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Tuesday 27 July 2021, UKT
Japan, J1 League
10:00 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.4303.13---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.340.253.76---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.720.252.30---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita2.020.51.95---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.270.54.30---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.180.755.95---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita2.340.751.69---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.08110.65---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita3.1211.42---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.071.2511.45---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita3.651.251.33---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita4.181.51.28---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.061.512.29---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita5.161.751.19---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita1.031.7512.29---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-212.29---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita8.3921.10---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-2.2512.29---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita9.112.251.09---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita9.822.51.08---
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-2.512.
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-2.7512.291.461.52.96
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita9.912.751.051.561.752.56
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita9.823-1.7622.21
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-312.
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-3.2512.292.402.51.68
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita9.823.25-2.792.751.48
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita10.093.5-4.703.51.24
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-3.512.2910.504.51.08
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita10.093.75-
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-3.7512.2985.006.5-
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita-412.29250.007.5-
 Gamba Osaka - Oita Trinita10.094-500.008.5-
Friday 30 July 2021, UKT
09:00 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka1.5902.46---
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka1.470.252.851.251.54.08
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka1.850.252.051.582.252.47
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka1.380.53.211.782.52.10
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka2.090.51.802.062.751.88
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka2.460.751.602.3531.63
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka1.260.754.092.683.251.50
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka3.1411.392.993.51.41
 Consadole Sapporo - Gamba Osaka3.581.251.325.694.51.15