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Friday 26 July 2024, UKT
China, Super League
11:35 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun1.2923.39---
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun1.442.252.66---
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun1.612.
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun1.772.752.051.553.52.36
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun1.9731.851.663.752.19
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun2.223.251.671.8441.98
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun2.473.51.532.054.251.78
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun2.873.751.392.274.51.61
 Shanghai Port FC - Nantong Zhiyun3.5741.273.615.51.25
12:00 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan2.4101.631.261.54.07
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan1.910.251.911.4023.15
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan2.860.251.471.622.252.40
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan3.280.51.371.812.52.00
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan1.710.
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan4.190.751.262.4331.61
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan1.530.752.662.543.251.42
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan1.3513.443.043.51.41
 Shenzhen Peng City - Beijing Guoan1.291.253.895.804.51.16
Saturday 27 July 2024, UKT
11:00 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions1.2104.26---
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions1.360.253.05---
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions1.570.52.491.161.55.02
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions1.740.752.221.522.52.47
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions1.9911.951.642.752.22
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions2.251.251.721.8531.97
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions2.421.51.582.093.251.75
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions2.771.751.432.283.51.61
 Changchun Yatai - Cangzhou Mighty Lions3.5521.283.884.51.24
11:35 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger - Qingdao West Coast1.500.252.401.542.52.29
 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger - Qingdao West Coast1.710.52.121.722.752.08
 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger - Qingdao West Coast1.920.751.901.9531.85
 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger - Qingdao West Coast2.2111.642.193.251.64
 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger - Qingdao West Coast2.451.251.482.363.51.50
Sunday 28 July 2024, UKT
11:35 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka1.6002.33---
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka1.450.252.731.231.53.94
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka1.880.251.961.562.252.39
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka1.350.53.101.762.52.06
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka2.150.51.731.962.751.84
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka2.520.751.512.2831.61
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka1.250.753.892.583.251.49
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka3.2111.332.853.51.40
 Qingdao Hainiu - Meizhou Hakka3.611.
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng2.0401.811.131.55.65
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng1.760.252.071.442.52.69
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng2.360.251.621.532.752.44
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng2.680.51.471.6632.20
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng1.590.52.351.883.251.93
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng1.430.752.762.083.51.73
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng3.220.751.332.353.751.57
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng1.2913.513.324.51.31
 Zhejiang Professional - Chengdu Rongcheng4.2611.215.875.51.12
12:00 Henan - Shandong Taishan1.9101.95---
 Henan - Shandong Taishan1.650.
 Henan - Shandong Taishan2.240.251.691.482.252.58
 Henan - Shandong Taishan2.580.51.521.672.52.21
 Henan - Shandong Taishan1.500.52.561.842.752.00
 Henan - Shandong Taishan1.360.753.092.0931.75
 Henan - Shandong Taishan3.110.751.352.363.251.57
 Henan - Shandong Taishan1.2214.142.613.51.47
 Henan - Shandong Taishan4.1711.224.584.51.18
Monday 29 July 2024, UKT
11:35 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua3.7701.26---
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua2.730.251.451.221.54.10
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua4.300.251.211.512.252.50
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua2.260.51.641.702.52.12
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua2.030.751.821.892.751.91
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua1.7512.122.1731.67
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua1.561.252.452.443.251.53
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua1.451.52.762.703.51.44
 Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Shenhua1.311.753.374.874.51.16