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Saturday 9 December 2023, UKT
England, League Two
15:00 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers1.5602.48---
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers1.880.
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers1.430.252.891.522.252.58
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers1.350.53.271.712.52.16
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers2.080.51.781.962.751.94
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers1.240.754.152.1831.70
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers2.420.751.592.473.251.56
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers3.0311.392.743.51.45
 Accrington Stanley - Doncaster Rovers3.421.251.325.054.51.17
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town1.4402.85---
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town1.680.252.24---
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town1.350.
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town1.950.51.931.632.52.32
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town1.290.53.711.862.752.08
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town2.180.751.712.0531.83
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town2.6511.502.273.251.65
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town3.011.251.402.533.51.53
 AFC Wimbledon - Swindon Town3.371.51.334.444.51.21
 Barrow - Gillingham1.4402.86---
 Barrow - Gillingham1.330.253.37---
 Barrow - Gillingham1.730.252.171.371.53.09
 Barrow - Gillingham2.010.51.851.461.752.74
 Barrow - Gillingham1.270.53.891.6022.36
 Barrow - Gillingham2.340.751.631.882.251.96
 Barrow - Gillingham3.0211.402.132.51.73
 Barrow - Gillingham3.451.251.322.472.751.56
 Barrow - Gillingham3.901.51.273.773.51.27
 Bradford City - Salford City1.3903.09---
 Bradford City - Salford City1.300.253.591.281.53.72
 Bradford City - Salford City1.630.252.331.4322.89
 Bradford City - Salford City1.
 Bradford City - Salford City1.890.51.991.882.51.96
 Bradford City - Salford City2.140.751.742.112.751.74
 Bradford City - Salford City2.6511.502.5231.54
 Bradford City - Salford City3.041.251.393.153.51.36
 Bradford City - Salford City3.431.51.326.004.51.13
 Colchester United - Crawley Town1.7502.16---
 Colchester United - Crawley Town1.540.252.531.201.54.64
 Colchester United - Crawley Town2.040.251.851.472.252.72
 Colchester United - Crawley Town2.330.51.631.652.52.26
 Colchester United - Crawley Town1.430.52.891.882.752.03
 Colchester United - Crawley Town2.760.751.472.0531.79
 Colchester United - Crawley Town1.300.753.572.333.251.62
 Colchester United - Crawley Town3.5711.302.583.51.51
 Colchester United - Crawley Town3.991.251.264.574.51.20
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham3.4601.32---
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham3.960.
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham2.590.251.521.482.252.68
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham2.160.51.721.662.52.24
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham1.930.751.981.832.752.02
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham1.6612.262.0731.77
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham1.521.252.602.353.251.61
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham1.421.52.922.613.51.50
 Forest Green Rovers - Wrexham1.301.753.594.694.51.19
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra1.7502.12---
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra1.550.252.521.231.54.18
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra2.080.251.831.562.252.47
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra2.400.51.601.762.52.08
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra1.420.52.891.972.751.88
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra1.300.753.602.2731.65
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra2.880.751.442.573.251.52
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra3.8011.282.843.51.43
 Grimsby Town - Crewe Alexandra4.
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons1.4302.75---
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons1.660.
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons1.340.253.141.462.252.63
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons1.280.53.541.642.52.20
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons1.950.51.961.922.751.99
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons2.140.751.722.0931.74
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons2.6011.482.313.251.58
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons2.941.251.382.563.51.47
 Mansfield Town - Milton Keynes Dons3.281.51.324.524.51.18
 Morecambe - Stockport County3.8801.27---
 Morecambe - Stockport County2.800.251.461.261.53.84
 Morecambe - Stockport County4.420.251.221.4023.01
 Morecambe - Stockport County2.290.51.651.612.252.34
 Morecambe - Stockport County2.020.751.851.832.52.04
 Morecambe - Stockport County1.7212.152.052.751.90
 Morecambe - Stockport County1.551.252.502.4331.57
 Morecambe - Stockport County1.441.52.843.053.51.38
 Morecambe - Stockport County1.311.753.505.794.51.14
 Notts County - Walsall1.2603.99---
 Notts County - Walsall1.420.252.93---
 Notts County - Walsall1.580.52.421.191.54.78
 Notts County - Walsall1.740.752.151.602.52.36
 Notts County - Walsall2.0411.871.792.752.11
 Notts County - Walsall2.271.251.662.0031.85
 Notts County - Walsall2.561.51.532.253.251.66
 Notts County - Walsall3.071.751.392.523.51.54
 Notts County - Walsall4.0621.254.504.51.20
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town1.4802.72---
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town1.760.
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town1.360.253.181.592.252.38
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town2.020.51.851.812.52.05
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town1.290.53.642.022.751.84
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town2.330.751.632.3631.60
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town2.9311.432.673.251.49
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town3.321.251.342.953.51.40
 Sutton United - Harrogate Town3.721.51.285.524.51.15
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County1.8302.07---
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County1.570.252.461.241.54.02
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County2.140.251.741.592.252.39
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County2.480.51.561.802.52.06
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County1.440.52.852.022.751.85
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County1.310.753.512.3531.61
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County2.980.751.402.653.251.49
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County4.0211.252.933.51.41
 Tranmere Rovers - Newport County1.1914.955.384.51.16