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Sunday 20 September 2020, UKT
Korea Republic, K-League Classic 1
06:00 FC Seoul - Daegu FC2.4701.61---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC2.010.251.91---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC2.850.251.46---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.770.52.20---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC3.300.51.36---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.520.752.61---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC4.300.751.24---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC6.7111.12---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.3013.45---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC7.541.251.11---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.261.253.76---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.201.51.09---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.221.54.57---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.201.751.06---
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.141.755.751.070.510.00
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.202-
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.0829.291.341.53.43
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.202.25-1.401.752.85
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.072.2510.041.5322.60
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.062.510.121.782.252.16
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.202.5-
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.202.75-2.332.751.65
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC1.042.7510.462.9331.43
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.203-
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC-310.463.743.51.30
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC-3.2510.464.253.751.21
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.203.25-6.2541.12
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC-3.510.466.604.251.11
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.203.5-
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.203.75-
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC-3.7510.467.006.51.01
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC8.204-7.007.5-
 FC Seoul - Daegu FC-410.467.008.5-
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.7602.19---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings2.070.251.88---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.550.252.51---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings2.420.51.67---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.430.52.94---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.300.753.63---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings2.890.751.43---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.1715.09---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings3.6911.28---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.141.251.23---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.151.255.64---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.971.51.19---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.131.56.63---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings1.061.755.43---
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings6.001.751.131.050.511.00
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.602-
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-25.431.281.53.64
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-2.255.431.331.753.30
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.602.25-1.4522.78
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.602.5-1.702.252.25
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-2.55.431.952.51.95
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-2.755.432.232.751.71
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.602.75-2.7031.50
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-35.432.853.251.40
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.603-3.453.51.35
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-3.255.433.803.751.25
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.603.25-5.5041.15
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-3.55.435.754.251.14
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.603.5-
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.603.75-
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-3.755.436.006.5-
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings4.604-6.007.5-
 Gangwon FC - Suwon Bluewings-45.436.008.5-
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai5.7101.16---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai6.550.251.14---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai3.550.251.32---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai2.750.51.49---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.400.51.12---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.400.751.07---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai2.380.751.61---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai2.1211.81---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.401----
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.401.25----
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.821.252.11---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.401.5----
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.621.52.42---
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.401.75-1.050.513.00
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.451.752.721.151.255.50
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.3023.521.261.54.15
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.402-1.301.753.45
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.252.253.991.3823.00
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.402.25-1.582.252.43
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.222.54.341.812.52.12
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.402.5-2.032.751.87
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.402.75-2.3631.63
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.152.755.842.643.251.49
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.403-2.953.51.40
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.0839.143.553.751.28
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.403.25-4.6541.18
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.083.259.475.254.251.16
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.403.5-5.784.51.14
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.073.510.067.004.751.10
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.403.75-
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai1.053.7510.0923.006.51.01
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai7.404-10.507.5-
 Incheon United - Ulsan Hyundai-410.0910.508.5-
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.1306.27---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.260.254.21---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.110.257.12---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.380.53.30---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.100.57.80---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.050.757.80---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.460.752.85---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.6312.40---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-17.80---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park1.941.252.01---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-1.257.80---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park2.231.51.74---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-1.57.80---
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-1.757.801.030.515.00
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park2.601.751.521.141.255.75
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-27.801.241.54.23
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park3.1021.351.281.753.55
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-2.257.801.3323.30
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park3.452.251.301.522.252.57
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park4.
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-2.57.801.912.752.03
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-2.757.802.2531.70
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park4.802.751.182.563.251.53
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park6.8031.112.883.51.43
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-37.803.303.751.33
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park3.053.25-4.1541.22
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-3.257.804.504.251.19
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-3.57.805.464.51.18
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park3.053.5-6.254.751.12
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-3.757.8011.005.51.05
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park3.053.75-
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park3.054-10.007.5-
 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - Busan I Park-47.8010.008.5-
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.3803.19---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.640.252.44---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.300.253.71---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.250.54.22---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.880.52.07---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu2.140.751.79---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.160.755.84---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu2.6711.52---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.07110.28---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.071.2511.10---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu2.931.251.40---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.061.512.00---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu3.551.51.33---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu4.221.751.23---
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu1.031.7512.001.050.512.00
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu6.1021.
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-2.2512.001.331.753.30
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu6.712.251.121.4322.97
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-2.512.001.922.51.98
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.252.751.072.112.751.81
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-2.7512.002.5331.53
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.253-2.753.251.43
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-312.
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-3.2512.003.703.751.26
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.253.25-5.2541.16
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.253.5-5.754.251.14
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-3.512.006.504.51.12
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-3.7512.0015.005.51.03
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.253.75-5.906.5-
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu7.254-5.907.5-
 Pohang Steelers - Sangju Sangmu-412.005.908.5-
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.7102.26---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC2.090.251.84---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.500.252.74---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC2.490.51.60---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.390.53.25---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.260.753.94---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC3.080.751.41---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.1416.08---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC4.1211.24---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC4.711.251.20---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.121.256.76---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC5.671.51.18---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.111.57.40---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC7.231.751.11---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC1.061.757.40---
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC11.9521.
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-27.401.1216.40
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.562.
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-2.257.401.411.53.00
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.522.51.051.511.752.60
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-2.57.401.6922.26
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.522.751.
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-2.757.402.332.51.65
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.523-2.732.751.48
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-37.403.3031.33
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.523.25-3.553.251.28
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-3.257.404.373.51.24
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-3.57.405.253.751.16
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.523.5-
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.523.75-
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-3.757.408.806.5-
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC-47.408.807.5-
 Seongnam - Gwangju FC12.524-8.808.5-