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Friday 19 April 2024, UKT
Australia, Victoria Premier League 1
10:30 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth2.5901.461.402.52.83
 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth2.180.251.661.482.752.54
 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth2.900.251.381.6432.27
 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth1.950.51.951.853.252.04
 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth1.730.752.
 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth1.5212.432.303.751.58
 Brunswick City SC - Western United FC Youth1.421.252.732.7441.42
 Werribee City - Northcote City2.750.51.411.432.52.71
 Werribee City - Northcote City2.450.751.511.532.752.41
 Werribee City - Northcote City2.1511.681.7032.14
 Werribee City - Northcote City1.861.252.031.963.251.86
 Werribee City - Northcote City1.661.
 Werribee City - Northcote City1.491.752.502.483.751.50
 Werribee City - Northcote City1.3323.123.0441.35
Saturday 20 April 2024, UKT
05:00 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory2.5801.451.2723.44
 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory2.920.251.361.432.252.62
 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory2.130.251.671.612.52.23
 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory1.900.51.901.792.752.04
 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory1.670.752.122.0031.78
 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory1.4612.552.253.251.58
 Langwarrin SC - Melbourne Victory1.371.252.882.513.51.47
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions2.910.51.361.402.752.72
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions2.620.751.431.5132.42
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions2.3411.561.723.252.05
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions2.021.251.801.953.51.85
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions1.791.51.982.153.751.65
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions1.591.752.232.5141.47
 North Geelong Warriors - Eastern Lions1.4222.682.784.251.39
07:30 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens1.6402.101.2623.30
 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens1.480.252.381.432.252.53
 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens1.960.251.851.612.52.16
 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens2.130.51.621.812.752.00
 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens1.390.52.672.0031.78
 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens2.450.751.452.243.251.54
 Caroline Springs George Cross - Bentleigh Greens3.0911.292.483.51.44
Sunday 21 April 2024, UKT
05:00 Melbourne City FC - Preston Lions FC1.870.51.871.923.251.82