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Tuesday 21 May 2019, UKT
Egypt Egypt, Premier League
20:00 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby1.5002.601.070.58.42
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby1.380.253.101.1216.40
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby1.810.
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby1.300.53.451.401.52.79
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby2.120.51.791.481.752.60
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby2.530.751.531.6822.25
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby1.200.754.402.002.251.91
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby1.1017.
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby3.1011.352.702.751.50
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby3.551.251.283.1031.35
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby4.
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby5.251.751.164.333.51.20
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby---5.003.751.17
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby---7.0041.10
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby---
 Al Masry - El-Entag El-Harby---20.695.51.02
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI2.6901.501.070.58.42
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI3.240.251.381.110.756.60
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI2.080.251.851.1315.90
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI3.450.51.301.261.253.70
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI1.740.52.151.401.52.85
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI1.500.752.541.501.752.50
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI4.400.751.201.7022.15
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI1.3013.452.032.251.85
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI6.8011.112.322.51.62
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI1.251.253.802.732.751.48
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI1.
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI1.141.755.753.703.251.26
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI---
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI---5.253.751.16
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI---7.744.51.07
 Misr Lel Makasa - ENPPI---20.695.51.02
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.6502.331.080.58.08
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.450.252.841.120.756.40
 Smouha SC - Petrojet2.030.251.941.1415.75
 Smouha SC - Petrojet2.350.51.581.281.253.55
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.350.53.101.431.52.75
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.240.753.901.531.752.44
 Smouha SC - Petrojet2.880.751.401.7422.10
 Smouha SC - Petrojet3.9011.
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.1315.902.372.51.60
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.121.256.402.682.751.45
 Smouha SC - Petrojet4.401.251.203.4531.30
 Smouha SC - Petrojet4.801.51.183.803.251.25
 Smouha SC - Petrojet1.
 Smouha SC - Petrojet6.401.751.125.503.751.15
 Smouha SC - Petrojet---
 Smouha SC - Petrojet---
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.9301.971.070.58.08
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.400.251.601.110.756.80
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.600.252.481.1316.00
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary2.900.51.451.261.253.70
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.450.52.991.401.52.85
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.330.753.301.511.752.50
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary3.300.751.331.7922.15
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.1914.502.112.251.83
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary4.5011.192.432.51.62
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary5.
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary5.751.51.143.553.251.28
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary1.141.55.754.003.51.23
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary---5.253.751.16
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary---
 Talaea El Gaish - Al Ittihad Al Sakandary---
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.7402.
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood2.210.251.731.120.756.25
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.500.252.611.1515.50
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood2.610.51.531.301.253.45
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.380.53.111.451.52.69
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood3.000.751.381.581.752.35
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.260.753.701.8222.07
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.1415.752.162.251.73
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood4.1511.222.472.51.55
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood4.501.251.193.5531.28
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood1.111.56.604.003.251.23
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood5.
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood7.001.751.105.753.751.14
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood---8.964.51.05
 Wadi Degla - Haras El Hodood---26.595.51.01