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Friday 26 July 2024, UKT
Korea Republic, K-League Classic 1
10:30 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.5502.50---
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.430.252.921.231.54.12
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.830.252.091.562.252.46
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors2.090.51.871.762.52.09
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.340.53.321.992.751.90
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors1.230.754.242.3031.63
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors2.440.751.632.613.251.51
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors3.1011.382.893.51.41
 Gangwon FC - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors3.521.251.315.324.51.16
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai2.6401.53---
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai2.090.251.831.221.54.27
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai3.080.251.411.532.252.53
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai3.530.51.311.732.52.14
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai1.820.52.041.952.751.94
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai1.610.752.362.2231.68
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai1.4112.972.523.251.54
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai1.331.253.362.803.51.44
 Jeju United - Ulsan Hyundai1.281.53.765.154.51.17
Saturday 27 July 2024, UKT
10:00 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC1.5402.671.261.53.85
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC1.410.253.111.4022.99
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC1.850.252.101.622.252.32
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC1.300.53.561.882.52.01
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC2.070.51.832.082.751.78
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC2.380.751.612.4531.56
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC2.9911.412.673.251.43
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC3.391.251.333.073.51.38
 Gwangju FC - Suwon FC3.801.51.285.824.51.14
10:30 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen1.5102.73---
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen1.380.253.231.331.53.47
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen1.830.252.121.5322.63
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen1.310.53.731.792.252.11
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen2.060.51.812.032.51.86
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen2.440.751.612.352.751.64
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen3.1511.402.9031.45
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen3.591.251.323.613.51.31
 Daegu FC - Daejeon Citizen4.
 Incheon United - FC Seoul2.3101.691.321.53.36
 Incheon United - FC Seoul1.890.252.031.401.752.76
 Incheon United - FC Seoul2.750.251.501.5322.55
 Incheon United - FC Seoul3.170.51.361.812.252.09
 Incheon United - FC Seoul1.660.
 Incheon United - FC Seoul4.050.751.252.352.751.63
 Incheon United - FC Seoul1.480.752.732.9131.42
 Incheon United - FC Seoul1.3013.633.603.51.29
 Incheon United - FC Seoul1.
Sunday 28 July 2024, UKT
10:00 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC1.6802.25---
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC1.510.252.691.301.53.52
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC2.010.251.931.4822.69
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC2.340.51.681.732.252.17
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC1.380.53.111.992.51.93
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC1.260.753.972.252.751.68
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC2.820.751.452.7331.47
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC3.7611.283.393.51.32
 Pohang Steelers - Gimcheon Sangmu FC4.