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Wednesday 30 September 2020, UKT
Slovakia, Super Liga
16:00 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.03023.32---
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.030.2524.501.010.527.00
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.080.2511.381.171.55.75
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.150.57.661.161.755.25
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.030.525.671.1924.50
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.180.756.751.332.253.30
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.010.7524.861.532.52.86
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.2015.841.562.752.41
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.331.253.531.7632.10
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.451.52.711.993.251.90
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica-1.553.
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.571.752.432.593.751.53
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica1.8722.133.0041.38
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica2.052.251.863.304.251.33
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica2.262.51.683.884.51.28
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica2.622.751.534.254.751.21
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica3.2731.385.7551.14
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica3.623.251.336.005.251.13
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica3.943.
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica5.023.751.
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica5.9041.1315.007.51.01
 Slovan Bratislava - FK Senica6.
Saturday 3 October 2020, UKT
17:00 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda2.5001.55-0.521.00
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda2.050.251.811.121.56.44
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda2.850.251.421.131.755.90
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda3.300.51.331.1625.25
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.800.
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.630.752.381.402.52.88
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda4.000.751.231.502.752.60
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda5.5011.151.6032.31
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.4512.681.803.252.00
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.381.
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda5.901.
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda6.
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.331.53.303.004.251.38
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.231.754.003.344.51.33
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.1525.503.804.751.25
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.132.255.905.0051.17
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda1.
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda---5.915.51.14
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda---8.506.51.05
 MSK Zilina - Dunajska Streda---
19:00 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.3303.251.030.510.00
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.250.253.801.191.254.50
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.530.252.681.301.53.45
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.730.52.181.381.753.00
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.990.751.891.732.252.09
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce1.130.755.902.002.51.83
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce2.3611.602.272.751.63
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce2.801.251.482.8331.45
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce3.001.51.383.003.251.38
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce3.551.751.283.583.51.30
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce5.2521.164.103.751.23
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce5.752.251.145.7541.14
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce6.
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce---6.604.51.11
 MFK Ruzomberok - Zlate Moravce---
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.2204.001.010.515.00
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.180.254.651.121.256.25
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.400.252.851.201.54.60
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.550.52.501.231.754.00
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.150.55.501.2823.55
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.700.752.171.452.252.68
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.100.757.001.622.52.33
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce1.9511.851.782.752.05
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce2.291.251.652.0431.78
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce2.631.51.532.373.251.60
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce2.851.751.402.703.51.50
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce3.7021.263.003.751.38
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce4.
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce4.402.
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce5.902.751.
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce---5.754.751.14
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce---7.505.51.07
 SKF Sered - MFK Zemplin Michalovce---
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.2004.331.020.511.00
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.380.
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.530.52.491.331.753.30
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.150.55.501.4322.84
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.690.752.151.632.252.25
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra1.9911.901.852.51.95
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra2.361.251.632.102.751.73
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra2.731.51.502.5631.53
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra3.001.751.382.753.251.43
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra4.0021.
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra4.402.251.203.703.751.26
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra4.802.51.185.2541.16
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra6.252.751.125.754.251.14
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra---6.404.51.13
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra---
 Spartak Trnava - FC Nitra---
Sunday 4 October 2020, UKT
17:00 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.2503.75-0.519.00
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.400.252.851.151.55.73
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.560.52.401.2024.40
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.190.54.501.332.253.30
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.700.752.131.482.52.66
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.130.756.001.582.752.39
 AS Trencin - FK Senica1.9511.861.7332.09
 AS Trencin - FK Senica2.221.251.651.983.251.83
 AS Trencin - FK Senica2.511.51.532.203.51.68
 AS Trencin - FK Senica2.851.751.402.553.751.53
 AS Trencin - FK Senica3.7021.263.0041.38
 AS Trencin - FK Senica4.
 AS Trencin - FK Senica4.402.51.203.814.51.28
 AS Trencin - FK Senica5.752.751.144.404.751.20
 AS Trencin - FK Senica---5.9051.13
 AS Trencin - FK Senica---
 AS Trencin - FK Senica---6.505.51.10
 AS Trencin - FK Senica---
 AS Trencin - FK Senica---
18:00 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava6.0001.111.010.515.00
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava4.
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava7.
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava3.100.51.351.201.754.40
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava2.850.751.401.2324.00
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava2.5711.501.402.252.85
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava2.111.251.731.532.52.50
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.861.51.951.682.752.23
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.681.752.211.8531.95
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.4822.682.093.251.73
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.402.252.852.353.51.57
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.332.53.302.683.751.45
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.252.753.803.4541.30
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.1635.253.554.251.28
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.143.255.754.154.51.22
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava1.
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava---6.8051.11
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava---
 FK Pohronie - Slovan Bratislava---10.506.51.03