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Sunday 27 November 2022, UKT
Tanzania, Premier League
13:00 Polisi Tanzania FC - Simba SC4.5001.17---
 Polisi Tanzania FC - Simba SC2.480.51.481.511.752.42
 Polisi Tanzania FC - Simba SC2.180.751.641.6922.09
 Polisi Tanzania FC - Simba SC1.8511.922.002.251.80
 Polisi Tanzania FC - Simba SC1.601.
 Polisi Tanzania FC - Simba SC1.461.52.552.672.751.42
16:00 Azam FC - Coastal Union1.1305.501.050.53.15
 Azam FC - Coastal Union1.370.52.731.431.752.52
 Azam FC - Coastal Union1.500.752.391.5722.22
 Azam FC - Coastal Union1.7412.051.882.251.93
 Azam FC - Coastal Union2.041.251.682.122.51.72
 Azam FC - Coastal Union2.341.51.502.372.751.49
 Azam FC - Coastal Union---
Monday 28 November 2022, UKT
13:00 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.2903.50---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.570.252.31---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.190.253.40---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.150.54.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.900.51.98---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.070.754.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons2.030.751.66---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-14.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons2.6311.38---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-1.254.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.901.25----
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.901.5----
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-1.54.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.901.75----
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-1.754.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.902----
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-24.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.902.25----
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-2.254.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-2.54.10---
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.902.5----
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-2.754.
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.902.75-1.521.52.54
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-34.101.661.752.03
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.903-2.0021.80
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.903.25-2.682.51.48
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.903.5-
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.903.75-
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-3.754.1010.006.5-
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons-44.1010.007.5-
 KMC FC - Tanzania Prisons1.904-10.008.5-
16:00 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar1.4402.63---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar1.310.252.91---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar1.800.251.98---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar1.230.53.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.160.51.66---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.420.751.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar1.110.753.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-13.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.161----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.161.25----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-1.253.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.161.5----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-1.53.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.161.75----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-1.753.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-23.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.162----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.162.25----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-2.253.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-2.53.45---
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.162.5----
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.162.75-
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-2.753.451.561.52.44
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.163-1.641.752.07
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-33.451.9821.83
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-3.253.452.192.251.57
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.163.25-2.802.51.48
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-3.53.452.803.51.11
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.163.5-
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-3.753.453.005.51.02
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.163.75-10.006.5-
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar2.164-10.007.5-
 Kagera Sugar - Mtibwa Sugar-43.4510.008.5-