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Saturday 18 September 2021, UKT
Australia, NPL South Australia
07:45 West Adelaide - Metro United1.5512.301.613.52.19
 West Adelaide - Metro United1.731.252.031.763.752.00
 West Adelaide - Metro United1.931.51.872.0041.81
 West Adelaide - Metro United2.121.751.672.204.251.63
 West Adelaide - Metro United2.4721.492.414.51.51
10:00 Adelaide Comets - Adelaide Olympic1.550.252.361.512.52.42
 Adelaide Comets - Adelaide Olympic1.760.52.031.632.752.21
 Adelaide Comets - Adelaide Olympic1.990.751.851.8332.00
 Adelaide Comets - Adelaide Olympic2.2611.622.023.251.82
 Adelaide Comets - Adelaide Olympic2.511.251.492.223.51.60
 Campbelltown City - Adelaide Blue Eagles1.571.52.351.5432.40
 Campbelltown City - Adelaide Blue Eagles1.871.752.121.843.252.05
 Campbelltown City - Adelaide Blue Eagles1.9621.881.973.51.85
 Campbelltown City - Adelaide Blue Eagles2.222.251.672.203.751.66
 Campbelltown City - Adelaide Blue Eagles2.462.51.532.5841.47
 Croydon Kings - Adelaide City2.560.251.491.552.52.37
 Croydon Kings - Adelaide City2.180.51.681.692.752.15
 Croydon Kings - Adelaide City1.950.752.041.9431.91
 Croydon Kings - Adelaide City1.6912.
 Croydon Kings - Adelaide City1.531.252.452.373.51.56
 Cumberland United - Adelaide United U212.1301.691.502.52.45
 Cumberland United - Adelaide United U212.430.251.521.622.752.24
 Cumberland United - Adelaide United U211.850.252.041.9032.03
 Cumberland United - Adelaide United U211.650.
 Cumberland United - Adelaide United U211.480.752.552.203.51.61
 North Eastern MetroStars - Adelaide Raiders1.540.752.381.4932.50
 North Eastern MetroStars - Adelaide Raiders1.6812.141.683.252.12
 North Eastern MetroStars - Adelaide Raiders1.971.251.901.903.51.92
 North Eastern MetroStars - Adelaide Raiders2.111.51.702.093.751.71
 North Eastern MetroStars - Adelaide Raiders2.391.751.532.4141.52
 South Adelaide - Sturt Lions2.0001.961.552.752.38
 South Adelaide - Sturt Lions1.650.252.251.7032.14
 South Adelaide - Sturt Lions2.150.251.701.933.251.92
 South Adelaide - Sturt Lions1.500.52.532.143.51.70
 South Adelaide - Sturt Lions2.420.51.552.423.751.53