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Wednesday 17 July 2019, UKT
USA USA, Major League
23:00 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.2604.59---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.220.255.24---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.440.253.20---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.190.55.90---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.620.52.57---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.130.758.11---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.770.752.24---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.06113.79---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo2.0411.90---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo2.361.251.67---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.061.2514.57---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.061.515.28---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo2.671.51.54---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo1.031.7515.28---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo3.191.751.40---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-215.28---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo4.1621.27---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-2.2515.28---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo4.592.251.24---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-2.515.28---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo5.082.51.21---
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-2.7515.281.010.520.00
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo6.672.751.
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-315.281.612.52.52
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo10.4431.091.742.752.22
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-3.2515.281.9931.94
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo11.
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo11.543.51.082.503.51.59
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-3.515.284.654.51.21
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo11.593.751.059.605.51.07
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-3.7515.2821.006.5-
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo-415.2850.007.5-
 Atlanta United - Houston Dynamo11.554-130.008.5-
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.1806.08---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.330.253.88---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.160.256.85---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.480.53.01---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.140.57.60---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.090.7510.69---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.590.752.63---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.04116.92---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.7812.25---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.041.2517.69---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps2.071.251.89---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps2.351.51.69---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.031.518.46---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps2.791.751.51---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps1.011.7518.46---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps3.4921.34---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-218.46---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-2.2518.46---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps3.882.251.29---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps4.672.51.25---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-2.518.46---
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps5.572.751.181.010.520.00
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-2.7518.461.181.55.29
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-318.461.612.52.46
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps8.4231.111.772.752.16
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps9.
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-3.2518.462.283.251.68
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-3.518.462.623.51.58
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps9.493.51.104.804.51.24
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-3.7518.469.605.51.07
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps12.113.751.069.606.5-
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps9.6141.019.607.5-
 New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps-418.4610.008.5-
Thursday 18 July 2019, UKT
00:00 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew1.3203.901.050.517.00
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew1.520.252.671.251.54.60
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew1.710.52.261.522.252.64
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew1.220.54.631.752.52.26
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew1.940.751.991.932.751.97
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew2.3211.692.2531.70
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew2.711.251.512.563.251.55
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew3.101.51.402.883.51.48
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew6.662.51.135.534.51.16
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew---10.505.51.06
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew---10.506.5-
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew---50.007.5-
 Chicago Fire - Columbus Crew---50.008.5-
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.3903.47---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.580.252.63---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.310.253.98---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.790.52.21---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.270.54.50---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.180.755.92---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls2.010.751.93---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.1019.29---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls2.3911.65---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls2.771.251.51---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.091.259.97---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.091.510.58---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls3.151.51.42---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls3.951.751.31---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.061.7510.73---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.01210.66---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls5.6421.20---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.012.2510.66---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls6.222.251.18---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls6.802.51.16---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls1.012.510.66---
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls8.942.751.111.020.521.00
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls-2.7510.661.171.55.48
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls13.5431.071.582.52.64
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls-310.661.692.752.26
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls14.
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls-3.2510.662.213.251.75
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls14.633.51.062.493.51.64
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls-3.510.664.614.51.26
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls-3.7510.668.605.51.08
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls14.633.751.038.606.5-
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls14.634-8.607.5-
 Toronto FC - New York Red Bulls-410.6680.008.5-
Friday 19 July 2019, UKT
02:00 Portland Timbers - Orlando City1.1604.27-0.515.19
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City1.550.52.571.121.256.40
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City1.160.55.891.191.54.51
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City1.740.752.261.231.754.10
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City1.9811.941.2823.55
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City2.271.251.691.462.252.83
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City2.591.51.551.642.52.34
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City5.
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---2.1331.81
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---2.373.251.63
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---2.673.51.51
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---3.003.751.38
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---3.8041.25
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---4.804.51.19
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---5.754.751.14
 Portland Timbers - Orlando City---8.785.51.01
00:00 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.9002.07---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.660.252.40---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United2.250.251.76---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.530.52.76---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United2.600.51.58---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United3.130.751.41---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.370.753.36---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United4.2111.24---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.2114.56---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.181.255.06---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United4.701.251.20---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.161.55.75---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United5.421.51.18---
 FC Cincinnati - DC United7.041.751.121.010.513.50
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.111.757.661.141.255.75
 FC Cincinnati - DC United11.5721.
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.05213.421.261.753.70
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.452.251.061.3323.30
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.052.2514.221.562.252.53
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.052.514.571.772.52.20
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.792.51.061.992.751.94
 FC Cincinnati - DC United1.022.7514.572.3231.65
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.792.751.032.653.251.53
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.793-2.973.51.43
 FC Cincinnati - DC United-314.573.303.751.33
 FC Cincinnati - DC United-3.2514.574.2541.21
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.793.25-4.654.251.18
 FC Cincinnati - DC United-3.514.575.874.51.16
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.793.5-6.604.751.11
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.793.75-5.605.51.02
 FC Cincinnati - DC United-3.7514.575.606.5-
 FC Cincinnati - DC United-414.575.607.5-
 FC Cincinnati - DC United12.794-5.608.5-