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Saturday 23 November 2019, UKT
Ukraine Ukraine, Premier League
12:00 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.0001.85---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.370.251.60---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk1.720.252.25---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk1.570.52.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.740.51.46---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk1.280.752.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.740.751.23---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-12.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.741----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.741.25----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-1.252.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.741.5----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-1.52.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.741.75----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-1.752.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.742----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-22.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-2.252.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.742.25----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-2.52.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.742.5----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-2.752.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.742.75----
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-32.66---
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.743-
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-3.252.661.371.52.94
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.743.25-
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-3.52.663.903.51.20
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.743.5-
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-3.752.6622.005.51.01
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.743.75-22.006.5-
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk2.744-22.007.5-
 PFC Oleksandria - Zorya Luhansk-42.6622.008.5-
15:00 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.4002.82---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.290.253.36---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.660.252.18---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.930.51.87---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.240.53.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.930.751.43---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.120.753.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-13.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.931----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-1.253.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.931.25----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-1.53.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.931.5----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-1.753.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.931.75----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-23.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.932----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-2.253.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.932.25----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.932.5----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-2.53.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-2.753.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.932.75----
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-33.90---
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.933-
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.933.25-1.391.52.90
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-3.253.902.242.51.64
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.933.5-3.953.51.19
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-3.53.909.204.51.03
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-3.753.903.955.51.01
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.933.75-3.956.5-
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava-43.903.957.5-
 SC Dnipro-1 - Vorskla Poltava1.934-3.958.5-
Sunday 24 November 2019, UKT
12:00 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk1.7302.04---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk1.520.252.49---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.080.251.72---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.460.51.55---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk1.400.52.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk1.200.752.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.460.751.27---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-12.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.461----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-1.252.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.461.25----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.461.5----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-1.52.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.461.75----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-1.752.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.462----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-22.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-2.252.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.462.25----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.462.5----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-2.52.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.462.75----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-2.752.94---
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.463----
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-32.941.020.59.20
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.463.25-1.311.53.15
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-3.252.942.042.51.75
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-3.52.943.653.51.25
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.463.5-
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-3.752.948.005.51.01
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.463.75-8.006.5-
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk2.464-8.007.5-
 Karpaty Lviv - Olimpik Donetsk-42.948.008.5-
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov3.6901.33---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.260.251.22---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov2.720.251.54---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov2.250.51.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.840.51.18---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov1.620.751.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.840.751.10---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.841----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-11.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.841.25----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-1.251.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-1.51.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.841.5----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-1.751.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.841.75----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-21.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.842----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.842.25----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-2.251.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-2.51.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.842.5----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.842.75----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-2.751.77---
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.843----
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-31.771.030.59.00
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.843.25-1.341.52.98
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-3.251.772.122.51.70
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-3.51.773.803.51.21
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.843.5-8.804.51.04
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.843.75-3.805.51.01
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-3.751.773.806.5-
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov4.844-3.807.5-
 Kolos Kovalivka - Desna Chernigov-41.773.808.5-
15:00 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.06014.07---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.130.256.30---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.040.2515.53---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.040.517.00---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.220.54.32---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.020.7517.00---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.220.752.66---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-117.00---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.221----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.221.25----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-1.2517.00---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-1.56.38---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.221.5----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-1.756.38---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.221.75----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.222----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-26.38---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.222.25----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-2.2517.00---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.222.5----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-2.56.38---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-2.756.38---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.222.75----
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-36.38---
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.223-1.010.517.00
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.223.25-
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-3.2517.001.672.52.18
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.223.5-2.823.51.42
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-3.56.385.304.51.13
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-3.756.389.805.51.03
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.223.75-9.806.5-
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol-46.385.307.5-
 Dynamo Kiev - FC Mariupol1.224-9.808.5-