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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
Austria, Bundesliga
15:00 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg3.8811.
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg2.901.251.441.382.53.13
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg2.431.51.631.5632.50
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg2.201.751.771.803.252.16
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg1.9122.
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg1.722.
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg1.572.52.512.6541.52
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg1.432.752.943.234.51.36
 Austria Lustenau - Red Bull Salzburg1.3033.735.855.51.15
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt1.9701.96---
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt1.690.252.301.291.53.83
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt2.330.251.691.4422.93
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt2.700.51.531.732.252.28
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt1.530.52.661.972.51.96
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt3.300.751.372.172.751.80
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt1.380.753.242.5831.55
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt1.2414.473.203.51.38
 Blau Weiss Linz - Austria Klagenfurt4.6011.
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz2.4001.67---
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz2.740.251.511.241.54.30
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz1.940.252.001.562.252.53
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz1.740.52.281.782.52.13
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz3.120.51.402.002.751.93
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz1.530.752.662.2931.71
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz3.930.751.282.603.251.54
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz1.3513.432.883.51.45
 Wolfsberger AC - LASK Linz1.291.253.875.354.51.18
Sunday 1 October 2023, UKT
12:30 Hartberg - SCR Altach1.4902.811.271.53.99
 Hartberg - SCR Altach1.380.253.251.4023.11
 Hartberg - SCR Altach1.780.252.211.632.252.39
 Hartberg - SCR Altach1.310.53.691.852.52.08
 Hartberg - SCR Altach2.010.51.922.082.751.83
 Hartberg - SCR Altach2.280.751.692.4231.61
 Hartberg - SCR Altach2.8411.482.693.251.45
 Hartberg - SCR Altach3.221.251.383.043.51.41
 Hartberg - SCR Altach3.621.51.325.794.51.16
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol1.310.753.651.161.55.58
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol1.3713.211.492.52.69
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol1.601.252.511.602.752.42
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol1.791.52.141.8232.16
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol2.051.751.912.003.251.91
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol2.3121.672.223.51.70
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol2.632.251.532.573.751.54
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol2.932.51.433.834.51.28
 Sturm Graz - WSG Tirol3.552.751.327.275.51.11
15:00 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien2.0401.87---
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien2.380.251.64---
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien1.750.
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien1.590.52.501.652.52.34
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien2.730.51.511.812.752.14
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien3.310.751.372.0831.85
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien1.430.752.982.303.251.67
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien1.2813.922.573.51.55
 Austria Wien - Rapid Wien4.5111.234.504.51.23
Saturday 7 October 2023, UKT
15:00 Austria Lustenau - Rapid Wien1.9211.971.942.751.93
 Austria Wien - Blau Weiss Linz1.830.52.051.932.751.94
 TSV Hartberg - WSG Tirol1.940.51.94---
 TSV Hartberg - WSG Tirol2.000.751.881.812.752.06
Sunday 8 October 2023, UKT
12:30 LASK Linz - SCR Altach1.8312.052.0631.81
 Wolfsberger AC - SK Sturm Graz2.050.751.831.812.752.06
15:00 SK Austria Klagenfurt - Red Bull Salzburg2.051.51.911.8132.06