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Thursday 11 August 2022, UKT
Argentina, Superleague
21:00 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.1406.98---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.290.254.08---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.120.257.89---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.450.53.08---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.110.58.80---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.540.752.65---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.060.7512.86---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.02122.00---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.7012.29---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.021.2522.84---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi2.031.251.89---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.021.523.69---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi2.331.51.68---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi2.701.751.51---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi1.011.7523.69---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-223.69---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi3.5221.33---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-2.2523.69---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi3.982.251.27---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi4.062.51.23---
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-2.523.691.040.514.00
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-2.7523.691.281.53.85
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi5.422.751.161.4222.97
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi5.8931.101.652.252.35
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-323.691.882.52.02
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-3.2523.692.122.751.81
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi5.973.251.092.5431.55
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-3.523.693.193.51.37
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi6.
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi6.053.751.0514.005.51.05
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-3.7523.6914.006.51.01
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi6.054-14.007.5-
 Godoy Cruz - CA Aldosivi-423.6914.008.5-
23:30 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.3603.44---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.640.252.46---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.280.254.12---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.890.52.04---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.230.54.80---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba2.160.751.78---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.140.756.73---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.06112.47---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba2.7811.48---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba3.261.251.38---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.051.2513.48---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba3.751.51.30---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.051.514.50---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba4.591.751.21---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba1.021.7514.50---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba6.8421.12---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-214.50---
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba7.
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-2.2514.501.1116.80
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba4.862.
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-2.514.501.431.53.00
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-2.7514.501.541.752.60
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba7.652.751.061.7122.31
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba8.103-
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-314.502.302.51.72
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba8.143.25-2.732.751.49
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-3.2514.503.3031.33
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-3.514.503.553.251.28
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba6.203.5-4.403.51.23
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba8.143.75-5.253.751.16
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-3.7514.509.004.51.07
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba8.144-
 Atletico Tucuman - Central Cordoba-414.5041.006.51.00
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.5002.96---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.800.252.25---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.350.253.46---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi2.020.51.92---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.290.54.00---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi2.360.751.68---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.190.755.21---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi3.0711.43---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.0918.05---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi3.521.251.33---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.081.258.72---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.071.59.40---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi3.991.51.28---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi4.891.751.19---
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi1.041.759.401.070.510.00
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-29.401.211.254.25
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi7.0021.111.351.53.38
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-2.259.401.431.752.75
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi5.672.251.101.5522.61
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi5.902.51.091.862.252.12
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-2.59.402.142.51.86
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-2.759.402.442.751.65
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi6.882.751.063.0031.45
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi8.643-3.303.251.33
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-39.403.703.51.31
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi8.643.25-4.503.751.19
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-3.259.406.6041.11
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi8.643.5-
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-3.59.407.604.51.10
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-3.759.4018.505.51.03
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi8.643.75-18.506.5-
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi-49.4018.507.5-
 Colon de Santa Fe - Arsenal de Sarandi8.644-18.508.5-
Friday 12 August 2022, UKT
21:00 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.2504.45---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.470.252.84---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.200.255.32---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.770.52.23---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.160.56.20---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.100.759.19---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento2.000.751.97---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento2.3311.63---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.03113.69---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento2.751.251.48---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.031.2514.41---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.031.515.13---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento3.141.51.38---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento4.021.751.26---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento1.011.7515.13---
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento5.9021.
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-215.131.1216.40
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento6.402.
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-2.2515.131.471.52.86
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-2.515.131.591.752.43
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento6.402.51.121.8222.23
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-2.7515.
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento7.162.751.072.432.51.60
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-315.132.682.751.45
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento7.343-3.5531.28
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-3.2515.133.903.251.24
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento7.343.25-4.463.51.21
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-3.515.135.753.751.14
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento6.263.5-
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento7.343.75-
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-3.7515.1351.006.51.00
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento7.344-9.407.5-
 CA Huracan - CA Sarmiento-415.139.408.5-
 CA Platense - Banfield1.8502.13---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.530.252.67---
 CA Platense - Banfield2.260.251.71---
 CA Platense - Banfield2.720.51.52---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.400.53.22---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.260.754.23---
 CA Platense - Banfield3.440.751.35---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.1317.02---
 CA Platense - Banfield5.2711.19---
 CA Platense - Banfield5.251.251.16---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.121.256.40---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.101.57.00---
 CA Platense - Banfield5.751.51.14---
 CA Platense - Banfield5.491.751.03---
 CA Platense - Banfield1.021.754.691.150.56.80
 CA Platense - Banfield-24.691.140.755.75
 CA Platense - Banfield5.492-1.1715.00
 CA Platense - Banfield5.492.25-1.351.253.10
 CA Platense - Banfield-2.254.691.601.52.54
 CA Platense - Banfield5.492.5-1.771.752.14
 CA Platense - Banfield-2.54.692.0921.91
 CA Platense - Banfield5.492.75-2.442.251.70
 CA Platense - Banfield-2.754.692.802.51.47
 CA Platense - Banfield-34.693.302.751.33
 CA Platense - Banfield5.493-4.4031.20
 CA Platense - Banfield5.493.25-
 CA Platense - Banfield-3.254.695.633.51.16
 CA Platense - Banfield-3.54.697.003.751.10
 CA Platense - Banfield5.493.5-
 CA Platense - Banfield5.493.75-
 CA Platense - Banfield-3.754.6910.006.5-
 CA Platense - Banfield-44.6910.007.5-
 CA Platense - Banfield5.494-10.008.5-
23:30 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.8002.19---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.540.252.55---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo2.170.251.83---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo2.570.51.58---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.410.53.00---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo3.180.751.40---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.290.753.81---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo4.5711.24---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.1515.77---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo4.851.251.20---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.131.256.35---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.121.57.00---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo5.401.51.17---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo1.081.757.00---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo7.511.751.11---
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo7.6121.
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-27.161.1017.00
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.342.251.051.401.53.00
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.452.51.051.511.752.60
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.452.751.021.972.251.95
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-2.757.
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.453-2.582.751.52
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-37.163.3031.33
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.453.25-
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.453.5-5.253.751.16
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.453.75-19.505.51.02
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-3.757.1641.006.51.00
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo-47.1619.507.5-
 CA Patronato Parana - San Lorenzo8.454-19.508.5-
Saturday 13 August 2022, UKT
17:30 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre2.1801.841.070.59.00
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre2.620.251.511.221.254.15
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.830.252.201.361.53.25
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre3.040.51.401.451.752.79
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.600.52.401.5822.40
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre3.820.751.281.902.252.03
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.430.752.962.192.51.77
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre5.5011.152.432.751.57
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.2514.203.0031.38
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.211.254.783.453.251.30
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre5.901.251.133.763.51.27
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre6.401.51.124.503.751.19
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.181.54.656.8041.11
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre1.121.756.408.004.51.08
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre---
 Defensa y Justicia - CA Tigre---
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central1.3303.471.070.59.00
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central1.
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central1.570.252.461.371.53.25
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central1.200.54.661.461.752.75
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central1.850.52.111.6122.35
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central2.090.751.841.902.252.03
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central2.6211.512.192.51.77
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central3.031.251.392.522.751.54
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central3.451.51.323.1031.35
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---3.453.251.30
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---3.903.51.26
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---4.803.751.18
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---7.0041.10
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---
 Rosario Central - Barracas Central---
20:00 Lanus - CA Independiente1.9901.971.110.57.50
 Lanus - CA Independiente2.360.251.701.110.756.80
 Lanus - CA Independiente1.620.252.341.1316.00
 Lanus - CA Independiente1.470.52.771.281.253.55
 Lanus - CA Independiente2.790.51.461.451.52.76
 Lanus - CA Independiente1.330.753.481.571.752.43
 Lanus - CA Independiente3.540.751.331.8222.08
 Lanus - CA Independiente1.1815.
 Lanus - CA Independiente5.3911.182.382.51.60
 Lanus - CA Independiente1.151.255.502.832.751.44
 Lanus - CA Independiente5.501.251.153.5531.28
 Lanus - CA Independiente1.131.55.903.903.251.24
 Lanus - CA Independiente5.901.51.134.583.51.20
 Lanus - CA Independiente---5.753.751.14
 Lanus - CA Independiente---
 Lanus - CA Independiente---
 Lanus - CA Independiente---
22:30 River Plate - Newells Old Boys1.1904.901.050.511.00
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys1.350.253.251.301.53.50
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys1.520.52.581.4822.70
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys1.670.752.251.712.252.15
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys1.9312.021.962.51.95
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys2.271.251.782.252.751.70
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys2.611.51.512.6831.48
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys3.161.751.373.323.51.33
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys4.2621.236.504.51.13
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys---
 River Plate - Newells Old Boys---
Sunday 14 August 2022, UKT
17:30 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata1.4802.731.100.57.18
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata1.350.253.301.120.756.40
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata1.820.252.111.1415.75
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata2.130.51.861.301.253.45
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata1.280.53.831.481.52.70
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata1.180.755.111.611.752.35
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata2.530.751.541.8722.07
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata3.4311.332.172.251.77
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata3.971.251.262.492.51.55
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata4.
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata5.751.751.143.9031.24
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata---
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata---4.743.51.19
 Velez Sarsfield - Gimnasia La Plata---6.253.751.12
20:00 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe1.5202.59---
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe1.380.253.13---
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe1.860.252.111.431.52.85
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe2.170.51.841.541.752.52
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe1.290.53.641.7922.16
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe2.630.751.512.112.251.87
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe1.190.754.822.292.51.64
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe3.6111.302.712.751.47
 Argentinos Juniors - Union de Santa Fe4.
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba1.5202.591.070.59.00
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba1.850.252.081.1116.60
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba1.390.
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba1.300.53.591.411.52.93
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba2.140.51.811.521.752.58
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba2.570.751.531.7322.20
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba1.200.754.732.042.251.88
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba1.1017.
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba3.4711.332.672.751.49
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba3.991.251.263.4531.30
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba4.
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba5.501.751.
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba---5.503.751.15
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba---
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba---
 Estudiantes La Plata - Talleres de Cordoba---
22:30 Racing Club - Boca Juniors1.7502.361.080.58.00
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors2.070.251.911.411.52.89
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors1.450.252.841.521.752.57
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors2.280.51.651.7322.23
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors1.340.53.302.042.251.89
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors2.840.751.452.202.51.69
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors1.230.754.232.602.751.51
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors4.1411.
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors4.771.
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors---
 Racing Club - Boca Juniors---
Tuesday 16 August 2022, UKT
18:30 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz2.1801.71---
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz2.570.251.53---
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz1.830.252.081.371.53.08
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz2.940.51.411.461.752.74
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz1.630.52.331.6022.38
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz3.750.751.281.902.251.98
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz1.450.752.812.102.51.75
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz1.2813.792.432.751.57
 CA Sarmiento - Godoy Cruz1.
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe1.8502.05---
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe2.200.251.70---
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe1.600.252.401.391.53.00
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe2.560.51.531.491.752.67
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe1.460.52.791.6322.32
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe1.310.753.492.002.251.95
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe3.150.751.372.132.51.73
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe4.4711.222.472.751.56
 Central Cordoba - Colon de Santa Fe1.1815.113.813.51.27
21:00 San Lorenzo - CA Platense1.5102.70---
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense1.880.252.05---
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense1.380.
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense2.150.51.761.471.52.79
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense1.290.53.781.591.752.44
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense2.600.751.541.7922.07
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense1.190.755.
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense3.6011.312.402.51.61
 San Lorenzo - CA Platense4.
23:30 CA Independiente - CA Huracan1.7802.11---
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan2.160.251.68---
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan1.510.252.531.110.56.25
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan1.380.52.991.481.52.61
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan2.560.51.501.611.752.28
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan3.210.751.331.8521.98
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan1.250.753.812.142.251.88
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan4.7611.182.452.51.53
 CA Independiente - CA Huracan1.1315.804.713.51.17
Wednesday 17 August 2022, UKT
16:00 CA Barracas Central - Defensa y Justicia1.9301.952.012.251.85
18:30 Club Atletico Tigre - Atletico Tucuman1.9201.962.012.251.85
 Newells Old Boys - Lanus2.000.51.881.842.252.02
21:00 Arsenal de Sarandi - CA River Plate2.000.51.881.842.252.02
23:30 Boca Juniors - Rosario Central1.860.752.021.862.252.00
Thursday 18 August 2022, UKT
18:30 Aldosivi - Velez Sarsfield1.850.
21:00 Talleres Cordoba - Patronato2.000.251.882.082.251.78
 Union de Santa Fe - Gimnasia La Plata2.030.251.852.012.251.85
23:30 Argentinos Juniors - Estudiantes La Plata2.030.51.851.982.251.88
 Banfield - Racing Club1.9201.961.962.251.90