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Wednesday 4 August 2021, UKT
Egypt, Premier League
17:00 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.4403.19---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.330.253.89---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.760.252.28---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.260.54.60---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily2.080.51.90---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.170.756.25---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily2.430.751.65---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.07110.47---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily3.2111.39---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily3.701.251.31---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.071.2511.00---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.061.511.74---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily4.211.51.26---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily1.031.7511.74---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily5.331.751.17---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily8.6721.09---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-211.74---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-2.2511.74---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.392.251.08---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.842.51.08---
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-2.511.741.100.59.20
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-2.7511.741.411.53.25
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.952.751.051.481.752.69
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-311.741.6322.31
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.843-1.972.251.93
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.843.25-2.322.51.74
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-3.2511.742.532.751.53
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.843.5-4.303.51.27
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-3.511.7410.004.51.10
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.843.75-
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-3.7511.7470.006.5-
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily-411.74170.007.5-
 Pyramids FC - Ismaily9.844-170.008.5-
19:00 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo13.2401.07---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo6.220.251.18---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo14.620.251.06---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo4.290.51.30---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo15.600.51.06---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo3.720.751.35---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo25.070.751.03---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo3.1611.42---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo62.061----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo63.531.25----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo2.421.251.64---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.001.5----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo2.061.51.86---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.001.75----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.801.752.12---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.5522.51---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.002----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.002.25----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.422.252.89---
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.002.5----
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.352.
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.002.75-1.301.54.20
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.252.753.971.4122.96
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.1635.681.652.252.35
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.003-1.922.52.06
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.003.25-2.5331.53
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.133.56.583.353.51.40
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.003.5-
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.003.75-
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.093.759.1736.006.51.01
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo1.0546.62130.007.5-
 Wadi Degla - Al Ahly Cairo65.004-340.008.5-