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-26.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.3421.08---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.392.251.06---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-2.256.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-2.56.88---
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.442.
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.442.751.021.381.53.15
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-2.756.881.401.752.73
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.443-1.5622.35
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-36.881.902.251.98
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-3.256.882.162.51.79
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.443.25-2.472.751.50
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.443.5-3.853.51.28
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-3.56.888.004.51.08
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-3.756.8819.005.51.02
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.443.75-3.856.5-
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ-46.883.857.5-
 Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ3.444-3.858.5-
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.9002.05---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ2.300.251.73---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.630.252.48---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.490.52.92---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ2.700.51.56---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ3.320.751.38---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.340.753.63---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.1915.18---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ4.6511.21---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.221.251.18---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.161.255.76---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.141.56.35---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.801.51.16---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ1.071.756.35---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.801.751.08---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-26.35---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.802----
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.802.25----
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-2.256.35---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-2.56.35---
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.802.5-
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-2.756.351.411.53.00
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.802.75-1.441.752.61
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-36.351.6322.24
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.803-1.982.251.91
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.803.25-
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-3.256.352.592.751.45
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-3.56.354.203.51.24
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.803.5-
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-3.756.3519.005.51.02
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.803.75-9.206.5-
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ5.804-9.207.5-
 Madureira RJ - Cabofriense RJ-46.359.208.5-
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.6402.34---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.470.252.84---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ2.020.251.89---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.370.53.35---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ2.380.51.65---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ2.880.751.46---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.240.754.36---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ3.9511.26---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.1216.89---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.111.257.64---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ4.521.251.22---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.101.51.19---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.101.58.40---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.101.751.09---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ1.051.758.40---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-28.40---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.102----
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.102.25----
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-2.258.40---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-2.58.40---
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.102.5-
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-2.758.401.451.52.78
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.102.75-1.511.752.44
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-38.401.7422.09
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.103-
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-3.258.402.382.51.66
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.103.25-2.792.751.38
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-3.58.404.503.51.22
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.103.5-
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-3.758.4021.005.51.02
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.103.75-10.506.5-
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ5.104-10.507.5-
 Portuguesa RJ - Resende RJ-48.4026.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Catarinense
19:00 Criciuma SC - Avai SC1.8102.13---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC1.580.252.54---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.220.251.72---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.640.51.54---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC1.440.53.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.640.751.27---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC1.220.753.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-13.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.561----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-1.253.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.561.25----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-1.53.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.641.5----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.641.75----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-1.753.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.642----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-23.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-2.253.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.642.25----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.642.5----
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-2.53.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-2.753.00---
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.642.75-
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-33.001.501.52.50
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.643-1.8521.95
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.643.25-2.482.51.53
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.643.5-4.503.51.17
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-3.753.0013.005.51.01
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.643.75-4.806.5-
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC-43.004.807.5-
 Criciuma SC - Avai SC2.644-4.808.5-
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC2.2001.73---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC1.790.252.14---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC2.660.251.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC1.580.52.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.150.51.40---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.150.751.20---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC1.290.752.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-12.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.151----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-1.252.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.151.25----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.151.5----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-1.52.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.151.75----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-1.752.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-22.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.152----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.152.25----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-2.252.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.152.5----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-2.52.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.152.75----
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-2.752.52---
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.153-
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-32.521.401.52.75
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.153.25-
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-3.252.522.342.51.67
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-3.52.524.003.51.22
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.153.5-7.504.51.07
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-3.752.5211.005.51.02
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.153.75-1.026.5-
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC3.154-8.007.5-
 Hercilio Luz SC - Chapecoense SC-42.528.208.5-
20:00 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.2504.33---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.440.252.98---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.210.254.60---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.630.52.40---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.180.55.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.090.755.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.800.752.12---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.9111.65---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-15.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-1.255.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC1.951.251.39---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-1.55.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.201.51.29---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-1.755.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.201.751.16---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-25.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.202----
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-2.255.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.202.25----
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.202.5----
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-2.55.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.202.75----
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-2.755.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-35.18---
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.203-1.020.511.00
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.203.25-1.872.52.04
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.203.5-5.504.51.13
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-3.755.
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.203.75-
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC-45.185.807.5-
 Marcilio Dias SC - Metropolitano SC2.204-5.808.5-
21:00 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.2204.81---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.440.253.01---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.180.255.26---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.150.56.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.660.52.36---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.070.756.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.850.752.06---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-16.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.0111.59---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-1.256.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC1.661.251.40---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-1.56.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.291.51.27---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.291.751.15---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-1.756.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-26.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.292----
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-2.256.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.292.25----
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-2.56.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.292.5----
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.292.75----
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-2.756.04---
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.293-1.441.52.63
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.293.25-1.8122.01
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.293.5-8.504.51.05
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.293.75-
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-3.756.044.806.5-
 Figueirense - Joinville SC-46.044.807.5-
 Figueirense - Joinville SC2.294-4.808.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Copa Nordeste
21:00 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.1705.46---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.310.253.75---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.150.256.14---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.130.56.00---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.470.52.88---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.060.755.65---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.570.752.52---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE1.7512.23---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-15.65---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-1.255.65---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE2.061.251.85---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE2.311.51.65---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-1.55.65---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE2.501.751.50---
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-1.755.651.040.59.00
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-25.651.191.254.50
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE3.1021.351.301.53.45
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE3.452.251.301.381.753.00
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-2.255.651.4822.60
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-2.55.651.702.252.10
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE3.802.51.251.972.51.94
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-2.755.652.152.751.68
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE4.652.751.182.6031.48
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-35.652.853.251.40
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE6.6031.113.303.51.33
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-3.255.653.803.751.25
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE7.
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-3.55.655.754.251.14
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE2.313.5-
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-3.755.659.005.51.04
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE2.313.75-
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE-45.651.967.5-
 Bahia - Salgueiro PE2.314-1.968.5-
22:00 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.1904.50---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.160.254.91---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.380.253.22---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.130.55.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.570.52.49---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.710.752.26---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.060.755.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.9611.95---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-15.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-1.255.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.571.251.67---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.571.51.52---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-1.55.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.571.751.26---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-1.755.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.572----
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-25.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.572.25----
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-2.255.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-2.55.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.572.5----
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.572.75----
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-2.755.60---
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.573----
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-35.60-0.59.50
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.573.25-
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-3.255.601.952.51.95
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-3.55.601.953.51.10
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.573.5-1.954.51.05
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-3.755.601.955.51.01
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.573.75-1.956.5-
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA-45.601.957.5-
 Botafogo PB - Sampaio Correa MA1.574-1.958.5-
 CSA AL - Sergipe SE1.1405.00-0.59.00
 CSA AL - Sergipe SE1.7012.
 CSA AL - Sergipe SE---1.974.51.05
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Football, Brazil, Campeonato Paraense
19:00 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.5702.39---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.890.251.95---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.420.252.90---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.340.53.32---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR2.200.51.69---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.220.754.20---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR2.620.751.50---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR3.5011.31---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.0213.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.021.253.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR3.901.251.25---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.281.51.20---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.011.53.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.281.751.10---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR1.011.753.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-23.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.282----
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-2.253.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.282.25----
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.282.5----
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-2.53.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-2.753.45---
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.282.75----
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-33.451.070.59.00
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.283-1.391.53.25
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.283.25-1.962.251.90
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-3.253.452.182.51.68
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-3.53.454.003.51.25
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.283.5-
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.283.75-
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-3.753.454.206.5-
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR-43.454.207.5-
 Cianorte PR - Cascavel PR4.284-4.208.5-
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR1.1705.001.050.511.10
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR1.8412.
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR---1.922.51.90
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR---
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR---6.504.51.11
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR---13.795.51.04
 Coritiba - Rio Branco PR---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.2004.33---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.070.252.51---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.280.252.16---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.480.52.02---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.060.52.46---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.030.752.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.480.751.60---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC2.0011.80---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-12.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-1.252.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.481.25----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-1.52.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.481.5----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-1.752.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.481.75----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-22.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.482----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.482.25----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-2.252.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.482.5----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-2.52.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.482.75----
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-2.752.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-32.68---
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.483-1.060.512.33
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-3.252.681.291.53.78
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.483.25-1.952.51.93
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.483.5-3.403.51.31
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-3.52.686.504.51.11
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.483.75-
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-3.752.683.156.5-
 Operario PR - Maringa FC-42.683.157.5-
 Operario PR - Maringa FC1.484-6.008.5-
 Paysandu - Remo PA1.4402.00---
 Paysandu - Remo PA1.320.251.78---
 Paysandu - Remo PA1.800.251.66---
 Paysandu - Remo PA1.250.51.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.160.51.50---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.160.751.25---
 Paysandu - Remo PA1.120.751.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA-11.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.161----
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.161.25----
 Paysandu - Remo PA-1.251.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA-1.51.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.161.5----
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.161.75----
 Paysandu - Remo PA-1.751.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA-21.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.162----
 Paysandu - Remo PA-2.251.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.162.25----
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.162.5----
 Paysandu - Remo PA-2.51.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA-2.751.97---
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.162.75----
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.163----
 Paysandu - Remo PA-31.97-0.51.36
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.163.25-
 Paysandu - Remo PA-3.251.971.012.51.04
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.163.5-
 Paysandu - Remo PA-3.51.971.364.51.03
 Paysandu - Remo PA-3.751.971.365.51.01
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.163.75-1.366.5-
 Paysandu - Remo PA2.164-1.367.5-
 Paysandu - Remo PA-41.971.378.5-
 Toledo Colonia Work - Londrina PR2.7501.401.060.510.00
 Toledo Colonia Work - Londrina PR1.880.51.931.291.53.50
 Toledo Colonia Work - Londrina PR---1.952.51.85
 Toledo Colonia Work - Londrina PR---3.403.51.30
 Toledo Colonia Work - Londrina PR---6.504.51.11
 Toledo Colonia Work - Londrina PR---
23:00 Parana - Cascavel CR PR1.1706.00---
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR1.330.253.19---
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR1.480.52.511.070.59.50
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR1.610.752.201.321.53.50
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR1.8911.951.972.51.90
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR2.131.251.653.303.51.34
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR2.421.51.516.504.51.11
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR2.921.751.3813.005.51.04
 Parana - Cascavel CR PR3.9421.2426.006.51.01
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Gaucho
19:00 Juventude RS - Gremio3.3801.40---
 Juventude RS - Gremio2.470.251.60---
 Juventude RS - Gremio3.810.251.29---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.290.51.24---
 Juventude RS - Gremio2.110.51.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.290.751.12---
 Juventude RS - Gremio1.530.751.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.291----
 Juventude RS - Gremio-11.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.291.25----
 Juventude RS - Gremio-1.251.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio-1.51.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.291.5----
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.291.75----
 Juventude RS - Gremio-1.751.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio-21.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.292----
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.292.25----
 Juventude RS - Gremio-2.251.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.292.5----
 Juventude RS - Gremio-2.51.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio-2.751.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.292.75----
 Juventude RS - Gremio-31.84---
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.293-1.050.511.00
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.293.25-
 Juventude RS - Gremio-3.251.841.982.51.94
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.293.5-3.403.51.30
 Juventude RS - Gremio-3.51.846.804.51.11
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.293.75-
 Juventude RS - Gremio-3.751.8426.006.5-
 Juventude RS - Gremio4.294-100.007.5-
 Juventude RS - Gremio-41.84170.008.5-
 Ypiranga RS - Passo Fundo RS1.3003.40-0.58.50
 Ypiranga RS - Passo Fundo RS---
22:00 Aimore RS - Caxias RS1.9801.831.060.510.00
 Aimore RS - Caxias RS---1.301.53.40
 Aimore RS - Caxias RS---
 Aimore RS - Caxias RS---3.503.51.29
 Aimore RS - Caxias RS---
 Aimore RS - Caxias RS---
23:00 Sao Paulo RS - Gremio Atletico Farroupilha1.2503.75-0.58.50
 Sao Paulo RS - Gremio Atletico Farroupilha---
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Goiano
19:00 Aparecidense GO - Goias3.7501.
 Aparecidense GO - Goias1.950.751.851.401.52.75
 Aparecidense GO - Goias---1.952.251.85
 Aparecidense GO - Goias---
 Aparecidense GO - Goias---
 Aparecidense GO - Goias---7.504.51.07
 Aparecidense GO - Goias---
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO1.8901.951.040.59.00
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---1.381.53.00
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---1.872.251.95
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---3.753.51.28
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---10.505.51.03
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---3.756.5-
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---3.757.5-
 Goiania GO - Goianesia GO---3.758.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Matogrossense
18:00 Dom Bosco MT - Cuiaba Esporte Clube MT3.7501.25-0.59.50
 Dom Bosco MT - Cuiaba Esporte Clube MT---1.902.51.90
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Mineiro
13:00 Uberlandia - America Teofilo Otoni1.4402.63-0.57.00
 Uberlandia - America Teofilo Otoni---2.302.51.60
19:00 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.07010.31---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.160.256.00---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.060.2511.24---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.260.54.33---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.060.511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.300.753.82---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.030.7511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-111.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.3613.31---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.541.252.55---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-1.2511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.721.52.14---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-1.511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG1.961.751.95---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-1.7511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-211.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG2.2521.65---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG2.562.251.50---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-2.2511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG2.852.51.41---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-2.511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG3.502.751.31---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-2.7511.71---
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG3.3931.081.030.517.00
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-311.711.201.54.40
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-3.2511.711.542.52.44
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG3.393.251.061.9231.93
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-3.511.712.423.51.55
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG3.393.51.054.304.51.23
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-3.7511.717.005.51.08
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG3.393.751.0210.506.51.03
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG3.394-4.307.5-
 Atletico MG - Tupynambas MG-411.714.308.5-
 Coimbra EC - Uberaba1.5702.25-0.58.50
 Coimbra EC - Uberaba---
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Paulista Serie A2
13:00 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.4002.75---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.230.252.95---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.590.251.90---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre2.030.51.83---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.180.53.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.090.753.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.890.751.33---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-13.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.891----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.891.25----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-1.253.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.891.5----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-1.53.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-1.753.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.891.75----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.892----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-23.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-2.253.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.892.25----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-2.53.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.892.5----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.892.75----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-2.753.50---
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.893----
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-33.501.030.59.50
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-3.253.501.281.53.10
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.893.25-
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-3.53.503.153.51.23
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.893.5-
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.893.75-
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-3.753.503.156.5-
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre1.894-6.007.5-
 Juventus SP - Santo Andre-43.506.008.5-
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.9401.90---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP2.310.251.62---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.670.252.26---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP2.630.51.48---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.510.52.53---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.340.753.17---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.270.751.33---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.0713.12---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.3011.07---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.051.253.33---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.361.251.05---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.041.53.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.421.51.04---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.421.751.02---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP1.021.753.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-23.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.422----
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.422.25----
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-2.253.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-2.53.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.422.5----
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-2.753.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.422.75----
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-33.41---
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.423-
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.423.25-1.371.53.10
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-3.253.411.822.252.00
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.423.5-
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-3.53.413.703.51.29
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.423.75-3.705.51.01
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-3.753.413.706.5-
 Penapolense - Nacional SP-43.417.007.5-
 Penapolense - Nacional SP3.424-7.008.5-
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo1.4002.96---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo1.300.253.46---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo1.620.252.24---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo1.890.51.95---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo1.250.53.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo1.120.753.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo2.120.751.67---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo2.6311.45---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-13.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.041.251.36---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-1.253.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.431.51.30---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-1.53.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.431.751.15---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-1.753.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-23.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.432----
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.432.25----
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-2.253.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.432.5----
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-2.53.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-2.753.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.432.75----
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-33.94---
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.433-
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-3.253.941.311.53.40
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.433.25-1.982.51.85
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.433.5-3.403.51.32
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-3.53.944.204.51.06
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.433.75-
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-3.753.944.206.5-
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo-43.946.007.5-
 Portuguesa Santista - Sao Bernardo3.434-6.008.5-
19:00 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense1.6202.20---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.130.251.80---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense1.400.252.40---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense1.320.52.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.200.51.50---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense1.160.752.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.200.751.25---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.201----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-12.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.201.25----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-1.252.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-1.52.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.201.5----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.201.75----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-1.752.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.202----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-22.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-2.252.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.202.25----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.202.5----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-2.52.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-2.752.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.202.75----
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-32.84---
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.203-
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.203.25-
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-3.252.842.032.51.80
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.203.5-1.983.51.27
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-3.52.843.154.51.06
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.203.75-
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-3.752.843.156.5-
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense2.204-6.007.5-
 Portuguesa SP - Votuporanguense-42.846.008.5-
22:00 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba1.5002.50---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba1.770.252.28---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba1.330.252.53---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.100.51.54---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba1.260.53.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.100.751.27---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba1.130.753.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-13.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.101----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-1.253.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.101.25----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.101.5----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-1.53.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-1.753.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.101.75----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-23.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.102----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.102.25----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-2.253.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.102.5----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-2.53.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.102.75----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-2.753.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-33.00---
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.103----
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.103.25-
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.103.5-
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-3.753.
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.103.75-3.156.5-
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba-43.005.807.5-
 Rio Claro SP - XV de Piracicaba2.104-5.808.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Paulista Serie A3
13:00 CA Taboao Da Serra - Capivariano SP2.2001.62-0.510.00
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP1.7302.00---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP1.880.251.56---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP1.360.252.30---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP1.280.52.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.260.51.43---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.260.751.21---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP1.140.752.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.261----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-12.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.261.25----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-1.252.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.261.5----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-1.52.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-1.752.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.261.75----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.262----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-22.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-2.252.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.262.25----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.262.5----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-2.52.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-2.752.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.262.75----
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-32.76---
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.263-1.050.510.00
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.263.25-
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-3.252.761.012.51.07
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-3.52.761.013.51.02
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.263.5-1.364.51.02
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.263.75-1.365.51.01
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-3.752.761.366.5-
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP2.264-1.377.5-
 Comercial SP - Barretos SP-42.761.378.5-
 Monte Azul SP - Batatais FC1.5002.50-0.510.00
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Paulista
20:00 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.1705.93---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.360.253.55---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.140.256.86---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.550.52.72---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.120.57.80---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.690.752.33---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.060.757.80---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-17.80---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP1.9611.97---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP2.361.251.66---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-1.257.80---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-1.57.80---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP2.751.51.50---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP3.221.751.38---
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-1.757.801.080.59.40
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.4421.231.100.757.00
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-27.801.1216.40
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-2.257.801.241.253.90
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.822.251.191.441.53.00
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-2.57.801.511.752.60
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP5.
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP6.602.751.
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-2.757.802.342.51.69
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-37.802.712.751.50
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.903-3.3031.33
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.903.25-3.553.251.28
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-3.257.804.603.51.24
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.903.5-5.003.751.17
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-3.57.809.204.51.07
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.903.75-
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-3.757.8050.006.5-
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP-47.80110.007.5-
 Sao Paulo SP - Ituano SP4.904-320.008.5-
22:00 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP1.6302.
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP2.020.251.881.110.756.80
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP1.450.252.681.1316.00
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP2.250.51.631.281.253.55
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP1.350.53.101.431.52.75
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP1.240.753.901.551.752.38
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP2.750.751.431.7522.05
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP1.1316.
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP3.7011.262.352.51.58
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP4.
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP1.111.256.803.5531.28
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP4.651.51.183.903.251.24
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP6.401.751.124.403.51.20
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP---5.753.751.14
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP---
 Bragantino SP - Ponte Preta SP---
23:00 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP2.7901.50---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP3.440.251.36---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP2.090.251.87---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.100.51.28---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP1.780.52.20---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.650.751.18---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP1.530.752.64---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.101----
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP1.3013.62---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP1.241.254.22---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.101.25----
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP1.201.54.77---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.101.5----
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.101.75----
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP1.131.756.00---
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-24.771.130.56.20
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.102-1.160.755.25
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-2.254.771.2014.40
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.102.25-1.401.252.85
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-2.54.771.671.52.38
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.102.5-1.851.752.09
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-2.754.772.2121.68
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.102.75-2.582.251.50
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-34.773.002.51.42
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.103-3.552.751.28
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-3.254.775.0031.17
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.103.25-5.753.251.14
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-3.54.776.203.51.13
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.103.5-
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.103.75-
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-3.754.77100.006.5-
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP4.104-290.007.5-
 Ferroviaria SP - Corinthians SP-44.77100.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Pernambucano
19:00 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.0807.00---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.020.253.90---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.110.254.50---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.210.53.22---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.020.54.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.210.752.21---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.010.754.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-14.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.211----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.211.25----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-1.254.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-1.54.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.791.52.05---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.211.75----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-1.754.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-24.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.212----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-2.254.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.212.25----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-2.54.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.212.5----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.212.75----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-2.754.03---
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.213----
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.213.25-1.331.53.25
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.213.5-
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.213.75-10.505.51.03
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-3.754.033.406.5-
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE1.214-3.407.5-
 Sport Recife PE - Petrolina PE-44.033.408.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Potiguar
19:00 Palmeira RN - America RN4.5001.17-0.510.00
 Palmeira RN - America RN2.0011.801.882.51.93
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, U20
16:45 Volta Redonda U20 - Fluminense RJ U203.5001.29-0.517.00
 Volta Redonda U20 - Fluminense RJ U20---1.502.52.50
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Women
18:00 Sport Recife (W) - Kindermann SC8.0001.06-0.521.00
 Sport Recife (W) - Kindermann SC---1.332.53.30
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Cameroon Cameroon, Elite One
14:30 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda1.5702.
 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda---
 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda---
 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda---1.373.51.02
 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda---1.375.51.01
 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda---1.376.5-
 Apejes de Mfou - PWD Bamenda---1.388.5-
 Astres FC de Douala - Fovu de Baham1.2903.50-0.55.00
 Colombe FC - New Star de Douala1.6702.10-0.55.00
 Feutcheu FC - Stade Renard1.4002.75-0.55.00
 UMS de Loum - AS Fortuna1.3303.25-0.54.75
 Union Douala - Tonnerre Kalara Club de Yaounde1.2503.75-0.55.00
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Cameroon Cameroon, Elite Two
13:00 Bang Bullet FC - Panthere du Nde2.5001.50-0.55.00
 Bang Bullet FC - Panthere du Nde---
 Leopard Sportif de Douala - Yafoot FC1.1405.00-0.56.00
 Leopard Sportif de Douala - Yafoot FC---2.502.51.50
15:00 Dynamo de Douala - AS Fap2.6301.44-0.54.75
 Dynamo de Douala - AS Fap---
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Chile Chile, Cup
20:30 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.6301.44---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.950.251.26---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz1.900.251.61---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz1.670.51.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.490.51.21---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz1.330.751.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.490.751.10---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-11.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.491----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-1.251.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.491.25----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-1.51.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.491.5----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-1.751.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.491.75----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.492----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-21.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-2.251.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.492.25----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.492.5----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-2.51.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-2.751.89---
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.492.75----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.493----
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-31.891.070.59.50
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.493.25-1.331.53.25
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-3.251.891.012.51.02
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.493.5-3.753.51.25
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-3.51.898.004.51.08
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.493.75-
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-3.751.8921.006.5-
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz-41.891.377.5-
 Colchagua CD - CD Santa Cruz2.494-21.008.5-
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers1.7302.00---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers1.830.251.67---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers1.390.252.41---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers1.310.52.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.160.51.51---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.160.751.25---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers1.150.752.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-12.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.161----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.161.25----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-1.252.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-1.52.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.161.5----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.161.75----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-1.752.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.162----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-22.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.162.25----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-2.252.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.162.5----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-2.52.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-2.752.86---
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.162.75----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.163----
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-32.861.070.59.50
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.163.25-1.331.53.25
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-3.252.861.012.51.02
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-3.52.863.753.51.25
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.163.5-
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-3.752.8617.005.51.03
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.163.75-1.656.5-
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers-42.861.657.5-
 Deportes Concepcion - Santiago Wanderers2.164-1.658.5-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe2.2501.57---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe1.720.251.73---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe2.530.251.31---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.000.51.25---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe1.540.52.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe1.270.752.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.000.751.12---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-12.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.001----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.001.25----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-1.252.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.001.5----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-1.52.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-1.752.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.001.75----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-22.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.002----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.002.25----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-2.252.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-2.52.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.002.5----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-2.752.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.002.75----
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-32.06---
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.003-1.060.510.00
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.003.25-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.003.5-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-3.752.0615.005.51.03
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.003.75-1.656.5-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe3.004-1.657.5-
 Deportes Recoleta - Union San Felipe-42.061.658.5-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.1001.67---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.320.251.40---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes1.620.251.90---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes1.480.52.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.760.51.32---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.760.751.16---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes1.240.752.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-12.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.761----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.761.25----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-1.252.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.761.5----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-1.52.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.761.75----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-1.752.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.762----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-22.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-2.252.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.762.25----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-2.52.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.762.5----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.762.75----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-2.752.26---
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.763----
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.763.25-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.763.5-3.753.51.25
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.763.75-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-3.752.261.366.5-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes-42.261.367.5-
 General Velasquez - Magallanes2.764-1.378.5-
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers2.2501.57---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers1.720.251.74---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers2.530.251.33---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.000.51.27---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers1.540.52.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.000.751.13---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers1.270.752.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.001----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-12.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.001.25----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-1.252.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.001.5----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-1.52.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.001.75----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-1.752.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-22.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.002----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.002.25----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-2.252.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.002.5----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-2.52.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-2.752.06---
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.002.75----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.003----
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.003.25-1.331.53.25
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.003.5-3.753.51.25
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-3.752.0617.005.51.03
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.003.75-1.366.5-
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers3.004-1.367.5-
 Independiente de Cauquenes - CSD Rangers-42.061.378.5-
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.5001.50---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla1.800.251.67---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.700.251.27---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla1.600.51.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.020.51.22---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.020.751.11---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla1.300.751.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-11.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.021----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-1.251.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.021.25----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-1.51.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.021.5----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.021.75----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-1.751.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.022----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-21.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.022.25----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-2.251.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.022.5----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-2.51.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-2.751.98---
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.022.75----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.023----
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-31.981.070.59.00
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.023.25-1.361.53.00
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-3.251.981.012.51.02
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.023.5-
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-3.51.989.004.51.07
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-3.751.9819.005.51.02
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.023.75-1.656.5-
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla-41.981.657.5-
 Lautaro de Buin - Melipilla2.024-1.658.5-
 Pilmahue - Deportes Valdivia2.6301.441.070.59.00
 Pilmahue - Deportes Valdivia---1.331.53.25
 Pilmahue - Deportes Valdivia---3.753.51.25
 Pilmahue - Deportes Valdivia---
 Pilmahue - Deportes Valdivia---
 Provincial Osorno - Puerto Montt2.5001.501.060.510.00
 Provincial Osorno - Puerto Montt---1.301.53.40
 Provincial Osorno - Puerto Montt---3.503.51.29
 Provincial Osorno - Puerto Montt---
 Provincial Osorno - Puerto Montt---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa1.8301.83---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa1.500.252.07---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.070.251.50---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa1.390.52.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.460.51.39---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa1.190.752.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.460.751.19---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.461----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-12.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.461.25----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-1.252.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.461.5----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-1.52.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.461.75----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-1.752.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.462----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-22.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-2.252.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.462.25----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-2.52.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.462.5----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.462.75----
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-2.752.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-32.46---
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.463-
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.463.25-1.331.53.25
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-3.252.461.012.51.02
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-3.52.463.753.51.25
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.463.5-
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.463.75-
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-3.752.461.366.5-
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa2.464-1.367.5-
 San Marcos de Arica - Cobreloa-42.461.378.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Colombia Colombia, Primera A
21:00 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.2803.551.080.58.50
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.480.252.601.1116.80
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.700.52.131.381.53.00
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.180.54.651.481.752.72
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.120.756.401.6322.38
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado1.940.751.901.902.251.98
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado2.3111.602.152.51.74
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado2.661.251.482.502.751.51
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado3.001.51.383.1031.35
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado3.701.751.263.553.251.28
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado5.5021.153.903.51.24
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado5.902.
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado6.402.
 Independiente Medellin - Envigado---
22:00 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.1506.49---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.310.253.84---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.120.257.44---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.480.52.88---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.110.58.40---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.060.7512.47---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.600.752.51---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.8112.13---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.02119.50---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.021.2520.25---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila2.141.251.76---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila2.471.51.58---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.021.521.00---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila2.951.751.43---
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila1.011.7521.001.080.510.50
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-221.001.1017.00
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila3.9421.
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-2.2521.001.391.53.15
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.642.51.191.5822.35
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-2.521.001.882.251.95
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila5.902.751.
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-2.7521.002.442.751.53
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.643-3.1031.35
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-321.003.453.251.30
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-3.2521.003.903.51.27
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.643.25-4.653.751.18
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-3.521.006.8041.11
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.643.5-
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-3.7521.0021.005.51.03
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.643.75-50.006.5-
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila-421.00100.007.5-
 Junior Barranquilla - Atletico Huila4.644-250.008.5-
23:00 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.1705.91---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.140.256.95---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.380.253.40---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.120.58.00---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.590.52.58---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.070.7511.97---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.750.752.23---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.02120.44---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba2.0511.88---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba2.431.251.62---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.021.2519.91---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba2.821.51.48---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.021.520.74---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.331.751.33---
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba1.011.7520.741.100.58.20
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-220.741.120.756.40
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba4.5021.191.1415.75
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-2.2520.741.331.253.30
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba5.
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-2.520.741.631.752.25
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba5.752.51.141.8921.95
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.602.751.
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-2.7520.742.502.51.61
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-320.743.002.751.38
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.603-3.9031.24
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.603.25-4.403.251.20
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-3.2520.745.103.51.19
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.603.5-6.253.751.12
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-3.520.7412.004.51.06
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-3.7520.7426.005.51.01
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.603.75-48.006.5-
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba3.604-140.007.5-
 America de Cali - Jaguares de Cordoba-420.74160.008.5-
Monday 25 March 2019, UKT
01:00 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.3503.43---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.650.252.38---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.270.254.16---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.950.51.97---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.220.54.90---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas2.260.751.70---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.130.756.92---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas2.9011.43---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.05113.33---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.051.2514.41---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.361.251.34---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.041.515.50---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.851.51.28---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas4.651.751.18---
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas1.021.7515.501.130.57.00
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-215.501.140.755.75
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.852-1.1715.00
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-2.2515.501.351.253.10
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.852.25-1.571.52.44
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.852.5-1.681.752.15
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-2.515.502.0221.83
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-2.7515.502.302.251.60
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.852.75-2.702.51.48
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.853-3.102.751.35
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-315.504.2531.21
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.853.25-4.653.251.18
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-3.2515.505.803.51.16
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.853.5-6.803.751.11
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-3.515.5014.004.51.06
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.853.75-
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-3.7515.50100.006.5-
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas3.854-220.007.5-
 Independiente Santa Fe - Once Caldas-415.50230.008.5-
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Colombia Colombia, Primera B
19:00 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira1.6702.10---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira1.420.252.41---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira1.860.251.69---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira1.330.52.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.180.51.52---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira1.160.752.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.180.751.26---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-12.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.181----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-1.252.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.181.25----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.181.5----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-1.52.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-1.752.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.181.75----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.182----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-22.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.182.25----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-2.252.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-2.52.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.182.5----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.182.75----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-2.752.84---
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.183----
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-32.841.030.510.00
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-3.252.841.281.53.15
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.183.25-1.892.51.85
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.183.5-
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-3.52.845.804.51.08
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.183.75-5.805.51.01
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-3.752.845.806.5-
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira2.184-5.807.5-
 Cortulua - Deportivo Pereira-42.845.808.5-
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.5302.38---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.700.251.86---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.320.252.73---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.270.53.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.980.51.65---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.130.753.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.980.751.32---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.981----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-13.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-1.253.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.981.25----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.981.5----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-1.53.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.981.75----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-1.753.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.982----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-23.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-2.253.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.982.25----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.982.5----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-2.53.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.982.75----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-2.753.20---
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.983----
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.983.25-1.982.51.78
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.983.5-3.343.51.27
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-3.753.2015.755.51.01
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.983.75-6.006.5-
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC1.984-6.007.5-
 Tigres FC - Atletico FC-
20:00 Orsomarso - Barranquilla FC1.6702.10-0.510.00
 Orsomarso - Barranquilla FC---
 Orsomarso - Barranquilla FC---
 Valledupar - Deportes Quindio1.8301.83-0.59.50
 Valledupar - Deportes Quindio---1.892.51.78
20:30 Real Santander - Fortaleza FC2.0001.73-0.511.00
 Real Santander - Fortaleza FC---1.782.51.89
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Colombia Colombia, U21
18:00 Barcelona Bogota U20 - Once Caldas U204.3301.20-0.517.00
 Barcelona Bogota U20 - Once Caldas U20---1.502.52.50
Sunday 24 March 2019, UKT
Costa Rica Costa Rica, Primera Division
17:00 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa2.3801.53---
 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa2.690.251.32---
 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa1.790.251.74---
 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa3.200.51.26---
 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa1.590.52.06---
 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa3.200.751.13---
 CS Cartagines - Deportivo Saprissa