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Tuesday 31 January 2023, UKT
Scotland, Cup
19:45 Cove Rangers - Ayr United3.0801.43---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United3.590.251.33---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United2.380.251.70---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United4.100.51.27---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United2.030.51.98---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.760.752.25---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United5.360.751.19---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.4812.75---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United5.8311.10---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.381.253.10---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United5.541.251.09---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.311.53.45---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United6.211.51.08---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United6.211.751.05---
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.221.754.401.050.512.00
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.1326.601.151.255.50
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.292-
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.292.25-1.3823.00
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.292.5-1.582.252.35
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.292.75-2.062.751.80
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United1.072.755.752.3531.58
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United-37.662.603.251.48
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.293-
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United-3.257.663.553.751.28
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.293.25-4.8041.18
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.293.5-
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United-3.56.885.804.51.14
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United-3.757.6613.005.51.04
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.293.75-
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United9.294-
 Cove Rangers - Ayr United-47.66120.008.5-
 Inverness CT - Queens Park2.0901.93---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.780.252.20---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park2.330.251.66---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park2.680.51.52---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.610.52.52---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park3.220.751.37---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.430.753.13---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.2414.15---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park4.2511.22---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park4.731.251.19---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.201.254.54---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park5.251.51.17---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.181.55.25---
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.121.756.801.040.513.00
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.081.751.
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.0627.301.241.54.10
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.6221.061.281.753.55
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.702.251.061.3523.10
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.062.257.371.552.252.38
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.782.51.051.802.52.10
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.062.57.442.002.751.84
 Inverness CT - Queens Park1.032.757.942.2531.63
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.782.751.022.503.251.50
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.783-2.923.51.42
 Inverness CT - Queens Park-38.373.453.751.30
 Inverness CT - Queens Park-3.258.604.4041.20
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.783.25-
 Inverness CT - Queens Park-3.58.695.504.51.14
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.783.5-6.804.751.11
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.783.75-
 Inverness CT - Queens Park-3.758.6923.006.51.01
 Inverness CT - Queens Park-48.6951.007.51.00
 Inverness CT - Queens Park7.784-11.008.5-
Sunday 26 February 2023, UKT
20:00 Rangers - Celtic2.070.251.841.882.752.02
 Rangers - Celtic1.860.52.012.0631.76