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Friday 20 September 2019, UKT
Netherlands Netherlands, Eerste Divisie
18:00 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.4303.00---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.350.253.45---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.640.252.38---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.300.53.90---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.850.52.12---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar2.060.751.90---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.200.755.05---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar2.4111.60---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.1117.73---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.101.258.38---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar2.741.251.48---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.091.59.00---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar3.071.51.40---
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.061.759.031.030.517.00
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar3.821.751.301.171.55.17
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar5.4021.181.2224.15
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar5.892.251.161.382.253.00
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar6.
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar8.712.751.
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-2.759.002.473.51.57
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar14.4231.052.683.751.45
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-39.003.3041.33
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar14.613.251.054.464.51.24
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar15.
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar15.283.751.028.805.51.08
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-3.759.0015.006.51.03
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar15.284-8.807.51.01
 Almere City - Jong AZ Alkmaar-49.008.808.5-
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.2604.28---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.220.254.89---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.440.253.04---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.190.55.50---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.620.52.49---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.750.752.20---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.120.757.50---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.9511.95---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.06112.70---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven2.221.251.69---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.051.2513.35---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven2.491.51.55---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.051.514.00---
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven2.961.751.401.030.517.00
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven1.021.7514.
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven3.8821.281.191.754.50
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-214.001.2224.15
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-2.2514.001.382.253.00
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven4.332.251.231.532.52.54
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-2.514.001.652.752.26
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven4.832.51.201.8931.99
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-2.7514.
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven6.162.751.142.363.51.59
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven9.0731.082.683.751.45
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-314.003.3041.33
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven9.633.251.083.554.251.28
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-3.2514.
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven10.
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-3.514.006.6051.11
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven10.193.751.058.805.51.08
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-3.7514.0015.006.51.03
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven-414.008.807.5-
 De Graafschap - FC Eindhoven10.194-8.808.5-
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.7402.19---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht2.040.251.86---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.530.252.53---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.430.52.89---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht2.340.51.64---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht2.740.751.48---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.310.753.54---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht3.4711.33---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.1914.93---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht3.881.251.27---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.171.255.48---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht4.581.51.23---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.151.56.00---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht5.651.751.16---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.101.758.30---
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht8.6921.091.030.517.00
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.05213.781.111.256.60
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.402.
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.052.2514.531.221.754.15
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.052.515.281.2623.70
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.772.51.081.432.252.75
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht1.022.7515.281.602.52.33
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht10.012.751.051.762.752.14
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.843-2.0331.85
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht-315.
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht-3.2515.282.573.51.53
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.843.25-2.853.751.40
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.843.5-3.5541.28
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht-3.515.
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht-3.7515.284.784.51.22
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.843.75-5.504.751.15
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht-415.
 Den Bosch - MVV Maastricht9.844-
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen2.4601.56---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen2.120.251.81---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen2.850.251.45---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen3.300.51.38---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.860.52.05---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.620.752.33---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen4.000.751.28---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen5.7511.18---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.4412.78---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.371.253.14---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen6.001.251.16---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.321.53.50---
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen6.781.
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.231.754.331.131.56.79
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen8.511.751.101.141.755.75
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen14.0721.051.1725.00
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.1526.001.302.253.45
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen14.892.251.051.452.53.00
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.142.256.501.532.752.43
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.122.56.881.6532.37
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.092.759.472.123.51.82
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.282.751.022.353.751.63
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.283-2.7541.45
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.05315.413.104.251.35
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.053.2515.703.454.51.34
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.283.25-4.104.751.23
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.283.5-5.5051.15
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.043.516.135.755.251.14
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.283.75-
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen1.023.7516.1313.006.51.04
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen15.284-
 FC Dordrecht - NEC Nijmegen-416.135.808.5-
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.7602.25---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.600.252.50---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax2.040.251.89---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax2.300.51.72---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.500.52.80---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax2.630.751.55---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.370.753.31---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax3.1011.39---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.2414.16---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.221.254.53---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax3.411.251.33---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax4.031.51.29---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.191.55.18---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax4.591.751.22---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.141.756.39---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.0829.65---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax6.2621.14---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax6.722.251.13---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.082.2510.26---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax7.022.51.12---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.072.510.45---
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax1.052.7510.801.010.529.00
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax9.642.751.
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax15.3131.051.332.53.50
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax-310.801.613.252.31
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax-3.2510.801.803.52.12
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax15.683.
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax-3.510.802.3341.60
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax16.
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax-3.7510.802.934.51.44
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax16.073.751.
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax-410.804.806.51.06
 Go Ahead Eagles - Jong Ajax16.074-4.808.5-
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.6602.29---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.990.251.91---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.510.252.67---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.410.53.05---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior2.260.51.73---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior2.630.751.53---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.300.753.80---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior3.3111.34---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.1815.43---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior3.731.251.29---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.161.256.05---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.141.56.62---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior4.161.51.25---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.101.759.01---
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior5.441.751.171.030.516.50
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.05214.571.111.256.60
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior8.4221.
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.052.2515.281.211.754.25
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.042.515.811.432.252.75
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.382.51.091.602.52.40
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.712.751.061.762.752.14
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior1.022.7515.812.0131.88
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.5631.
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior-315.812.503.51.56
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.563.25-2.853.751.40
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior-3.2515.813.5541.28
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.563.5-
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior-3.515.814.634.51.22
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior-3.7515.815.504.751.15
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.563.75-
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior9.564-
 NAC Breda - SBV Excelsior-415.819.008.5-
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.2804.04---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.240.254.62---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.460.252.92---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.640.52.40---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.210.55.20---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.790.752.16---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.130.757.03---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht2.0711.83---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.06111.67---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht2.341.251.62---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.061.2512.45---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.051.513.00---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht2.641.51.50---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht1.021.7513.00---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht3.171.751.36---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht4.2421.23---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-213.00---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-2.2513.00---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht4.732.251.20---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-2.513.00---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht5.282.51.18---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht6.802.751.121.030.518.50
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-2.7513.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht10.2231.071.592.52.44
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-313.001.732.752.17
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-3.2513.001.9631.92
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht10.823.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht11.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-3.513.004.504.51.22
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-3.7513.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht11.413.751.0417.006.51.03
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht11.184-9.007.5-
 Roda JC Kerkrade - Jong FC Utrecht-413.009.008.5-
 Telstar - FC Volendam1.9801.94-0.514.50
 Telstar - FC Volendam2.300.251.701.171.54.81
 Telstar - FC Volendam1.700.252.181.442.252.78
 Telstar - FC Volendam1.550.52.481.622.52.30
 Telstar - FC Volendam2.620.51.501.842.752.04
 Telstar - FC Volendam5.
 Telstar - FC Volendam1.
 Telstar - FC Volendam---2.633.51.50
 Telstar - FC Volendam---4.914.51.18
 Telstar - FC Volendam---9.405.51.06
 Telstar - FC Volendam---4.406.51.02
 Telstar - FC Volendam---9.407.5-
 Telstar - FC Volendam---9.408.5-
Saturday 21 September 2019, UKT
17:45 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.9302.00---
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.650.252.27---
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss2.260.251.76---
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.500.52.61---
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss2.610.51.53---
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss3.000.751.38---
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.350.753.10-0.513.00
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.2114.
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss4.0011.231.542.252.48
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.181.254.651.762.52.13
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss4.401.
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss5.361.51.182.543.251.52
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss6.401.751.122.823.51.43
 Helmond Sport - FC Oss1.111.756.805.324.51.15
Monday 23 September 2019, UKT
18:00 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.9901.92-0.517.00
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden2.310.251.631.101.257.00
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.720.
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.560.52.501.191.754.50
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden2.640.51.501.2324.00
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.380.753.001.402.252.85
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden3.000.751.381.582.52.38
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden4.0011.231.722.752.15
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.2413.901.9331.95
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden4.401.251.202.423.51.58
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.191.54.752.683.751.45
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden5.
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden6.251.751.123.704.251.26
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden1.131.756.
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden---5.254.751.16
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - Cambuur Leeuwarden---6.8051.11