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Saturday 11 December 2021, UKT
Austria, Bundesliga
17:00 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC2.2701.76---
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC2.650.251.521.231.54.41
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.920.252.051.532.252.61
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.690.52.261.772.52.20
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC3.010.51.411.982.751.98
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.520.752.672.1731.73
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC3.760.751.302.463.251.58
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.3413.432.723.51.48
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.281.253.865.054.51.18
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol1.391.
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol1.521.52.621.372.53.26
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol1.641.752.351.5232.63
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol1.8122.161.833.252.20
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol2.082.251.892.053.51.96
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol2.322.51.662.123.751.76
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol2.712.751.502.4841.57
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol3.4131.343.034.51.40
 Red Bull Salzburg - WSG Swarovski Tirol3.793.251.295.525.51.16
 SV Ried - SCR Altach1.5402.62---
 SV Ried - SCR Altach1.410.253.061.331.53.52
 SV Ried - SCR Altach1.810.252.151.5122.70
 SV Ried - SCR Altach2.090.51.861.762.252.25
 SV Ried - SCR Altach1.340.53.502.022.51.97
 SV Ried - SCR Altach2.470.751.602.292.751.71
 SV Ried - SCR Altach3.2811.382.8131.47
 SV Ried - SCR Altach3.761.251.303.523.51.32
 SV Ried - SCR Altach4.
Sunday 12 December 2021, UKT
14:30 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna2.9701.43---
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna3.460.251.331.261.53.97
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna2.260.251.731.4023.07
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna1.960.51.991.632.252.36
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna3.960.51.271.862.52.06
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna1.730.752.242.082.751.90
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna1.4812.802.4431.59
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna1.381.
 Admira Wacker - Rapid Vienna1.321.53.605.914.51.15
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz2.7401.49---
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz3.170.251.381.221.54.55
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz2.190.251.761.512.252.67
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz3.610.51.311.732.52.23
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz1.920.52.001.932.752.01
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz1.720.752.292.2531.76
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz1.4712.852.413.251.61
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz1.371.253.232.673.51.50
 Austria Klagenfurt - Sturm Graz1.311.53.624.944.51.19
17:00 Austria Wien - LASK Linz2.0601.89---
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz2.400.251.621.251.54.11
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz1.770.252.201.592.252.44
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz1.560.52.531.882.52.07
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz2.770.51.492.112.751.86
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz1.410.753.052.3331.64
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz3.400.751.342.633.251.52
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz4.7711.212.913.51.43
 Austria Wien - LASK Linz1.2614.125.574.51.16