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Friday 13 December 2019, UKT
Australia Australia, A-League
08:30 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.9402.01-0.515.00
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC2.250.251.731.131.255.90
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.670.252.371.221.54.65
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.510.52.741.261.753.70
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC2.590.51.561.3323.30
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.380.753.001.532.252.65
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC3.000.751.381.732.52.21
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC3.9011.241.922.751.99
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.2314.102.2031.76
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC4.401.251.202.503.251.58
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.191.254.502.803.51.48
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC5.
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.171.55.694.1541.22
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC1.111.756.604.504.251.19
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC6.401.751.125.384.51.18
 Brisbane Roar - Western United FC---6.254.751.12
Saturday 14 December 2019, UKT
06:00 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.5402.651.030.515.00
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.410.
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.840.
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.330.53.631.241.753.90
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix2.120.51.831.2823.55
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.230.754.001.482.252.79
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix2.460.751.611.672.52.31
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.1315.901.842.752.09
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix2.8511.402.1031.84
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.121.256.402.393.251.63
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix3.301.251.332.693.51.51
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix3.921.
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix1.111.56.803.9041.24
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix4.501.751.
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix6.8021.
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix---5.904.751.13
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix---
 Melbourne Victory - Wellington Phoenix---
08:30 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners1.1007.001.030.517.00
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners1.
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners1.330.53.301.181.754.65
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners1.380.753.001.2224.15
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners1.4812.601.382.253.00
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners1.781.252.201.522.52.52
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners2.011.51.921.632.752.25
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners2.151.751.681.8632.07
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners2.6021.482.083.251.82
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners2.852.251.402.303.51.60
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners3.302.51.332.603.751.48
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners3.902.751.243.3041.33
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners5.5031.153.554.251.28
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners5.903.251.133.804.51.25
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners6.
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners---6.6051.11
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners---
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners---
 Sydney FC - Central Coast Mariners---
10:45 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.3303.251.040.513.00
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.260.253.701.131.255.90
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.540.252.651.221.54.71
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.780.
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.220.54.761.3023.45
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers2.020.751.941.512.252.70
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers1.140.755.751.702.52.25
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers2.3511.671.902.752.01
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers2.721.251.522.2031.76
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers3.081.51.422.493.251.59
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers3.551.751.282.793.51.48
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers4.8021.183.103.751.35
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers5.502.251.154.1541.22
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers6.592.51.144.504.251.19
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers---5.364.51.18
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers---6.254.751.12
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers---
 Perth Glory - Western Sydney Wanderers---
Sunday 15 December 2019, UKT
07:30 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City2.1101.851.030.515.00
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City2.480.251.601.131.255.90
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.790.
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.610.52.461.251.753.80
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City2.850.51.481.3023.45
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.430.752.751.512.252.72
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City3.300.751.331.702.52.26
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.2813.551.932.752.02
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City4.4011.202.2331.75
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City5.
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.221.54.843.303.751.33
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City6.
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City1.131.755.904.504.251.19
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City7.001.751.105.494.51.17
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City---6.254.751.12
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City---
 Newcastle Jets - Melbourne City---