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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
Korea Republic, K-League Classic 1
10:00 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings1.3803.29---
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings1.290.253.841.351.53.37
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings1.670.252.421.441.752.98
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings1.240.54.411.5822.55
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings1.890.52.051.862.252.08
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings2.210.751.802.122.51.84
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings2.6911.522.412.751.62
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings3.101.251.413.723.51.30
 Incheon United - Suwon Bluewings3.521.51.337.694.51.10
Sunday 1 October 2023, UKT
05:00 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen1.8202.14---
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen2.160.251.801.281.53.80
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen1.610.252.581.4522.90
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen1.430.53.021.702.252.26
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen2.530.51.601.962.52.00
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen1.300.753.772.192.751.76
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen3.060.751.412.5331.54
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen4.1711.
 Gangwon FC - Daejeon Citizen1.1815.486.284.51.15
07:30 Jeju United - Gwangju FC1.9402.02---
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC1.660.252.371.351.53.32
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC2.340.251.711.441.752.93
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC1.490.52.781.5922.51
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC2.750.51.521.882.252.05
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC3.410.751.352.192.51.78
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC1.340.753.462.442.751.60
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC4.8911.213.713.51.30
 Jeju United - Gwangju FC1.2014.997.514.51.11
Sunday 8 October 2023, UKT
06:00 Daegu FC - Suwon FC1.830.52.051.802.52.04
 Daegu FC - Suwon FC---2.032.751.83
 Daejeon Hana Citizen - Jeju United1.870.252.011.842.52.02
 FC Seoul - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.920.251.961.802.252.06
 FC Seoul - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors---
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC1.880.52.001.902.251.96
 Suwon Bluewings - Pohang Steelers2.020.51.861.902.251.96
 Ulsan Hyundai FC - Incheon United1.920.751.961.842.752.02