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Wednesday 23 June 2021, UKT
Argentina, Primera B
17:00 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia1.6702.24---
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia1.460.252.801.130.55.89
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia2.110.251.781.401.253.00
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia1.340.53.331.601.52.38
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia2.520.51.551.781.752.08
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia3.180.751.372.0921.75
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia1.220.754.412.462.251.56
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia4.7811.202.812.51.44
 All Boys - Independiente Rivadavia5.431.251.165.683.51.14
18:00 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown1.4003.02---
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown1.720.252.17---
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown1.290.253.641.110.56.70
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown2.040.51.821.521.52.58
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown1.
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown2.460.751.571.9321.91
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown3.4611.332.262.251.65
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown4.
 Deportivo Maipu - Almirante Brown4.631.
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo1.8102.06---
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo1.530.252.56---
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo2.240.251.671.120.56.22
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo2.680.51.491.551.52.50
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo1.400.53.051.701.752.17
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo3.400.751.331.9921.85
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo1.260.753.982.332.251.62
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo5.1811.172.672.51.49
 Deportivo Moron - San Telmo1.1316.505.413.51.15
18:30 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine1.3703.16---
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine1.710.
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine1.270.253.871.461.252.76
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine2.060.51.811.681.52.21
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine1.210.54.581.901.751.93
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine2.480.751.562.2921.64
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine3.4811.322.682.251.48
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine4.
 Ferro Carril Oeste - Villa Dalmine4.641.51.206.373.51.12
19:00 Tigre - CA Atlanta1.4003.07---
 Tigre - CA Atlanta1.680.252.24---
 Tigre - CA Atlanta1.290.253.651.110.56.90
 Tigre - CA Atlanta1.
 Tigre - CA Atlanta1.970.51.881.671.752.22
 Tigre - CA Atlanta2.340.751.631.9321.90
 Tigre - CA Atlanta3.1411.382.262.251.65
 Tigre - CA Atlanta3.661.251.292.592.51.51
 Tigre - CA Atlanta4.
22:00 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre1.5202.60---
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre1.880.251.97---
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre1.370.
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre2.230.51.681.581.52.41
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre1.280.53.751.751.752.11
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre1.180.755.082.0521.81
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre2.760.751.472.382.251.59
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre3.9911.262.732.51.47
 CA Alvarado - Club Atletico Mitre4.631.251.215.543.51.15
Thursday 24 June 2021, UKT
17:00 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.6502.38---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue2.130.251.81---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.440.253.01---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.330.53.70---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue2.600.51.57---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.220.754.92---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue3.270.751.38---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue4.9211.20---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.1118.00---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue5.651.251.16---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.091.258.75---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.261.51.13---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.081.59.51---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.341.751.09---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue1.051.759.59---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-29.51---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.342----
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-2.259.51---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.342.25----
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-2.59.51---
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.342.5----
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.342.75-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-2.759.511.551.52.56
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-39.511.791.752.19
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.343-2.0421.83
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-3.259.512.402.251.57
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.343.25-2.802.51.47
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.343.5-5.793.51.13
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-3.59.5113.504.51.04
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-3.759.5113.505.51.02
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.343.75-13.506.5-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue6.344-13.507.5-
 Gimnasia Jujuy - Brown de Adrogue-49.5113.508.5-