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Friday 19 April 2024, UKT
Ireland, Eircom Premier
17:45 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United1.4902.88-0.59.41
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United1.740.252.281.321.53.30
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United1.370.253.381.451.752.82
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United2.040.51.911.6022.53
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United1.250.53.891.882.252.06
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United2.420.751.672.142.51.79
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United2.8511.422.472.751.61
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United3.241.251.342.8231.42
 Bohemians Dublin - Drogheda United3.641.51.283.473.51.29
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers1.9202.01---
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers2.290.251.72---
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers1.620.252.441.100.57.80
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers2.690.51.511.471.52.81
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers1.460.52.881.591.752.44
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers1.310.753.651.8522.08
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers3.370.751.352.262.251.77
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers1.1715.522.442.51.59
 Derry City - Shamrock Rovers4.9611.204.673.51.21
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC1.8002.15---
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC2.220.251.75---
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC1.550.252.601.130.56.71
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC2.640.51.551.581.52.48
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC1.410.53.091.811.752.18
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC3.310.751.362.1121.81
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC1.270.753.992.462.251.58
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC1.1416.342.842.51.46
 Galway United FC - Shelbourne FC4.9611.205.813.51.15
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC1.4802.79---
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC1.380.253.20-0.58.91
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC1.770.252.181.351.53.10
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC1.270.53.691.451.752.82
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC2.090.51.851.6422.45
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC2.380.751.671.902.252.05
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC3.0311.392.252.51.72
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC3.431.251.312.542.751.59
 St Patrick's Athletic - Waterford FC3.851.51.263.943.51.24
18:45 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk1.6102.54---
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk1.920.252.01-0.58.77
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk1.460.253.061.391.53.09
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk2.210.51.751.501.752.73
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk1.320.53.541.6622.34
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk2.640.751.541.972.251.96
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk1.220.754.662.192.51.75
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk3.5311.322.612.751.54
 Sligo Rovers - Dundalk4.
Monday 22 April 2024, UKT
18:45 Shelbourne FC - Shamrock Rovers1.8701.971.6922.14
 Shelbourne FC - Shamrock Rovers2.200.251.672.002.251.82