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Sunday 28 May 2023, UKT
Australia, Victoria Premier League Women
05:00 Eltham Redbacks Women - Casey Comets Women2.321.51.581.613.752.25
 Eltham Redbacks Women - Casey Comets Women2.131.751.701.7842.03
 Eltham Redbacks Women - Casey Comets Women1.9321.892.004.251.83
 Eltham Redbacks Women - Casey Comets Women1.722.
 Eltham Redbacks Women - Casey Comets Women1.592.52.292.464.751.52
08:00 Essendon Royals Women - Melbourne Uni Women1.593.52.221.604.52.21
 Essendon Royals Women - Melbourne Uni Women1.723.752.051.724.752.04
 Essendon Royals Women - Melbourne Uni Women1.9041.871.9151.86
 Essendon Royals Women - Melbourne Uni Women2.084.251.692.095.251.69
 Essendon Royals Women - Melbourne Uni Women2.264.51.572.265.51.57