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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
Belgium, Jupiler League (First)
14:00 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende1.4302.91---
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende1.650.252.32---
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende1.340.253.341.181.54.93
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende1.280.53.771.602.52.38
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende1.920.52.021.812.752.15
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende2.140.751.771.9631.92
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende2.6111.522.223.251.68
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende2.961.251.412.483.51.55
 K Beerschot VA - KV Oostende3.321.51.344.294.51.22
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht3.5101.371.211.54.60
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht4.
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht2.630.251.571.492.252.75
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht2.190.51.761.712.52.27
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht1.950.751.991.882.752.08
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht1.7012.332.1431.79
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht1.531.252.642.373.251.63
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht1.431.52.962.643.51.51
 KAS Eupen - Anderlecht1.311.753.634.694.51.21
16:15 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege1.7802.17---
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege2.090.251.861.191.54.95
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege1.610.252.541.612.52.47
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege1.440.52.891.752.752.19
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege2.360.51.661.9631.95
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege1.320.753.552.233.251.75
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege2.770.751.502.453.51.61
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege3.5311.332.853.751.44
 Oud-Heverlee Leuven - Standard Liege3.941.
18:00 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing1.7602.16---
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing1.540.252.541.211.54.48
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing2.060.251.831.502.252.63
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing2.340.51.631.742.52.19
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing1.420.52.901.942.751.97
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing2.780.751.462.1331.74
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing1.300.753.592.413.251.58
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing3.6111.302.673.51.48
 Francs Borains - RFC Seraing4.
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen1.8002.15---
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen1.600.252.39---
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen2.110.251.801.181.54.83
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen2.360.51.611.602.52.36
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen1.480.52.711.782.752.18
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen1.350.753.281.9831.93
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen2.790.751.452.203.251.69
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen1.2214.422.453.51.56
 RSC Anderlecht Futures - Lierse Kempenzonen3.6111.304.234.51.23
18:45 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp2.9901.481.251.54.15
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp3.480.251.391.3523.22
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp2.350.251.711.572.252.52
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp1.990.51.971.782.52.19
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp3.980.
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp1.760.752.232.3131.71
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp1.5112.722.613.251.53
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp1.401.253.092.893.51.44
 KV Mechelen - Royal Antwerp1.331.53.475.324.51.17
Sunday 1 October 2023, UKT
11:30 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi1.2404.27---
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi1.410.253.05---
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi1.580.52.501.191.54.95
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi1.730.752.241.602.52.43
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi2.0111.941.762.752.17
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi2.261.251.692.0331.92
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi2.561.51.562.213.251.70
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi3.051.751.412.483.51.57
 Union Saint-Gilloise - Charleroi4.0321.274.404.51.23
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II1.2504.10---
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II1.410.252.94---
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II1.590.52.411.191.54.68
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II1.950.752.131.632.52.30
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II2.0011.851.882.752.06
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II2.301.251.642.0231.83
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II2.601.51.522.283.251.64
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II3.131.751.372.553.51.53
 Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge II4.1821.244.514.51.20
14:00 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo1.320.253.551.161.55.68
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo1.480.52.771.512.52.63
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo1.590.752.471.642.752.37
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo1.7512.251.8232.11
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo2.021.251.932.083.251.86
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo2.271.51.702.253.51.68
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo2.651.751.522.613.751.53
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo3.3221.363.934.51.27
 KRC Genk - KVC Westerlo3.702.251.307.375.51.11
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK2.2701.66---
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK1.930.251.92---
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK2.620.251.511.181.54.85
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK1.900.52.171.612.52.35
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK2.950.51.411.802.752.10
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK1.550.752.511.9831.85
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK3.630.751.
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK1.3813.082.503.51.54
 RFC Liege - Lommel SK1.321.253.444.434.51.21
16:30 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV1.260.254.11---
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV1.380.53.19---
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV1.470.752.841.181.55.15
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV1.6312.461.562.52.51
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV1.901.252.051.742.752.24
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV2.141.51.811.9431.97
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV2.401.751.622.153.251.75
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV2.9721.432.413.51.60
 Club Brugge - St. Truidense VV3.352.251.354.284.51.24
17:15 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk1.4302.91---
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk1.330.253.361.201.54.56
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk1.660.252.261.472.252.72
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk1.270.53.811.652.52.26
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk1.910.51.941.812.752.06
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk2.170.751.722.0531.80
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk2.6611.502.323.251.63
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk3.021.251.402.573.51.51
 FCV Dender EH - Jong KRC Genk3.391.51.334.534.51.20
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent3.9101.28---
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent2.880.251.45---
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent2.390.51.631.171.55.33
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent2.120.751.901.552.52.55
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent1.8512.101.752.752.27
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent1.651.252.361.9432.00
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent1.521.52.652.133.251.76
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent1.381.753.172.383.51.62
 RWD Molenbeek - KAA Gent1.2524.