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Saturday 15 August 2020, UKT
Australia, NPL South Australia
05:30 Adelaide City - Adelaide Olympic2.0001.73-0.515.00
 Adelaide City - Adelaide Olympic---1.602.52.30
 Adelaide Comets - Croydon Kings1.4002.75-0.519.00
 Adelaide Comets - Croydon Kings---1.482.52.60
 Adelaide-2 United - Campbelltown City3.2501.33-0.517.00
 Adelaide-2 United - Campbelltown City---1.502.52.50
 Cumberland United - Adelaide Blue Eagles1.8001.91-0.517.00
 Cumberland United - Adelaide Blue Eagles---1.532.52.43
 Para Hills Knights - Adelaide Raiders2.7501.40-0.515.00
 Para Hills Knights - Adelaide Raiders---1.582.52.35