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Saturday 23 November 2019, UKT
Slovakia Slovakia, Super Liga
13:00 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava1.5202.50---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava1.410.252.84---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava1.790.252.03---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava1.330.53.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.040.51.79---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.040.751.39---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava1.160.753.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-13.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.041----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-1.253.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.041.25----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.041.5----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-1.53.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-1.753.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.041.75----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-23.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.042----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-2.253.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.042.25----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.042.5----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-2.53.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.042.75----
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-2.753.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-33.25---
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.043-1.010.515.00
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.043.25-
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.043.5-2.523.51.50
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-3.753.258.605.51.02
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.043.75-4.306.51.01
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava-43.258.607.5-
 AS Trencin - Spartak Trnava2.044-8.608.5-
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina3.9001.25---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina4.520.251.18---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina2.710.251.43---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina2.210.51.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.200.51.15---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina1.600.751.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.200.751.07---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-11.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.201----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-1.251.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.201.25----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-1.51.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.201.5----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-1.751.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.201.75----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-21.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.202----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.202.25----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-2.251.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.202.5----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-2.51.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.202.75----
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-2.751.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-31.64---
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.203--0.513.50
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-3.251.641.181.54.00
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.203.25-1.692.52.10
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.203.5-2.783.51.42
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-3.51.645.004.51.11
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.203.75-9.605.51.01
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-3.751.645.006.5-
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina-41.645.007.5-
 FC Nitra - MSK Zilina5.204-5.008.5-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce2.3901.54---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce2.810.251.42---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce1.960.251.83---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.250.51.34---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce1.730.52.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.250.751.17---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce1.360.752.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-12.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.251----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-1.252.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.251.25----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-1.52.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.251.5----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-1.752.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.251.75----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.252----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-22.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.252.25----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-2.252.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.252.5----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-2.52.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.252.75----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-2.752.10---
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.253----
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.253.25-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.253.5-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.253.75-9.605.51.01
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-3.752.
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce-42.109.607.5-
 FK Pohronie - Zlate Moravce3.254-9.608.5-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda2.5201.50---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda2.950.251.38---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda2.030.251.77---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda1.760.52.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.400.51.31---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.400.751.15---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda1.390.752.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-12.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.401----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-1.252.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.401.25----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.401.5----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-1.52.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-1.752.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.401.75----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-22.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.402----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-2.252.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.402.25----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.402.5----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-2.52.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.402.75----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-2.752.06---
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.403----
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.403.25-1.842.51.95
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.403.5-5.504.51.08
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.403.75-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-3.752.0612.006.5-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda-42.0612.007.5-
 MFK Zemplin Michalovce - Dunajska Streda3.404-12.008.5-
14:00 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.2004.33---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.170.254.56---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.360.252.75---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.510.52.26---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.150.55.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.510.751.64---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.070.755.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-15.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.511----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-1.255.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.511.25----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.511.5----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-1.55.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.511.75----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-1.755.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-25.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.512----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-2.255.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.512.25----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-2.55.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.512.5----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.512.75----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-2.755.10---
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.513----
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-35.10-0.513.50
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.513.25-1.702.52.10
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.513.5-
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-3.755.109.805.51.01
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.513.75-5.006.5-
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica-
 MFK Ruzomberok - FK Senica1.514-5.008.5-
15:00 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.02024.88---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.010.2526.44---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.040.2510.34---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.010.528.00---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.080.56.81---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.080.753.90---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-0.7517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-117.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.081----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.081.25----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-1.2517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-1.517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.081.5----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.081.75----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-1.7517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-217.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.082----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.082.25----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-2.2517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-2.517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.082.5----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-2.7517.50---
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.082.75----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.083----
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-317.50-0.519.00
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.083.25-
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-3.2517.501.302.53.10
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-3.517.501.923.51.89
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.083.5-2.964.51.33
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-3.7517.505.405.51.09
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.083.75-10.506.51.02
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered1.084-10.507.5-
 Slovan Bratislava - Sered-417.5010.508.5-