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Tuesday 22 June 2021, UKT
USA, Major League
23:30 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.3302.12---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.500.252.08---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.280.253.14---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.680.51.80---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.250.53.60---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.120.753.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.680.751.40---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-13.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.681----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-1.253.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.681.25----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.681.5----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-1.51.35---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-1.753.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.681.75----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.682----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-21.19---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.682.25----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-2.253.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-2.51.24---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.682.5----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-2.753.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.682.75----
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-33.65---
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.683-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-3.253.651.041.51.08
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.683.25-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.683.5-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.683.75-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-3.753.651.046.5-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes-43.651.047.5-
 Orlando City SC - San Jose Earthquakes1.684-1.048.5-
Wednesday 23 June 2021, UKT
23:00 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution2.8301.34---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.240.251.29---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution2.290.251.53---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.650.51.25---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution2.000.51.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.650.751.12---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution1.500.751.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.651----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-11.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-1.251.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.651.25----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.651.5----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-1.51.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-1.751.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.651.75----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.652----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-21.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.652.25----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-2.251.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.652.5----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-2.51.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-2.751.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.652.75----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-31.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.653----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-3.251.73---
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.653.25----
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.653.5-
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-3.51.731.011.51.08
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-3.751.731.012.51.08
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.653.75-
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution-41.731.014.51.05
 New York Red Bulls - New England Revolution3.654--5.51.01
23:30 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.2203.17---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.360.252.58---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.200.253.50---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.170.53.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.500.51.84---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.500.751.63---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.080.753.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.501----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-13.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-1.253.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.501.25----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-1.53.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.501.5----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.501.75----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-1.753.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.502----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-23.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.502.25----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-2.253.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-2.53.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.502.5----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.502.75----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-2.753.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.503----
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-33.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-3.253.85---
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.503.25-
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.503.5-
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-3.53.851.012.51.08
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.503.75-
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-3.753.851.014.51.05
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC1.504-
 New York City FC - Atlanta United FC-43.851.016.5-
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.3603.43---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.300.254.01---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.550.252.53---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.260.54.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.730.52.09---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.730.751.56---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.130.754.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.731----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-14.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-1.254.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.731.25----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-1.54.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.731.5----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-1.754.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.731.75----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.732----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-24.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-2.254.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.732.25----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.732.5----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-2.54.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.732.75----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-2.754.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.733----
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-34.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-3.254.50---
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.733.25-
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.733.5-
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-3.54.501.012.51.08
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-3.754.501.013.51.06
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.733.75-
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew1.734-
 Philadelphia Union - Columbus Crew-44.501.016.5-
Thursday 24 June 2021, UKT
00:30 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers1.5502.23---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers1.430.252.49---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers1.830.251.96---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.120.51.79---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers1.350.52.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers1.250.752.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.240.751.49---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-12.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.4011.19---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-1.252.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.531.251.14---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-1.52.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.661.51.11---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.661.751.05---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-1.752.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-22.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.662----
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.662.25----
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-2.252.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.662.5----
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-2.52.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-2.752.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.662.75----
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.663----
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-32.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-3.252.76---
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.663.25-
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-3.52.761.011.53.55
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.663.5-1.372.52.02
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.663.75-2.503.51.22
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-3.752.763.604.51.13
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers2.664-3.605.51.01
 Houston Dynamo - Portland Timbers-42.763.606.5-
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.4202.49---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.650.252.02---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.340.252.94---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.870.51.78---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.290.53.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.870.751.39---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.150.753.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.871----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-13.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.871.25----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-1.253.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.871.5----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-1.53.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-1.753.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.871.75----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.872----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-23.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.872.25----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-2.253.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-2.53.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.872.5----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-2.753.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.872.75----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.873----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-33.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-3.253.40---
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.873.25----
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.873.5-
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-3.53.401.011.51.08
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-3.753.401.012.51.08
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.873.75-
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC1.874-
 Nashville SC - Toronto FC-43.401.015.51.01
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.3202.76---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.280.253.13---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.480.252.30---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.250.53.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.640.52.02---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.640.751.51---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.120.753.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.641----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-13.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.641.25----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-1.253.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.641.5----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-1.53.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.641.75----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-1.753.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.642----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-23.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.642.25----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-2.253.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-2.53.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.642.5----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-2.753.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.642.75----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.643----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-33.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-3.253.50---
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.643.25----
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-3.53.501.010.51.20
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.643.5-
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.643.75-
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-3.753.501.013.51.06
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids1.644-
 Sporting Kansas City - Colorado Rapids-43.501.015.51.01
02:00 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.1604.41---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.300.253.01---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.140.255.10---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.130.55.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.450.52.42---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.060.755.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.500.752.05---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.5711.68---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-15.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.711.251.49---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-1.255.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake1.841.51.39---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-1.55.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.051.751.24---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-1.755.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-25.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.4021.10---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.402.251.06---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-2.255.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-2.55.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.402.51.04---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-2.755.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.402.751.02---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.403----
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-35.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-3.255.80---
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.403.25-
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-3.55.801.011.53.35
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.403.5-1.362.51.77
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.403.75-
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-3.755.802.924.51.12
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake2.404-2.925.51.01
 Seattle Sounders - Real Salt Lake-45.802.926.5-
02:30 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.1704.30---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.300.253.44---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.150.254.64---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.430.52.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.130.54.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.060.754.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.470.752.30---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-14.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.5211.70---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.641.251.42---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-1.254.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas1.751.51.31---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-1.54.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.031.751.25---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-1.754.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-24.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.6921.19---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.692.251.12---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-2.254.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-2.54.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.692.51.08---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.692.751.04---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-2.754.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-34.92---
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.693----
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.693.25----
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-3.254.921.010.53.20
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.693.5-
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-3.54.921.252.51.87
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-3.754.922.023.51.23
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.693.75-2.924.51.12
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas2.694-2.925.51.01
 Los Angeles FC - FC Dallas-44.922.926.5-
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.9101.55---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.220.251.41---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.690.251.96---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.560.52.20---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.540.51.33---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.670.751.16---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.330.752.53---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.841----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.1113.12---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.081.253.22---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.841.25----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.841.5----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.061.53.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.841.75----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy1.031.753.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.842----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-23.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.842.25----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-2.253.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.842.5----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-2.53.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-2.753.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.842.75----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-33.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.843----
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-3.253.32---
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.843.25-
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.843.5-
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-3.53.321.322.51.75
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-3.753.322.123.51.22
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.843.75-3.454.51.12
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy2.844-3.455.51.01
 Vancouver Whitecaps - Los Angeles Galaxy-43.323.456.5-
00:00 CF Montreal - DC United1.6402.12---
 CF Montreal - DC United1.520.252.41---
 CF Montreal - DC United1.870.251.92---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.100.51.71---
 CF Montreal - DC United1.440.52.66---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.100.751.35---
 CF Montreal - DC United1.220.752.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United-12.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.101----
 CF Montreal - DC United-1.252.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.101.25----
 CF Montreal - DC United-1.52.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.101.5----
 CF Montreal - DC United2.101.75----
 CF Montreal - DC United-1.752.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.102----
 CF Montreal - DC United-22.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.102.25----
 CF Montreal - DC United-2.252.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.102.5----
 CF Montreal - DC United-2.52.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.102.75----
 CF Montreal - DC United-2.752.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.103----
 CF Montreal - DC United-32.69---
 CF Montreal - DC United2.103.25----
 CF Montreal - DC United-3.252.691.010.51.16
 CF Montreal - DC United2.103.5-
 CF Montreal - DC United-3.52.691.012.51.08
 CF Montreal - DC United-3.752.691.013.51.06
 CF Montreal - DC United2.103.75-
 CF Montreal - DC United2.104-
 CF Montreal - DC United-42.691.016.5-
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.1804.11---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.310.253.01---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.150.254.65---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.440.52.49---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.140.55.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.440.751.74---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.070.755.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-15.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.441----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-1.255.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.441.25----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-1.55.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.441.5----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-1.755.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.441.75----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.442----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-25.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.442.25----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-2.255.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-2.55.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.442.5----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-2.755.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.442.75----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.443----
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-35.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-3.255.20---
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.443.25-
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.443.5-
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-3.755.
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.443.75-
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati1.444-
 Chicago Fire - FC Cincinnati-
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.2402.57---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.200.253.13---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.390.252.01---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.530.51.74---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.180.53.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.090.753.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.530.751.58---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-13.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.531----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.531.25----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-1.253.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-1.53.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.531.5----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.531.75----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-1.753.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.532----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-23.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.532.25----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-2.253.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.532.5----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-2.53.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-2.753.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.532.75----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-33.70---
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.533----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.533.25----
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-3.253.701.010.51.19
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-3.53.701.011.51.08
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.533.5-
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.533.75-
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-3.753.701.014.51.05
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC1.534-
 Minnesota United FC - Austin FC-43.701.016.5-