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Wednesday 19 June 2024, UKT
Japan, J1 League
10:00 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.8301.491.161.55.77
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.220.251.381.512.52.66
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.320.251.701.632.752.39
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.620.51.321.7932.14
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.990.51.962.053.251.88
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.780.752.
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.5612.602.643.751.53
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.441.252.933.914.51.28
 Yokohama F Marinos - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.371.53.277.485.51.11
Saturday 22 June 2024, UKT
06:00 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka1.2803.88---
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka1.540.252.66---
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka1.220.254.561.100.57.49
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka1.800.52.151.501.52.68
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka2.080.751.881.641.752.34
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka2.4911.581.8922.01
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka2.931.251.442.202.251.75
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka3.341.51.352.522.51.56
 Machida Zelvia - Avispa Fukuoka4.311.751.244.853.51.19
09:00 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale2.1501.82---
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale1.830.
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale2.540.251.591.552.252.55
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale2.910.51.461.772.52.14
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale1.620.52.412.042.751.92
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale3.620.751.312.2931.68
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale1.460.752.882.573.251.54
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale1.2913.782.863.51.44
 Albirex Niigata - Kawasaki Frontale1.
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus1.9201.99---
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus1.620.252.43---
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus2.320.251.681.441.52.87
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus2.750.51.501.561.752.50
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus1.470.52.881.8222.14
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus1.310.753.642.122.251.84
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus3.440.751.342.442.51.61
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus1.1715.492.912.751.44
 Tokyo Verdy - Nagoya Grampus5.0711.194.663.51.21
09:30 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe2.7501.50---
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe2.130.251.83---
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe3.250.251.371.371.53.17
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe3.750.51.301.471.752.80
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe1.830.52.071.6122.39
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe1.610.752.421.942.251.97
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe1.4013.
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe1.321.253.582.532.751.56
 Gamba Osaka - Vissel Kobe1.
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka2.4701.59---
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka2.940.251.441.331.53.46
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka1.990.251.911.5222.62
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka1.760.52.211.832.252.10
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka3.380.51.352.052.51.83
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka4.390.751.242.342.751.64
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka1.530.752.632.8931.44
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka1.3313.463.593.51.31
 Jubilo Iwata - Cerezo Osaka1.281.253.947.164.51.11
10:00 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.7701.50---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.150.251.771.291.53.72
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.250.251.371.4522.87
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.730.51.301.682.252.25
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.850.52.041.932.51.94
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.640.752.372.172.751.74
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.4313.012.6031.53
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.341.253.423.253.51.36
 Kashiwa Reysol - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.291.53.856.234.51.14
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga1.8902.
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga2.230.251.721.4222.98
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga1.640.252.411.662.252.31
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga2.600.51.541.902.52.04
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga1.490.52.802.132.751.79
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga1.330.753.462.5531.55
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga3.160.751.382.703.251.42
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga1.2014.913.193.51.37
 Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga4.3611.
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo1.9101.99---
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo1.650.252.371.291.53.77
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo2.260.251.711.4522.88
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo2.620.51.531.682.252.24
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo1.500.52.751.952.51.95
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo3.200.751.382.182.751.72
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo1.340.753.392.6231.52
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo4.4511.
 Shonan Bellmare - FC Tokyo1.2114.796.334.51.13
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers1.6602.39---
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers1.990.251.93---
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers1.470.252.851.351.53.30
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers1.360.53.281.441.752.91
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers2.260.51.691.5722.49
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers2.710.751.511.872.252.03
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers1.250.754.
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers3.6111.312.442.751.59
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Kashima Antlers4.
Sunday 23 June 2024, UKT
05:00 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos2.8201.511.161.55.54
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos2.240.251.761.532.52.58
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos3.230.251.371.642.752.33
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos1.940.52.011.8032.07
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos3.640.51.312.043.251.83
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos1.740.752.
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos1.5312.642.593.751.53
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos1.431.252.943.714.51.29
 Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F Marinos1.361.53.276.995.51.11