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Friday 1 March 2024, UKT
Japan, J1 League
10:00 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata1.2204.541.261.53.89
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata1.380.253.121.4023.05
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata1.560.52.521.612.252.37
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata1.710.752.231.852.52.05
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata1.9711.952.112.751.82
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata2.261.251.692.4131.59
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata2.571.51.542.663.251.46
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata3.091.751.393.033.51.39
 Kawasaki Frontale - Jubilo Iwata4.1521.255.874.51.14
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka1.3203.541.281.53.79
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka1.
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka1.580.252.601.632.252.35
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka1.790.52.161.872.52.03
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka2.040.751.912.082.751.81
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka2.4011.632.4331.60
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka2.751.251.492.723.251.44
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka3.101.51.403.043.51.40
 Yokohama F Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka3.861.751.285.814.51.15
Saturday 2 March 2024, UKT
04:00 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol1.3403.45---
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol1.
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol1.620.252.521.5322.61
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol1.870.52.091.782.252.14
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol2.130.751.832.042.51.88
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol2.5611.572.312.751.65
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol2.931.251.442.8431.46
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol3.321.51.363.543.51.31
 Vissel Kobe - Kashiwa Reysol4.211.751.
05:00 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare1.7802.17---
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare1.580.252.611.331.53.40
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare2.110.251.831.5322.59
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare2.460.51.611.792.252.14
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare1.450.
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare1.290.753.842.332.751.65
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare3.000.751.432.8531.45
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare4.1011.263.523.51.32
 Kyoto Sanga - Shonan Bellmare4.611.251.226.964.51.12
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia1.4502.89---
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia1.730.252.20---
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia1.340.253.421.441.52.87
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia2.020.51.901.561.752.53
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia1.270.53.951.7422.23
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia2.350.751.642.042.251.89
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia3.0011.432.322.51.66
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia3.421.251.342.722.751.49
 Nagoya Grampus - Machida Zelvia3.861.
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo2.6501.54---
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo3.150.251.421.241.54.26
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo2.110.251.851.562.252.51
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo3.610.51.311.772.52.14
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo1.840.
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo1.620.752.452.2931.68
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo4.670.751.222.583.251.55
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo1.4013.082.803.51.46
 Sagan Tosu - Consadole Sapporo1.331.253.505.174.51.18
06:00 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.5401.60---
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.030.251.911.311.53.58
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.030.251.441.5022.75
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.480.51.331.752.252.18
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.770.
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.560.752.562.282.751.69
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima4.510.751.232.7231.50
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.3613.313.333.51.35
 FC Tokyo - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.291.253.766.404.51.13
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata1.7902.14---
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata2.150.251.79---
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata1.570.252.591.381.53.13
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata2.530.51.591.481.752.76
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata1.440.53.041.7122.35
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata3.100.751.401.952.251.95
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata1.280.753.862.202.51.71
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata1.1615.812.562.751.54
 Gamba Osaka - Albirex Niigata4.3711.243.963.51.26
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka1.6002.45---
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka1.440.252.95---
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka1.930.252.001.431.52.92
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka2.260.51.721.541.752.57
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka1.340.53.431.7622.19
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka1.230.754.512.052.251.85
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka2.730.751.522.322.51.65
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka3.7111.302.742.751.49
 Kashima Antlers - Cerezo Osaka4.
Sunday 3 March 2024, UKT
07:00 Urawa Red Diamonds - Tokyo Verdy1.610.52.361.431.752.75
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Tokyo Verdy1.800.752.141.5622.42
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Tokyo Verdy2.1211.841.872.252.03
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Tokyo Verdy2.401.251.612.122.51.78
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Tokyo Verdy2.691.51.472.382.751.58