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Saturday 9 March 2024, UKT
Korea Republic, K-League Classic 1
05:00 Suwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors2.3601.611.4522.69
 Suwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.990.251.921.692.252.20
 Suwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors2.720.251.461.982.51.93
 Suwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.740.
 Suwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.550.752.492.6131.48
07:30 Gimcheon Sangmu FC - Ulsan Hyundai2.4701.561.612.252.33
 Gimcheon Sangmu FC - Ulsan Hyundai2.060.251.851.882.52.03
 Gimcheon Sangmu FC - Ulsan Hyundai2.810.251.432.122.751.80
 Gimcheon Sangmu FC - Ulsan Hyundai1.810.52.082.3831.58
 Gimcheon Sangmu FC - Ulsan Hyundai1.600.752.382.693.251.45
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC1.5002.72---
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC1.380.253.26---
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC1.810.252.121.401.53.04
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC1.300.53.761.511.752.67
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC2.100.51.861.6722.28
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC1.200.755.001.982.251.91
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC2.490.751.612.262.51.68
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC3.2511.382.662.751.51
 Pohang Steelers - Daegu FC3.741.251.304.193.51.24
Sunday 10 March 2024, UKT
05:00 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen1.5702.55---
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen1.430.253.031.301.53.62
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen1.860.252.041.4822.76
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen2.150.51.781.752.252.19
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen1.330.53.482.002.51.90
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen2.540.751.582.262.751.69
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen1.230.754.512.7231.49
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen3.2911.363.393.51.34
 Jeju United - Daejeon Citizen3.741.251.306.654.51.12
07:00 FC Seoul - Incheon United1.6002.51---
 FC Seoul - Incheon United1.890.252.021.341.53.36
 FC Seoul - Incheon United1.450.252.971.431.752.97
 FC Seoul - Incheon United1.340.53.401.5522.55
 FC Seoul - Incheon United2.160.51.751.862.252.07
 FC Seoul - Incheon United2.560.751.552.072.51.80
 FC Seoul - Incheon United1.230.754.422.392.751.61
 FC Seoul - Incheon United3.3411.353.713.51.29
 FC Seoul - Incheon United3.811.251.297.514.51.10
07:30 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC1.3903.18---
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC1.710.252.26---
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC1.290.253.821.120.56.68
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC1.230.54.471.521.52.65
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC2.000.51.921.661.752.30
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC2.350.751.671.9421.98
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC3.0711.422.252.251.69
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC3.541.251.322.582.51.54
 Gwangju FC - Gangwon FC4.