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Saturday 21 September 2019, UKT
Scotland Scotland, Championship
14:00 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United2.7701.471.010.59.20
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United2.180.251.771.291.53.71
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United3.700.51.301.4522.82
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United1.880.52.001.692.252.22
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United1.640.752.351.942.51.93
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United1.4013.072.212.751.70
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United1.
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United---3.473.51.32
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United---
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United---3.306.5-
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United---3.307.5-
 Alloa Athletic - Ayr United---3.308.5-
 Dundee United - Arbroath1.1705.50-0.512.50
 Dundee United - Arbroath1.
 Dundee United - Arbroath1.440.52.891.512.252.62
 Dundee United - Arbroath1.560.752.521.702.52.20
 Dundee United - Arbroath1.7912.141.982.751.95
 Dundee United - Arbroath2.081.251.802.2331.68
 Dundee United - Arbroath2.401.51.612.573.251.53
 Dundee United - Arbroath2.861.751.452.943.51.44
 Dundee United - Arbroath4.692.51.215.724.51.17
 Dundee United - Arbroath---4.506.5-
 Dundee United - Arbroath---4.507.5-
 Dundee United - Arbroath---4.508.5-
 Greenock Morton - Dundee2.2501.70-0.514.00
 Greenock Morton - Dundee2.600.251.531.231.54.22
 Greenock Morton - Dundee1.910.251.971.542.252.55
 Greenock Morton - Dundee1.690.52.241.732.52.16
 Greenock Morton - Dundee2.950.51.431.962.751.90
 Greenock Morton - Dundee1.500.752.692.3431.63
 Greenock Morton - Dundee1.211.54.672.713.251.48
 Greenock Morton - Dundee6.631.
 Greenock Morton - Dundee---
 Greenock Morton - Dundee---3.355.51.02
 Greenock Morton - Dundee---3.356.5-
 Greenock Morton - Dundee---3.357.5-
 Greenock Morton - Dundee---3.358.5-
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South1.530.252.60-0.510.00
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South1.820.
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South1.200.54.731.4422.85
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South2.010.751.871.682.252.25
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South2.4911.571.962.51.94
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South2.941.251.432.182.751.71
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South3.381.51.342.6731.50
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South7.742.51.103.423.51.33
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South---
 Inverness CT - Queen of the South---3.905.5-
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline1.9202.03-0.59.00
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline2.300.251.661.361.53.26
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline1.630.252.351.441.752.84
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline1.480.52.751.5922.42
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline2.690.51.501.882.251.98
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline1.
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline6.
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline---
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline---3.805.51.02
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline---3.806.5-
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline---3.807.5-
 Partick Thistle - Dunfermline---3.808.5-