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Friday 24 January 2020, UKT
Scotland Scotland, Championship
19:05 Dunfermline - Dundee1.7502.22---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.560.252.67---
 Dunfermline - Dundee2.100.251.84---
 Dunfermline - Dundee2.460.51.64---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.440.53.05---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.300.753.93---
 Dunfermline - Dundee2.990.751.46---
 Dunfermline - Dundee4.1311.26---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.1715.79---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.151.256.39---
 Dunfermline - Dundee4.681.251.22---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.131.57.00---
 Dunfermline - Dundee5.201.51.20---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.081.7510.09---
 Dunfermline - Dundee7.191.751.13---
 Dunfermline - Dundee12.6121.06---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.0127.06---
 Dunfermline - Dundee13.562.251.06---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.012.257.06---
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.142.51.06---
 Dunfermline - Dundee1.
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.142.751.031.341.53.48
 Dunfermline - Dundee-2.757.061.5222.62
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.143-1.792.252.10
 Dunfermline - Dundee-
 Dunfermline - Dundee-
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.143.25-2.8431.46
 Dunfermline - Dundee-
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.143.5-
 Dunfermline - Dundee-3.757.
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.143.75-3.656.51.01
 Dunfermline - Dundee-
 Dunfermline - Dundee14.144-7.208.5-
Saturday 25 January 2020, UKT
15:00 Arbroath - Partick Thistle2.2101.771.301.53.58
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle2.540.251.551.4722.75
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle1.830.252.051.712.252.20
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle2.910.51.442.052.51.92
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle1.630.52.352.222.751.69
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle1.450.752.862.7231.48
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle6.621.51.133.473.51.32
 Arbroath - Partick Thistle1.
 Ayr United - Inverness CT2.0901.87---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.760.252.22---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT2.460.251.64---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.580.52.58---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT2.840.51.51---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT3.520.751.35---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.410.753.11---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.2314.19---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT5.0111.18---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT5.591.251.16---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.201.254.70---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT6.131.51.14---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.171.55.28---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT8.641.751.09---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.111.757.22---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.06212.66---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.2821.04---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.052.2513.65---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.282.251.04---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.052.514.04---
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.762.
 Ayr United - Inverness CT1.022.7514.041.311.53.84
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.762.751.021.4322.89
 Ayr United - Inverness CT-314.041.682.252.24
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.763-
 Ayr United - Inverness CT-3.2514.042.182.751.71
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.763.25-2.6231.51
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.763.5-3.453.51.35
 Ayr United - Inverness CT-3.514.046.454.51.12
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.763.75-16.505.51.02
 Ayr United - Inverness CT-3.7514.0416.506.5-
 Ayr United - Inverness CT-414.0416.507.5-
 Ayr United - Inverness CT15.764-16.508.5-
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.1506.71---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.130.257.55---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.290.254.12---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.120.58.40---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.430.53.12---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.070.7512.10---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.520.752.69---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.6712.28---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.02119.50---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.021.2520.25---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.961.251.97---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton2.221.51.71---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.021.521.00---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton2.601.751.53---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton1.011.7521.00---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-221.00---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton3.2121.35---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-2.2521.00---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton3.622.251.29---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-2.521.00---
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton4.
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-2.7521.
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton5.222.751.181.532.252.57
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton7.8931.111.742.52.20
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-321.001.942.751.93
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton8.523.251.102.2531.75
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-3.2521.002.563.251.53
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-3.521.002.873.51.46
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton8.943.51.095.464.51.16
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton9.103.751.0610.005.51.04
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-3.7521.005.306.51.01
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton8.944-5.307.5-
 Dundee United - Greenock Morton-421.0010.008.5-
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.3303.79---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.540.252.75---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.260.254.39---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.760.52.27---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.220.55.00---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.140.756.98---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.950.751.98---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.06112.87---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic2.2811.67---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.061.2513.83---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic2.691.251.50---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic3.091.51.40---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.051.514.66---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic1.021.7514.66---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic3.701.751.29---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic5.2621.18---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-214.66---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-2.2514.66---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic5.812.251.16---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic6.962.51.14---
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-2.514.661.010.513.00
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-2.7514.661.281.53.75
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic8.822.751.091.4322.90
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic15.3031.051.652.252.29
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-314.661.962.51.98
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic15.813.
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-3.2514.662.5631.53
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic16.343.51.043.403.51.36
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-3.514.667.004.51.12
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic16.343.751.
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-3.7514.667.006.51.01
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic-414.667.007.5-
 Queen of the South - Alloa Athletic16.344-7.008.5-