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Saturday 21 September 2019, UKT
Austria Austria, Bundesliga
15:00 Admira - St Polten1.7302.23-0.515.00
 Admira - St Polten2.050.251.891.191.54.80
 Admira - St Polten1.540.252.561.462.252.77
 Admira - St Polten1.430.52.921.662.52.30
 Admira - St Polten2.300.51.661.882.752.04
 Admira - St Polten2.750.751.482.1731.78
 Admira - St Polten1.
 Admira - St Polten4.601.51.212.703.51.49
 Admira - St Polten---
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz3.0401.411.271.53.86
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz2.330.251.651.4222.94
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz2.020.51.901.652.252.30
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz4.
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz1.760.752.192.212.751.74
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz1.4712.782.6031.52
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz1.301.53.713.333.51.34
 SV Mattersburg - Sturm Graz---6.784.51.11
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna3.5001.35-0.517.00
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna3.550.
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna2.630.251.521.181.55.09
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna4.470.
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna2.210.51.711.2523.80
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.990.751.931.432.252.75
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna5.500.751.151.602.52.40
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.7512.221.742.752.25
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.551.252.542.0031.90
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.451.52.862.233.251.68
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.331.753.302.503.51.56
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.2024.402.853.751.40
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.152.55.783.904.251.24
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna1.102.757.004.634.51.21
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna---5.504.751.15
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna---
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna---9.006.5-
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna---9.007.5-
 WSG Wattens - Rapid Vienna---9.008.5-
Sunday 22 September 2019, UKT
12:30 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach1.7202.28---
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach2.010.251.911.171.55.29
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach1.560.252.531.562.52.49
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach1.450.52.871.702.752.21
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach2.290.51.691.9531.95
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach2.630.751.522.203.251.74
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach1.131.56.452.483.51.56
 Austria Vienna - SCR Altach4.
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC2.450.251.59---
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC2.130.51.801.151.55.58
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC3.860.51.281.522.52.60
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.910.752.011.642.752.31
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.6112.411.8932.02
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.471.252.772.193.251.76
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.391.53.142.383.51.61
 Hartberg - Wolfsberger AC1.122.56.864.344.51.22
15:00 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg2.670.51.511.151.55.68
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg5.560.51.161.512.52.62
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg2.360.751.631.632.752.33
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg2.0611.861.8432.06
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.821.
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.611.52.412.373.51.61
 LASK Linz - Red Bull Salzburg1.202.54.734.364.51.22