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Sunday 28 May 2023, UKT
Brazil, U20
17:00 Betim FC U20 - Coimbra EC U201.5502.301.4322.54
 Betim FC U20 - Coimbra EC U201.400.252.671.682.252.06
 Betim FC U20 - Coimbra EC U201.840.251.881.932.51.81
 Betim FC U20 - Coimbra EC U202.100.51.652.162.751.61
 Betim FC U20 - Coimbra EC U202.440.751.472.5831.42
 Central SC Caruaru U20 - Retro FC Brasil U202.290.251.471.512.52.21
 Central SC Caruaru U20 - Retro FC Brasil U201.990.51.661.642.752.01
 Central SC Caruaru U20 - Retro FC Brasil U201.830.751.891.8831.84
 Central SC Caruaru U20 - Retro FC Brasil U201.5712.
 Central SC Caruaru U20 - Retro FC Brasil U201.441.252.372.263.51.49
 Manthiqueira U20 - Palmeiras U202.203.51.511.4342.37
 Manthiqueira U20 - Palmeiras U202.033.751.621.614.252.04
 Manthiqueira U20 - Palmeiras U201.8441.791.794.51.84
 Manthiqueira U20 - Palmeiras U201.664.251.971.954.751.67
 Manthiqueira U20 - Palmeiras U201.544.52.142.2051.50
 Sao Carlos U20 - Rio Claro U202.3101.541.472.252.44
 Sao Carlos U20 - Rio Claro U201.930.251.791.662.52.08
 Sao Carlos U20 - Rio Claro U202.630.251.411.852.751.88
 Sao Carlos U20 - Rio Claro U201.700.52.022.1131.64
 Sao Carlos U20 - Rio Claro U201.520.752.302.373.251.50
 Sport Recife U20 - Atletico PE U201.4222.421.472.752.31
 Sport Recife U20 - Atletico PE U201.632.252.031.6132.07
 Sport Recife U20 - Atletico PE U201.882.51.851.883.251.85
 Sport Recife U20 - Atletico PE U202.042.751.622.033.51.63
 Sport Recife U20 - Atletico PE U202.3931.432.303.751.47
 XV Piracicaba U20 - Capivariano U202.5101.441.462.252.46
 XV Piracicaba U20 - Capivariano U202.050.251.681.652.52.10
 XV Piracicaba U20 - Capivariano U201.800.51.931.822.751.90
 XV Piracicaba U20 - Capivariano U201.600.752.182.0631.68
 XV Piracicaba U20 - Capivariano U201.4112.632.303.251.52