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Saturday 27 July 2024, UKT
Finland, Veikkausliiga
14:00 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu1.270.253.82---
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu1.410.52.961.231.54.19
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu1.550.752.601.532.252.54
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu1.7312.221.742.52.15
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu2.011.251.891.982.751.93
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu2.261.51.662.2331.68
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu2.681.751.492.513.251.54
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu3.4621.322.793.51.44
 HJK Helsinki - AC Oulu3.892.
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti1.250.254.02---
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti1.380.53.12---
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti1.470.752.771.191.54.66
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti1.6012.401.622.52.33
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti1.861.252.041.762.752.11
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti2.101.51.792.0231.88
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti2.441.751.582.263.251.65
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti3.0421.392.533.51.53
 Seinajoen JK - FC Lahti3.422.251.324.424.51.21
Sunday 28 July 2024, UKT
14:00 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS3.580.251.30---
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS2.800.51.461.261.53.87
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS2.470.751.581.602.252.38
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS2.1211.831.822.52.09
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS1.811.
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS1.621.52.342.3731.60
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS1.461.752.792.693.251.48
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS1.3023.632.983.51.40
 Ekenas Idrottsforening - KuPS1.
12:00 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan1.7702.17---
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan1.590.252.53---
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan2.050.251.851.191.54.71
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan1.460.52.861.632.52.31
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan2.310.51.661.782.752.08
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan1.310.753.542.0331.83
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan2.690.751.492.293.251.64
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan3.4511.322.573.51.52
 FC Haka Valkeakoski - IF Gnistan3.871.251.274.454.51.21
15:30 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn1.2703.831.261.53.85
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn1.460.252.791.4023.01
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn1.220.254.361.612.252.34
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn1.650.52.301.852.52.05
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn1.830.752.062.062.751.79
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn2.1311.822.4531.56
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn2.461.251.572.673.251.43
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn2.781.51.453.093.51.37
 VPS Vaasa - IFK Mariehamn3.411.751.335.994.51.13