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Friday 24 February 2017, UKT
Australia Australia, A-League
08:50 Melbourne City - Sydney FC2.0501.881.472.252.74
 Melbourne City - Sydney FC1.770.252.211.782.52.28
 Melbourne City - Sydney FC2.400.251.631.942.752.04
 Melbourne City - Sydney FC2.750.51.492.1331.79
 Melbourne City - Sydney FC1.570.52.522.403.251.61
Saturday 25 February 2017, UKT
06:35 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix1.3003.40-0.517.00
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix1.480.252.781.111.256.60
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix1.690.
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix1.900.752.051.211.754.25
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix2.2411.781.2623.70
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix2.591.251.551.432.252.75
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---1.632.52.38
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---1.782.752.19
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---2.0231.88
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---2.563.51.54
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---2.853.751.40
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---3.5541.28
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---
 Brisbane Roar - Wellington Phoenix---5.504.751.15
08:50 Melbourne Victory - Adelaide United1.530.752.601.582.52.66
 Melbourne Victory - Adelaide United1.7112.261.622.752.38
 Melbourne Victory - Adelaide United2.001.251.951.8632.10
 Melbourne Victory - Adelaide United2.281.51.732.133.251.84
 Melbourne Victory - Adelaide United2.681.751.512.313.51.67
11:00 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.7102.331.582.52.54
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers2.010.251.951.622.752.39
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.530.252.631.8032.12
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers2.310.51.682.083.251.85
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers2.690.751.512.313.51.67
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers---2.623.751.53
Sunday 26 February 2017, UKT
06:00 Newcastle Jets - Central Coast Mariners1.520.252.661.512.52.64
 Newcastle Jets - Central Coast Mariners1.800.52.211.642.752.36
 Newcastle Jets - Central Coast Mariners1.980.751.971.9032.08
 Newcastle Jets - Central Coast Mariners2.3111.682.133.251.82
 Newcastle Jets - Central Coast Mariners2.651.251.532.333.51.65
Sunday 5 March 2017, UKT
06:00 Central Coast Mariners - Melbourne City3.4001.30-0.519.00
 Central Coast Mariners - Melbourne City---1.502.52.50