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Friday 8 March 2024, UKT
Australia, A-League
08:45 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United1.3603.311.161.55.61
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United1.560.252.581.512.52.63
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United1.300.253.741.642.752.37
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United1.750.52.191.8432.09
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United1.970.751.972.083.251.84
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United2.2811.712.293.51.67
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United2.541.251.562.633.751.52
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United2.831.51.463.894.51.27
 Western Sydney Wanderers - Western United3.441.751.347.425.51.11
Saturday 9 March 2024, UKT
06:30 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix1.4503.12---
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix1.660.252.41---
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix1.320.253.571.201.54.71
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix1.900.52.061.652.52.35
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix1.
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix2.160.751.822.0631.89
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix2.5111.582.333.251.66
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix2.821.251.462.613.51.54
 Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix3.171.51.384.674.51.21
08:45 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory2.2001.77---
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory2.590.251.59---
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory1.860.
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory2.960.51.431.592.52.48
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory1.660.52.341.742.752.22
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory1.490.752.751.9831.98
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory3.650.751.312.213.251.76
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory1.3313.512.443.51.62
 Adelaide United - Melbourne Victory1.281.253.914.094.51.25
10:45 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets1.6502.451.141.56.02
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets1.520.252.841.482.52.72
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets1.900.252.031.582.752.47
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets2.160.51.811.7232.19
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets1.370.53.211.993.251.92
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets1.270.754.
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets2.450.751.622.473.751.58
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets3.0211.413.564.51.31
 Perth Glory - Newcastle Jets3.391.251.356.565.51.13
Sunday 10 March 2024, UKT
06:00 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners2.1901.74---
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners2.540.251.57---
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners1.900.
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners1.680.52.301.572.52.48
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners2.870.51.451.702.752.22
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners3.530.751.321.9331.98
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners1.510.752.702.163.251.74
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners1.3413.432.403.51.61
 Macarthur FC - Central Coast Mariners1.291.253.834.154.51.25
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar1.2404.
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar1.390.253.141.412.52.97
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar1.540.52.601.502.752.68
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar1.660.752.331.6232.37
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar1.8712.061.853.252.05
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar2.121.251.832.083.51.82
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar2.381.51.642.323.751.65
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar2.791.751.473.374.51.34
 Sydney FC - Brisbane Roar3.5621.326.185.51.14