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Wednesday 4 August 2021, UKT
Sweden, 2 Division (4th division)
16:30 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF3.4301.37---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF2.630.251.56---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF3.910.251.31---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF2.230.51.75---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF4.400.51.27---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.950.751.91---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF5.510.751.18---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.2511.10---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.6612.17---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.511.252.45---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF6.491.251.09---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.401.52.58---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF6.551.51.08---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.301.753.17---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.931.751.05---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.932----
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.2024.15---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.182.254.61---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.932.25----
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.162.54.61---
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.932.5-1.030.523.00
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.112.756.551.151.56.80
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.932.75-1.462.52.96
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.0738.141.512.752.46
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.933-1.6532.19
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.063.257.941.903.251.93
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.933.25-
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.933.5-2.393.751.53
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.063.56.663.704.51.32
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF1.043.756.667.405.51.13
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.933.75-
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF-46.6615.007.51.01
 Hoganas BK - Eskilsminne IF7.934-15.508.5-
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.3103.91---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.270.254.32---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.470.252.95---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.230.54.80---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.640.52.47---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.160.756.15---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.750.752.16---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK2.0611.90---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.0918.42---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK2.181.251.67---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.091.258.69---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK2.421.51.53---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.081.59.06---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK1.051.759.29---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK2.791.751.41---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK3.4721.29---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-29.06---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK3.862.251.26---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-2.259.06---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-2.59.06---
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK4.
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-2.759.
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK5.362.751.171.372.53.45
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-39.061.4732.59
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK7.5031.111.683.252.17
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK8.
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK8.
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK8.493.751.075.805.51.18
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-3.759.0612.006.51.07
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK8.304-
 Vinbergs IF - Varbergs GIF FK-49.0655.008.5-
17:00 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.1009.52---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.090.2510.26---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.180.255.97---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.080.511.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.260.54.44---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.050.7511.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.290.753.96---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.01111.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.3213.48---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.461.252.68---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.011.2511.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.011.511.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.591.52.31---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-1.7511.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.721.752.09---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio1.9521.97---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-211.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio2.192.251.66---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-2.2511.00---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio2.422.51.55---
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-2.511.001.020.534.00
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio2.712.751.431.091.510.50
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-2.7511.
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio3.3131.321.513.252.46
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-311.001.733.52.24
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio3.623.251.281.883.752.04
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-3.2511.002.1241.70
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-3.511.002.374.251.54
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio3.853.51.252.684.51.54
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-3.7511.004.605.51.25
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio4.893.751.198.806.51.10
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio4.9041.1216.507.51.04
 Angelholms FF - BK Astrio-411.0017.508.51.01
 Asarums IF FK - Nosaby IF1.6202.29-0.513.00
 Asarums IF FK - Nosaby IF2.000.251.881.522.252.37
 Asarums IF FK - Nosaby IF1.410.252.701.742.52.02
 Asarums IF FK - Nosaby IF2.180.51.631.972.751.85
 Asarums IF FK - Nosaby IF2.580.751.452.3031.57
 Asarums IF FK - Nosaby IF---2.593.251.44
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.4403.07---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.650.252.44---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.360.253.51---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.310.53.95---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.860.52.11---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord2.050.751.85---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.210.754.94---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.1216.85---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord2.3511.61---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord2.641.251.47---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.111.257.26---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord2.931.51.39---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.101.57.67---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord1.071.757.67---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord3.571.751.29---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord4.7621.19---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-27.67---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord5.262.251.17---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-2.257.67---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord5.262.51.16---
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-2.57.671.030.522.00
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-2.757.671.161.56.60
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord7.562.751.111.462.52.98
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord11.0531.061.512.752.49
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-37.671.6532.23
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-3.257.671.903.251.94
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord11.583.
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-3.57.672.333.751.57
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord12.
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-3.757.677.605.51.12
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord12.113.751.0315.006.51.05
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord12.114-17.507.51.01
 Assyriska BK - IK Tord-47.6726.008.5-
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.4103.15---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.330.253.67---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.640.252.42---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.270.54.20---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.910.52.04---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.180.755.49---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan2.090.751.79---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.0918.55---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan2.4511.53---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan2.781.251.42---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.091.258.74---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.081.59.33---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan3.081.51.35---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan1.051.759.66---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan3.901.751.25---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-29.33---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan5.6021.15---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan6.192.251.14---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-2.259.33---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-2.59.33---
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan6.542.
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-2.759.331.221.55.10
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan9.092.751.091.432.252.62
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan14.1131.041.692.52.34
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-39.331.812.751.98
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan14.703.251.042.0231.82
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-3.259.332.253.251.57
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-3.59.332.723.51.53
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan10.
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-3.759.3311.005.51.08
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan10.183.751.0211.006.51.02
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan10.184-26.007.5-
 BK Olympic - FBK Balkan-49.3326.008.5-
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.0807.00-0.519.00
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.260.53.701.171.755.00
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.300.753.451.2024.40
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.3813.001.332.253.30
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.551.252.391.482.52.60
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.751.52.051.582.752.35
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK1.971.751.851.7532.08
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK2.2721.652.033.251.84
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK2.552.251.532.253.51.68
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK2.752.51.432.593.751.53
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK3.302.751.333.0041.38
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK4.1531.223.304.251.33
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK4.503.251.193.554.51.28
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK5.
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK6.253.751.125.9051.13
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK---
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK---6.505.51.10
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK---
 Bodens BK - Notvikens IK---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.2504.68---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.410.253.23---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.210.255.34---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.590.52.58---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.180.55.90---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.110.758.25---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.720.752.21---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.05112.85---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn2.0011.85---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.041.2513.50---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn2.281.251.61---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.041.514.10---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn2.611.51.47---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn1.021.7514.10---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn3.071.751.34---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn4.0421.22---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-214.10---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn4.522.251.19---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-2.2514.10---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-2.514.10---
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn4.842.
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn6.682.751.
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-2.7514.101.502.252.46
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn10.7031.061.782.52.18
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-314.101.922.751.91
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-3.2514.102.2531.61
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn11.
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn11.323.
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-3.514.
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn11.323.751.0313.505.51.06
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-3.7514.1030.006.51.02
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn-414.1075.007.5-
 FK Karlskrona - IFK Karlshamn11.324-100.008.5-
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.8102.13---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.630.252.47---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK2.080.251.84---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK2.360.51.66---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.520.52.80---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK2.720.751.51---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.380.753.29---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.2414.14---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK3.3511.34---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK3.711.251.28---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.211.254.51---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK4.031.51.24---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.181.54.84---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK5.241.751.17---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.131.756.54---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.07210.09---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK7.7221.10---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.072.2510.54---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.262.251.10---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.542.51.09---
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.072.510.801.020.523.00
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.742.751.
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK1.042.7511.151.442.53.05
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.693-1.482.752.53
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK-311.001.6232.26
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.693.25-1.853.251.97
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK-3.2511.
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.693.5-2.323.751.56
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK-3.511.003.604.51.34
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.693.75-
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK-3.7511.0013.506.51.05
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK8.694-
 Gamla Upsala SK - Enskede IK-411.0026.008.5-
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF3.1301.43---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF3.540.251.35---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF2.440.251.65---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF2.080.51.87---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF4.000.51.30---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.150.751.20---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.810.752.09---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.5812.37---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF6.3411.10---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.451.252.68---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF6.261.251.09---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF6.551.51.08---
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.381.
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.981.751.
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.281.753.561.201.55.50
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.982-1.201.754.40
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.1824.981.2423.90
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.152.255.501.402.252.85
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.982.25-1.612.52.52
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.142.55.751.702.752.14
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.982.5-1.9331.90
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.982.75-
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.092.757.952.563.51.59
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.0538.142.753.751.43
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.983-3.4541.30
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.983.25-4.704.51.24
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.983.5-5.254.751.16
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF1.023.758.2210.005.51.09
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.983.75-10.506.51.03
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF5.984-21.007.5-
 Gottne IF - Team TG FF-48.2221.008.5-
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.4503.01---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.670.252.37---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.380.253.48---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.310.53.85---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.900.52.04---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.210.755.19---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF2.150.751.75---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF2.7411.47---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.1118.25---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.101.258.75---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF2.931.251.37---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF3.301.51.30---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.081.59.37---
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF4.161.751.211.050.515.00
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF1.051.759.511.141.255.75
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-29.371.281.54.10
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF6.1521.131.281.753.55
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF6.792.251.111.3823.10
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-2.259.371.592.252.38
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-2.59.372.012.751.85
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-2.759.372.3531.63
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.252.751.072.503.251.50
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.253-
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-39.373.453.751.30
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-3.259.374.4041.20
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.253.25-4.654.251.18
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.253.5-6.604.51.16
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-3.59.376.604.751.11
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.253.75-
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-3.759.3715.006.51.02
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF-49.3715.007.5-
 IFK Berga - Rappe GOIF7.254-15.508.5-
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.3503.59---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.550.252.67---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.290.254.14---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.250.54.60---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.740.52.23---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.920.751.93---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.160.756.19---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.0819.65---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik2.2011.66---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.071.2510.34---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik2.501.251.53---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik2.801.51.43---
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.071.510.651.030.521.00
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik3.411.751.331.101.257.00
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik1.041.7510.971.191.55.60
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-210.861.201.754.40
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik4.5921.201.2423.90
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik5.
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-2.2510.861.612.52.50
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik5.342.51.161.682.752.15
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-2.510.861.8831.93
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-2.7510.862.103.251.71
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik7.312.751.112.523.51.60
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-310.862.683.751.45
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik11.2131.063.4541.30
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-3.2510.863.704.251.26
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik11.803.251.064.604.51.24
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik12.
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-3.510.866.8051.11
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik12.113.751.029.405.51.09
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-3.7510.8621.006.51.03
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik-410.8650.007.5-
 IFK Hassleholm - KSF Prespa Birlik12.114-140.008.5-
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward4.0301.30---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward4.560.251.25---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward2.980.251.46---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward5.100.51.22---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward2.470.51.64---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward6.770.751.14---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward2.160.751.76---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.8612.04---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward10.7311.07---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.251.251.07---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.651.252.25---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.831.51.06---
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.531.52.501.020.521.00
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.401.753.
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.951.751.041.161.755.25
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.832-1.1924.50
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.2823.701.332.253.30
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.832.25-1.552.752.46
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.832.5-1.6832.18
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.212.54.441.933.251.90
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.832.75-
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.152.755.822.433.751.55
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.0938.642.8541.40
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.833-3.304.251.33
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.833.25-3.904.51.31
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.083.59.365.7551.14
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.833.5-
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward1.053.759.367.605.51.13
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.833.75-
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward-49.3615.507.51.01
 IFK Kumla - BK Forward11.834-16.008.5-
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor3.5801.35---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor2.710.251.53---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor4.090.251.29---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor2.280.51.72---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor4.500.51.25---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor2.080.751.85---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor6.000.751.17---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor8.8911.08---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.7512.07---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.581.252.31---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor9.491.251.08---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.091.51.07---
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.471.52.501.030.521.00
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.391.751.
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.361.752.981.161.755.25
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.2423.861.1824.65
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.392-1.332.253.30
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.212.254.301.482.52.90
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.392.25-1.552.752.48
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.392.5-1.7032.19
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.192.54.571.943.251.91
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.132.756.
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.392.75-2.453.751.55
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.0838.852.8541.40
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.393-3.304.251.33
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.073.259.333.904.51.31
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.393.25-4.254.751.21
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.393.5-5.7551.14
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.073.59.415.905.251.13
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.393.75-7.605.51.13
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor1.053.759.6015.006.51.05
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor10.394-
 IFK Ostersund - Friska Viljor-49.6090.008.5-
 Karlslunds IF HFK - Motala1.8902.001.472.752.56
 Karlslunds IF HFK - Motala1.680.252.151.6132.26
 Karlslunds IF HFK - Motala2.120.251.701.923.251.95
 Karlslunds IF HFK - Motala1.540.52.382.083.51.72
 Karlslunds IF HFK - Motala2.340.51.562.363.751.55
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale6.0001.17---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale3.940.251.31---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale6.700.251.15---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale3.080.51.45---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.400.51.13---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.400.751.08---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale2.720.751.52---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.4011.01---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale2.3611.61---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale2.001.251.96---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.401.251.01---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.781.52.03---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.401.5----
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.401.75----
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.601.752.30---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.4322.75---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.402----
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.362.253.12---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.402.25----
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.312.53.43---
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.402.5-1.030.519.00
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.222.754.331.161.56.20
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.402.75-1.512.52.76
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.403-1.542.752.39
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.1436.001.7132.12
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.133.256.452.003.251.85
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.403.25-2.303.51.70
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.123.56.862.493.751.51
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.403.5-
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.403.75-
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.083.759.338.206.51.04
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale7.404-
 Kvarnsvedens IK - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.0546.908.208.5-
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK1.5602.60-0.517.00
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK1.430.
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK1.810.
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-0.53.451.201.754.40
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK2.020.51.851.2423.90
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK2.360.751.651.402.252.85
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-0.754.151.552.52.43
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-16.001.682.752.18
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-11.481.9031.93
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-1.251.382.163.251.70
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-1.256.402.413.51.57
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-1.51.332.683.751.45
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-1.56.803.4541.30
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-1.751.233.704.251.26
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK-
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK---
 Lidkopings FK - Yxhults IK---10.506.51.03
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.6902.33---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.940.251.97---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.540.252.69---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.450.53.05---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda2.200.51.76---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.310.753.71---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda2.450.751.60---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda2.8211.41---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.1814.07---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.151.254.47---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda3.081.251.35---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.141.54.71---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda3.151.51.30---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda4.191.751.22---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.101.754.38---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda4.2221.14---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.0526.00---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda4.272.251.12---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.052.256.00---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.042.56.00---
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda4.
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda1.022.756.
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda6.112.751.081.452.53.00
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda6.8831.041.492.752.51
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda-36.001.6232.25
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda6.883.251.041.853.251.98
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda-
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda-
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda6.883.51.043.654.51.34
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda6.883.751.
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda-3.756.0015.006.51.05
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda6.884-
 Savedalens IF - Vastra Frolunda-46.0015.508.5-
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.4502.99---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.370.253.42---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.650.252.39---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.860.52.07---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.320.53.85---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK2.040.751.83---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.220.754.77---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.1316.52---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK2.3411.58---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.121.256.91---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK2.591.251.47---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK2.861.51.39---
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.111.57.301.020.523.00
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK1.071.757.441.131.57.40
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK3.461.751.301.131.755.90
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK4.5821.201.1525.50
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-27.301.282.253.55
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK5.
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-2.257.301.482.752.60
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-2.57.301.5832.35
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK5.342.51.161.843.252.03
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-2.757.302.063.51.85
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK7.202.751.112.253.751.63
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK11.0031.072.6741.48
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-37.302.854.251.40
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK11.553.251.063.504.51.36
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-3.257.303.804.751.25
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK11.653.51.065.0051.17
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-3.57.305.505.251.15
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK11.913.751.046.405.51.15
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-3.757.3013.506.51.06
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK-47.3013.507.51.02
 Solvesborgs GoIF - Eslovs BK11.914-26.008.5-
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK2.2701.70---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK2.630.251.55---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.950.251.97---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.730.52.24---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK3.000.51.44---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK3.640.751.31---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.540.752.54---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.3513.05---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK4.9211.18---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK5.381.251.16---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.301.253.45---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK5.761.51.14---
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.251.53.701.030.521.00
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.181.754.771.101.257.00
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK7.911.751.
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.2521.051.191.754.50
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.1127.061.2324.00
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.872.251.051.402.252.85
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.102.257.711.582.52.58
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.722.51.051.8631.96
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.722.751.
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK1.062.758.142.483.51.62
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.723-2.683.751.45
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK-38.143.3041.33
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK-
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.723.25-4.504.51.25
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK-
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.723.5-6.8051.11
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.723.75-
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK-3.758.1421.006.51.03
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK-48.1421.007.51.01
 Taftea IK - Storfors AIK12.724-34.008.5-
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.5002.80---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.700.252.31---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.410.253.17---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.350.53.55---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.960.52.03---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.250.754.31---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod2.100.751.78---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod2.4311.54---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.1515.70---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod2.751.251.43---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.131.256.13---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.121.56.47---
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod3.001.51.381.020.526.00
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.081.759.
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod3.701.751.271.121.756.25
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.04214.061.1425.75
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod5.0021.
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.042.2514.671.392.53.35
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod5.502.251.161.432.752.75
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod5.752.51.151.5332.53
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod1.022.759.111.983.51.93
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod7.282.751.102.123.751.70
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod-39.112.4741.53
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod11.0031.062.754.251.43
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod-
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod11.553.251.063.554.751.28
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod-
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod11.523.51.064.805.251.18
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod-3.759.
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod11.933.751.0412.006.51.07
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod-49.1112.507.51.02
 Vanersborgs FK - IK Gauthiod11.934-21.008.5-
17:15 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.3003.95---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.470.252.95---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.250.254.47---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.640.52.44---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.220.55.00---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.150.756.54---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.760.752.15---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.0719.84---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.9811.88---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.061.2510.42---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK2.201.251.66---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK2.431.51.53---
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.061.510.561.030.521.00
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK2.851.751.401.141.57.00
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK1.041.7511.081.151.755.50
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK3.5621.281.1824.80
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-211.001.302.253.45
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK4.
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-2.2511.001.532.752.62
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-2.511.001.6532.31
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK4.
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK5.752.751.
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-2.7511.002.353.751.58
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-311.002.7541.43
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK8.2531.
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK8.763.251.083.704.51.33
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-3.2511.004.104.751.23
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-3.511.005.5051.15
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK8.963.51.085.905.251.13
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-3.7511.
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK9.333.751.0515.006.51.05
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK-411.0015.007.51.01
 Onsala BK - Ullareds IK9.194-15.008.5-
17:30 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.3803.37---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.570.252.62---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.320.253.83---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.780.52.23---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.270.54.20---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.910.751.96---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.190.755.38---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund2.2011.68---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.1117.48---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund2.511.251.53---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.101.257.88---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.091.58.14---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund2.671.51.44---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund3.201.751.33---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund1.061.758.41---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund4.2221.23---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-28.28---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-2.258.28---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund4.622.251.20---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-2.58.28---
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund5.
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-2.758.
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund6.562.751.131.422.53.10
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-38.281.432.752.68
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund9.8231.081.5632.38
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund10.413.251.071.813.252.03
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund10.403.
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-3.758.286.405.51.15
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund10.893.751.0513.506.51.06
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund-48.2827.007.51.02
 FC Jarfalla - IFK Stocksund10.684-27.008.5-
 IFK Eskilstuna - Varmbols FC1.6902.121.482.52.54
 IFK Eskilstuna - Varmbols FC1.970.251.931.612.752.28
 IFK Eskilstuna - Varmbols FC1.520.252.421.8132.02
 IFK Eskilstuna - Varmbols FC2.200.51.652.043.251.75
 IFK Eskilstuna - Varmbols FC2.540.751.482.283.51.58
 IFK Skovde FK - Ahlafors IF2.6201.50-0.526.00
 IFK Skovde FK - Ahlafors IF2.190.251.651.5132.45
 IFK Skovde FK - Ahlafors IF1.950.51.881.723.252.08
 IFK Skovde FK - Ahlafors IF1.730.752.071.953.51.87
 IFK Skovde FK - Ahlafors IF1.5212.442.173.751.67
 IFK Skovde FK - Ahlafors IF---2.5441.48
 Stenungsunds IF - IFK Tidaholm1.481.752.551.603.52.25
 Stenungsunds IF - IFK Tidaholm1.6022.291.753.752.05
 Stenungsunds IF - IFK Tidaholm1.822.252.011.9841.84
 Stenungsunds IF - IFK Tidaholm1.992.51.792.204.251.65
 Stenungsunds IF - IFK Tidaholm2.242.751.602.414.51.52
 Ytterhogdals IK - Froso IF1.1305.50-0.521.00
 Ytterhogdals IK - Froso IF1.491.252.351.392.752.62
 Ytterhogdals IK - Froso IF1.901.51.981.5232.31
 Ytterhogdals IK - Froso IF1.971.751.821.803.252.00
 Ytterhogdals IK - Froso IF2.2521.541.963.51.72
 Ytterhogdals IK - Froso IF2.542.251.412.213.751.54
17:45 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK4.0701.29---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK3.020.251.42---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK4.580.251.24---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK5.100.51.21---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK2.460.51.58---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK2.180.751.70---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK6.690.751.14---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK10.0911.07---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.9111.95---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.681.252.14---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK10.441.251.07---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.541.52.38---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.001.51.06---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.251.751.04---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.411.752.79---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.2823.56---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.022----
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.022.25----
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.252.253.94---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.222.54.22---
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.022.5-1.030.523.00
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.022.75-
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.162.755.541.452.52.94
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.023-1.482.752.55
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.1038.141.6132.27
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.023.25-1.853.251.96
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.093.258.692.053.51.84
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.083.58.842.313.751.57
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.023.5-3.304.51.34
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.023.75-5.705.51.08
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK1.063.759.
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK11.024-
 FC Arlanda - Enkopings SK-
18:00 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK3.4401.36---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK2.660.251.56---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK3.920.251.30---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK2.250.51.75---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK4.400.51.26---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK5.580.751.18---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.970.751.94---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.6912.26---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK7.9911.10---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.221.251.09---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.541.252.56---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.441.52.68---
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.691.
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.331.753.
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.991.751.061.151.755.50
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.2224.221.1824.80
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.822-1.302.253.45
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.822.25-1.452.52.92
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.202.254.631.532.752.45
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.822.5-1.6632.20
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.822.75-
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.132.756.612.413.751.58
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.08310.042.7541.43
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.823-
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.073.2510.543.504.51.32
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.823.25-4.104.751.23
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.823.5-5.5051.15
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.073.510.745.905.251.13
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.823.75-5.905.51.13
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK1.043.7511.
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK8.824-
 Kungsangens IF - Skiljebo SK-410.855.908.5-
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF2.6501.55---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF2.150.251.81---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF3.110.251.43---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF3.500.51.36---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.870.52.07---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF4.420.751.24---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.630.752.34---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF4.9811.12---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.4012.81---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF5.271.251.11---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.311.253.13---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.261.53.43---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF5.541.51.09---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.171.751.06---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.191.754.44---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.1025.45---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.172----
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.172.25----
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.102.254.50---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.092.54.50---
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.172.5-1.050.517.50
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF1.062.757.
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.252.75-1.462.252.59
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.173-1.722.52.26
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF-37.001.852.751.98
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.173.25-2.0931.72
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF-
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF-
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.173.5-5.604.51.19
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF-3.757.0012.005.51.07
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.173.75-
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF-47.0012.007.5-
 Sandviks IK - Stode IF7.174-26.008.5-
 Tyreso FF - Huddinge IF2.540.751.481.5532.36
 Tyreso FF - Huddinge IF2.2811.601.763.252.03
 Tyreso FF - Huddinge IF1.991.251.821.983.51.83
 Tyreso FF - Huddinge IF1.781.
 Tyreso FF - Huddinge IF1.581.752.292.6641.44
18:15 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK2.4801.62---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK2.050.251.90---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK2.890.251.48---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.830.52.18---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK3.300.51.40---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK4.050.751.28---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.650.752.45---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.4512.89---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK5.5211.16---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK6.011.251.14---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.381.253.19---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.331.53.50---
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK6.411.
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.231.754.411.171.56.00
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK8.841.751.091.181.754.80
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.1426.261.2024.40
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK13.5021.051.352.253.10
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK13.832.251.041.542.52.66
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.132.256.861.602.752.30
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.642.
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.082.7510.092.363.51.66
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.642.751.022.603.751.50
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.0437.353.1041.35
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.643-3.454.251.30
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.043.257.354.204.51.27
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.643.25-4.504.751.19
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.043.57.356.0051.13
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.643.5-6.405.251.12
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.643.75-8.605.51.11
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK1.023.757.3517.506.51.04
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK9.644-
 IFK Lidingo - Karlbergs BK-47.3548.008.5-