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Tuesday 29 September 2020, UKT
Egypt, Premier League
13:00 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr1.1704.501.070.57.50
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr1.490.52.651.401.52.92
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr1.720.752.251.501.752.56
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr2.0311.911.7322.18
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr2.411.251.582.042.251.83
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr2.841.51.442.302.51.62
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr---2.742.751.45
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr---4.583.51.20
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr---
 Al Mokawloon Al Arab - FC Masr---
15:30 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa1.9601.94---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa1.570.252.43---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa2.370.251.66---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa2.850.51.47---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa1.420.52.92---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa1.200.753.33---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa3.160.751.23---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.111----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-14.14---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.551.25----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-1.254.49---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-1.54.83---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.981.5----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-1.754.83---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.981.75----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.982----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-24.83---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.982.25----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-2.254.83---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.982.5----
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-2.54.83---
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.982.75-
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-2.754.831.481.52.72
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-34.831.591.752.33
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.983-1.8922.01
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.983.25-
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-3.254.832.472.51.56
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.983.5-4.803.51.18
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-3.54.8310.504.51.06
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.983.75-
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-3.754.8326.006.5-
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa-44.8326.007.5-
 ENPPI - Misr Lel Makasa4.984-65.008.5-
18:00 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.2505.18---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.390.253.34---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.160.255.99---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.590.52.60---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.130.56.80---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.790.752.29---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.080.759.60---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.03113.71---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.0611.90---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.341.251.64---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.031.2514.31---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.031.514.91---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.711.51.50---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.011.7514.91---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary3.171.751.35---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary4.4221.20---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-214.91---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary4.992.251.18---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-2.2514.91---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary5.402.51.16---
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-2.514.911.040.510.50
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary7.382.751.111.351.53.44
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-2.7514.911.4922.60
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary12.1131.061.802.252.07
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-314.912.062.51.81
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-3.2514.912.302.751.61
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary12.803.251.052.8631.41
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-3.514.913.753.51.28
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary12.893.51.057.604.51.08
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-3.7514.9117.005.51.03
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary12.893.751.0217.006.51.01
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary-414.9117.007.5-
 Pyramids FC - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary12.894-44.008.5-