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Friday 19 April 2024, UKT
Colombia, Primera B
21:00 Internacional de Palmira - Union Magdalena1.7502.071.6022.25
 Internacional de Palmira - Union Magdalena2.060.251.761.902.251.90
 Internacional de Palmira - Union Magdalena2.350.51.562.142.51.67
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo1.7702.181.321.253.30
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo1.520.252.561.491.52.57
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo2.150.251.771.641.752.26
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo1.390.52.981.9121.97
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo2.520.51.562.252.251.65
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo3.140.751.352.562.51.49
 Tigres FC - Cucuta Deportivo1.260.753.813.092.751.36
23:05 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso1.350.253.181.331.53.21
 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso1.520.52.511.411.752.83
 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso1.680.752.271.5622.47
 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso1.9511.991.882.252.03
 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso2.281.251.672.092.51.78
 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso2.591.51.492.342.751.58
 Llaneros FC - Orsomarso3.161.751.352.9131.39
Saturday 20 April 2024, UKT
19:00 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC1.390.52.871.3223.19
 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC1.500.752.501.512.252.46
 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC1.7012.141.702.52.11
 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC2.051.251.831.932.751.91
 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC2.321.51.602.2231.64
 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC2.731.751.432.523.251.49
 Real Soacha Cundinamarca - Bogota FC3.5721.272.823.51.40
20:00 Leones FC - Real Cartagena2.5401.52---
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena2.070.251.761.241.53.88
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena2.910.251.401.582.252.36
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena3.290.51.331.792.52.01
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena1.830.
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena1.610.752.322.3531.58
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena1.4112.912.673.251.47
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena1.331.253.302.953.51.38
 Leones FC - Real Cartagena1.271.53.695.364.51.14
20:30 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio3.4001.33---
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio2.490.251.561.321.53.40
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio3.960.251.261.5122.61
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio2.070.51.791.752.252.09
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio1.870.752.
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio1.5512.502.292.751.64
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio1.431.252.912.8131.44
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio1.341.53.293.493.51.30
 Atletico FC - Deportes Quindio1.241.754.176.884.51.11
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC1.2204.45---
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC1.370.253.151.301.53.51
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC1.530.52.561.4722.72
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC1.670.752.251.702.252.18
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC2.0011.932.022.51.90
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC2.221.251.682.192.751.69
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC2.531.51.542.6631.49
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC3.051.751.393.333.51.33
 Atletico Huila - Barranquilla FC4.1121.256.524.51.12
Sunday 21 April 2024, UKT
20:30 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali1.8302.01---
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali1.560.252.42---
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali2.210.251.701.371.53.02
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali1.430.52.831.471.752.66
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali2.600.51.501.6322.26
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali1.290.753.551.942.251.89
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali3.200.751.342.212.51.66
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali4.5611.202.582.751.50
 CD Real Santander - Boca Juniors de Cali1.1615.203.983.51.23