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Friday 7 October 2022, UKT
Scotland, Championship
17:45 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle2.1501.82---
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle2.600.251.521.321.53.36
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle1.770.252.111.5222.57
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle1.570.52.471.802.252.07
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle3.030.51.392.032.51.81
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle3.870.751.272.322.751.62
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle1.410.753.012.8631.43
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle1.2414.133.553.51.30
 Inverness CT - Partick Thistle1.211.254.637.114.51.10
Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
13:00 Arbroath - Dundee2.3801.58---
 Arbroath - Dundee1.890.251.93---
 Arbroath - Dundee2.860.251.421.371.53.01
 Arbroath - Dundee1.670.52.241.471.752.66
 Arbroath - Dundee3.320.51.321.6222.28
 Arbroath - Dundee1.470.752.691.902.252.04
 Arbroath - Dundee4.300.751.
 Arbroath - Dundee1.2913.592.522.751.52
 Arbroath - Dundee1.
 Ayr United - Queens Park1.4102.93---
 Ayr United - Queens Park1.310.253.40---
 Ayr United - Queens Park1.650.252.241.301.53.39
 Ayr United - Queens Park1.920.51.921.4822.62
 Ayr United - Queens Park1.250.53.881.722.252.10
 Ayr United - Queens Park2.200.751.681.982.51.84
 Ayr United - Queens Park2.7511.452.242.751.64
 Ayr United - Queens Park3.151.251.352.7531.44
 Ayr United - Queens Park3.551.51.293.423.51.30
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical1.5602.42---
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical1.980.251.93---
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical1.410.252.901.381.52.96
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical2.200.51.681.481.752.62
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical1.320.53.351.6322.26
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical1.210.754.361.982.251.89
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical2.640.751.482.222.51.68
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical3.5411.292.532.751.51
 Greenock Morton - Hamilton Academical4.
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers1.4302.83---
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers1.760.252.18---
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers1.330.253.311.331.53.21
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers1.950.51.871.5322.49
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers1.260.53.791.782.252.04
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers2.280.751.632.012.51.81
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers2.9711.402.312.751.61
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers3.421.251.312.8831.41
 Raith Rovers - Cove Rangers3.881.51.253.583.51.28