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Saturday 29 February 2020, UKT
Bahrain Bahrain, Premier League
14:10 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.3303.59---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.270.254.19---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.540.252.61---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.780.52.17---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.230.54.80---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.940.751.88---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.150.756.42---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.07110.50---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club2.2911.60---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club2.651.251.46---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.071.2511.25---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club3.021.51.38---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.061.512.00---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club3.791.751.27---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club1.031.7512.00---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club5.5421.16---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-212.00---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-2.2512.00---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club6.142.251.15---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club6.552.51.13---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-2.512.00---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club9.332.751.09---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-2.7512.00---
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-312.001.050.514.50
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club14.1531.
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-3.2512.001.862.52.06
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club11.
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-3.512.
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club10.923.51.045.504.51.14
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club10.923.751.0211.505.51.05
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-3.7512.0015.006.51.01
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club-412.0011.507.5-
 Al-Muharraq - Manama Club10.924-11.508.5-
15:30 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa2.7501.401.010.513.00
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa1.900.51.941.221.54.00
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa---1.702.52.10
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa---1.942.751.93
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa---2.753.51.40
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa---4.504.51.17
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa---8.505.51.05
 Al-Najma Manama - Al-Riffa---
16:30 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama2.7501.47---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama3.130.251.37---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama2.260.251.78---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.870.52.02---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama3.560.51.30---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama4.800.751.20---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.630.752.36---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.3912.99---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama7.8611.10---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama8.591.251.09---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.311.253.46---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.291.51.09---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.261.53.86---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.181.755.11---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.331.751.05---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.332----
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.1027.97---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.092.258.27---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.332.25----
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.092.58.88---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.332.5----
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.332.75----
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama1.062.759.15---
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.333----
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama-
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.333.25-1.321.53.60
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama-
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.333.5-3.403.51.35
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama-
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.333.75-14.505.51.04
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama-3.759.0515.006.51.01
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama-
 Al Hala - Al Ahli Manama9.334-6.008.5-