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Saturday 13 August 2022, UKT
Peru, Primera Division
15:00 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.06010.00---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.160.255.25---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.030.252.74---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.260.53.70---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.030.52.74---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.010.752.74---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.300.753.50---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.3813.09---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-12.74---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.581.252.43---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-1.252.74---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-1.52.74---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein1.751.52.07---
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-1.752.741.020.519.00
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein2.021.751.831.121.256.25
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein2.3521.601.201.54.80
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-22.741.241.753.90
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein2.712.251.481.2823.55
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-2.252.741.482.252.70
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein3.042.51.401.652.52.32
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-2.52.741.832.752.03
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-2.752.742.0531.76
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein3.762.751.302.353.251.60
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-32.742.743.51.48
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein4.6531.183.103.751.35
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein5.
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-3.252.744.254.251.21
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-3.52.744.904.51.19
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein5.503.51.155.904.751.13
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-3.752.749.805.51.04
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein7.003.751.104.906.51.01
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein2.224-9.807.5-
 Sporting Cristal - FC Carlos Stein-42.749.808.5-
17:15 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.2304.401.040.512.00
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.190.254.501.151.255.50
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.400.
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.580.52.451.301.753.45
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.730.752.141.592.252.35
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin1.100.757.001.802.52.08
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin2.0211.832.032.751.83
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin2.341.251.602.3831.58
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin2.681.51.482.603.251.48
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin3.261.751.353.003.51.37
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin4.4921.233.553.751.28
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin4.502.251.194.6541.18
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin5.
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin6.602.751.115.544.51.14
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin---7.004.751.10
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin---
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin---
 Carlos Mannucci - CDU San Martin---
19:30 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma1.3103.44---
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma1.520.252.521.291.53.53
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma1.240.253.981.4422.76
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma1.740.52.091.662.252.20
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma1.990.751.981.922.51.97
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma2.4111.572.132.751.70
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma2.811.251.432.5631.50
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma3.181.51.353.203.51.33
 Ayacucho FC - Asociacion Deportiva Tarma4.011.751.
23:00 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional1.3403.401.060.510.00
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional1.600.252.431.181.254.65
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional1.250.253.891.311.53.50
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional1.870.52.051.351.753.10
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional1.210.54.481.5022.68
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional2.140.751.821.742.252.10
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional1.130.755.901.992.51.89
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional2.6711.552.262.751.65
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional3.071.251.452.7331.48
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional3.471.51.353.003.251.38
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional3.801.751.253.403.51.31
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional5.5021.154.003.751.23
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional5.902.251.135.7541.14
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional6.402.
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional---6.564.51.11
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional---
 Universitario de Deportes - Deportivo Binacional---
Sunday 14 August 2022, UKT
15:00 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo1.9302.
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo2.230.251.651.351.53.25
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo1.580.252.371.431.752.78
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo2.610.51.491.5622.40
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo1.440.52.781.882.251.98
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo1.300.753.452.102.51.75
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo3.230.751.342.392.751.57
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo4.6311.193.753.51.27
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo1.1714.988.004.51.08
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo---
 Alianza Atletico - Universidad Cesar Vallejo---
17:00 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal1.5702.391.050.511.00
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal1.420.252.871.341.53.50
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal1.900.251.961.421.752.82
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal1.320.53.311.5522.43
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal2.210.51.661.812.252.00
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal1.220.754.
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal2.650.751.482.372.751.58
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal3.5011.303.563.51.30
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal3.961.
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal---
 Atletico Grau - Deportivo Municipal---
17:15 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano2.7701.441.040.512.00
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano2.160.251.701.141.255.75
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano3.300.251.341.251.54.00
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano3.680.
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.860.52.001.3523.10
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.650.752.251.572.252.38
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano4.650.751.181.822.52.05
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano7.0011.102.002.751.85
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.4512.782.3131.63
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.351.253.152.613.251.50
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.301.53.522.893.51.40
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.211.754.253.453.751.30
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.1226.254.5041.19
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano1.112.256.805.004.251.17
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano---5.504.51.14
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano---6.804.751.11
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano---
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano---
 Sport Boys Association - Cienciano---
19:30 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.2603.831.040.512.00
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.430.252.831.141.255.75
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.200.254.401.241.54.00
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.600.52.361.281.753.55
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.180.54.801.3523.10
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.110.756.601.562.252.41
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca1.760.752.081.762.52.05
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca2.0411.812.012.751.85
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca2.321.251.612.3031.61
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca2.621.51.492.603.251.49
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca3.171.751.352.873.51.40
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca4.2821.223.453.751.30
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca4.502.251.194.5041.19
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca5.
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca6.602.751.115.504.51.15
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca---6.804.751.11
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca---
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca---
 Sport Huancayo - UTC Cajamarca---
Monday 15 August 2022, UKT
23:00 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.1007.001.040.513.00
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.190.254.501.141.255.75
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.290.53.551.221.54.10
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.350.753.181.281.753.55
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.4312.821.3523.10
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.651.252.281.562.252.43
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao1.931.51.991.802.52.08
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao2.101.751.752.072.751.90
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao2.5321.522.2931.65
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao2.882.251.412.583.251.50
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao3.302.51.342.843.51.41
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao3.902.751.243.453.751.30
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao5.5031.154.4041.20
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao5.903.251.134.804.251.18
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao6.
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao---6.604.751.11
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao---
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao---
 FBC Melgar - Academia Cantolao---