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Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
Korea Republic, K-League Classic 1
04:00 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United1.6002.48---
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United1.450.252.951.301.53.70
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United1.910.252.051.4522.89
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United2.210.51.741.682.252.29
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United1.350.53.401.912.52.01
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United1.240.754.382.142.751.76
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United2.620.751.542.5631.56
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United3.4411.353.203.51.38
 Pohang Steelers - Jeju United3.921.251.296.304.51.14
06:30 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.5502.60---
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.870.252.081.331.53.47
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.410.253.111.5322.62
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors2.170.51.761.832.252.10
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.320.53.602.072.51.83
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.220.754.692.352.751.65
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors2.560.751.562.8731.46
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors3.3111.373.533.51.32
 Ulsan Hyundai - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors3.761.251.307.184.51.12
09:00 Gangwon FC - Incheon United1.5302.66---
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United1.410.253.14---
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United1.820.252.101.381.53.17
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United1.320.53.591.471.752.81
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United2.100.51.861.6122.43
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United2.500.751.591.882.252.03
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United1.220.754.732.132.51.78
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United3.3311.362.482.751.58
 Gangwon FC - Incheon United3.861.251.293.943.51.27
Sunday 9 October 2022, UKT
04:00 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul1.9202.03---
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul2.270.251.691.311.53.60
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul1.650.252.341.4722.79
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul1.510.52.711.702.252.22
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul2.620.51.532.022.51.94
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul1.350.753.342.192.751.72
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul3.220.751.372.6631.51
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul1.2114.733.343.51.34
 Suwon Bluewings - FC Seoul4.5411.226.604.51.12
06:30 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC1.4103.08---
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC1.320.253.581.331.53.44
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC1.660.252.321.4922.71
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC1.930.52.041.712.252.20
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC1.
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC2.210.751.722.182.751.72
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC2.8011.482.6431.52
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC3.241.251.373.313.51.35
 Gimcheon Sangmu - Seongnam FC3.681.51.306.454.51.13
09:00 Daegu FC - Suwon FC1.6602.32---
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC1.500.252.731.261.54.00
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC1.960.251.971.582.252.46
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC2.240.51.701.782.52.10
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC1.400.53.111.982.751.98
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC2.650.751.522.2831.67
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC1.280.753.922.583.251.54
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC3.4311.342.853.51.44
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC3.871.