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Friday 3 February 2023, UKT
Netherlands, Eerste Divisie (Second Division)
19:00 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.5402.551.040.513.00
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.850.
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.410.252.971.251.54.00
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.330.53.371.281.753.55
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda2.080.51.821.3523.10
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda2.400.751.601.582.252.40
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.230.754.321.822.52.06
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda3.0211.402.042.751.86
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.1216.252.3431.61
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda1.111.256.802.643.251.50
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda3.421.251.332.933.51.41
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda3.551.51.283.453.751.30
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda4.501.751.194.5041.19
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda6.8021.
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda---5.504.51.15
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda---6.804.751.11
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda---
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda---
 ADO Den Haag - NAC Breda---
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven1.3303.411.040.513.00
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven1.530.252.541.151.255.50
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven1.260.253.911.251.53.93
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven1.
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven1.810.52.151.3823.00
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven2.090.751.881.582.252.43
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven1.150.755.501.842.52.07
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven2.3311.602.072.751.88
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven2.711.251.482.3531.63
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven3.061.51.382.603.251.50
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven3.801.751.282.853.51.40
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven5.2521.163.553.751.28
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven5.752.251.144.6541.18
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven5.902.
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven---5.754.51.15
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven---7.004.751.10
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven---
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven---
 Almere City FC - Jong PSV Eindhoven---
 De Graafschap - Telstar1.3303.571.040.513.00
 De Graafschap - Telstar1.
 De Graafschap - Telstar1.530.252.641.251.53.99
 De Graafschap - Telstar1.
 De Graafschap - Telstar1.820.52.191.3523.10
 De Graafschap - Telstar1.140.755.751.562.252.45
 De Graafschap - Telstar2.050.751.931.822.52.08
 De Graafschap - Telstar2.3011.652.042.751.92
 De Graafschap - Telstar2.661.251.502.3131.63
 De Graafschap - Telstar3.011.51.402.633.251.50
 De Graafschap - Telstar3.741.751.282.933.51.41
 De Graafschap - Telstar5.0021.173.453.751.30
 De Graafschap - Telstar5.502.251.154.5041.19
 De Graafschap - Telstar5.902.
 De Graafschap - Telstar---5.504.51.15
 De Graafschap - Telstar---6.804.751.11
 De Graafschap - Telstar---
 De Graafschap - Telstar---
 De Graafschap - Telstar---
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven2.7801.481.040.513.00
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven3.240.251.351.151.255.50
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven2.180.251.771.271.53.80
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven3.690.51.301.301.753.45
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.880.52.061.4223.00
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.650.752.281.652.252.30
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven4.400.751.201.912.52.00
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven6.8011.112.142.751.82
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.4412.862.5331.58
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.351.253.262.683.251.45
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.291.53.663.183.51.38
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.201.754.403.553.751.28
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.1126.604.8041.18
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven1.
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven---
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven---
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven---
 Dordrecht - FC Eindhoven---
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.1306.001.020.519.00
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.120.256.401.171.755.00
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.330.53.641.352.253.10
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.400.753.251.482.52.69
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.5012.861.602.752.41
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht1.701.252.281.8032.11
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht2.011.51.982.073.251.84
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht2.171.751.782.233.51.67
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht2.5021.592.563.751.52
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht2.752.251.483.1041.35
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht3.102.51.403.454.251.30
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht3.702.751.263.734.51.27
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht5.2531.164.504.751.19
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht5.753.251.146.2551.12
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht5.903.51.136.605.251.11
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht---
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht---
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht---
 Heracles Almelo - Jong FC Utrecht---
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo1.9701.961.040.513.00
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo2.200.251.701.241.54.06
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo1.740.252.271.552.252.48
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo2.510.51.551.752.52.10
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo1.520.52.591.942.751.95
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo3.010.751.402.2331.70
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo1.370.753.132.523.251.54
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo1.2314.242.793.51.44
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo4.0211.
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo---
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo---
 Jong AZ Alkmaar - VVV Venlo---
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.8802.061.040.513.00
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch2.200.251.801.151.255.50
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.650.252.351.251.53.92
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch2.510.51.551.301.753.45
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.510.52.681.3523.10
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.360.753.301.582.252.40
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch3.020.751.401.822.52.06
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch4.0811.252.042.751.84
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.2214.402.3431.61
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch4.
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch1.151.55.503.453.751.30
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch4.651.51.184.6541.18
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch6.251.751.
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch---5.504.51.15
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch---7.004.751.10
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch---
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch---
 TOP Oss - Den Bosch---
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.2005.271.040.513.00
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.350.253.481.241.54.15
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.530.52.751.261.753.70
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.140.55.751.3323.30
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.690.752.391.562.252.47
 Willem II - Helmond Sport1.8712.041.832.52.10
 Willem II - Helmond Sport2.251.251.732.112.751.93
 Willem II - Helmond Sport2.471.51.562.3231.68
 Willem II - Helmond Sport2.941.751.412.653.251.53
 Willem II - Helmond Sport3.8721.272.963.51.43
 Willem II - Helmond Sport4.
 Willem II - Helmond Sport4.402.51.204.2541.21
 Willem II - Helmond Sport5.752.751.144.654.251.18
 Willem II - Helmond Sport---5.564.51.16
 Willem II - Helmond Sport---6.404.751.12
 Willem II - Helmond Sport---
 Willem II - Helmond Sport---
 Willem II - Helmond Sport---
Sunday 5 February 2023, UKT
11:15 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht1.2304.501.030.517.00
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht1.370.
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht1.520.52.591.532.52.53
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht1.740.752.311.792.752.27
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht1.8312.101.9032.01
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht2.071.251.782.073.251.77
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht2.331.51.632.323.51.63
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht2.721.751.474.004.51.26
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht3.4421.328.005.51.08
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht---
 Roda JC Kerkrade - MVV Maastricht---
Monday 6 February 2023, UKT
19:00 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle3.5501.321.020.521.00
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle2.740.251.471.131.55.94
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle4.
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle4.500.51.191.1725.00
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle2.340.51.631.302.253.45
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle2.130.751.821.452.52.75
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle6.000.751.131.552.752.49
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.9212.001.6832.20
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.671.252.301.913.252.05
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.551.52.522.143.51.75
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.411.753.002.403.751.59
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.2823.802.8541.40
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.192.54.503.454.51.32
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle1.132.755.904.154.751.22
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle---5.5051.15
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle---5.905.251.13
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle---
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle---
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle---
 Jong Ajax - PEC Zwolle---