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Saturday 20 July 2019, UKT
Japan Japan, J League
04:00 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.3703.63---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.600.252.62---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.300.254.23---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.840.52.17---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.250.54.84---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare2.060.751.89---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.170.756.62---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare2.4911.61---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.08111.43---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare2.811.251.48---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.081.2512.29---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare3.321.51.39---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.071.513.09---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare1.031.7513.09---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare4.031.751.28---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare5.7821.18---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-213.09---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-2.2513.09---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare6.362.251.16---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare6.922.51.14---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-2.513.09---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-2.7513.09---
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare9.592.751.101.050.516.00
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-313.
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare16.3431.051.562.252.53
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare17.
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-3.2513.091.992.751.91
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-3.513.092.3831.65
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare17.663.51.052.653.251.51
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-3.7513.092.983.51.46
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare17.663.751.
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare-413.0911.005.51.05
 Consadole Sapporo - Shonan Bellmare17.664-
08:00 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC6.8401.02---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC4.280.251.14---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC7.620.251.02---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC8.400.51.02---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC3.280.51.26---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC2.140.751.26---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.040.751.01---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.041----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-11.26---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-1.251.26---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.041.25----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.041.5----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.991.51.85---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.041.75----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-1.751.27---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.042----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-21.27---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.042.25----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-2.251.27---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-2.51.27---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.042.5----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.042.75----
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-2.751.27---
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.043-
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.043.25-1.572.52.38
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.043.5-4.304.51.18
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.043.75-
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-3.751.274.306.51.01
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC-
 Ryutsu Keizai Dragons - Tokyo Musashino City FC1.044-9.008.5-
09:00 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima3.5201.35---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima4.160.251.28---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.550.251.63---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima4.800.51.23---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima2.110.51.84---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima6.840.751.15---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.820.752.12---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.5212.70---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima12.5311.06---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.401.253.12---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima13.501.251.06---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.331.53.69---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.381.51.05---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.231.754.72---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.381.751.02---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.382----
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.1327.57---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.382.25----
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.112.258.15---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.102.58.73---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.382.5----
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.062.758.88---
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.382.75-
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.383-1.461.52.94
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.0138.741.601.752.55
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.383.25-1.8122.18
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.013.258.742.122.251.85
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.383.5-2.342.51.66
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima1.013.58.742.782.751.47
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.383.75-4.703.51.24
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima-3.758.749.404.51.08
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima-48.749.407.5-
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Sanfrecce Hiroshima14.384-9.408.5-
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.5002.90---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.400.253.32---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.750.252.25---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.330.53.80---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka2.000.51.94---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.230.754.89---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka2.280.751.70---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka2.8811.47---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.1217.25---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka3.171.251.38---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.111.257.85---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka3.761.51.32---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.101.58.45---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka1.061.758.69---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka4.571.751.23---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-28.69---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka6.7521.14---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-2.258.69---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.362.251.12---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-2.58.69---
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.812.
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-2.758.691.211.54.71
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.942.751.081.472.252.79
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.9431.011.672.52.42
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-38.691.882.752.06
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-3.258.692.1431.79
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.943.251.012.423.251.60
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-3.58.692.743.51.51
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.943.51.015.454.51.19
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.943.75-9.405.51.05
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-3.758.699.406.51.01
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka7.944-44.007.5-
 Nagoya Grampus - Gamba Osaka-48.6990.008.5-
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos2.2101.78---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos2.550.251.60---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.890.252.06---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos2.890.51.50---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.700.52.32---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.530.752.68---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos3.450.751.36---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos4.5011.22---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.3413.34---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos5.001.251.20---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.291.253.72---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos5.501.51.17---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.251.54.10---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.181.755.25---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos7.001.751.12---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.1127.77---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos10.6021.07---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.182.251.06---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.102.258.33---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.362.51.06---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.092.58.71---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos1.062.758.88---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.362.751.03---
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.363----
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos-38.88-0.526.00
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos-3.258.881.151.56.80
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.363.25-1.472.52.84
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos-3.58.711.552.752.55
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.363.5-1.7332.26
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos-3.758.711.933.251.99
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.363.75-
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos-48.712.473.751.58
 Vissel Kobe - Yokohama F Marinos11.364-3.934.51.31
09:30 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.2704.47---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.460.253.02---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.220.255.18---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.680.52.42---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.190.55.90---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.900.752.07---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.120.758.35---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.05115.55---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu2.2811.72---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu2.631.251.53---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.041.2516.21---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.041.517.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu3.011.51.43---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu1.021.7517.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu3.751.751.31---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-217.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu5.5021.18---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu6.102.251.16---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-2.2517.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu6.572.51.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-2.517.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-2.7517.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu9.432.751.09---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-317.14---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu16.7931.05---
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu17.663.
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-3.2517.141.361.53.35
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-3.517.141.451.752.85
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu18.303.51.041.5822.48
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-3.7517.141.852.252.06
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu18.303.751.
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu18.304-2.422.751.60
 Kashima Antlers - Sagan Tosu-417.143.853.51.30
10:00 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.3203.90---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.260.254.56---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.540.252.77---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.220.55.20---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.770.52.26---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.140.757.30---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.990.751.95---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.06112.86---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai2.4411.63---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai2.751.251.48---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.051.2513.74---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.051.514.63---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai3.331.51.39---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai4.001.751.28---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai1.021.7514.63---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-214.63---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai6.0121.17---
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-2.2514.63-0.510.50
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai6.622.
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-2.514.631.361.53.35
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai7.
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-2.7514.631.5522.54
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai10.092.751.091.812.252.11
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-314.632.082.51.84
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai12.1131.042.442.751.60
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-3.2514.632.8531.40
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai12.333.251.033.303.251.33
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-3.514.633.553.51.28
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai7.453.51.034.403.751.20
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai7.453.751.026.2541.12
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-3.7514.636.804.251.11
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai7.454-
 Cerezo Osaka - Vegalta Sendai-414.638.006.5-
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.8802.08---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.630.252.51---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds2.270.251.76---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds2.640.51.58---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.500.52.92---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.340.753.71---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds3.320.751.41---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.1915.54---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds4.7411.23---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds5.371.251.19---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.171.256.21---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds6.011.51.17---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.141.56.88---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds8.421.751.11---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.091.759.33---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds15.4221.05---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.0126.92---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.012.256.92---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.022.251.05---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.762.51.05---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.022.56.92---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds1.012.756.92---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.762.751.02---
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds-36.921.080.58.50
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.763-1.411.53.19
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.763.25-1.471.752.80
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds-3.256.921.6322.40
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds-3.56.921.932.251.99
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.763.5-
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.763.75-2.532.751.56
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds-3.756.924.103.51.28
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds16.764-
 Jubilo Iwata - Urawa Red Diamonds-46.9219.005.51.02
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo2.2501.73---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo2.650.251.55---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.890.252.06---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo3.080.51.44---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.660.52.40---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo3.880.751.30---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.480.752.85---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.3013.85---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo5.7811.17---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.241.254.35---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo6.401.251.15---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo6.961.51.13---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.211.54.84---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.141.756.59---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo10.091.751.08---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.252----
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.07211.15---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.252.25----
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.072.2511.70---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.252.5----
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.062.512.26---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo1.032.7512.26---
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.252.75----
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.253-
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo-312.261.311.53.72
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.253.25-1.4622.82
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo-3.2512.261.712.252.23
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo-3.512.261.992.51.95
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.253.5-2.232.751.71
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.253.75-2.6931.50
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo-3.7512.263.413.51.34
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo-412.
 Shimizu S-Pulse - FC Tokyo7.254-1.385.51.04