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Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Algeria Algeria, Cup
16:00 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.07013.14---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.060.2511.22---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.150.256.54---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.060.512.00---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.240.54.70---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.030.7512.06---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.260.754.05---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-112.13---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.3013.39---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-1.2512.13---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.431.252.46---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-1.512.14---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.561.52.40---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat1.781.752.11---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-1.7512.14---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.0221.80---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-212.14---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-2.2512.14---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.342.251.56---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-2.512.14---
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.662.51.421.060.513.91
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-2.7512.
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.262.751.191.442.252.56
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-312.141.702.52.20
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.263-1.902.751.92
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.263.25-2.2031.63
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-3.2512.142.503.251.47
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.263.5-2.963.51.40
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-3.512.144.864.51.17
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-3.7512.149.345.51.06
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.263.75-
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat-412.146.407.5-
 JSM Bejaia - CRM Bouguirat2.264-11.508.5-
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj2.2401.72---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj2.820.251.49---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.780.252.18---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj3.400.51.37---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.560.52.64---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.390.753.32---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj4.460.751.24---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj7.2111.11---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.2014.97---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.171.255.68---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.001.251.10---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.801.51.09---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.151.56.40---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1.071.756.40---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.801.751.04---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-26.40---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.802----
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-2.256.40---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.802.25----
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-2.56.40---
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.802.5----
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.802.75-
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-2.756.401.551.52.55
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.803-1.621.752.22
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-36.402.0021.88
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.803.25-
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-3.256.402.702.51.50
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.803.5-5.303.51.18
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-3.56.4012.504.51.06
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-3.756.4029.005.51.01
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.803.75-34.006.5-
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj8.804-50.007.5-
 USM Annaba - CA Bordj Bou Arreridj-46.4050.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Belgium Belgium, Beloften League
18:30 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.2304.50---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.360.253.32---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.200.255.05---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.180.55.52---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.480.52.72---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.570.752.43---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.090.755.53---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-15.54---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.7312.13---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-1.255.55---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge1.931.251.87---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-1.55.55---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge2.141.51.70---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge2.431.751.55---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-1.755.55---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge2.9221.40---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-25.55---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-2.255.55---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge3.272.251.34---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge3.562.51.29---
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-2.55.551.020.523.00
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge4.332.751.
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-2.755.551.352.53.40
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge4.3331.051.4032.60
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-35.551.623.252.19
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-3.255.551.883.51.96
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge4.333.
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-3.55.552.3541.52
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge4.333.51.032.964.51.40
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-3.755.554.405.51.17
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge4.333.751.014.406.51.02
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge4.334-4.407.51.02
 KRC Genk U21 - Cercle Brugge-45.554.408.51.02
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U211.9301.90---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.230.251.61---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U211.660.252.17---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.520.51.46---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U211.490.52.45---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.500.751.21---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U211.220.752.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-12.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.501----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-1.252.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.501.25----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.501.5----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-1.52.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-1.752.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.501.75----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-22.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.502----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.502.25----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-2.252.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.502.5----
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-2.52.42---
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.502.75-1.020.515.00
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-2.752.421.011.51.15
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.503-1.602.52.30
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-32.421.722.752.07
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-3.252.421.9831.83
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.503.25-
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-3.52.422.453.51.47
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.503.5-
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-3.752.421.385.51.02
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.503.75-
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U21-42.42-7.51.02
 Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz U21 - KV Oostende U212.504--8.51.01
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.1505.74---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.260.254.07---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.130.256.31---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.370.53.22---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.120.56.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.420.752.92---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.060.756.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-16.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.4812.61---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-1.256.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.701.252.20---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-1.56.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren1.861.51.95---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-1.756.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren2.091.751.76---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren2.4521.58---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-26.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren2.542.251.48---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-2.256.88---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren2.812.51.41---
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-2.56.881.020.534.00
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-2.756.881.031.53.60
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren3.382.751.311.372.54.00
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-36.881.453.252.48
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren3.3831.071.713.52.17
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-3.256.881.863.752.01
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren3.383.251.052.0541.73
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren3.383.
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-3.56.882.584.51.49
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-3.756.884.405.51.23
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren3.383.751.024.606.51.06
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren3.384-4.607.51.02
 RSC Anderlecht U21 - Sporting Lokeren-46.884.608.51.02
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen1.5002.561.020.519.00
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen1.730.
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen1.950.51.851.482.52.60
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen2.210.751.631.522.752.36
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen2.6811.401.6932.10
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen---
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen---
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen---2.473.751.46
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen---
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen---1.385.51.02
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen---
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen----7.51.02
 SC Charleroi (Reserves) - AS Eupen----8.51.01
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.5702.48---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.760.252.10---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.460.252.72---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.390.53.05---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U212.000.51.88---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.290.753.56---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U212.160.751.68---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U212.4911.50---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.0913.56---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U212.761.251.43---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.071.253.57---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.061.53.57---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.041.51.37---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U211.031.753.57---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.631.751.28---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.6321.07---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-23.57---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.632.251.05---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-2.253.57---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-2.53.57---
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.632.
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-2.753.571.011.51.15
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.632.751.021.402.53.60
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-33.571.453.252.49
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.633-1.703.52.18
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-3.253.571.803.751.98
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.633.25-2.0441.74
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.633.5-
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-3.53.571.014.51.07
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-3.753.573.905.51.20
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.633.75-
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U213.634--7.51.02
 Sint-Truidense U21 - KV Kortrijk U21-43.57-8.51.02
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.4402.85---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.570.252.38---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.340.253.25---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.290.53.65---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.780.52.07---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.140.753.65---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U211.930.751.87---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-13.65---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U212.2011.63---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U212.451.251.51---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-1.253.66---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U212.691.51.44---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-1.53.66---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-1.753.66---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U213.221.751.33---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.2221.23---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-23.66---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-2.253.66---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.182.251.19---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.342.51.16---
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-2.53.661.020.523.00
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-2.753.661.011.51.15
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.342.751.081.332.53.40
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.343-1.4232.56
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-33.661.633.252.17
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.343.25-1.853.51.98
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-3.253.662.053.751.73
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-3.53.662.3741.51
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.343.5-2.724.51.40
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-3.753.661.385.51.02
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.343.75-
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U214.344--7.51.02
 Standard Liege - Antwerp U21-43.66-8.51.02
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U211.2204.001.020.523.00
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U211.580.752.
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U211.7812.031.332.53.40
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U212.021.251.781.4732.45
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U212.241.51.601.703.252.09
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U212.591.751.431.923.51.93
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U21---2.143.751.66
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U21---2.5041.45
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U21---
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U21---
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U21----7.51.02
 Waasland-Beveren U21 - Zulte Waregem U21----8.51.02
19:00 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.5002.54---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.700.252.12---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.410.252.87---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.950.51.87---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.340.53.25---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U212.170.751.66---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.250.753.94---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.0513.83---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U212.5611.48---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U212.861.251.40---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.041.253.83---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.041.53.83---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.171.51.34---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.941.751.25---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U211.021.753.83---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.8021.04---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-23.83---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-2.253.83---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.802.251.03---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.802.51.02---
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-2.53.831.020.521.00
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-2.753.831.011.51.15
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.802.751.011.522.52.88
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-33.831.422.752.57
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.803-1.5532.30
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.803.25-1.803.252.03
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-3.253.832.003.51.78
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.803.5-2.253.751.58
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-3.53.833.204.51.31
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-3.753.831.385.51.02
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.803.75-
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U213.804--7.51.02
 Club Brugge - KAA Gent U21-43.83-8.51.02
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Carioca
21:00 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.8002.
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu2.160.251.741.1116.80
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.550.252.521.241.253.90
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.430.52.931.361.53.10
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu2.520.51.551.481.752.73
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu3.000.751.381.6322.34
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.300.753.451.942.251.95
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu4.1011.
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.1615.252.562.751.50
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu4.501.251.193.1031.35
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.141.255.753.453.251.30
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu1.
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu5.
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu6.801.751.
 Goytacaz - Nova Iguacu---
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Paulista
22:00 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.9901.96---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.680.252.37---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP2.410.251.67---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP2.830.51.52---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.520.52.76---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.360.753.44---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP3.540.751.35---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.2014.96---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP5.1411.20---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP5.771.251.17---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.171.255.58---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.401.51.14---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.151.56.20---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP1.071.756.20---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.401.751.07---
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.402-1.1017.00
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.402.25-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.402.5-1.6522.28
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.402.75-1.962.251.93
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-2.756.
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.403-2.622.751.50
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-36.203.3031.33
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.403.25-3.553.251.28
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.403.5-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.403.75-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-3.756.
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP-46.2021.007.5-
 Ituano SP - Novorizontino SP6.404-21.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Potiguar
18:00 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.2904.12---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.220.254.86---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.460.252.80---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.190.55.54---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.660.52.26---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.880.752.01---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.120.757.80---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.04112.08---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN2.2911.66---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN2.691.251.51---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.041.2512.80---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN2.921.51.41---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.041.513.52---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.701.751.27---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN1.021.7513.52---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.8121.02---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-213.52---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.892.251.01---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-2.2513.52---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.982.51.01---
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-2.513.521.080.59.60
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-2.7513.521.391.53.05
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.982.75-1.411.752.64
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-313.521.5822.28
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.983-1.922.251.92
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.983.25-
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-3.2513.522.502.751.47
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-3.513.524.003.51.26
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.983.5-8.604.51.09
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-3.7513.5218.605.51.03
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.983.75-21.006.5-
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN3.984-21.007.5-
 Santa Cruz RN - Palmeira RN-413.5221.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Cyprus Cyprus, 1. Division
17:00 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca4.1501.221.020.512.00
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca2.850.251.401.141.255.75
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca4.650.
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca5.500.
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca2.370.51.581.3323.30
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca7.000.751.101.532.252.59
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca2.130.751.801.732.52.25
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.8312.021.942.751.95
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.631.252.332.1531.68
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.501.52.632.433.251.55
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.381.753.002.683.51.45
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.2523.803.303.751.33
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.192.54.504.504.251.19
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca1.132.755.905.004.51.17
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca---6.254.751.12
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca---
 Doxa Katokopias - AEK Larnaca---
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
England England, Championship
20:00 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion3.8101.34---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion4.500.251.27---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion2.650.251.59---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion5.200.51.23---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion2.170.51.83---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion7.150.751.14---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.890.752.08---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion12.4811.06---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.6112.55---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.471.252.96---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion13.341.251.05---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.391.53.37---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion14.211.51.05---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion19.181.751.03---
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.271.754.311.080.512.00
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.1626.501.191.254.50
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion25.592-1.361.53.65
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion20.702.25-1.5022.68
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion18.782.5-1.802.252.16
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.132.57.802.102.51.90
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.082.7510.912.362.751.65
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion33.802.75-2.8431.45
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion41.763-
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.03315.163.753.51.34
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.033.2515.704.103.751.23
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion41.883.25-5.9041.13
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.033.516.
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion37.753.5-
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion42.003.75-
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion1.013.7516.2550.006.51.01
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion-416.25100.007.5-
 Bolton Wanderers - West Bromwich Albion42.004-200.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
England England, Isthmian League
19:45 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch1.5302.38-0.515.36
 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch1.830.
 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch---1.672.52.20
 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch---2.1231.75
 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch---2.443.51.42
 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch---4.464.51.12
 Carshalton Athletic - AFC Hornchurch---8.325.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
England England, Premier League 2
19:00 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.6702.19---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.950.251.89---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.470.252.49---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.150.51.67---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.340.52.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.120.751.29---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.170.752.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-12.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121.25----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-1.252.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-1.52.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121.5----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121.75----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-1.752.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-22.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-2.252.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122.25----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122.5----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-2.52.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122.75-1.030.519.00
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-2.752.761.061.52.70
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123-1.472.52.88
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-32.761.5732.27
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-3.252.761.813.252.00
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123.25-
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123.5-2.273.751.57
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-3.52.763.504.51.23
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-3.752.763.505.51.07
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123.75-3.506.51.02
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.124-6.607.5-
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-42.766.608.5-
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.1001.75---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U231.800.252.00---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.420.251.51---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.800.51.41---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U231.600.52.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.800.751.20---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U231.290.752.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-12.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.801----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.801.25----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-1.252.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-1.52.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.801.5----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.801.75----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-1.752.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.802----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-22.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.802.25----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-2.252.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-2.52.30---
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.802.5----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.802.75----
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-2.752.301.030.515.00
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.803-
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-32.301.532.52.40
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-3.252.301.8431.98
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.803.25-
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.803.5-2.363.51.55
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-3.52.304.304.51.15
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.803.75-4.305.51.03
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-3.752.304.306.5-
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U232.804-4.307.5-
 Charlton U23 - Sunderland U23-42.307.608.5-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.0608.00---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.110.255.00---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.010.258.80---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.010.59.60---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.220.53.75---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.010.759.64---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.220.752.37---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-19.68---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.221----
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.221.25----
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-1.259.68---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-1.59.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.651.52.17---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-1.759.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.841.752.00---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-29.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U232.0921.71---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-2.259.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U232.352.251.54---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-2.59.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.232.5----
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.232.75-1.030.521.00
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-2.759.691.061.52.84
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233-1.402.52.88
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-39.691.5532.30
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-3.259.691.803.252.00
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233.25-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233.5-2.273.751.57
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-3.59.693.504.51.29
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233.75-3.505.51.11
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-3.759.693.506.51.04
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.234-6.607.5-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-49.696.608.5-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.0001.05---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U235.800.251.09---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.700.251.01---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U234.170.51.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.000.51.01---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.040.75----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U232.630.751.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-11.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.091----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-1.251.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.091.25----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U232.361.51.53---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.101.5----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U232.131.751.69---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.101.75----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.102----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U231.9021.92---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U231.662.252.16---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.102.25----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.102.5----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U231.522.52.40---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.102.75-1.030.519.00
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-2.751.
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.103-1.402.52.88
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-31.181.5732.27
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.103.25-1.813.252.00
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.103.5-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-3.751.181.375.51.04
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.103.75-1.376.51.04
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U2310.104-1.377.5-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-41.181.388.5-
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.9901.83---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.710.252.10---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.280.251.58---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.540.52.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.640.51.46---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.270.752.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.640.751.23---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-12.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.641----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-1.252.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.641.25----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.641.5----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-1.52.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.641.75----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-1.752.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.642----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-22.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.642.25----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-2.252.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-2.52.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.642.5----
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-2.752.42---
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.642.75-1.030.517.00
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.643-
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-32.421.532.52.40
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-3.252.421.8331.98
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.643.25-
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.643.5-2.303.51.55
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-3.52.423.904.51.18
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-3.752.423.905.51.04
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.643.75-3.906.5-
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.644-3.907.5-
 Exeter City FC U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-42.427.008.5-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.0101.83---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.310.251.56---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U231.730.252.08---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U231.550.52.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.680.51.42---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.680.751.21---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U231.260.752.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-12.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.681----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-1.252.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.681.25----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-1.52.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.681.5----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-1.752.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.681.75----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-22.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.682----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-2.252.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.682.25----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.682.5----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-2.52.38---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.682.75----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-2.752.381.030.517.00
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.683-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-32.381.532.52.40
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-3.252.381.8531.98
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.683.25-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-3.52.382.313.51.55
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.683.5-3.904.51.18
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.683.75-3.905.51.03
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-3.752.383.906.5-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.684-7.607.5-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-42.387.608.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.1201.73---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.430.251.50---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U231.860.251.99---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.720.51.37---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U231.700.52.24---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.720.751.18---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U231.350.752.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-12.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-1.252.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721.25----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721.5----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-1.52.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721.75----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-1.752.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-22.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722.25----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-2.252.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722.5----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-2.52.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-2.752.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722.75-1.030.517.00
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-32.201.502.52.50
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723.25-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723.75-1.375.51.01
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-3.752.201.376.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.724-1.377.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-42.201.378.5-
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.0001.83---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.290.251.57---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U231.730.252.08---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.640.51.45---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U231.550.52.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U231.270.752.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.640.751.23---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.651----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-12.39---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-1.252.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.641.25----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-1.52.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.641.5----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-1.752.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.641.75----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-22.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.642----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-2.252.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.642.25----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.642.5----
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-2.52.38---
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-2.752.381.030.519.00
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.642.75-
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.643-1.442.52.70
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-32.381.7332.05
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-3.252.381.983.251.90
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.643.25-
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-3.52.382.513.751.44
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.643.5-3.704.51.20
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-3.752.383.705.51.04
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.643.75-3.706.5-
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U23-42.383.707.5-
 Norwich U23 - Leicester U232.644-7.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
England England, Southern Premier Division
19:45 Selby Town - Halifax Town4.5001.17-0.523.00
 Selby Town - Halifax Town1.881.251.931.332.53.40
 Selby Town - Halifax Town---1.833.51.98
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Finland Finland, Suomen Cup
17:15 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.5002.59---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.640.252.16---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.320.252.73---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.880.51.93---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.270.53.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.130.753.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa2.080.751.70---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-13.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa2.4211.49---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-1.253.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.811.25----
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-1.53.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.811.5----
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-1.753.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.811.75----
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-23.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.812----
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.812.25----
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-2.253.10---
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.812.5----
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-2.53.10-0.526.00
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-2.753.
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.812.75-1.402.52.88
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.813-1.422.752.52
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-33.101.5632.25
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.813.25-
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.813.5-
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-3.753.105.505.51.13
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.813.75-8.506.51.05
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa-43.1013.007.51.01
 FC Espoo - PK Keski-Uusimaa1.814-5.308.51.01
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
France France, Ligue 2
19:45 Paris FC - Brest1.8702.14---
 Paris FC - Brest2.330.251.74---
 Paris FC - Brest1.590.252.67---
 Paris FC - Brest2.800.51.55---
 Paris FC - Brest1.440.53.20---
 Paris FC - Brest1.290.754.10---
 Paris FC - Brest3.500.751.37---
 Paris FC - Brest1.1516.26---
 Paris FC - Brest5.1111.19---
 Paris FC - Brest5.751.251.16---
 Paris FC - Brest1.131.256.95---
 Paris FC - Brest1.111.57.65---
 Paris FC - Brest6.401.51.14---
 Paris FC - Brest6.401.751.07---
 Paris FC - Brest1.051.757.651.140.57.83
 Paris FC - Brest-27.651.130.755.90
 Paris FC - Brest6.402-1.1615.25
 Paris FC - Brest6.402.25-1.331.253.30
 Paris FC - Brest-2.257.651.551.52.72
 Paris FC - Brest-2.57.651.671.752.33
 Paris FC - Brest6.402.5-1.9721.97
 Paris FC - Brest6.402.75-
 Paris FC - Brest-2.757.652.722.51.56
 Paris FC - Brest6.403-3.102.751.35
 Paris FC - Brest-37.654.1031.23
 Paris FC - Brest-3.257.654.503.251.19
 Paris FC - Brest6.403.25-5.503.51.20
 Paris FC - Brest-3.57.656.603.751.11
 Paris FC - Brest6.403.5-
 Paris FC - Brest-3.757.6529.235.51.02
 Paris FC - Brest6.403.75-21.006.5-
 Paris FC - Brest6.404-170.007.5-
 Paris FC - Brest-47.65630.008.5-
20:00 Le Havre - Red Star1.2305.04---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.180.255.92---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.440.253.15---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.160.56.80---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.660.52.47---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.090.759.76---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.850.752.17---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.03118.93---
 Le Havre - Red Star2.1711.82---
 Le Havre - Red Star2.541.251.58---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.031.2518.83---
 Le Havre - Red Star2.891.51.46---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.031.519.29---
 Le Havre - Red Star3.421.751.33---
 Le Havre - Red Star1.011.7519.291.100.510.00
 Le Havre - Red Star4.5021.191.1116.80
 Le Havre - Red Star-
 Le Havre - Red Star5.
 Le Havre - Red Star-2.2519.291.481.752.80
 Le Havre - Red Star5.752.51.141.6322.42
 Le Havre - Red Star-2.519.291.982.251.98
 Le Havre - Red Star3.922.751.
 Le Havre - Red Star-2.7519.292.512.751.54
 Le Havre - Red Star3.923-3.1031.35
 Le Havre - Red Star-319.293.553.251.28
 Le Havre - Red Star-3.2519.
 Le Havre - Red Star3.923.25-5.003.751.17
 Le Havre - Red Star3.923.5-7.0041.10
 Le Havre - Red Star-3.519.
 Le Havre - Red Star3.923.75-19.505.51.03
 Le Havre - Red Star-3.7519.2948.006.51.01
 Le Havre - Red Star3.924-100.007.5-
 Le Havre - Red Star-419.29230.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Greece Greece, Super League
17:00 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.9702.02---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos2.450.251.68---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.650.252.50---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.490.52.99---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos2.940.51.51---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos3.770.751.34---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.330.753.88---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos5.8511.18---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.1616.19---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.141.256.99---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos6.601.251.15---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.351.51.13---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.121.57.80---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.351.751.06---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos1.061.757.80---
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.352-
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-27.801.150.755.50
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.352.25-1.1914.50
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-2.257.801.381.253.00
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-2.57.801.651.52.48
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.352.5-1.781.752.13
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.352.75-2.1921.80
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-2.757.802.442.251.57
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-37.802.982.51.48
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.353-3.452.751.30
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-3.257.804.6531.18
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.353.25-
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-3.57.806.603.51.16
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.353.5-18.504.51.05
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-3.757.8040.255.51.01
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.353.75-100.006.5-
 Lamia - Panathinaikos-47.80220.007.5-
 Lamia - Panathinaikos7.354-240.008.5-
Tuesday 22 January 2019, UKT
India India, Premier League
08:00 Central Bank of India - MS Police1.2204.00-0.519.00
 Central Bank of India - MS Police---1.432.52.75
 Central Railway (MD) - Juhu Sparks2.3801.53-0.517.00
 Central Railway (MD) - Juhu Sparks---1.532.52.43
Tuesday 22 January 2019, UKT
India India, U19
03:30 Kerala Blasters U18 - Shillong Lajong U181.930.251.831.782.751.98
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
International International, AFC Asia cup
17:00 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.1308.19---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.290.254.33---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.110.259.34---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.450.53.17---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.100.510.50---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.050.7515.70---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.560.752.74---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan1.7412.32---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-112.76---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan2.071.251.92---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-1.2512.88---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-1.513.00---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan2.391.51.70---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-1.7513.00---
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan2.841.751.511.090.511.00
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan3.7421.321.231.254.10
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-213.001.401.53.35
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-2.2513.001.451.752.94
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.702.51.231.852.252.01
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-2.513.
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-2.7513.002.472.751.55
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan5.502.751.153.0031.38
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.703-3.453.251.30
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-313.
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-3.2513.004.653.751.18
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.703.25-6.6041.11
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-3.513.
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.703.5-8.804.51.11
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.703.75-
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-3.7513.0050.006.51.01
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan4.704-55.007.5-
 United Arab Emirates - Kyrgyzstan-413.00340.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
International International, Friendlies
16:00 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.5302.50---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.360.253.05---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.950.251.97---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.280.53.60---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.130.51.72---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.170.753.60---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.470.751.51---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.1511.31---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.0813.60---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.151.251.25---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.081.253.61---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.081.51.22---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.071.53.61---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.161.751.11---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette1.031.753.61---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-23.61---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.162----
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-2.253.61---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.162.25----
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-2.53.61---
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.162.5-1.040.517.05
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.162.75-
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-2.753.611.3122.87
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.163-1.612.252.20
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-33.611.912.52.35
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.163.25-2.122.751.71
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-3.253.612.6131.45
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-3.53.613.003.51.48
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.163.5-
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.163.75-13.505.51.07
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-3.753.6130.006.51.02
 MSV Duisburg - Servette-43.61100.007.5-
 MSV Duisburg - Servette2.164-100.008.5-
17:00 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.6502.34---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.490.252.69---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov2.020.251.92---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov2.200.51.68---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.400.53.10---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov2.660.751.51---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.280.753.77---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.0913.81---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov3.4311.32---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.081.253.15---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov3.881.251.27---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.061.53.89---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.181.51.23---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov1.031.753.89---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.181.751.11---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-23.89---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.182----
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-2.253.89---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.182.25----
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.182.5----
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-2.53.89---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-2.753.89---
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.182.75----
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.183-1.050.513.00
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-33.891.241.54.10
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.183.25-1.782.52.10
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-3.253.891.962.751.97
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-3.53.892.993.51.44
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.183.5-5.744.51.11
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.183.75-
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-3.753.896.206.51.01
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov-43.898.807.5-
 Spartak Moscow - FC Rostov4.184-8.808.5-
17:30 NEC Reserves - De Graafschap Reserves1.5702.25-0.523.00
 NEC Reserves - De Graafschap Reserves1.800.252.001.803.252.00
 Team Wiener Linien - Stadlau1.3303.25-0.529.00
 Team Wiener Linien - Stadlau1.680.52.151.302.53.50
 Team Wiener Linien - Stadlau---1.783.52.03
22:30 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.1704.50---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.070.251.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.280.251.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.480.52.21---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.060.51.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.480.751.60---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.030.751.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-11.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.7312.08---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-1.251.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.481.25----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-1.51.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.481.5----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.481.75----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-1.751.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.482----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-21.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-2.251.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.482.25----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.482.5----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-2.51.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-2.751.37---
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.482.75----
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.483-1.030.515.00
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-31.371.151.52.16
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.483.25-1.582.52.35
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-3.251.371.702.752.10
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.483.5-1.583.51.42
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-3.51.372.564.51.12
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-3.751.374.605.51.01
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.483.75-4.606.5-
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo-41.374.607.5-
 Barcelona SC - Cesar Vallejo1.484-4.608.5-
Tuesday 22 January 2019, UKT
00:10 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.6202.20---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-0.251.01---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.980.251.83---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.020.5----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-0.51.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.020.75----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-0.751.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.021----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-11.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-1.251.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.021.25----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.021.5----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-1.51.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-1.751.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.021.75----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.022----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-21.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-2.251.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.022.25----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-2.51.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.022.5----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-2.751.02---
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.022.75----
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.023-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.023.25-1.932.251.88
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.023.5-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-3.751.
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.023.75-1.026.5-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano-
 Talleres de Cordoba - Belgrano1.024-1.048.5-
01:00 Penarol - Nacional De Football1.7802.03-0.58.50
 Penarol - Nacional De Football---1.882.251.93
 Penarol - Nacional De Football---
01:15 Nacional Montevideo - Penarol1.9501.811.872.251.89
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
International International, Friendly Women
18:00 Catalonia Women - Chile Women2.0301.781.030.519.00
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women1.4012.421.141.55.00
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---1.482.52.60
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---1.983.251.83
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---3.754.51.25
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---
 Catalonia Women - Chile Women---
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
International International, U20 Int Matches
22:30 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.3103.90---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.520.252.76---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.250.254.55---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.210.55.20---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.740.52.26---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.140.757.02---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.940.752.02---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U202.2911.70---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.0615.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.061.255.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U202.641.251.53---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.051.55.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U202.991.51.42---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U201.021.755.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.701.751.28---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.7921.05---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-25.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.862.251.04---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-2.255.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-2.55.22---
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.932.
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.932.751.021.311.53.58
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-2.755.221.4022.80
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.933-1.682.252.19
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-35.221.962.51.97
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.933.25-2.6731.44
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.933.5-3.403.51.34
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-3.755.2215.005.51.04
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.933.75-
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U203.934-15.507.5-
 Brazil U20 - Venezuela U20-45.2215.508.5-
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.1208.01---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.110.258.90---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.240.254.71---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.360.53.52---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.100.59.80---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.430.753.11---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.050.7513.68---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-19.88---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.5412.67---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-1.259.89---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U201.801.252.20---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U202.041.51.88---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-1.59.89---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-1.759.89---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U202.361.751.67---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-29.89---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.0021.42---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-2.259.89---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.202.251.34---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-2.59.89---
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.562.
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-2.759.891.241.54.30
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.562.751.141.472.252.65
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-39.891.752.52.22
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.563-1.982.751.97
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.563.25-2.1931.70
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-3.259.892.483.251.53
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.563.5-2.863.51.46
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-3.59.895.404.51.17
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.563.75-
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-3.759.8912.006.51.02
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U203.564-12.007.5-
 Colombia U20 - Bolivia U20-49.8912.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Israel Israel, Liga Leumit
17:00 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit2.1901.81---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit2.600.251.57---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.780.252.18---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit3.050.51.43---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.600.52.56---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.430.753.13---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit3.900.751.29---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit5.9811.15---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.2614.35---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.211.254.93---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit6.691.251.13---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.401.51.11---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.181.55.50---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.401.751.05---
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit1.121.756.401.090.59.00
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-25.501.110.756.80
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.402-1.1216.25
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-2.255.501.261.253.70
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.402.25-1.431.53.00
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.402.5-1.531.752.53
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-2.55.501.7022.17
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-2.755.502.022.251.82
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.402.75-2.302.51.70
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-35.502.682.751.45
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.403-3.4531.30
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-3.255.503.703.251.26
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.403.25-4.303.51.24
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-3.55.505.503.751.15
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.403.5-
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-3.755.5020.645.51.02
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.403.75-9.406.5-
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit7.404-9.407.5-
 Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla - Hapoel Nazareth Illit-45.509.408.5-
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.8102.17---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon2.230.251.77---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.570.252.66---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.440.53.15---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon2.640.51.58---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon3.300.751.40---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.290.754.04---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon4.7411.22---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.1616.18---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon5.371.251.18---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.141.256.89---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.001.51.16---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.121.57.60---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon1.051.757.60---
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon7.001.751.
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-27.601.120.756.40
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.002-1.1315.90
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.002.25-
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-2.257.601.481.52.78
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-2.57.601.551.752.39
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.002.5-1.7522.06
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-2.757.602.072.251.79
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.002.75-2.442.51.62
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.003-2.752.751.43
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-37.603.5531.28
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.003.25-3.903.251.24
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-3.257.604.503.51.22
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.003.5-5.753.751.14
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-3.57.6010.004.51.07
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.003.75-
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-3.757.6025.006.5-
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon-47.6025.007.5-
 Hapoel Acre - Hapoel Nir Ramat Hasharon6.004-26.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Israel Israel, Premier League
17:00 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.7202.32---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera2.170.251.81---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.500.252.88---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.380.53.35---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera2.620.51.58---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera3.240.751.40---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.250.754.38---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera4.6411.24---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.1217.03---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.271.251.19---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.111.257.81---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.901.51.17---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.101.58.60---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera6.801.751.11---
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera1.051.758.601.130.57.60
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.902-1.130.755.90
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-28.601.1615.25
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-2.258.601.331.253.30
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.902.25-1.511.52.74
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-2.58.601.631.752.30
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.902.5-1.9221.96
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.902.75-
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-2.758.602.722.51.53
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.903-3.002.751.38
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-38.604.0031.23
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.903.25-4.403.251.20
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-3.258.605.003.51.19
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-3.58.606.403.751.12
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.903.5-11.504.51.07
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.903.75-27.595.51.02
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-3.758.6012.006.5-
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera5.904-29.007.5-
 Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona - Hapoel Hadera-48.6029.008.5-
18:00 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv3.1201.44---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv3.810.251.33---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv2.250.251.75---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv4.450.51.27---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv1.880.52.06---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv1.630.752.44---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv6.000.751.17---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv1.4013.16---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv10.0811.07---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv10.891.251.06---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv1.331.253.62---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv1.261.54.12---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.701.51.05---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.701.751.02---
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv1.181.754.801.110.58.00
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.702-1.1415.75
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.702.25-1.301.253.45
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.702.5-1.621.752.31
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.702.75-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-2.754.122.622.51.55
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.703-2.852.751.40
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-34.123.8031.25
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.703.25-4.803.51.20
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.703.5-6.003.751.13
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-3.54.1211.004.51.07
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-3.754.1226.005.51.02
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.703.75-26.006.5-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv-44.1229.007.5-
 FC Ashdod - Hapoel Tel Aviv11.704-29.008.5-
19:00 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.2005.36---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.350.253.63---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.180.255.97---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.500.52.88---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.160.56.60---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.630.752.50---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.080.756.61---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem1.8412.16---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-16.63---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem2.161.251.80---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-1.256.64---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-1.56.64---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem2.461.51.63---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-1.756.64---
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem2.901.751.481.050.514.50
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem3.7021.301.171.255.00
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-26.641.281.53.85
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-2.256.641.351.753.10
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-2.56.641.642.252.28
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.482.51.221.902.52.04
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem5.502.751.152.142.751.74
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-2.756.642.5931.50
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-36.642.853.251.40
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.483-
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.483.25-3.803.751.25
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-3.256.645.2541.16
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-3.56.645.754.251.14
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.483.5-
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.483.75-
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-3.756.6426.006.51.02
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem-46.6410.007.5-
 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Beitar Jerusalem4.484-34.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Italy Italy, Serie A
19:30 Juventus - Chievo1.03028.73---
 Juventus - Chievo1.090.2511.53---
 Juventus - Chievo1.030.2530.36---
 Juventus - Chievo1.150.57.50---
 Juventus - Chievo1.030.532.00---
 Juventus - Chievo1.010.7532.50---
 Juventus - Chievo1.170.756.64---
 Juventus - Chievo1.2015.741.030.526.00
 Juventus - Chievo-
 Juventus - Chievo1.371.253.521.201.55.61
 Juventus - Chievo-1.2533.041.231.754.10
 Juventus - Chievo-1.533.051.2623.70
 Juventus - Chievo1.541.52.711.402.252.85
 Juventus - Chievo1.671.752.411.592.52.59
 Juventus - Chievo1.9022.081.742.752.25
 Juventus - Chievo2.202.251.811.9631.97
 Juventus - Chievo2.482.51.642.253.251.72
 Juventus - Chievo2.872.751.492.583.51.61
 Juventus - Chievo3.5531.342.753.751.43
 Juventus - Chievo-3300.003.4541.30
 Juventus - Chievo3.913.251.293.704.251.26
 Juventus - Chievo-3.25300.004.364.51.23
 Juventus - Chievo4.
 Juventus - Chievo-3.5101.007.0051.10
 Juventus - Chievo5.003.751.
 Juventus - Chievo-3.75300.0015.006.51.03
 Juventus - Chievo6.8041.1150.007.51.01
 Juventus - Chievo-4300.00100.008.5-
20:00 Spezia - Venezia1.3803.50---
 Spezia - Venezia1.680.252.43---
 Spezia - Venezia1.290.254.25---
 Spezia - Venezia1.970.52.01---
 Spezia - Venezia1.230.55.00---
 Spezia - Venezia2.320.751.72---
 Spezia - Venezia1.150.756.96---
 Spezia - Venezia1.06112.69---
 Spezia - Venezia2.9811.43---
 Spezia - Venezia3.491.251.33---
 Spezia - Venezia1.061.2513.65---
 Spezia - Venezia1.051.514.61---
 Spezia - Venezia4.001.51.28---
 Spezia - Venezia1.021.7514.61---
 Spezia - Venezia4.651.751.
 Spezia - Venezia-214.611.130.756.00
 Spezia - Venezia4.002-1.1515.50
 Spezia - Venezia4.002.25-1.331.253.30
 Spezia - Venezia-2.2514.611.521.52.82
 Spezia - Venezia4.002.5-1.651.752.35
 Spezia - Venezia-2.514.611.8922.03
 Spezia - Venezia-2.7514.612.282.251.71
 Spezia - Venezia4.002.75-2.582.51.60
 Spezia - Venezia-314.613.002.751.38
 Spezia - Venezia4.003-3.9031.24
 Spezia - Venezia-3.2514.614.403.251.20
 Spezia - Venezia4.003.25-5.403.51.21
 Spezia - Venezia4.003.5-6.253.751.12
 Spezia - Venezia-3.514.6112.004.51.07
 Spezia - Venezia4.003.75-26.685.51.02
 Spezia - Venezia-3.7514.6155.006.51.01
 Spezia - Venezia4.004-150.007.5-
 Spezia - Venezia-414.61440.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Italy Italy, Serie C1
19:45 Albissola - Novara2.6601.431.120.57.20
 Albissola - Novara3.300.251.331.120.756.25
 Albissola - Novara2.140.251.751.1515.50
 Albissola - Novara1.890.51.981.331.253.30
 Albissola - Novara3.700.51.261.491.52.74
 Albissola - Novara5.000.751.171.631.752.25
 Albissola - Novara1.600.752.301.8521.95
 Albissola - Novara1.3813.
 Albissola - Novara1.301.253.452.482.51.57
 Albissola - Novara1.251.53.803.002.751.38
 Albissola - Novara1.171.755.003.9031.24
 Albissola - Novara---
 Albissola - Novara---4.653.51.18
 Albissola - Novara---6.253.751.12
 Albissola - Novara---
 Albissola - Novara---22.885.51.01
 Albissola - Novara---11.006.5-
 Albissola - Novara---27.007.5-
 Albissola - Novara---27.008.5-
Tuesday 22 January 2019, UKT
Jamaica Jamaica, Premier League
01:35 Harbour View - UWI1.9801.831.030.56.62
 Harbour View - UWI---1.461.52.34
 Harbour View - UWI---2.0021.80
 Harbour View - UWI---2.702.51.44
 Harbour View - UWI---4.793.51.10
 Harbour View - UWI---9.914.5-
 Harbour View - UWI---32.095.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Mexico Mexico, Segunda Division
23:00 CD Nuevo Chimalhuacan - CD Cuautla2.1001.67-0.57.50
 CD Nuevo Chimalhuacan - CD Cuautla1.780.
 CD Nuevo Chimalhuacan - CD Cuautla---2.302.51.60
Tuesday 22 January 2019, UKT
Mexico Mexico, Women
01:00 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.2903.50---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.370.252.38---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.130.251.01---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.580.52.01---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.110.51.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.580.751.50---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.050.751.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-11.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.581----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-1.251.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.581.25----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-1.51.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.581.5----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.581.75----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-1.751.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-21.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.582----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-2.251.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.582.25----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-2.51.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.582.5----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-2.751.02---
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.582.75----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.583----
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.583.25-
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.583.5-4.754.51.12
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-3.751.
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.583.75-4.606.5-
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana1.584-4.607.5-
 Pachuca - Club Tijuana-41.024.608.5-
02:00 Tigres Women - Atlas1.2004.33---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.070.251.65---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.260.251.65---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.450.51.65---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.060.51.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.030.751.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.450.751.63---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.451----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-11.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.451.25----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-1.251.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.451.5----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-1.51.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.451.75----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-1.751.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas-21.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.452----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-2.251.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.452.25----
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.452.5----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-2.51.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas-2.751.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.452.75----
 Tigres Women - Atlas-31.66---
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.453-1.030.515.81
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.453.25-
 Tigres Women - Atlas-3.251.661.602.52.30
 Tigres Women - Atlas-3.51.662.393.51.44
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.453.5-4.604.51.13
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.453.75-
 Tigres Women - Atlas-3.751.664.606.5-
 Tigres Women - Atlas1.454-4.607.5-
 Tigres Women - Atlas-41.667.608.5-
03:00 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.3603.00---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.190.251.01---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.450.252.20---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.160.51.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.680.51.90---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.080.751.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.680.751.45---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.681----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-11.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-1.251.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.681.25----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.681.5----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-1.51.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-1.751.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.681.75----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.682----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-21.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.682.25----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-2.251.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.682.5----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-2.51.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.682.75----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-2.751.02---
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.683----
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.683.25-1.702.52.16
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.683.5-2.643.51.42
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.683.75-9.515.51.01
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-3.751.025.006.5-
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women1.684-5.007.5-
 Guadalajara - Santos Laguna Women-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Netherlands Netherlands, Eerste Divisie
19:00 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.3803.48---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.320.253.99---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.580.252.64---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.270.54.50---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.790.52.23---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.190.755.82---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht2.010.751.96---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.1018.75---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht2.3911.68---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.091.259.36---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht2.751.251.53---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.101.51.43---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.081.59.971.020.524.00
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.501.751.331.181.55.75
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht1.041.759.971.161.755.25
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht4.4021.201.1924.50
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-29.971.332.253.30
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-2.259.971.522.52.76
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht4.802.251.181.632.752.35
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht5.
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-2.59.972.073.251.86
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-2.759.972.323.51.71
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht6.802.751.112.433.751.53
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.863-3.0041.38
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-39.973.304.251.33
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-3.259.974.004.51.30
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.863.25-4.404.751.20
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-3.59.975.9051.13
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.863.5-6.405.251.12
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-3.759.977.145.51.10
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.863.75-
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht3.864-
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - MVV Maastricht-49.9716.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Cup
17:05 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah1.1106.061.010.514.69
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah1.831.251.981.201.54.37
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah---1.652.52.20
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah---2.0531.75
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah---2.633.51.44
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah---4.634.51.20
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah---8.765.51.06
 Al Hilal Riyadh - Al Faisaly Harmah---
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Senegal Senegal, Ligue 2
16:00 Keur Madior - Etics1.1305.50-0.55.00
 Keur Madior - Etics2.0311.782.1021.70
 Keur Madior - Etics---2.882.51.40
18:00 CNEPS - ASC Yeggo1.3003.40-0.55.50
 CNEPS - ASC Yeggo1.880.51.931.9021.90
 CNEPS - ASC Yeggo---2.502.51.50
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Spain Spain, Primera Division
20:00 Eibar - Espanyol1.5202.83---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.400.253.41---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.840.252.16---
 Eibar - Espanyol2.160.51.84---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.320.54.00---
 Eibar - Espanyol2.540.751.63---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.210.755.40---
 Eibar - Espanyol3.3511.39---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.0918.56---
 Eibar - Espanyol3.801.251.32---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.081.259.32---
 Eibar - Espanyol4.301.51.27---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.081.510.09---
 Eibar - Espanyol1.051.7515.20---
 Eibar - Espanyol5.741.751.181.100.510.00
 Eibar - Espanyol9.4421.091.1116.80
 Eibar - Espanyol1.02231.901.241.253.90
 Eibar - Espanyol1.022.2532.951.421.53.30
 Eibar - Espanyol10.
 Eibar - Espanyol1.022.534.001.6522.38
 Eibar - Espanyol11.
 Eibar - Espanyol1.012.7538.562.282.51.76
 Eibar - Espanyol15.882.751.052.632.751.55
 Eibar - Espanyol22.0031.023.1031.35
 Eibar - Espanyol-334.003.453.251.30
 Eibar - Espanyol-3.2534.004.303.51.28
 Eibar - Espanyol22.553.
 Eibar - Espanyol23.
 Eibar - Espanyol-3.534.
 Eibar - Espanyol-3.7534.0021.005.51.03
 Eibar - Espanyol23.103.751.0150.006.51.01
 Eibar - Espanyol-434.00100.007.5-
 Eibar - Espanyol23.104-100.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Spain Spain, Segunda Division
20:00 Granada - Elche1.2804.40---
 Granada - Elche1.540.252.79---
 Granada - Elche1.220.255.30---
 Granada - Elche1.810.52.22---
 Granada - Elche1.180.56.20---
 Granada - Elche2.050.751.92---
 Granada - Elche1.110.758.68---
 Granada - Elche2.5211.62---
 Granada - Elche1.04115.68---
 Granada - Elche1.041.2516.59---
 Granada - Elche2.961.251.47---
 Granada - Elche3.401.51.38---
 Granada - Elche1.031.517.50---
 Granada - Elche1.011.7517.50---
 Granada - Elche4.221.751.
 Granada - Elche5.9021.131.110.756.80
 Granada - Elche-217.501.1316.00
 Granada - Elche-2.2517.501.261.253.70
 Granada - Elche6.
 Granada - Elche6.802.51.111.531.752.58
 Granada - Elche-2.517.501.7522.19
 Granada - Elche4.762.751.
 Granada - Elche-2.7517.502.402.51.68
 Granada - Elche-317.502.822.751.45
 Granada - Elche4.763-3.4531.30
 Granada - Elche-3.2517.503.703.251.26
 Granada - Elche4.763.25-4.503.51.24
 Granada - Elche4.763.5-5.503.751.15
 Granada - Elche-3.517.5010.004.51.08
 Granada - Elche4.763.75-
 Granada - Elche-3.7517.5024.006.51.01
 Granada - Elche4.764-130.007.5-
 Granada - Elche-417.50420.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Turkey Turkey, Süper Lig
17:00 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce2.1201.88---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce2.560.251.61---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.780.252.25---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce3.000.51.48---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.600.52.62---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce3.800.751.32---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.410.753.23---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce5.5311.18---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.2214.52---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.161.251.15---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.191.255.11---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.801.51.13---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.161.55.70---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.801.751.06---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce1.101.757.00---
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.802-1.100.510.00
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-25.701.1116.60
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-2.255.701.251.253.80
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.802.25-1.451.53.20
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-2.55.701.501.752.63
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.802.5-1.7122.26
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-2.755.702.022.251.89
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.802.75-2.322.51.75
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.803-2.692.751.50
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-35.703.3031.33
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-3.255.703.553.251.28
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.803.25-4.503.51.27
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.803.5-5.253.751.16
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-3.55.709.004.51.07
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-3.755.7023.005.51.04
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.803.75-
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce-45.70100.007.5-
 Bursaspor - Fenerbahce6.804-280.008.5-
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.5002.94---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.750.252.30---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.400.253.43---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.330.53.92---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor2.010.51.98---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor2.280.751.75---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.230.754.98---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.1317.25---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor2.7511.53---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.121.257.82---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor3.111.251.43---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.111.58.40---
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor3.471.51.371.030.526.00
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.031.751.
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor1.051.758.401.151.755.50
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor5.7521.141.1824.80
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-28.401.332.253.30
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor5.902.251.131.522.52.86
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-2.258.401.552.752.51
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-2.58.401.7332.24
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor6.402.51.121.983.251.96
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-2.758.402.243.51.79
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.222.751.042.453.751.57
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.223-2.8541.40
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-38.403.104.251.35
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-3.258.403.944.51.33
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.223.25-4.154.751.22
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.223.5-5.7551.14
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-3.58.405.905.251.13
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.223.75-7.605.51.14
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-3.758.4015.006.51.05
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor4.224-
 Kasimpasa - Caykur Rizespor-48.4048.008.5-
Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
Turkey Turkey, TFF 1.Lig
16:00 Elazigspor - Adanaspor7.4301.14---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor8.310.251.12---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor4.410.251.27---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor3.320.51.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.200.51.11---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor2.880.751.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.230.751.05---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor2.4511.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.271----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.281.25----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor2.001.251.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.281.5----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor1.771.51.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.281.75----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor1.511.751.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-21.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.282----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-2.251.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.282.25----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-2.51.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.282.5----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.282.75----
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-2.751.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-31.41---
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.283-1.050.514.15
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.283.25-
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-3.251.411.772.52.10
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.283.5-
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-3.51.414.874.51.11
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.283.75-9.355.51.03
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-3.751.4113.506.51.01
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor-41.4134.007.5-
 Elazigspor - Adanaspor9.284-85.008.5-