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Monday 21 January 2019, UKT
England England, Premier League 2
19:00 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.6702.19---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.470.252.49---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.950.251.89---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.150.51.67---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.350.52.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U231.170.752.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.120.751.29---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-12.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-1.252.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121.25----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-1.52.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121.5----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.121.75----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-1.752.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-22.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122.25----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-2.252.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-2.52.76---
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122.5----
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-2.752.761.030.519.00
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.122.75-
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-32.761.492.52.88
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123-1.5732.27
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123.25-1.813.252.00
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-3.252.762.063.51.76
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-3.52.762.273.751.57
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123.5-3.504.51.23
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-3.752.763.205.51.07
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.123.75-3.506.51.02
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U23-42.766.007.5-
 Blackburn U23 - Sheffield United U232.124-6.008.5-
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.1001.75---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.420.251.51---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U231.830.252.00---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U231.600.52.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.800.51.42---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U231.300.752.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.800.751.21---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.811----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-12.31---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-1.252.31---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.801.25----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-1.52.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.801.5----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.801.75----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-1.752.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-22.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.802----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-2.252.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.802.25----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.802.5----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-2.52.30---
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.802.75----
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-2.752.301.030.515.00
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-32.301.101.52.36
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.803-1.532.52.40
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.803.25-1.8431.98
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-3.252.302.083.251.70
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.803.5-2.363.51.55
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-3.52.304.304.51.15
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-3.752.304.305.51.03
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.803.75-4.306.5-
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U23-42.304.307.5-
 Charlton Athletic U23 - Sunderland U232.804-7.608.5-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.0608.00---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.110.255.00---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.010.258.80---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.010.59.60---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.220.53.75---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.010.759.64---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.220.752.37---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.221----
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-19.68---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.221.25----
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-1.259.68---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-1.59.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.651.52.17---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.881.751.96---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-1.759.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-29.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U232.0921.71---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-2.259.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U232.352.251.54---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.232.5----
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-2.59.69---
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-2.759.691.030.521.00
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.232.75-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233-1.402.52.88
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-39.691.5532.30
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-3.259.691.833.251.98
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233.25-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-3.59.692.273.751.57
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233.5-3.504.51.29
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-3.759.693.505.51.11
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.233.75-3.506.51.04
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U231.234-6.607.5-
 Derby County U23 - Plymouth U23-49.696.608.5-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U238.9001.05---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U235.800.251.10---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.700.251.01---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.000.51.01---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U234.170.51.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U232.630.751.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.030.75----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.071----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-11.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.071.25----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-1.251.18---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.081.5----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U232.361.51.53---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.081.75----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U232.131.751.69---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U231.9021.92---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.082----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U231.662.252.16---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.082.25----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U231.522.52.40---
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.082.5----
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-2.751.191.030.519.00
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.082.75-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-31.191.402.52.88
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.083-1.5732.27
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.083.25-1.813.252.00
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.083.5-2.283.751.56
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.083.75-1.375.51.04
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-3.751.191.376.51.04
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U23-41.191.377.5-
 Doncaster U23 - Everton U239.084-1.388.5-
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.9801.83---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.700.252.11---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.270.251.58---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.560.51.44---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.530.52.38---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U231.270.752.36---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.570.751.23---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-12.39---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.611----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-1.252.34---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.541.25----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.541.5----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-1.52.34---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.541.75----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-1.752.34---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-22.34---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.542----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-2.252.34---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.542.25----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.542.5----
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-2.52.34---
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-2.752.341.030.517.00
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.542.75-
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-32.341.532.52.43
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.543-1.622.752.19
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.543.25-1.8331.98
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-3.252.342.073.251.71
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.543.5-2.303.51.55
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-3.52.343.904.51.18
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.543.75-3.905.51.04
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-3.752.343.906.5-
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U232.544-3.907.5-
 Exeter City U23 - Nottingham Forest U23-42.347.008.5-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.0001.83---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.290.251.57---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U231.710.252.09---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.590.51.43---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U231.540.52.36---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U231.260.752.34---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.600.751.21---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.641----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-12.36---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-1.252.32---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.561.25----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.561.5----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-1.52.32---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-1.752.32---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.561.75----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.562----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-22.32---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.562.25----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-2.252.32---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.562.5----
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-2.52.32---
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-2.752.321.030.517.00
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.562.75-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-32.321.532.52.42
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.563-1.632.752.18
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-3.252.321.8531.98
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.563.25-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.563.5-2.313.51.55
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-3.52.323.904.51.18
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-3.752.323.905.51.03
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.563.75-3.906.5-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U23-42.327.607.5-
 Hull City U23 - Wolves U232.564-7.608.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.1201.73---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U231.860.251.99---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.430.251.50---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U231.700.52.24---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.720.51.37---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.720.751.18---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U231.350.752.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-12.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-1.252.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721.25----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-1.52.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721.5----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-1.752.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.721.75----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-22.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722.25----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-2.252.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722.5----
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-2.52.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-2.752.20---
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.722.75-1.030.517.00
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-32.201.502.52.50
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723.25-1.8132.00
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-3.752.201.375.51.01
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.723.75-1.376.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U23-42.201.377.5-
 Leeds U23 - Southampton U232.724-1.378.5-
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.0001.83---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U231.730.252.08---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.290.251.57---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.640.51.45---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U231.550.52.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.640.751.23---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U231.270.752.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-12.39---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.651----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.641.25----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-1.252.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.641.5----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-1.52.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-1.752.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.641.75----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-22.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.642----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-2.252.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.642.25----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.642.5----
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-2.52.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-2.752.38---
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.642.75--0.519.00
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-32.381.091.52.56
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.643-1.442.52.70
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.643.25-1.7332.05
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-3.252.381.983.251.90
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.643.5-
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-3.52.382.513.751.44
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-3.752.383.504.51.23
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.643.75-3.506.5-
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U23-42.386.607.5-
 Norwich City U23 - Leicester U232.644-6.608.5-
Tuesday 22 January 2019, UKT
13:00 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.6202.20---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-0.251.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.010.251.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-0.51.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.020.51.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-0.751.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.020.751.23---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-11.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.021----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-1.251.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.021.25----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-1.51.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.021.5----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-1.751.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.021.75----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.022----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-21.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-2.251.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.022.25----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.022.5----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-2.51.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-2.751.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.022.75----
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-31.46---
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.023-1.030.519.00
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.023.25-
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-3.251.461.032.51.11
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.023.5-
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-3.51.461.034.51.07
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.023.75-1.375.51.04
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-3.751.461.376.51.03
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U23-41.461.377.5-
 Millwall U23 - Crystal Palace U231.024-1.388.5-
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---1.376.51.03
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---1.377.5-
 Wigan (Res) - Mansfield Town FC (Res)---1.378.5-
14:00 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-0.251.01---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.010.25----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.020.5----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-0.51.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.020.75----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-0.751.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-11.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.021----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.021.25----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-1.251.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-1.51.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.021.5----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.021.75----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-1.751.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.022----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-21.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-2.251.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.022.25----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.022.5----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-2.51.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-2.751.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.022.75----
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-31.02---
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.023-
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.023.25-
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.023.5-
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.023.75-1.375.51.04
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-3.751.021.376.51.03
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U231.024-1.377.5-
 Notts County FC U23 - Newcastle U23-41.021.388.5-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-0.251.01---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.010.25----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.020.5----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-0.51.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-0.751.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.020.75----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-11.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.021----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-1.251.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.021.25----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-1.51.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.021.5----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-1.751.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.021.75----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-21.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.022----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-2.251.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.022.25----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.022.5----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-2.51.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.022.75----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-2.751.02---
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.023----
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.023.25-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.023.5-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-3.751.021.375.51.04
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.023.75-1.376.51.03
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)1.024-1.377.5-
 Shrewsbury (Res) - AFC Bournemouth (Res)-41.021.378.5-