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Tuesday 21 May 2024, UKT
Denmark, Superliga
17:00 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen6.9901.12---
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen4.360.251.24---
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen3.300.51.361.221.54.48
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen2.910.751.481.502.252.75
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen2.5011.611.702.52.25
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen2.061.251.881.872.752.07
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen1.811.52.122.1531.79
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen1.621.752.462.453.251.62
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen1.4323.092.743.51.49
 AGF Aarhus - FC Copenhagen1.332.253.505.084.51.18
Saturday 25 May 2024, UKT
13:00 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby2.3901.60---
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby2.840.251.451.241.54.12
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby2.040.251.951.572.252.43
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby1.800.52.221.782.52.08
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby3.260.51.352.012.751.86
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby1.540.752.622.3131.63
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby4.150.751.242.613.251.51
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby1.3313.382.883.51.42
 Hvidovre IF - Lyngby1.271.253.815.304.51.16
 Randers FC - Vejle BK1.550.252.421.542.252.40
 Randers FC - Vejle BK1.760.52.111.742.52.11
 Randers FC - Vejle BK1.990.751.871.962.751.89
 Randers FC - Vejle BK2.3411.592.2631.62
 Randers FC - Vejle BK2.641.251.462.543.251.48
 Viborg FF - Odense BK1.5402.58---
 Viborg FF - Odense BK1.790.
 Viborg FF - Odense BK1.420.252.981.502.252.64
 Viborg FF - Odense BK2.040.51.831.682.52.20
 Viborg FF - Odense BK1.330.53.381.882.751.98
 Viborg FF - Odense BK2.340.751.622.1431.73
 Viborg FF - Odense BK2.9311.432.423.251.58
 Viborg FF - Odense BK3.311.251.342.693.51.47
 Viborg FF - Odense BK3.691.51.294.854.51.18
Sunday 26 May 2024, UKT
15:00 Brondby IF - AGF Aarhus1.450.752.671.582.52.33
 Brondby IF - AGF Aarhus1.5812.361.742.752.11
 Brondby IF - AGF Aarhus1.831.252.031.9731.87
 Brondby IF - AGF Aarhus2.061.51.802.233.251.64
 Brondby IF - AGF Aarhus2.341.751.592.453.51.52
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF1.330.53.40---
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF1.400.753.01---
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF1.5312.621.171.55.16
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF1.781.252.121.542.52.51
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF2.031.51.851.662.752.24
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF2.291.751.651.8831.98
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF2.8321.452.123.251.75
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF3.192.251.362.363.51.61
 FC Midtjylland - Silkeborg IF3.562.51.304.064.51.24