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Saturday 9 March 2024, UKT
Austria, Bundesliga
16:00 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg3.2501.38---
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg3.800.251.291.351.53.31
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg2.380.251.631.5522.54
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg4.370.51.241.812.252.07
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg2.080.51.892.062.51.85
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.750.752.172.342.751.64
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.5012.712.8431.46
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.391.253.123.483.51.32
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.321.53.546.884.51.12
Sunday 10 March 2024, UKT
16:00 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz3.2201.38---
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz2.380.251.631.341.53.36
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz3.760.251.301.5422.57
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz4.300.51.241.792.252.09
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz2.050.51.882.052.51.91
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz1.750.752.162.332.751.65
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz1.5112.702.8331.46
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz1.401.253.103.493.51.32
 Austria Lustenau - Blau Weiss Linz1.331.53.526.914.51.12
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol1.2204.66---
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol1.370.
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol1.540.52.611.492.252.72
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol1.670.752.301.682.52.27
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol1.8912.031.852.752.03
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol2.181.251.742.1031.86
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol2.471.51.592.393.251.61
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol2.941.751.432.653.51.50
 Austria Wien - WSG Tirol3.8821.284.854.51.19
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien3.3701.36---
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien2.330.251.651.231.54.29
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien4.
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien4.760.51.211.812.52.07
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien1.980.51.962.002.751.91
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien1.710.752.232.2931.66
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien1.5012.722.573.251.54
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien1.401.253.072.823.51.45
 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Rapid Wien1.341.53.435.484.51.16
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz2.7001.51---
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz3.160.251.391.251.54.09
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz2.130.251.781.602.252.43
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz1.860.52.051.812.52.06
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz3.620.51.312.032.751.89
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz1.630.752.372.3731.62
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz1.4312.992.683.251.50
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz1.351.253.392.973.51.41
 TSV Hartberg - Sturm Graz1.291.53.805.604.51.16
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach1.5102.69---
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach1.390.253.151.341.53.35
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach1.780.252.111.5422.56
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach1.310.53.621.802.252.07
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach2.080.51.832.062.51.89
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach2.410.751.612.362.751.63
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach3.1011.412.9031.44
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach3.531.251.323.603.51.31
 Wolfsberger AC - SCR Altach3.971.