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Friday 30 July 2021, UKT
China, Super League
10:00 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.2404.33---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.200.254.99---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.410.252.97---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.600.52.42---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.170.55.61---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.110.758.00---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.780.752.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.04113.50---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC2.1011.79---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC2.461.251.58---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.041.2514.11---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.041.59.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC2.821.51.46---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC3.461.751.33---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC1.021.759.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC4.8221.21---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-29.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-2.259.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC5.052.251.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-2.59.18---
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC5.542.
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-2.759.
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC7.572.751.111.4322.93
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC12.1531.061.652.252.30
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-39.181.902.51.99
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC12.823.251.052.5331.55
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC12.923.
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC12.923.751.025.505.51.03
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-3.759.185.506.51.01
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC-49.185.507.5-
 Guangzhou City - Qingdao FC12.924-34.008.5-
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.1805.27---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.350.253.36---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.140.255.80---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.540.52.64---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.120.56.55---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.680.752.27---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.070.759.80---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.02114.29---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.9811.91---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.021.2514.89---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen2.331.251.64---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen2.701.51.50---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.021.515.48---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen1.011.7518.27---
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen3.301.751.351.070.59.20
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen4.5521.221.351.53.23
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen-251.081.441.752.87
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen4.662.251.181.5622.48
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen-2.2551.631.832.252.04
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen5.
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen-2.552.172.402.751.60
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen7.022.751.113.753.51.28
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen11.5031.
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen12.253.251.0519.005.51.03
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen13.003.51.0519.006.5-
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen13.003.751.0219.007.5-
 Shandong Taishan - Henan Songshan Longmen13.004-34.008.5-
12:00 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.7502.23---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic2.040.251.84---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.510.252.66---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.390.53.07---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic2.370.51.62---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.270.753.92---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic2.880.751.45---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic3.9511.27---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.1415.73---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.121.256.37---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic4.471.251.22---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic4.701.51.18---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.111.57.00---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic1.071.757.00---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic6.461.751.12---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic11.0021.06---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-27.00---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-2.257.00---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic11.752.251.06---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-2.57.00---
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.502.
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.502.751.021.341.53.31
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-2.757.001.421.752.93
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-37.001.5522.52
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.503-1.822.252.05
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.503.25-
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.503.5-4.804.51.06
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.503.75-
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-3.757.0019.006.5-
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic12.504-19.007.5-
 Cangzhou Mighty Lions - Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic-47.0019.008.5-
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC2.9301.43---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC2.270.251.68---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC3.410.251.33---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC2.040.51.93---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC3.890.51.27---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC5.160.751.18---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.700.752.23---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC8.2311.09---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.4712.81---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.361.253.22---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC8.931.251.08---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.301.53.64---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC9.491.51.08---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC13.501.751.05---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.211.754.41---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.1226.80---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC17.8121.02---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.322.251.02---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.112.257.52---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.832.51.02---
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.102.58.14-0.512.50
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.072.7510.481.281.53.79
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.832.751.011.4222.94
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.833-1.652.252.30
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.03315.101.902.51.98
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.833.25-2.112.751.76
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.033.2515.582.5131.55
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.033.516.
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.833.5-
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.833.75-5.405.51.03
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC1.013.7516.076.206.5-
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC-416.076.207.5-
 Shenzhen FC - Guangzhou FC18.834-6.208.5-
Saturday 31 July 2021, UKT
08:30 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai2.5901.53---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai3.070.251.40---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai2.060.251.83---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.780.52.10---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai3.510.51.32---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.570.752.48---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai4.550.751.22---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai7.2611.11---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.3613.22---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.011.251.10---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.301.253.68---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.311.51.09---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.241.54.03---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.161.755.37---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.691.751.06---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.0928.64---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.692----
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.692.25----
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.082.259.39---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.692.5----
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.082.59.78---
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.692.75----
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai1.052.759.941.010.510.50
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai-39.781.321.53.45
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.693-1.5122.62
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai-3.259.781.762.252.11
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.693.25-
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai-3.59.782.292.751.65
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.693.5-2.8031.46
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai-3.759.783.483.51.31
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.693.75-
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai-49.7817.005.51.02
 Wuhan FC - Changchun Yatai8.694-17.506.5-
10:30 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan4.7001.02---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan4.170.251.25---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.180.251.01---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.660.51.01---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan2.990.51.41---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan2.650.751.51---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.700.75----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.701----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan2.2911.66---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.701.25----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan2.041.251.93---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan1.721.52.19---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.701.5----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.701.75----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan1.531.752.58---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan1.3523.30---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.702----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan1.292.253.72---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.702.25----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.702.5----
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan1.082.53.12---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan1.042.753.12---
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.702.75-
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan-33.121.311.53.49
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.703-1.5122.64
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan-
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.703.25-
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan-
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.703.5-2.8131.45
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan-3.753.123.653.51.32
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.703.75-
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan-43.1219.005.51.03
 Dalian Pro - Beijing Guoan5.704-6.406.5-
12:30 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.3803.18---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.620.252.38---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.300.253.68---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.240.54.20---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.860.52.01---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.100.753.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.150.751.83---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.7411.49---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-13.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-1.253.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger3.181.251.37---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger3.641.51.30---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-1.53.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-1.753.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.981.751.10---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.982----
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-23.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-2.253.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.982.25----
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.982.5----
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-2.53.26---
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.982.75----
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-2.753.
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-33.261.361.53.17
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.983-1.461.752.81
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.983.25-1.5922.41
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.983.5-
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-3.753.263.893.51.26
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.983.75-3.904.51.06
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger2.984-
 Hebei FC - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger-43.2620.006.5-
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.6502.31---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua2.080.251.88---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.480.252.77---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua2.310.51.65---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.390.53.21---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua2.780.751.47---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.270.754.12---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua3.7011.29---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.1515.93---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua4.181.251.25---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.131.256.55---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua4.441.51.20---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.111.57.05---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua6.131.751.14---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua1.071.757.06---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua10.1721.07---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-27.19---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua10.542.251.07---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-2.257.19---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.002.51.06---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-2.57.19---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.492.751.04---
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-2.757.
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.283-1.301.53.63
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-37.191.4622.78
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.283.25-1.952.51.92
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.283.5-2.202.751.70
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.283.75-3.323.51.34
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-3.757.196.694.51.12
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua11.284-
 Shanghai Port - Shanghai Shenhua-47.1916.006.5-