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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
Ecuador, Serie A
18:00 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC1.3503.32---
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC1.260.253.91---
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC1.610.252.381.401.52.95
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC1.890.51.991.511.752.58
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC1.210.54.501.6922.20
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC2.170.751.782.002.251.94
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC2.7611.472.292.51.68
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC3.201.251.362.712.751.47
 Mushuc Runa - Cumbaya FC3.641.
20:30 El Nacional - Delfin SC1.2903.67---
 El Nacional - Delfin SC1.510.252.621.301.53.55
 El Nacional - Delfin SC1.
 El Nacional - Delfin SC1.800.52.211.682.252.20
 El Nacional - Delfin SC2.010.751.891.922.51.94
 El Nacional - Delfin SC2.3411.632.152.751.71
 El Nacional - Delfin SC2.701.251.492.5831.52
 El Nacional - Delfin SC3.051.51.393.203.51.35
 El Nacional - Delfin SC3.811.751.276.304.51.12
23:00 Independiente del Valle - Emelec1.2004.67---
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec1.390.253.051.321.53.36
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec1.580.52.421.5222.57
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec1.830.752.151.802.252.07
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec2.0911.812.042.51.82
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec2.391.251.602.312.751.63
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec2.731.51.482.8131.45
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec3.361.751.333.453.51.31
 Independiente del Valle - Emelec4.7121.206.924.51.11
Sunday 1 October 2023, UKT
18:00 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas2.1401.76---
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas2.570.251.531.321.53.37
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas1.740.252.131.401.752.98
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas3.020.51.401.5322.55
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas1.550.52.511.802.252.05
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas3.800.751.
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas1.390.753.052.352.751.61
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas1.2414.203.513.51.30
 Guayaquil City - SD Aucas5.5811.166.974.51.10
20:30 Orense SC - Libertad Loja1.4003.05---
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja1.300.253.60---
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja1.670.252.261.381.53.07
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja2.020.51.911.481.752.70
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja1.
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja2.250.751.672.002.251.92
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja2.8611.442.192.51.69
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja3.281.251.352.562.751.52
 Orense SC - Libertad Loja3.711.51.293.973.51.25
23:00 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario1.2004.52---
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario1.380.253.02---
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario1.560.52.421.311.53.33
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario1.760.752.101.5022.57
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario2.0811.791.742.252.08
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario2.431.251.562.012.51.83
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario2.791.51.442.262.751.63
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario3.451.751.302.7731.44
 Barcelona SC - Tecnico Universitario4.9021.183.443.51.30
Saturday 7 October 2023, UKT
00:00 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador1.7802.06---
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador2.100.251.741.261.53.77
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador1.560.252.441.4022.93
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador2.430.51.561.622.252.28
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador1.430.52.811.852.51.96
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador2.920.751.402.062.751.75
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador1.300.753.472.4531.54
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador1.1814.893.043.51.36
 Deportivo Cuenca - Universidad Catolica del Ecuador3.9211.255.664.51.13