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Saturday 25 March 2023, UKT
Argentina, Primera B
18:30 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano2.1301.73---
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano2.660.251.481.160.55.07
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano1.680.252.181.451.252.73
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano3.190.51.351.651.52.22
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano1.490.52.621.861.751.94
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano4.200.751.222.2321.64
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano1.330.753.292.622.251.48
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano1.1814.932.972.51.38
 CSD Flandria - Defensores de Belgrano6.9711.
19:00 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy1.8901.93---
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy2.310.251.61---
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy1.600.252.341.100.56.56
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy1.450.52.761.501.52.58
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy2.720.51.461.631.752.25
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy3.420.751.311.8821.93
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy1.300.753.492.202.251.66
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy1.1615.222.522.51.52
 Deportivo Madryn - Gimnasia Jujuy5.0611.174.823.51.17
23:00 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman2.2101.67---
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman2.770.251.451.160.54.97
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman1.740.252.111.461.252.70
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman1.520.52.531.661.52.20
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman3.300.51.331.881.751.93
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman1.360.753.172.2621.63
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman4.360.751.212.662.251.47
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman1.1914.633.022.51.37
 Agropecuario Argentino - San Martin de Tucuman1.