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Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Primera C
18:30 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.2505.21---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.390.253.10---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.150.256.20---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.590.52.41---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.120.57.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.060.757.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo1.850.752.04---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.2211.67---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-17.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.721.251.49---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-1.257.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-1.57.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.891.51.39---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-1.757.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo3.641.751.27---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.9221.01---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-27.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.922.251.01---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-2.257.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-2.57.00---
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.922.5----
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.922.75-
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-2.757.001.541.52.50
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.923-1.661.752.16
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-37.002.0221.87
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.923.25-2.702.51.50
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.923.5-
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-3.757.0034.005.51.02
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.923.75-100.006.5-
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo2.924-210.007.5-
 Argentino de Quilmes - Deportivo Merlo-47.00220.008.5-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.2204.69---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.180.255.55---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.420.252.98---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.150.56.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.620.52.36---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.070.756.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC1.780.752.04---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-16.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC2.1711.74---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-1.256.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC2.571.251.54---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-1.56.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC2.781.51.43---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-1.756.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.501.751.30---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.4221.05---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-26.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.442.251.04---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-2.256.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-2.56.00---
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.372.
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.372.751.011.381.53.00
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-2.756.001.471.752.50
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.373-1.6622.16
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-36.001.982.251.94
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.373.25-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.373.5-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.373.75-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-3.756.0050.006.5-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC-46.00110.007.5-
 Central Cordoba - Canuelas FC3.374-310.008.5-
 Club Lujan - Midland1.5102.56---
 Club Lujan - Midland1.380.253.19---
 Club Lujan - Midland1.840.251.98---
 Club Lujan - Midland2.160.51.70---
 Club Lujan - Midland1.290.53.80---
 Club Lujan - Midland1.190.754.50---
 Club Lujan - Midland2.610.751.50---
 Club Lujan - Midland1.1017.00---
 Club Lujan - Midland3.5011.33---
 Club Lujan - Midland4.031.251.26---
 Club Lujan - Midland-1.253.80---
 Club Lujan - Midland-1.53.80---
 Club Lujan - Midland4.421.51.22---
 Club Lujan - Midland1.011.753.80---
 Club Lujan - Midland5.501.751.
 Club Lujan - Midland4.422-1.160.755.25
 Club Lujan - Midland-23.801.1914.50
 Club Lujan - Midland4.422.25-1.381.253.00
 Club Lujan - Midland-2.253.801.551.52.46
 Club Lujan - Midland4.422.5-1.701.752.13
 Club Lujan - Midland-2.53.801.9821.86
 Club Lujan - Midland4.422.75-2.312.251.60
 Club Lujan - Midland-2.753.802.632.51.48
 Club Lujan - Midland-33.803.102.751.35
 Club Lujan - Midland4.423-4.1031.23
 Club Lujan - Midland4.423.25-4.403.251.20
 Club Lujan - Midland-3.253.805.003.51.18
 Club Lujan - Midland-3.53.806.403.751.12
 Club Lujan - Midland4.423.5-
 Club Lujan - Midland-3.753.8034.005.51.01
 Club Lujan - Midland4.423.75-100.006.5-
 Club Lujan - Midland-43.80210.007.5-
 Club Lujan - Midland4.424-220.008.5-
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem1.5202.58---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem1.400.253.26---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem2.020.251.94---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem1.300.53.90---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem2.260.51.66---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem1.200.754.40---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem2.780.751.48---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem3.7111.30---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem1.1116.80---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-1.253.90---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.331.251.24---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-1.53.90---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.841.51.20---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-1.753.90---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem5.901.751.13---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-23.90---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.842----
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-2.253.90---
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.842.25----
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.842.5----
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-2.53.901.130.55.40
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-2.753.901.351.252.81
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.842.75-1.631.52.24
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.843-1.841.751.96
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-33.902.2021.72
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-3.253.902.572.251.43
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.843.25-2.922.51.42
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-3.53.906.003.51.11
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.843.5-
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.843.75-
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-3.753.90100.006.5-
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem-43.90210.007.5-
 JJ Urquiza - Club Leandro N. Alem4.844-220.008.5-
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Australia Australia, Cup
09:00 Queensland Lions - Rochedale Rovers1.2004.33-0.526.00
 Queensland Lions - Rochedale Rovers---1.352.53.10
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Austria Austria, Landesliga
17:30 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.05010.27---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.120.255.90---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.050.2511.14---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.190.54.25---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.050.512.00---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.200.753.71---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.020.7512.57---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-113.22---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.2113.09---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.271.252.30---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-1.2513.27---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-1.513.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.321.51.93---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-1.7513.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.931.751.88---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-213.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.4821.60---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.682.251.48---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-2.2513.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-2.513.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.882.51.40---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-2.7513.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.892.751.22---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-313.33---
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.8931.041.030.516.00
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.893.
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-3.2513.331.322.53.30
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-3.513.331.803.52.00
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.893.51.032.844.51.38
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.893.751.014.805.51.13
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-3.7513.334.806.51.04
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf1.894-
 Grazer AK - USV Mettersdorf-413.3318.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Belarus Belarus, Premier League
17:45 Isloch - Luch Minsk1.4503.06---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk1.340.253.68---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk1.750.252.24---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk2.050.51.88---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk1.270.54.30---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk2.440.751.64---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk1.140.754.31---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-14.32---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.2911.38---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.451.251.30---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-1.254.32---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-1.54.32---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.861.51.25---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.861.751.12---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-1.754.32---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-24.32---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.862----
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-2.254.32---
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.862.25----
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.862.5----
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-2.54.321.120.58.20
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-2.754.321.481.52.92
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.862.75-1.511.752.45
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-34.321.7522.17
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.863-
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-3.254.322.462.51.66
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.863.25-2.782.751.38
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-3.54.325.103.51.22
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.863.5-
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-3.754.3236.005.51.02
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.863.75-50.006.5-
 Isloch - Luch Minsk3.864-50.007.5-
 Isloch - Luch Minsk-44.32100.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Copa Nordeste
22:00 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.3603.53---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.640.252.47---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.280.254.20---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.910.52.04---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.230.54.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.140.755.75---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN2.200.751.78---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-14.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN2.3811.55---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN2.681.251.45---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-1.254.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-1.54.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN3.001.51.38---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-1.754.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN3.701.751.26---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-24.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN5.2521.16---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN5.502.251.15---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-2.254.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-2.54.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN5.902.51.13---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.922.75----
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-2.754.90---
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.923-
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-34.901.391.53.30
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-3.254.901.802.252.02
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.923.25-
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-3.54.904.003.51.29
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.923.5-
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.923.75-
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-3.754.9050.006.5-
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN1.924-100.007.5-
 Santa Cruz PE - ABC RN-44.90270.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Serie B
22:15 CSA AL - Figueirense1.5602.70---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.940.252.08---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.410.253.26---
 CSA AL - Figueirense2.230.51.79---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.330.53.82---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.210.755.14---
 CSA AL - Figueirense2.700.751.55---
 CSA AL - Figueirense3.6111.32---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.0918.75---
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.181.251.26---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.081.259.62---
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.751.51.22---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.081.510.50---
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.751.751.11---
 CSA AL - Figueirense1.041.7510.50---
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.752----
 CSA AL - Figueirense-210.501.120.58.60
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.752.25-1.120.756.40
 CSA AL - Figueirense-2.2510.501.1415.75
 CSA AL - Figueirense-2.510.501.301.253.45
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.752.5-1.511.52.86
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.752.75-1.601.752.40
 CSA AL - Figueirense-2.7510.501.8322.09
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.753-
 CSA AL - Figueirense-310.502.512.51.56
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.753.25-2.852.751.40
 CSA AL - Figueirense-3.2510.503.7031.26
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.753.5-
 CSA AL - Figueirense-3.510.505.103.51.19
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.753.75-5.903.751.13
 CSA AL - Figueirense-3.7510.5012.504.51.07
 CSA AL - Figueirense-410.5036.005.51.02
 CSA AL - Figueirense4.754-400.008.5-
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
00:30 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.1806.00---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.360.253.57---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.150.256.86---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.550.52.72---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.130.57.68---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.700.752.36---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.080.7511.47---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.02123.81---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.9811.97---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.021.2524.90---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma2.371.251.67---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma2.741.51.51---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.021.525.97---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma1.011.7540.60---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma3.411.751.36---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-262.30---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma4.9121.21---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma5.542.251.18---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-2.2563.02---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma6.092.51.16---
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-2.563.751.080.511.00
 Fortaleza - Criciuma7.382.751.081.401.53.35
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-2.75126.501.441.752.79
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-3174.181.5922.40
 Fortaleza - Criciuma9.563-1.892.252.01
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-3.25174.582.182.51.80
 Fortaleza - Criciuma9.873.25-2.512.751.54
 Fortaleza - Criciuma10.073.5-
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-3.5174.
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-3.75174.9424.005.51.03
 Fortaleza - Criciuma10.993.75-
 Fortaleza - Criciuma11.944-100.007.5-
 Fortaleza - Criciuma-4174.94230.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Brazil Brazil, U19
18:30 Cascavel CR U19 - Iraty SC U191.9501.85-0.513.00
 Cascavel CR U19 - Iraty SC U19---1.702.52.10
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Brazil Brazil, U20
18:00 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.6402.40---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.920.252.00---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.490.252.76---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U202.120.51.76---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.410.53.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U202.440.751.57---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.260.753.77---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U202.9611.38---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.0513.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.041.253.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.341.251.31---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.031.53.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.701.51.27---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.701.751.13---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U201.011.753.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.702----
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-23.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-2.253.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.702.25----
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.702.5----
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-2.53.15---
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.702.75-1.010.516.50
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-2.753.
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.703-1.592.52.42
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-33.151.682.752.17
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.703.25-
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.703.5-
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.703.75-4.805.51.04
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-3.753.
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U20-43.1514.007.5-
 Lajeadense RS U20 - Soledade U203.704-15.008.5-
22:45 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.5702.30---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.440.252.65---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.840.252.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.370.53.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.980.51.77---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.200.753.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.980.751.38---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-13.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.981----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-1.253.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.981.25----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.981.5----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-1.53.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.981.75----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-1.753.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-23.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.982----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.982.25----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-2.253.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.982.5----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-2.53.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-2.753.00---
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.982.75----
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.983-
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.983.25-2.002.751.83
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.983.5-1.653.51.38
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.983.75-1.385.51.02
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-3.753.
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U201.984-5.107.5-
 Bahia U20 - Vitoria U20-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Women
18:00 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.05014.70---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.050.2515.86---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.130.257.18---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.210.55.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.050.517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.020.7517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.230.754.47---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-117.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.2713.94---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-1.2517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.401.252.92---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.541.52.41---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-1.517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-1.7517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE1.661.752.16---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-217.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE2.0021.93---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-2.2517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE2.092.251.70---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-2.517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE2.352.51.57---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-2.7517.00---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE2.752.751.43---
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE3.5031.301.030.519.50
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-317.
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-3.2517.001.512.52.60
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE3.853.
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-3.517.002.343.51.67
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE4.
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE4.123.751.114.305.51.05
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-3.7517.
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE4.124-12.007.5-
 Flamengo RJ - Vitoria PE-417.0012.508.5-
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.0807.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.010.257.46---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.100.254.49---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.010.55.25---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.200.53.46---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.010.758.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.200.752.38---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.201----
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-18.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-1.258.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.201.25----
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-1.58.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.831.52.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-1.758.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.201.75----
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-28.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC2.3121.60---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.202.25----
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-2.258.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-2.58.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.202.5----
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-2.758.00---
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.202.75-1.020.519.00
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.203-
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-38.001.532.52.66
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.203.25-2.333.251.57
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.203.5-3.654.51.25
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-3.758.003.655.51.05
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.203.75-
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC1.204-14.007.5-
 Santos SP - GO Audax EC-48.0014.008.5-
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.02012.00---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.020.2512.28---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.020.512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.010.7512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.080.754.33---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-112.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.081----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.081.25----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-1.2512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.081.5----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-1.512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-1.7512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.081.75----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.082----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-212.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.082.25----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-2.2512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.082.5----
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-2.512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.652.752.31---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-2.7512.50---
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-312.50-0.526.00
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.8332.
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.083.25-
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-3.2512.501.303.51.52
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.083.5-2.0341.87
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-3.512.501.304.51.06
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.083.75-1.385.51.06
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-3.7512.502.586.51.05
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)1.084-
 Sport Recife (W) - Pinheirense EC (W)-412.503.008.51.01
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Colombia Colombia, Primera B
00:45 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.5702.60---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.900.252.03---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.420.253.12---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.230.51.75---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.330.53.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.210.754.25---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.660.751.54---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.1216.40---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC3.1011.35---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC3.551.251.28---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC1.111.256.80---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-1.53.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC3.901.51.24---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-1.753.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC5.001.751.17---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-23.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.232----
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-2.253.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.232.25----
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-2.53.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.232.5----
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-2.753.65---
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.232.75----
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.233-
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-33.651.411.53.20
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-3.253.651.982.251.86
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.233.25-2.302.51.70
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-3.53.654.303.51.27
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.233.5-
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.233.75-
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-3.753.6550.006.5-
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC-43.65110.007.5-
 Barranquilla FC - Fortaleza FC2.234-310.008.5-
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Czech Republic Czech Republic, U19
09:00 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.3303.48---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.380.252.81---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.230.253.83---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.200.54.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.500.52.38---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.100.754.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.530.751.71---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.501----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-14.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-1.254.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.581.25----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-1.54.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.501.5----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-1.754.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.581.75----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-24.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.582----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.582.25----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-2.254.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.582.5----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-2.54.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-2.754.20---
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.582.75----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.583----
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.583.25-
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.583.5-1.703.51.98
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-3.754.204.305.51.14
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.583.75-
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U191.584-8.007.5-
 Slavia Prague - Teplice U19-44.2011.508.5-
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Czech Republic Czech Republic, U21
09:00 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U211.8801.79---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U211.690.252.07---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.180.251.62---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.460.51.50---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U211.010.52.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.460.751.26---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U211.310.752.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-12.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.461----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.461.25----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-1.252.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-1.52.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.461.5----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-1.752.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.461.75----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-22.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.462----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.462.25----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-2.252.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.462.5----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-2.52.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.462.75----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-2.752.34---
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.463----
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-32.341.020.51.03
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.463.25-
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-3.252.341.372.52.70
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.463.5-1.983.51.70
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-3.52.343.104.51.29
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.463.75-5.305.51.10
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-3.752.345.306.51.02
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U212.464-9.007.5-
 MFK Okd Karvina - Mlada Boleslav U21-42.349.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
England England, Southern Premier Division
18:30 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce6.6901.08---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.240.251.08---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce4.650.251.17---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.800.51.07---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce3.680.51.27---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce2.350.751.27---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.800.751.03---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.801----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-11.27---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-1.251.27---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.801.25----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.801.5----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-1.51.28---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.801.75----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-1.751.28---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce1.8422.00---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.802----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-2.251.28---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.802.25----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.802.5----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-2.51.28---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.802.75----
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-2.751.28---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-31.28---
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.803-1.040.520.00
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.803.25-
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.803.5-1.823.52.00
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-3.751.284.805.51.12
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.803.75-8.806.51.02
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce-41.2818.007.5-
 Penistone Church - Shaw Lane Aquaforce7.804-40.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Estonia Estonia, Meistriliiga
17:30 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.08012.20---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.160.256.82---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.070.2513.10---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.230.54.90---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.070.514.00---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.260.754.41---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.040.7519.08---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.01129.16---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.3113.92---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.471.252.96---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.011.2529.75---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.631.52.47---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.011.530.33---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik1.781.752.19---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-1.7530.33---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-230.33---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik2.0321.90---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik2.352.251.69---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-2.2530.33---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik2.632.51.55---
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-2.530.331.020.534.00
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik3.112.751.411.141.57.40
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-2.7530.331.472.53.00
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik4.0031.271.522.752.42
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-330.331.6932.15
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik4.423.251.241.953.251.92
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-3.2530.332.243.51.77
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik4.843.51.212.453.751.51
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-3.530.333.754.51.36
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik6.313.751.157.405.51.14
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-3.7530.3317.006.51.05
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik6.9141.0417.007.51.01
 Jalgpallikool Tammeka - Viljandi JK Tulevik-430.3348.008.51.01
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
France France, Ligue 1
18:45 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.4603.09---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.350.253.74---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.760.252.26---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.280.54.40---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas2.060.51.90---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas2.450.751.65---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.170.755.91---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.0719.88---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas3.2411.39---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas3.691.251.31---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.061.2510.69---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas4.201.51.26---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.051.511.50---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas5.451.751.14---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas1.031.7516.96---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-233.26---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas8.3321.02---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-2.2534.30---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas8.932.251.01---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas9.512.51.01---
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-2.535.341.100.59.20
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-2.7545.381.471.52.98
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas12.152.751.011.561.752.48
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-363.681.8022.12
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas17.123-
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-3.2564.062.442.51.66
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas17.543.25-2.882.751.41
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas17.953.5-4.803.51.25
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-3.564.4511.504.51.09
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-3.7564.4632.005.51.03
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas17.953.75-90.006.5-
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas-464.47120.007.5-
 Grenoble - Bourg-Peronnas17.954-410.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Germany Germany, Oberliga
17:30 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.1103.17---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.210.252.60---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.100.253.53---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.090.53.00---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.290.52.03---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.050.753.75---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.360.752.92---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-15.37---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.3111.21---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.331.251.11---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-1.255.39---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.011.51.07---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-1.51.01---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-1.755.41---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.381.751.05---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-25.41---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.8821.93---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.422.251.03---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-2.255.41---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.432.51.02---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-2.55.41---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.432.751.02---
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-2.755.411.030.54.10
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.433-
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-35.411.422.51.76
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-3.255.411.8431.98
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.433.25-1.923.251.89
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-3.55.411.673.51.20
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.433.5-
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-3.755.413.005.51.02
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.433.75-4.306.51.01
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV1.434-
 Holstein Kiel II - Brinkumer SV-45.4113.508.51.01
 VfL Oldenburg - FC Teutonia 051.5002.51---
 VfL Oldenburg - FC Teutonia 051.660.252.212.0231.81
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Gibraltar Gibraltar, Premier Division
18:30 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps6.6001.13---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps4.680.251.21---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.100.251.12---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps3.740.51.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.600.51.11---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.600.751.05---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps2.410.751.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.601----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-11.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-1.251.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.601.25----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.601.5----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-1.51.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-1.751.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.601.75----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-21.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.602----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-2.251.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.602.25----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-2.51.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.602.5----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-2.751.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.602.75----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.603----
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-31.29---
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.603.25-1.030.512.00
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.603.5-
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-3.751.294.805.51.12
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.603.75-
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps-
 Mons Calpe SC - Lincoln Red Imps7.604-12.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Iceland Iceland, U19 League
20:00 Selfoss/Hamar/Aegir/Arborg (U19) - Njardvik U191.1405.00-0.534.00
 Selfoss/Hamar/Aegir/Arborg (U19) - Njardvik U191.881.51.971.252.54.00
 Selfoss/Hamar/Aegir/Arborg (U19) - Njardvik U19---1.803.752.05
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Iceland Iceland, Urvalsdeild
19:15 KA Akureyri - Keflavik1.3303.95---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik1.510.252.82---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik1.250.254.57---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik1.730.52.31---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik1.210.55.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik1.100.755.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik2.000.752.03---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-15.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik2.2311.75---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-1.255.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik2.561.251.57---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-1.55.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik2.871.51.46---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-1.755.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.431.751.32---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.6321.10---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-25.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-2.255.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.752.251.08---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-2.55.20---
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.792.
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.792.751.
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-2.755.201.542.252.51
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-35.201.802.52.14
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.793-2.002.751.90
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.793.25-2.613.251.50
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.793.5-
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.793.75-12.505.51.07
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-3.755.2030.006.51.02
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik-45.2050.007.5-
 KA Akureyri - Keflavik3.794-110.008.5-
 Stjarnan - Fylkir1.3902.961.502.52.57
 Stjarnan - Fylkir1.640.252.311.632.752.31
 Stjarnan - Fylkir1.890.51.991.8132.05
 Stjarnan - Fylkir2.140.751.762.063.251.81
 Stjarnan - Fylkir2.5711.522.293.51.64
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Iceland Iceland, Women
19:15 Fjolnir - Haukar Hafnafjordur2.1001.67-0.523.00
 Fjolnir - Haukar Hafnafjordur1.800.252.041.302.53.50
 Fjolnir - Haukar Hafnafjordur---1.803.52.02
20:00 Hviti Riddarinn Women - Afturelding Women15.0001.01-0.534.00
 Hviti Riddarinn Women - Afturelding Women2.0041.801.082.58.00
 Hviti Riddarinn Women - Afturelding Women---1.8052.00
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
International International, Copa Libertadores
00:30 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.2704.50---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.480.253.01---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.220.255.25---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.700.52.40---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.190.56.00---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.110.758.44---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.940.752.06---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club2.2711.73---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.03115.59---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club2.661.251.53---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.021.2516.55---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.021.517.51---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club3.051.51.42---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club1.011.7525.82---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club3.771.751.30---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club5.1921.12---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-250.90---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-2.2551.87---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club5.712.251.10---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club6.222.51.09---
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-2.552.841.080.511.50
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club7.702.751.041.401.53.30
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-2.7569.151.411.752.90
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-3100.391.5622.46
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club10.323-1.912.252.03
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club10.683.25-
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-3.25100.852.532.751.53
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club11.043.5-
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-3.5100.859.404.51.10
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-3.75101.2824.015.51.03
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club12.563.75-
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club14.614-100.007.5-
 Cruzeiro - Racing Club-4101.28240.008.5-
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.7202.43---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.510.252.91---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama2.060.251.96---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.400.53.40---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama2.380.51.72---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.270.754.44---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama2.880.751.51---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.1317.07---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama3.7311.31---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.121.257.84---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama4.231.251.25---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama4.741.51.22---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.101.58.61---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.051.7512.21---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama6.181.751.13---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama9.4721.05---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.01220.95---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama10.082.251.04---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.012.2521.73---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama10.692.51.04---
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama1.012.522.501.090.510.00
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama-2.7528.671.381.53.40
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama13.502.751.021.421.752.86
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama18.583-1.5622.47
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama-339.761.872.252.04
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama-3.2540.
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama18.953.25-2.472.751.56
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama19.333.5-
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama-3.540.519.804.51.10
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama-3.7540.5227.005.51.03
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama19.333.75-
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama19.334-100.007.5-
 Universidad de Chile - Vasco da Gama-440.53220.008.5-
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
International International, Friendlies
02:00 Los Angeles FC - Borussia Dortmund1.930.751.931.663.252.19
 Los Angeles FC - Borussia Dortmund1.7012.161.853.51.99
 Los Angeles FC - Borussia Dortmund---2.053.751.77
 Los Angeles FC - Borussia Dortmund---
02:30 Portland Timbers II - St Pauli2.170.751.691.5532.36
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Ireland Ireland, Eircom Premier
19:00 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.6402.51---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.970.252.01---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.480.253.00---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.380.53.50---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks2.300.51.75---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks2.750.751.53---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.250.754.66---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.1217.71---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks3.7111.31---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks4.261.251.25---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.111.258.55---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks4.811.51.21---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.101.59.40---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks1.051.7513.77---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks6.531.751.12---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks10.4721.02---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-225.75---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks11.182.251.02---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-2.2526.69---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks11.892.51.02---
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-2.527.621.100.510.00
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks15.182.751.011.461.53.00
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-2.7534.291.511.752.58
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks21.293-1.7522.21
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-345.412.042.251.87
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-3.2545.722.442.51.67
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks21.693.25-2.732.751.46
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks22.093.5-4.803.51.25
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-3.546.0310.504.51.09
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-3.7546.0427.005.51.03
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks22.093.75-
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks-446.04110.007.5-
 Shamrock Rovers - St Patricks22.094-330.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Italy Italy, Women
19:00 ACF Brescia - UPC Tavagnacco (W)1.901.51.941.703.252.13
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Lithuania Lithuania, Division 1
17:15 Koralas Klaipeda - FK Kupiskis---
 Koralas Klaipeda - FK Kupiskis---
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Reserve league
18:45 HW Welders U20 - Knockbreda Reserves1.4002.75-0.521.00
 HW Welders U20 - Knockbreda Reserves1.680.52.151.402.52.88
 HW Welders U20 - Knockbreda Reserves---1.803.252.00
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Oman Oman, Premier League
18:00 Al Salam - Muscat1.820.252.031.912.51.99
 Oman FC - Dhofar1.9101.95-0.58.00
 Oman FC - Dhofar---
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Philippines Philippines, UFL
08:00 Global - Kaya4.5001.17---
 Global - Kaya1.360.251.01---
 Global - Kaya1.370.251.01---
 Global - Kaya1.360.51.02---
 Global - Kaya1.380.51.01---
 Global - Kaya1.380.75----
 Global - Kaya1.180.751.02---
 Global - Kaya1.381----
 Global - Kaya-11.02---
 Global - Kaya-1.251.02---
 Global - Kaya1.381.25----
 Global - Kaya-1.51.02---
 Global - Kaya1.381.5----
 Global - Kaya1.381.75----
 Global - Kaya-1.751.02---
 Global - Kaya1.382----
 Global - Kaya-21.02---
 Global - Kaya1.382.25----
 Global - Kaya-2.251.02---
 Global - Kaya1.382.5----
 Global - Kaya-2.51.02---
 Global - Kaya-2.751.02---
 Global - Kaya1.382.75----
 Global - Kaya1.383----
 Global - Kaya-
 Global - Kaya1.383.25-
 Global - Kaya-
 Global - Kaya-
 Global - Kaya1.383.5-
 Global - Kaya1.383.75-1.375.51.02
 Global - Kaya-3.751.021.376.5-
 Global - Kaya-41.021.377.5-
 Global - Kaya1.384-1.378.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Romania Romania, Liga I
17:45 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna4.8701.24---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna3.200.251.43---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna5.630.251.20---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna2.530.51.63---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna6.400.51.17---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna9.180.751.10---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna2.180.751.80---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna17.8711.03---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.8312.11---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.611.252.50---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna15.601.251.03---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna16.391.51.03---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.481.52.86---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna29.661.751.01---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.341.753.51---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna59.322----
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.2024.83---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.182.255.36---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna60.352.25----
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.162.55.84---
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna61.382.5-1.080.512.50
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna1.082.757.041.341.53.70
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna78.642.75-1.4722.69
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna-39.011.802.252.14
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna109.713-
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna-3.259.342.322.751.64
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna110.113.25-2.8331.43
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna-3.59.663.803.51.33
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna110.113.5-8.404.51.12
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna110.493.75-
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna-3.759.6655.006.51.01
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna110.494-100.007.5-
 Juventus Bucuresti - Concordia Chiajna-49.66100.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Spain Spain, Primera Woman
19:00 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)3.3401.40---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)3.870.251.33---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)2.520.251.61---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.400.51.28---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.400.751.14---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.900.752.07---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.401----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.6312.50---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.401.25----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.481.252.85---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.401.53.19---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.401.5----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.271.753.73---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.401.75----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.0823.85---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.402----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.402.25----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.402.5----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)1.032.753.85---
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.402.75----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.403----
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)-33.851.050.512.00
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)-3.253.851.271.54.20
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.403.25-1.882.52.06
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.403.5-
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)-3.53.856.004.51.16
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.403.75-
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)-3.753.8514.006.51.01
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)4.404-14.007.5-
 Valencia (W) - Atletico Madrid (W)-43.8526.008.5-
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Sweden Sweden, Svenska Cupen
17:30 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.0301.29---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK3.060.251.45---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.450.251.25---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK2.560.51.60---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.900.51.22---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK2.250.751.74---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.900.751.11---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK1.9511.99---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.901----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK1.731.252.27---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.901.25----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK1.581.52.54---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.901.5----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK1.291.752.52---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.901.75----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-22.52---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.902----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.902.25----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-2.252.52---
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.902.5----
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-2.52.521.020.532.00
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.902.75-
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-2.752.521.312.53.85
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-32.521.4032.71
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.903-1.653.252.25
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.903.25-1.833.52.08
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-3.252.522.053.751.77
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-3.52.522.3941.54
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.903.5-2.974.51.46
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.903.75-5.605.51.19
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-3.752.5211.506.51.07
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK-42.5213.007.51.01
 IF Sylvia - Oskarshamns AIK4.904-28.008.5-
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Taiwan Taiwan, Premier league
08:00 Fujen University FC - NTUPES3.0001.36-0.58.50
 Fujen University FC - NTUPES---
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
Ukraine Ukraine, Women
08:30 Pantery Uman (Women) - Zlagoda (Women)1.0807.00-0.534.00
 Pantery Uman (Women) - Zlagoda (Women)---
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Uruguay Uruguay, Reserve League
18:00 Danubio (R) - Boston River (R)1.4002.75-0.521.00
 Danubio (R) - Boston River (R)1.950.751.851.442.52.70
 Danubio (R) - Boston River (R)1.9711.871.903.251.96
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
USA USA, Major League
23:00 North Carolina FC - Ocean City Nor'easters1.2503.75-0.515.00
 North Carolina FC - Ocean City Nor'easters1.800.752.041.572.52.35
 North Carolina FC - Ocean City Nor'easters---1.9031.92
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
USA USA, Premier Development League
23:30 Peachtree City - SC United Bantams3.0001.36-0.521.00
 Peachtree City - SC United Bantams1.920.751.921.362.53.10
 Peachtree City - SC United Bantams---1.773.252.05
Wednesday 23 May 2018, UKT
00:00 FA Euro New York - Long Island Rough Riders2.7501.40-0.521.00
 FA Euro New York - Long Island Rough Riders1.780.752.061.402.52.88
 FA Euro New York - Long Island Rough Riders---1.783.252.05
Tuesday 22 May 2018, UKT
Venezuela Venezuela, Segunda Division
19:00 Hermanos Colmenares - ULA1.870.251.891.852.51.91
 Lala FC - Margarita FC1.4502.80---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC1.750.252.16---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC1.340.253.30---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC2.060.51.86---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC1.280.53.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC2.350.751.61---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC1.140.753.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC2.9511.39---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-13.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-1.253.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.241.251.31---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.631.51.26---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-1.53.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-1.753.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.631.751.13---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.632----
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-23.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-2.253.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.632.25----
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-2.53.85---
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.632.5----
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.632.75-
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-2.753.851.351.53.10
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.633-1.411.752.63
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-33.851.5822.28
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.633.25-1.912.251.92
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-3.253.852.152.51.67
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-3.53.852.502.751.47
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.633.5-7.404.51.07
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-3.753.8517.505.51.02
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.633.75-42.006.5-
 Lala FC - Margarita FC-43.85120.007.5-
 Lala FC - Margarita FC3.634-340.008.5-
19:30 Llaneros Guanare - UA Falcon2.380.751.481.962.251.80
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC1.410.752.631.432.252.59
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC1.5712.291.642.52.19
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC1.881.251.931.842.751.98
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC2.131.51.682.1231.69
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC2.461.751.492.403.251.52
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC---2.583.51.48
 Yaracuy FC - UCV FC---
20:00 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.6102.26---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.450.252.71---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.960.251.85---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.360.53.20---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos2.260.51.61---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.220.753.97---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos2.710.751.43---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos3.6811.25---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.0113.30---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.011.253.30---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.171.251.21---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.311.51.18---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos1.011.51.01---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.311.751.09---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-1.753.30---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.312----
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-23.30---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-2.253.30---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.312.25----
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-2.53.30---
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.312.5-
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-2.753.301.391.53.10
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.312.75-1.461.752.47
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-33.301.6622.13
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.313-1.982.251.80
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-3.253.302.252.51.64
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.313.25-2.642.751.39
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-3.53.304.003.51.24
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.313.5-8.604.51.06
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.313.75-
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-3.753.3050.006.5-
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos4.314-120.007.5-
 Deportivo JBL del Zulia - Yaracuyanos-43.30330.008.5-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana2.2501.64---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana2.630.251.49---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.880.251.95---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.050.51.40---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.660.52.20---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.770.751.27---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.480.752.60---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.3113.39---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.2511.07---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.261.253.87---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.251.251.06---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.011.51.05---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.231.54.20---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana1.111.754.20---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.251.751.02---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-24.20---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.252----
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.252.25----
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-2.254.20---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-2.54.20---
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.252.5-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.252.75-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-2.754.201.3522.81
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-34.201.562.252.31
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.253-1.812.52.02
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.253.25-2.052.751.75
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.253.5-5.804.51.09
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.253.75-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-3.754.2023.006.5-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana-44.2060.007.5-
 Deportivo Petare - Chico de Guayana3.254-150.008.5-
 Urena - Titanes FC1.6302.25---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.940.251.86---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.460.252.69---
 Urena - Titanes FC2.260.51.61---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.360.53.15---
 Urena - Titanes FC2.750.751.44---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.240.753.98---
 Urena - Titanes FC3.7311.27---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.0113.20---
 Urena - Titanes FC4.161.251.23---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.011.253.20---
 Urena - Titanes FC4.531.51.19---
 Urena - Titanes FC1.011.51.01---
 Urena - Titanes FC-1.754.21---
 Urena - Titanes FC4.531.751.09---
 Urena - Titanes FC4.532----
 Urena - Titanes FC-24.21---
 Urena - Titanes FC4.532.25----
 Urena - Titanes FC-2.254.21---
 Urena - Titanes FC-2.54.21---
 Urena - Titanes FC4.532.5-
 Urena - Titanes FC-2.754.211.411.52.96
 Urena - Titanes FC4.532.75-1.451.752.48
 Urena - Titanes FC4.533-1.6522.14
 Urena - Titanes FC-34.211.972.251.81
 Urena - Titanes FC4.533.25-
 Urena - Titanes FC-
 Urena - Titanes FC-
 Urena - Titanes FC4.533.5-8.604.51.06
 Urena - Titanes FC-3.754.2121.005.51.02
 Urena - Titanes FC4.533.75-50.006.5-
 Urena - Titanes FC-44.21120.007.5-
 Urena - Titanes FC4.534-360.008.5-