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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Egypt, Premier League
17:00 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah1.0709.39---
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah1.260.753.86-0.513.55
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah1.3213.371.221.54.19
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah1.531.252.541.512.252.57
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah1.751.52.181.712.52.18
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah2.021.751.911.972.751.96
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah2.3121.642.2031.72
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah2.672.251.492.403.251.57
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah3.002.51.392.653.51.47
 Al Ahly Cairo - Baladiyet El Mahallah3.682.751.284.874.51.17
Thursday 29 February 2024, UKT
17:00 Smouha SC - Future FC1.7502.12---
 Smouha SC - Future FC2.170.251.78---
 Smouha SC - Future FC1.500.252.601.110.56.49
 Smouha SC - Future FC2.600.51.571.471.52.66
 Smouha SC - Future FC1.370.53.101.611.752.31
 Smouha SC - Future FC1.240.753.991.8521.99
 Smouha SC - Future FC3.210.751.342.182.251.69
 Smouha SC - Future FC4.6111.192.522.51.52
 Smouha SC - Future FC1.1216.224.733.51.18
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh1.1206.19---
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh1.280.253.67---
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh1.440.52.801.341.53.19
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh1.560.752.431.421.752.84
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh1.7712.121.5622.45
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh2.081.251.791.862.252.01
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh2.401.51.602.092.51.76
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh2.881.751.412.342.751.59
 Zamalek SC - El Daklyeh3.8821.253.553.51.28
Friday 1 March 2024, UKT
14:00 Pharco FC - National Bank2.0901.77---
 Pharco FC - National Bank1.750.252.19---
 Pharco FC - National Bank2.570.251.511.110.56.52
 Pharco FC - National Bank3.060.51.381.451.52.71
 Pharco FC - National Bank1.560.52.621.581.752.36
 Pharco FC - National Bank1.330.753.251.8122.04
 Pharco FC - National Bank3.910.751.
 Pharco FC - National Bank5.9611.132.442.51.55
 Pharco FC - National Bank1.1914.714.483.51.19
17:00 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab1.3003.57---
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab1.220.254.20---
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab1.580.252.471.411.52.85
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab1.180.54.831.521.752.51
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab1.810.52.031.7022.16
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab2.080.751.762.002.251.83
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab2.5711.512.292.51.63
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab2.971.251.392.692.751.46
 Ceramica Cleopatra - Al Mokawloon Al Arab3.371.51.324.163.51.22
Sunday 3 March 2024, UKT
17:00 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.7902.06---
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.560.252.50---
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.170.251.72---
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.370.52.971.431.52.70
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.590.51.471.571.752.36
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary3.200.751.321.7922.05
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.250.753.772.112.251.73
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.1315.652.362.51.55
 Enppi Club - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary4.5811.