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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Egypt, Division 2
13:00 Al Nasr Taadeen - Telecom Egypt1.8612.041.7522.08
 Aswan FC - Dekernes1.870.252.031.861.751.99
 Aswan FC - Dekernes2.160.51.642.1721.63
 Asyut Petroleum - Abo Qair Semads1.780.252.06---
 Asyut Petroleum - Abo Qair Semads2.040.51.741.831.52.00
 Makadi FC - Gomhoryet Shebin1.7602.141.651.52.14
 Makadi FC - Gomhoryet Shebin2.050.251.751.921.751.93
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa1.4802.611.341.53.11
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa1.350.253.041.411.752.75
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa1.780.252.081.5522.40
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa1.270.53.491.832.252.00
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa2.040.51.902.062.51.74
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa2.350.751.552.312.751.57
 Nogoom FC - Misr Lel Makasa2.9811.362.7831.41