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Sunday 27 November 2022, UKT
Portugal, Campeonato Nacional (3rd division)
11:00 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense3.3201.36---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense3.880.251.27---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense2.420.251.62---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense4.500.51.22---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense2.020.51.89---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense6.200.751.15---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.760.752.15---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense11.1711.07---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.5112.63---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense12.081.251.06---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.391.253.05---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.001.51.06---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.321.53.47---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.001.751.03---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.211.754.47---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.002----
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.1226.82---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.102.254.75---
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.002.25----
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.002.5----
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.102.54.801.050.59.40
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.002.75-1.381.53.07
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense1.062.758.901.471.752.73
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense-38.191.6022.36
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.003-1.872.251.98
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.003.25-
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense-
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.003.5-3.793.51.27
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense-
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense-3.758.193.755.51.01
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.003.75-8.206.5-
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense13.004-8.207.5-
 Vitoria Guimaraes B - Vilaverdense-
14:00 Rabo de Peixe - SC Praiense1.2503.75---
 Rabo de Peixe - SC Praiense1.410.252.791.461.752.59
 Rabo de Peixe - SC Praiense1.610.52.281.6122.27
 Rabo de Peixe - SC Praiense1.820.751.991.882.251.93
 Rabo de Peixe - SC Praiense2.1911.652.122.51.70
 Rabo de Peixe - SC Praiense2.571.251.472.452.751.51
12:00 SC Angrense - Imortal DC2.1801.671.501.752.49
 SC Angrense - Imortal DC1.780.252.051.6822.15
 SC Angrense - Imortal DC2.630.251.451.992.251.83
 SC Angrense - Imortal DC1.560.52.392.262.51.62
 SC Angrense - Imortal DC1.380.752.872.622.751.45
15:00 Arronches E Benfica - AC Marinhense5.5001.13---
 Arronches E Benfica - AC Marinhense2.750.751.411.451.752.61
 Arronches E Benfica - AC Marinhense2.3611.571.6022.29
 Arronches E Benfica - AC Marinhense1.931.251.881.872.252.03
 Arronches E Benfica - AC Marinhense1.681.
 Arronches E Benfica - AC Marinhense1.491.752.502.422.751.52
 Atletico CP - CF Esperanca de Lagos1.2503.75---
 Atletico CP - CF Esperanca de Lagos1.390.252.651.391.752.67
 Atletico CP - CF Esperanca de Lagos1.580.52.201.5122.36
 Atletico CP - CF Esperanca de Lagos1.830.751.991.792.252.03
 Atletico CP - CF Esperanca de Lagos2.1311.632.052.51.75
 Atletico CP - CF Esperanca de Lagos2.471.251.452.242.751.54
 Atletico de Vila Mea - SC Maria da Fonte1.5002.521.501.752.33
 Atletico de Vila Mea - SC Maria da Fonte1.710.251.991.6822.03
 Atletico de Vila Mea - SC Maria da Fonte2.060.51.782.032.251.79
 Atletico de Vila Mea - SC Maria da Fonte2.350.751.512.302.51.60
 Atletico de Vila Mea - SC Maria da Fonte3.0811.292.602.751.41
 Benfica Castelo Branco - Mortagua FC1.2903.50---
 Benfica Castelo Branco - Mortagua FC1.430.252.711.441.752.67
 Benfica Castelo Branco - Mortagua FC1.650.52.211.5822.33
 Benfica Castelo Branco - Mortagua FC1.850.751.951.882.251.94
 Benfica Castelo Branco - Mortagua FC2.1811.662.112.51.70
 Benfica Castelo Branco - Mortagua FC2.511.251.492.422.751.52
 CA Pero Pinheiro - Loures1.3603.321.521.752.44
 CA Pero Pinheiro - Loures1.540.252.441.6922.12
 CA Pero Pinheiro - Loures1.780.
 CA Pero Pinheiro - Loures2.040.751.762.252.51.63
 CA Pero Pinheiro - Loures2.5611.472.632.751.45
 CD Vilar Perdizes - GD Braganca1.6202.251.461.752.59
 CD Vilar Perdizes - GD Braganca1.440.252.661.6222.25
 CD Vilar Perdizes - GD Braganca1.970.251.841.912.251.90
 CD Vilar Perdizes - GD Braganca2.270.51.612.162.51.68
 CD Vilar Perdizes - GD Braganca2.720.751.422.492.751.50
 Coruchense - CD Alcains1.4002.971.441.752.50
 Coruchense - CD Alcains1.580.252.211.5922.18
 Coruchense - CD Alcains1.880.51.921.932.251.88
 Coruchense - CD Alcains2.090.751.642.152.51.67
 Coruchense - CD Alcains2.5711.412.432.751.46
 Desportivo Moncao - Pedras Salgadas2.3501.621.431.752.69
 Desportivo Moncao - Pedras Salgadas2.790.251.401.5822.34
 Desportivo Moncao - Pedras Salgadas1.880.251.931.862.251.95
 Desportivo Moncao - Pedras Salgadas1.630.
 Desportivo Moncao - Pedras Salgadas1.450.752.622.402.751.53
 Fabril Barreiro - Vasco da Gama Vidigueira1.5002.502.052.51.75
 FC Ferreiras - Lusitano GC3.5001.29---
 FC Ferreiras - Lusitano GC2.370.51.541.401.752.81
 FC Ferreiras - Lusitano GC2.090.751.711.5322.47
 FC Ferreiras - Lusitano GC1.7912.021.802.252.03
 FC Ferreiras - Lusitano GC1.571.252.352.052.51.77
 FC Ferreiras - Lusitano GC1.441.52.662.292.751.58
 FC Serpa - Juventude SC Evora2.7201.421.5122.46
 FC Serpa - Juventude SC Evora2.110.251.711.772.252.02
 FC Serpa - Juventude SC Evora1.820.51.992.032.51.79
 FC Serpa - Juventude SC Evora1.600.752.292.312.751.60
 FC Serpa - Juventude SC Evora1.3912.852.7931.40
 FC Tirsense - Dumiense1.2204.00---
 FC Tirsense - Dumiense1.430.52.721.5122.46
 FC Tirsense - Dumiense1.570.752.361.752.252.05
 FC Tirsense - Dumiense1.8311.971.992.51.85
 FC Tirsense - Dumiense2.201.251.652.282.751.61
 FC Tirsense - Dumiense2.541.51.482.8231.40
 GD Resende - FC Alpendorada1.9001.901.471.752.56
 GD Resende - FC Alpendorada2.260.251.621.6322.23
 GD Resende - FC Alpendorada1.620.252.261.932.251.88
 GD Resende - FC Alpendorada1.460.52.592.172.51.67
 GD Resende - FC Alpendorada2.590.51.462.522.751.49
 Gondomar - AD Machico1.0608.00---
 Gondomar - AD Machico1.3612.971.4022.81
 Gondomar - AD Machico1.591.252.311.632.252.23
 Gondomar - AD Machico1.831.51.981.872.51.98
 Gondomar - AD Machico2.061.751.742.092.751.71
 Gondomar - AD Machico2.5021.492.4831.50
 Guarda Desportiva FC - AD Castro Daire2.2501.651.471.752.52
 Guarda Desportiva FC - AD Castro Daire2.540.251.461.6322.19
 Guarda Desportiva FC - AD Castro Daire1.810.252.001.932.251.88
 Guarda Desportiva FC - AD Castro Daire1.590.
 Guarda Desportiva FC - AD Castro Daire1.420.752.682.512.751.47
 Lusitania FC Lourosa - Leca1.3603.251.471.752.55
 Lusitania FC Lourosa - Leca1.570.252.361.6322.23
 Lusitania FC Lourosa - Leca1.830.51.981.922.251.88
 Lusitania FC Lourosa - Leca2.080.751.722.162.51.80
 Lusitania FC Lourosa - Leca2.5411.482.482.751.50
 Maritimo Madeira B - Beira Mar2.0601.831.431.752.70
 Maritimo Madeira B - Beira Mar2.440.251.531.5722.36
 Maritimo Madeira B - Beira Mar1.720.252.091.852.251.97
 Maritimo Madeira B - Beira Mar2.790.51.402.102.51.73
 Maritimo Madeira B - Beira Mar1.530.52.402.362.751.55
 Merelinense - Amarante2.5001.501.421.752.54
 Merelinense - Amarante2.030.251.791.5722.22
 Merelinense - Amarante2.910.251.331.882.251.93
 Merelinense - Amarante1.700.
 Merelinense - Amarante1.510.752.322.382.751.48
 Olhanense - Oriental Dragon FC2.2901.621.451.752.64
 Olhanense - Oriental Dragon FC2.720.251.421.6022.29
 Olhanense - Oriental Dragon FC1.850.251.961.902.251.91
 Olhanense - Oriental Dragon FC1.610.
 Olhanense - Oriental Dragon FC1.430.752.702.462.751.51
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca3.0001.481.100.58.60
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca2.070.251.851.431.52.98
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca3.280.251.351.531.752.52
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca3.810.51.281.7122.17
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca1.760.
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca5.080.751.
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca1.550.752.502.672.751.49
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca1.3413.314.183.51.23
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca1.281.253.808.604.51.05
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca---8.606.5-
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca---8.607.5-
 Real Sport Clube - Alverca---8.608.5-
 Rebordosa AC - Valadares Gaia FC1.6702.301.431.52.68
 Rebordosa AC - Valadares Gaia FC1.970.251.841.561.752.38
 Rebordosa AC - Valadares Gaia FC1.410.252.761.8022.05
 Rebordosa AC - Valadares Gaia FC2.300.51.602.072.251.74
 Rebordosa AC - Valadares Gaia FC2.770.751.412.352.51.57
 Rio Maior SC - 1 Dezembro3.1801.361.471.752.42
 Rio Maior SC - 1 Dezembro2.310.251.531.6422.10
 Rio Maior SC - 1 Dezembro1.990.51.831.982.251.83
 Rio Maior SC - 1 Dezembro1.690.752.
 Rio Maior SC - 1 Dezembro1.4512.462.522.751.43
 Sao Martinho - Brito SC1.3303.25---
 Sao Martinho - Brito SC1.440.252.671.521.752.42
 Sao Martinho - Brito SC1.650.52.201.7022.11
 Sao Martinho - Brito SC1.890.751.912.032.251.81
 Sao Martinho - Brito SC2.3211.592.302.51.62
 Sao Martinho - Brito SC2.721.251.422.652.751.44
 SC Salgueiros - AD Camacha1.2204.00---
 SC Salgueiros - AD Camacha1.360.252.751.461.752.43
 SC Salgueiros - AD Camacha1.550.52.261.6222.13
 SC Salgueiros - AD Camacha1.790.752.021.932.251.88
 SC Salgueiros - AD Camacha2.1011.642.152.51.67
 SC Salgueiros - AD Camacha2.471.251.452.462.751.45
 SC Vianense - Pevidem SC1.6702.231.511.752.45
 SC Vianense - Pevidem SC2.020.251.801.7022.12
 SC Vianense - Pevidem SC1.430.252.682.012.251.85
 SC Vianense - Pevidem SC2.360.51.572.282.51.65
 SC Vianense - Pevidem SC2.850.751.392.652.751.44
 Sintrense - Sertanense1.7302.111.481.52.53
 Sintrense - Sertanense1.470.252.571.631.752.23
 Sintrense - Sertanense2.120.251.721.9021.92
 Sintrense - Sertanense2.500.51.522.202.251.65
 Sintrense - Sertanense3.040.751.352.502.51.50
 UD Santarem - Uniao Serra1.2903.50---
 UD Santarem - Uniao Serra1.560.52.281.451.752.56
 UD Santarem - Uniao Serra1.740.752.031.6122.23
 UD Santarem - Uniao Serra2.0611.781.952.251.89
 UD Santarem - Uniao Serra2.341.251.562.202.51.66
 UD Santarem - Uniao Serra2.631.51.432.482.751.48
17:00 UD Leiria - Caldas SC1.4103.
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC1.740.252.211.431.52.84
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC1.300.253.571.541.752.52
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC1.990.51.871.7022.17
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC1.
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC2.350.751.622.252.51.67
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC3.1311.382.652.751.49
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC3.631.251.304.203.51.24
 UD Leiria - Caldas SC4.
19:00 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal1.6002.63---
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal1.440.252.87---
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal1.930.251.931.361.53.17
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal2.240.51.681.441.752.81
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal1.340.53.321.5822.42
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal2.690.751.491.872.251.99
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal1.230.754.312.112.51.75
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal3.6011.302.452.751.56
 CF Os Belenenses - Vitoria Setubal4.
Friday 2 December 2022, UKT
19:00 Varzim - USC Paredes2.0411.801.802.252.02
Saturday 3 December 2022, UKT
11:00 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B1.9001.94---
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B2.270.251.63---
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B1.610.252.321.371.53.01
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B1.470.52.701.471.752.67
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B2.650.51.481.6122.30
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B1.320.753.371.882.251.95
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B3.280.751.332.142.51.70
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B1.1814.902.492.751.53
 SC Sao Joao de Ver - SC Braga B4.7111.193.863.51.25
14:00 GD Fontinhas - FC Oliveira Hospital1.840.252.001.922.251.90
15:00 Caldas SC - Sporting Lisbon B1.790.252.051.922.251.90
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe1.8002.06---
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe2.150.251.70---
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe1.540.252.481.401.52.90
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe2.530.51.521.501.752.57
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe1.410.52.901.6522.21
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe3.100.751.362.032.251.87
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe1.280.753.672.202.51.66
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe1.1515.482.562.751.50
 CDC Montalegre - AD Fafe4.3911.213.943.51.24
 FC Felgueiras 1932 - Vitoria Guimaraes B1.840.752.
 Vilaverdense FC - CF Canelas 20101.840.752.001.872.251.95
 Vitoria Setubal - Amora1.990.251.851.922.251.90
Sunday 4 December 2022, UKT
11:00 LGC Moncarapachense - UD Leiria2.040.251.801.922.251.90
15:00 AD Sanjoanense - Anadia1.920.251.921.922.251.90
17:00 Academica Coimbra - Real Sport Clube1.840.252.001.922.251.90
19:00 FC Alverca - CF Os Belenenses1.940.251.901.922.251.90