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Saturday 25 January 2020, UKT
Brazil Brazil, Paulista Serie A2
18:00 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.4003.12---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.320.253.64---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.610.252.34---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.850.51.98---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.270.54.14---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.170.755.73---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense2.120.751.71---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.0819.79---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense2.6911.45---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.071.2510.63---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense3.171.251.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense3.651.51.29---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.061.511.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense4.771.751.20---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense1.031.7511.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense7.4421.11---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-211.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-2.2511.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.132.251.10---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.682.51.09---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-2.511.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-2.7511.35---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.832.751.06---
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.833----
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-311.351.060.59.40
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-3.2511.351.341.53.10
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.833.25-
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-3.511.353.553.51.30
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.833.5-
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.833.75-16.505.51.01
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-3.7511.3516.506.5-
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense-411.3516.507.5-
 EC Taubate SP - Votuporanguense8.834-7.208.5-
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.2904.41---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.420.252.92---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.190.255.07---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.610.52.36---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.160.55.74---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.100.758.40---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.780.752.06---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.04111.72---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP2.1511.70---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP2.451.251.50---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.041.2512.34---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP2.821.51.39---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.031.512.95---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP1.011.7512.95---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP3.511.751.29---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-212.95---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP5.0021.19---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-2.2512.95---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP5.572.251.16---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP6.002.51.14---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-2.512.95---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP8.362.751.10---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-2.7512.95---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP12.1131.05---
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-312.951.060.510.00
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP9.543.251.051.341.53.15
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-3.2512.952.002.51.85
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-3.512.953.503.51.30
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP9.
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP9.053.751.0217.005.51.01
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-3.7512.957.606.5-
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP-412.957.607.5-
 Sao Caetano - Monte Azul SP9.054-17.008.5-
19:00 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.8402.10---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo2.190.251.76---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.600.252.38---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.470.52.74---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo2.540.51.54---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo3.120.751.39---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.330.753.45---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo4.3811.23---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.1815.12---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo4.971.251.20---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.161.255.80---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo5.441.51.17---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.141.56.38---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.091.758.69---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo7.401.751.12---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.0226.88---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.5621.06---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.012.256.88---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.742.251.06---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo1.012.56.88---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.332.51.05---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.332.751.03---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo-2.756.88---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo-36.88---
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.333-
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo-3.256.881.341.53.35
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.333.25-
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo-3.56.883.603.51.31
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.333.5-
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.333.75-17.505.51.01
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo-3.756.8817.506.5-
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo8.334-17.507.5-
 Red Bull Brasil - Sao Bernardo-46.8817.508.5-
22:00 XV de Piracicaba - Audax SP1.4002.75-0.58.00
 XV de Piracicaba - Audax SP1.830.
 XV de Piracicaba - Audax SP---