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Saturday 15 August 2020, UKT
Japan, J1 League
09:00 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse2.1501.82---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.860.252.13---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse2.510.251.63---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.670.52.44---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse2.860.51.51---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.490.752.88---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse3.450.751.37---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse4.6011.23---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.3113.71---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse5.081.251.20---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.261.254.16---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse5.561.51.18---
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.231.54.811.050.520.00
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.161.756.
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse7.551.751.
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.1121.071.201.754.40
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.0929.431.2423.90
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.082.2510.091.402.252.85
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.612.251.061.592.52.52
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.082.510.581.762.752.20
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.682.51.061.9931.96
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse1.052.7510.772.253.251.71
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.682.751.032.503.51.60
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse-310.582.753.751.43
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.683-3.4541.30
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.683.25-3.804.251.25
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse-3.2510.584.604.51.25
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse-3.510.585.254.751.16
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.683.5-7.0051.10
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.683.75-9.405.51.09
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse-3.7510.5822.006.51.04
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse-410.5855.007.51.01
 Vegalta Sendai - Shimizu S-Pulse12.684-150.008.5-
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.6702.42---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.980.252.00---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.510.252.85---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare2.300.51.75---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.410.53.30---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare2.720.751.54---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.280.754.28---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare3.5811.33---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.1516.49---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare4.071.251.28---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.131.257.16---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.121.57.84---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare4.711.51.23---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare6.121.751.16---
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.081.757.911.070.513.00
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.0227.911.181.254.65
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare9.6121.091.331.53.85
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare10.302.251.081.351.753.10
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare10.942.51.071.742.252.24
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare1.
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare11.002.751.052.252.751.74
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare-2.758.142.7031.50
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare-
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare11.003-3.503.51.37
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare11.003.25-4.003.751.23
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare-
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare-
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare11.003.5-
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare11.003.75-17.505.51.04
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare-3.758.1446.006.51.02
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare-48.14120.007.5-
 Yokohama FC - Shonan Bellmare11.004-330.008.5-
09:30 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos3.6801.34---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos4.190.251.28---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos2.780.251.52---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos2.330.51.72---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos4.700.51.25---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos2.060.751.89---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos6.250.751.17---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos10.0011.09---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.7712.21---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos10.611.251.08---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.601.252.51---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.491.52.84---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.251.51.08---
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.351.753.421.040.523.00
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.381.751.
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.332-1.181.754.65
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.2424.461.2124.25
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.332.25-1.382.253.00
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.212.254.901.552.52.72
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.332.5-1.692.752.31
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.192.55.431.8532.05
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.332.75-
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.132.757.152.363.51.68
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.08311.002.603.751.48
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.333-3.3041.33
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.073.2511.613.554.251.28
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.333.25-4.304.51.28
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.073.512.074.654.751.18
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.333.5-6.4051.12
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.333.75-8.805.51.11
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos1.043.7512.1119.506.51.04
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos-412.1148.007.51.02
 Oita Trinita - Yokohama F Marinos11.334-130.008.5-
10:00 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.9801.97---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.710.252.34---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus2.320.251.71---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.560.52.70---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus2.680.51.56---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.390.753.31---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus3.290.751.40---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.2314.60---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus4.5711.23---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.191.255.16---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus5.091.251.20---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.171.55.69---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus5.851.51.17---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.111.758.00---
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus7.791.751.121.070.513.00
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.05213.601.171.255.00
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus13.2821.061.301.53.90
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.052.2514.371.331.753.30
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus13.822.251.051.4422.89
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.052.514.801.732.252.28
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.392.51.051.912.52.00
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus1.022.7514.802.202.751.74
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.392.751.022.6531.53
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus-314.802.753.251.43
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.393-3.453.51.38
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.393.25-3.703.751.26
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus-3.2514.805.2541.16
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus-3.514.805.754.251.14
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.393.5-
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.393.75-16.505.51.05
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus-3.7514.8044.006.51.02
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus14.394-110.007.5-
 FC Tokyo - Nagoya Grampus-414.80320.008.5-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.7902.21---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka2.120.251.86---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.590.252.63---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.470.53.05---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka2.450.51.66---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.320.753.86---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka2.970.751.46---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.1815.65---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka4.0311.28---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.151.256.28---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka4.491.251.23---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.141.56.88---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka5.061.51.20---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.091.756.93---
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka6.881.751.141.070.513.00
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka11.7521.
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.0125.201.321.53.85
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.552.251.071.351.753.10
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka1.012.55.341.762.252.20
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.942.51.061.992.51.99
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka-2.757.022.292.751.69
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.942.751.032.7731.48
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.943-3.543.51.37
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.943.25-5.7541.14
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.943.5-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka-3.757.0217.005.51.04
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.943.75-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka-47.02120.007.5-
 Kashiwa Reysol - Cerezo Osaka12.944-330.008.5-
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.4601.641.070.59.00
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.020.251.921.1017.00
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.930.251.441.231.254.00
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.740.52.251.381.53.16
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.390.51.351.481.752.76
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima4.000.751.231.6322.36
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.520.752.681.942.251.99
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.3013.452.202.51.74
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima6.2511.122.582.751.54
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.251.253.803.1031.35
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima6.801.251.113.453.251.30
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.211.54.804.123.51.25
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.141.755.754.803.751.18
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima---7.0041.10
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima---9.404.51.09
 Urawa Red Diamonds - Sanfrecce Hiroshima---
Sunday 16 August 2020, UKT
09:30 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.7902.16---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe2.100.251.86---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.590.252.53---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.480.52.90---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe2.420.51.66---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.330.753.60---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe2.860.751.48---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.1915.09---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe3.7011.30---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.161.255.67---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe4.151.251.25---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.141.56.18---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe4.701.51.22---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.101.758.62---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe6.041.751.15---
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.05213.871.030.515.00
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe9.4221.
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.052.2514.581.261.753.70
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.042.59.951.3323.30
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.542.751.051.742.52.25
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe1.022.759.951.942.751.96
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.343-2.2531.71
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe-39.952.563.251.55
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.343.25-2.873.51.45
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe-3.259.953.303.751.33
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.343.5-4.1541.22
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe-3.59.954.504.251.19
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.343.75-5.464.51.17
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe-3.759.956.404.751.12
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe10.344-
 Kashima Antlers - Vissel Kobe-49.9521.006.51.02