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Wednesday 18 September 2019, UKT
USA USA, Major League
23:30 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC3.5001.29-0.521.00
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC2.700.251.511.121.56.83
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC2.280.51.681.422.52.97
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC4.410.51.241.512.752.66
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC2.080.751.871.6432.34
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC1.8112.151.903.252.01
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC1.601.252.462.123.51.80
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC1.491.52.762.393.751.62
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC1.182.55.433.544.51.32
 FC Cincinnati - Atlanta United FC---6.685.51.12
Thursday 19 September 2019, UKT
02:30 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.4902.86---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.390.253.33---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.730.252.26---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.330.53.80---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.970.51.96---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.230.754.73---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls2.220.751.73---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.1416.60---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls2.6911.51---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls3.041.251.41---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.121.257.10---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.111.57.60---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls3.431.51.35---
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls4.261.751.251.020.521.00
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls1.071.7510.
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-27.601.181.754.80
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls6.0821.151.2124.25
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-2.257.601.352.253.10
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls6.642.251.141.522.52.64
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls7.352.51.121.632.752.36
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-2.57.601.8232.08
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls9.812.751.
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-2.757.602.303.51.66
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls15.2831.052.703.751.50
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-37.603.1041.35
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls15.693.251.043.454.251.30
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-3.257.604.204.51.26
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls16.
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-3.57.606.4051.12
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls16.103.751.027.605.51.10
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-3.757.6015.006.51.03
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls-47.6034.007.51.01
 Portland Timbers - New York Red Bulls16.104-34.008.5-
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.4303.08---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.640.252.41---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.350.253.53---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.300.54.00---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.850.52.11---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas2.110.751.83---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.210.755.09---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas2.4711.59---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.1217.45---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.111.258.03---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas2.721.251.47---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.101.58.56---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas3.181.51.39---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas1.071.758.63---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas3.721.751.29---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-28.63---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas5.0521.19---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-2.258.63---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas5.542.251.17---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas6.532.51.15---
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-2.58.631.010.521.00
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-2.758.631.141.56.28
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas7.942.751.111.482.52.78
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-38.631.572.752.48
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas12.5531.061.7332.26
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas13.
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-3.258.632.223.51.71
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas13.503.51.052.563.751.54
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-3.58.633.864.51.29
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas13.503.751.027.545.51.10
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-3.758.637.006.51.03
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas13.504-
 Seattle Sounders - FC Dallas-48.6334.008.5-
Saturday 21 September 2019, UKT
19:30 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes1.2503.75-0.523.00
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes1.480.252.801.111.57.18
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes1.190.54.991.382.53.15
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes1.670.52.301.5632.53
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes1.840.752.061.753.252.16
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes2.0911.831.993.51.93
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes2.361.251.652.193.751.72
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes2.641.51.532.6041.53
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes4.712.
 Atlanta United - San Jose Earthquakes---
21:00 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew2.3601.661.030.517.00
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew2.660.251.521.171.55.40
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew1.980.251.951.562.52.51
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew1.770.52.151.702.752.23
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew2.990.51.431.9331.96
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew1.570.752.542.213.251.72
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew6.
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew1.
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Columbus Crew---
23:30 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire3.0001.361.030.517.00
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire2.460.251.581.171.55.54
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire2.130.51.801.552.52.51
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire4.
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire1.860.752.061.8832.00
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire1.6212.392.193.251.76
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire1.491.252.722.373.51.61
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire1.401.
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire1.132.56.328.005.51.08
 FC Cincinnati - Chicago Fire---
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake1.3303.251.030.517.00
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake1.550.252.581.151.55.77
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake1.760.52.171.512.52.65
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake1.240.54.361.632.752.37
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake2.000.751.931.8632.08
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake2.3111.672.113.251.83
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake2.661.251.522.303.51.66
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake3.001.51.432.703.751.50
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake6.302.
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake---
 New England Revolution - Real Salt Lake---
Sunday 22 September 2019, UKT
00:30 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City1.5702.54---
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City1.430.252.99-0.515.00
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City1.850.
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City2.140.51.781.592.52.44
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City1.340.53.431.732.752.18
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City2.460.751.602.0031.93
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City3.741.51.302.213.251.71
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City1.101.57.912.483.51.58
 Houston Dynamo - Orlando City8.
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.2204.001.020.521.00
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.150.55.991.131.56.55
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.530.52.631.432.52.94
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.660.752.341.522.752.63
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.8812.041.6532.32
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids2.171.251.781.903.252.00
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids2.401.51.632.193.51.79
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids4.372.51.242.413.751.61
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids---3.704.51.30
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids---7.385.51.11
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids---
02:30 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact1.2903.501.020.521.00
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact1.470.252.821.131.56.72
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact1.200.54.961.432.52.95
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact1.660.52.321.522.752.65
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact1.850.752.071.6832.34
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact2.1111.811.883.252.02
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact2.381.251.632.103.51.81
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact2.681.51.522.383.751.62
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact5.
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact---6.995.51.11
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact---
 LA Galaxy - Montreal Impact---
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC1.1705.00---
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC1.450.52.91-0.529.00
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC1.130.56.891.302.53.71
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC1.540.752.601.563.252.51
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC1.6912.281.783.52.19
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC1.931.252.001.953.751.97
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC2.211.51.762.1841.74
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC2.461.751.602.464.251.58
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC3.542.51.332.744.51.48
 Los Angeles FC - Toronto FC6.633.
19:55 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United1.6402.381.030.517.00
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United1.470.252.821.151.55.81
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United1.950.251.981.532.52.59
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United1.380.53.251.652.752.32
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United2.250.51.731.8532.06
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United2.580.751.552.113.251.83
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United1.111.57.492.293.51.67
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United3.801.51.302.683.751.50
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United7.802.
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United---
 Portland Timbers - Minnesota United---
22:00 FC Dallas - New York City FC1.7702.20-0.519.00
 FC Dallas - New York City FC2.070.251.861.141.55.98
 FC Dallas - New York City FC1.560.252.571.512.52.65
 FC Dallas - New York City FC2.330.51.661.632.752.37
 FC Dallas - New York City FC1.440.52.931.8232.09
 FC Dallas - New York City FC2.730.751.502.083.251.83
 FC Dallas - New York City FC4.
 FC Dallas - New York City FC1.
 FC Dallas - New York City FC---
22:30 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union1.4602.861.020.519.00
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union1.720.
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union1.300.53.771.472.52.78
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union1.990.51.951.572.752.50
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union2.200.751.741.7832.22
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union2.6511.532.023.251.94
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union3.341.51.362.203.51.75
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union7.
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union---3.884.51.28
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union---
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union---
 New York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union---
Monday 23 September 2019, UKT
00:00 DC United - Seattle Sounders1.9002.03-0.515.00
 DC United - Seattle Sounders2.280.251.721.171.55.17
 DC United - Seattle Sounders1.630.252.371.602.52.39
 DC United - Seattle Sounders1.490.52.731.752.752.19
 DC United - Seattle Sounders2.520.51.562.0231.88
 DC United - Seattle Sounders1.151.55.832.253.251.67
 DC United - Seattle Sounders4.781.51.202.533.51.54
 DC United - Seattle Sounders---4.714.51.20