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Friday 17 September 2021, UKT
Netherlands, Eerste Divisie (Second Division)
18:00 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.3004.06---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.260.254.35---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.450.252.99---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.230.54.84---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.600.52.48---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.750.752.21---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.150.756.30---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.0719.48---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.9711.95---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.071.2510.05---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax2.211.251.74---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax2.481.51.60---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.061.510.55---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax1.041.7510.59---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax2.941.751.44---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax3.8521.29---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-210.59---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax3.922.251.24---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-2.2510.59---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax4.122.51.21---
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-2.510.591.030.520.00
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-2.7510.591.131.56.45
 Almere City - Jong Ajax5.372.751.151.452.52.85
 Almere City - Jong Ajax7.8131.091.552.752.57
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-310.591.6832.27
 Almere City - Jong Ajax8.323.251.091.933.251.97
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-3.2510.592.143.51.77
 Almere City - Jong Ajax8.443.51.082.453.751.60
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-3.510.593.704.51.31
 Almere City - Jong Ajax8.713.751.066.875.51.12
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-3.7510.596.806.51.03
 Almere City - Jong Ajax-410.596.807.5-
 Almere City - Jong Ajax8.714-6.808.5-
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior1.2903.971.030.521.00
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior1.230.254.531.191.55.12
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior1.470.252.881.562.52.55
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior1.650.52.361.682.752.29
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior1.830.752.101.8632.03
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior2.0911.832.103.251.80
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior2.401.251.632.343.51.65
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior2.701.51.514.284.51.25
 De Graafschap - SBV Excelsior3.251.751.389.005.51.07
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar2.0001.93---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar2.320.251.69---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.750.252.23---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.600.52.54---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar2.630.51.56---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar3.130.751.41---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.440.753.06---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar4.1211.27---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.2714.14---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.231.254.36---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar4.491.251.21---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar4.901.51.19---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.201.54.77---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.141.756.29---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar6.551.751.13---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar10.3221.07---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.0829.69---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.072.2510.35---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar10.542.251.07---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.072.510.47---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.002.51.06---
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar1.042.7510.991.040.519.50
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.422.751.
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar-310.751.582.52.49
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.263-1.762.752.22
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar-3.2510.751.9731.96
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.263.25-
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar-3.510.752.453.51.60
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.263.5-4.344.51.24
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.263.75-8.805.51.06
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar-3.7510.758.806.51.02
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar-410.758.807.5-
 Den Bosch - Jong AZ Alkmaar11.264-8.808.5-
 Dordrecht - Telstar2.4101.65---
 Dordrecht - Telstar2.000.251.92---
 Dordrecht - Telstar2.820.251.50---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.790.52.18---
 Dordrecht - Telstar3.200.51.40---
 Dordrecht - Telstar4.030.751.28---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.570.752.53---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.3913.17---
 Dordrecht - Telstar5.4011.16---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.331.253.57---
 Dordrecht - Telstar5.921.251.14---
 Dordrecht - Telstar6.401.51.13---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.261.53.80---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.181.754.97---
 Dordrecht - Telstar8.831.751.09---
 Dordrecht - Telstar14.0221.04---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.1127.25---
 Dordrecht - Telstar14.652.251.04---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.102.257.72---
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.632.51.04---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.092.58.05---
 Dordrecht - Telstar1.062.758.141.040.518.00
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.632.751.
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.633-1.622.52.44
 Dordrecht - Telstar-38.141.772.752.15
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.633.25-2.0031.90
 Dordrecht - Telstar-
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.633.5-2.523.51.57
 Dordrecht - Telstar-
 Dordrecht - Telstar-3.758.148.405.51.06
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.633.75-8.406.51.02
 Dordrecht - Telstar-48.148.407.5-
 Dordrecht - Telstar9.634-8.408.5-
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.3303.75---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.520.252.80---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.280.254.27---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.710.52.33---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.240.54.80---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.860.752.07---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.160.756.36---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo2.1211.79---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.0819.97---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.071.2510.63---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo2.431.251.62---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.071.511.15---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo2.721.51.50---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo3.311.751.37---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo1.041.7511.32---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo4.2421.23---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-211.24---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-2.2511.24---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo4.702.251.20---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-2.511.24---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo5.112.51.18---
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-2.7511.241.040.517.50
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo6.852.751.
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo10.5831.071.562.52.55
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-311.241.682.752.27
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-3.2511.241.9032.00
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo11.
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo11.363.51.062.413.51.62
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-3.511.
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo11.373.751.048.605.51.06
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-3.7511.244.606.51.02
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo-411.248.607.5-
 FC Volendam - VVV Venlo11.374-8.608.5-
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.7202.34---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.990.251.95---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.530.252.72---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.430.53.10---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht2.260.51.73---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.310.753.85---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht2.660.751.55---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.1815.36---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht3.4011.37---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht3.851.251.31---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.151.255.88---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht4.251.51.26---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.141.56.30---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.091.758.69---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht5.391.751.18---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht7.6621.10---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.05213.50---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.172.251.09---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.042.2513.89---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.042.514.28---
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.532.
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.692.751.
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht1.022.7514.281.492.252.78
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.673-1.692.52.32
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht-314.281.852.752.06
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.673.25-2.1131.81
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht-3.2514.282.373.251.64
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.673.5-2.663.51.54
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht-3.514.284.904.51.22
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht-3.7514.
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.673.75-4.906.51.01
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht-414.289.007.5-
 Helmond Sport - Jong FC Utrecht8.674-9.008.5-
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven2.2901.69---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.950.251.97---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven2.660.251.53---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven3.010.51.43---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.750.52.24---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.540.752.64---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven3.740.751.30---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.3513.39---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven5.1311.18---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven5.661.251.16---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.301.253.83---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.261.54.00---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven6.081.51.15---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven8.191.751.10---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.181.755.11---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.1127.54---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.2521.05---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.102.258.11---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.732.251.05---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.092.58.24---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.922.51.05---
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven1.062.758.691.040.518.00
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.922.751.
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven-38.531.572.52.52
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.923-1.712.752.23
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.923.25-1.9331.96
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven-3.258.532.193.251.73
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven-3.58.532.473.51.59
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.923.5-4.404.51.24
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.923.75-
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven-3.758.534.406.51.02
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven-48.539.007.5-
 MVV Maastricht - FC Eindhoven11.924-9.008.5-
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.9701.95---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.700.252.27---
 NAC Breda - Emmen2.310.251.71---
 NAC Breda - Emmen2.650.51.55---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.550.52.60---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.400.753.12---
 NAC Breda - Emmen3.230.751.38---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.2614.19---
 NAC Breda - Emmen4.5011.23---
 NAC Breda - Emmen4.761.251.19---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.211.254.43---
 NAC Breda - Emmen5.201.51.17---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.191.54.84---
 NAC Breda - Emmen7.011.751.11---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.131.756.44---
 NAC Breda - Emmen11.0021.06---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.0729.63---
 NAC Breda - Emmen11.552.251.06---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.062.2510.17---
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.112.51.05---
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.062.510.431.050.513.50
 NAC Breda - Emmen1.032.7510.431.221.54.65
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.112.751.021.522.252.68
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.113-1.742.52.26
 NAC Breda - Emmen-310.431.942.751.99
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.113.25-2.1731.75
 NAC Breda - Emmen-3.2510.432.473.251.59
 NAC Breda - Emmen-3.510.432.743.51.48
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.113.5-
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.113.75-9.605.51.04
 NAC Breda - Emmen-3.7510.434.906.51.01
 NAC Breda - Emmen-410.439.607.5-
 NAC Breda - Emmen12.114-9.608.5-
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.2704.28---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.220.254.42---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.430.253.03---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.190.55.00---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.600.52.48---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.130.756.77---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.800.752.18---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss2.0211.90---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.07110.86---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss2.321.251.67---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.061.2511.40---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.061.512.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss2.631.51.54---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss1.031.7512.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss3.151.751.40---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss4.1821.26---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-212.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss4.362.251.21---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-2.2512.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss4.582.51.18---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-2.512.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-2.7512.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss6.182.751.13---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss9.4831.08---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-312.11---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss10.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-3.2512.111.582.52.48
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-3.512.111.752.752.21
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss10.413.51.072.0231.93
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss10.453.751.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-3.7512.112.513.51.57
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss10.414-4.544.51.22
 Roda JC Kerkrade - TOP Oss-412.119.605.51.04
Monday 20 September 2021, UKT
18:00 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag1.9201.95---
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag1.670.
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag2.250.251.681.472.252.76
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag2.580.51.541.652.52.29
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag1.520.52.621.812.752.05
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag1.370.753.172.0531.80
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag3.100.751.392.333.251.63
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag1.2314.322.593.51.51
 Jong PSV Eindhoven - ADO Den Haag4.1611.254.694.51.20