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Friday 26 July 2024, UKT
Egypt, Premier League
16:00 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo4.4701.20---
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo2.970.251.381.301.53.38
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo2.370.51.591.4722.62
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo2.080.751.771.712.252.11
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo1.7912.091.972.51.85
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo1.581.252.342.212.751.65
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo1.471.52.672.6631.46
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo1.331.753.
 Al Masry - Al Ahly Cairo1.2024.466.344.51.11
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC3.2601.32---
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC3.810.
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC2.350.251.601.4222.73
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC1.980.51.841.652.252.18
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC4.360.51.191.902.51.92
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC1.730.752.092.112.751.70
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC1.4912.532.5131.49
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC1.381.252.893.093.51.33
 El Zamalek - Pyramids FC1.311.53.255.814.51.11