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Sunday 27 November 2022, UKT
Bahrain, Premier League
15:30 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.2803.551.070.57.50
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.500.252.881.1216.40
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.700.52.341.261.253.70
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.180.54.801.401.52.85
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.830.752.121.531.752.55
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala1.110.756.601.7022.21
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala2.3011.742.012.251.89
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala2.681.251.532.252.51.65
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala3.001.51.382.682.751.47
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala3.801.751.253.4531.30
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala5.5021.153.703.251.26
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala6.
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala6.402.51.125.503.751.15
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala---7.504.51.07
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala---
 Al Khalidiyah - Al Hala---
 East Riffa - Manama Club2.3801.62---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.890.252.03---
 East Riffa - Manama Club2.910.251.45---
 East Riffa - Manama Club3.300.51.35---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.660.52.36---
 East Riffa - Manama Club4.530.751.24---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.460.752.83---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.2813.78---
 East Riffa - Manama Club7.2411.12---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.231.254.29---
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.021.251.11---
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.691.51.09---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.191.54.80---
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.131.756.62---
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.691.751.
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.0627.331.110.756.80
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.692-1.1316.00
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.692.25-
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.062.257.441.431.52.92
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.052.57.541.531.752.50
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.692.5-1.7222.15
 East Riffa - Manama Club1.022.757.542.112.251.81
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.692.75-2.442.51.62
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.693-2.682.751.45
 East Riffa - Manama Club-37.543.4531.30
 East Riffa - Manama Club-3.257.543.703.251.26
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.693.25-
 East Riffa - Manama Club-3.57.545.253.751.16
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.693.5-8.804.51.07
 East Riffa - Manama Club-3.757.5411.005.51.02
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.693.75-
 East Riffa - Manama Club8.694-8.807.5-
 East Riffa - Manama Club-47.548.808.5-