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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Iran, Pro League
11:00 Gol Gohar - Nassaji Mazandaran1.620.752.251.7122.11
 Gol Gohar - Nassaji Mazandaran1.8811.952.022.251.79
 Gol Gohar - Nassaji Mazandaran2.191.251.662.252.51.60
11:30 Esteghlal - Sepahan1.6302.231.691.752.17
 Esteghlal - Sepahan2.030.251.871.9921.96
 Esteghlal - Sepahan2.260.51.612.282.251.58
12:30 Foolad Khuzestan FC - Malavan1.6802.261.611.252.23
 Foolad Khuzestan FC - Malavan2.150.251.781.971.51.92
 Foolad Khuzestan FC - Malavan2.440.51.512.211.751.62
Wednesday 28 February 2024, UKT
11:00 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan1.370.52.731.281.253.19
 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan1.480.752.401.441.52.49
 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan1.6612.061.571.752.21
 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan2.031.251.791.8421.97
 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan2.251.51.562.082.251.65
 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan2.661.751.392.352.51.50
 Tractor Sport Club - Esteghlal Khuzestan3.5121.232.792.751.36
11:30 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC1.4102.841.2313.89
 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC1.290.253.401.451.252.62
 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC1.750.252.081.681.52.14
 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC2.060.51.741.931.751.87
 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC1.220.53.972.3621.57
 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC2.450.751.512.742.251.42
 Aluminium Arak - Havadar SC3.3211.303.132.51.33
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC1.5302.311.2213.58
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC1.970.251.841.441.252.48
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC1.350.252.801.671.52.05
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC1.
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC2.260.51.552.3621.51
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC2.730.751.372.732.251.37
 Paykan FC - Sanat Naft Abadan FC3.8411.
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan1.5202.341.2013.77
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan1.940.251.861.411.252.58
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan1.350.252.821.641.52.13
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan2.220.51.601.901.751.90
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan1.
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan2.670.751.392.602.251.41
 Shams Azar Qazvin - Mes Rafsanjan3.7011.212.962.51.32
13:45 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC3.0701.301.2213.57
 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC2.210.251.621.451.252.46
 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC3.670.251.211.711.52.07
 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC1.870.51.941.991.751.83
 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC1.610.752.232.3721.52
 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC1.3412.862.732.251.37
 Zob Ahan - Persepolis FC1.261.253.303.092.51.29