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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
USA, USL (United Soccer League)
21:00 Charlotte Independence - One Knoxville SC1.3902.851.502.252.48
 Charlotte Independence - One Knoxville SC1.620.252.261.702.52.12
 Charlotte Independence - One Knoxville SC1.880.52.011.902.751.93
 Charlotte Independence - One Knoxville SC2.120.751.842.1631.67
 Charlotte Independence - One Knoxville SC2.4811.502.423.251.52
22:00 Forward Madison FC - Lexington SC1.550.252.351.492.252.52
 Forward Madison FC - Lexington SC1.850.52.031.682.52.15
 Forward Madison FC - Lexington SC1.990.751.821.872.751.95
 Forward Madison FC - Lexington SC2.3511.572.1331.69
 Forward Madison FC - Lexington SC2.641.251.452.393.251.54
 Richmond Kickers - South Georgia Tormenta1.6202.261.552.752.36
 Richmond Kickers - South Georgia Tormenta2.020.251.931.8032.11
 Richmond Kickers - South Georgia Tormenta1.470.252.571.943.251.86
 Richmond Kickers - South Georgia Tormenta2.100.51.712.143.51.68
 Richmond Kickers - South Georgia Tormenta2.390.751.532.413.751.53
23:00 Indy Eleven - Detroit City FC1.3503.121.431.752.72
 Indy Eleven - Detroit City FC1.620.252.371.5822.37
 Indy Eleven - Detroit City FC1.860.52.021.872.251.99
 Indy Eleven - Detroit City FC2.070.751.762.132.51.75
 Indy Eleven - Detroit City FC2.5311.502.412.751.54
 Miami FC - Hartford Athletic1.480.52.591.612.52.25
 Miami FC - Hartford Athletic1.610.752.321.782.752.03
 Miami FC - Hartford Athletic1.9112.042.0331.81
 Miami FC - Hartford Athletic2.121.251.762.283.251.62
 Miami FC - Hartford Athletic2.311.51.592.523.51.50
 Pittsburgh Riverhounds - FC Tulsa1.5212.471.482.252.57
 Pittsburgh Riverhounds - FC Tulsa1.821.252.061.672.52.19
 Pittsburgh Riverhounds - FC Tulsa2.031.51.831.972.751.97
 Pittsburgh Riverhounds - FC Tulsa2.301.751.622.1131.71
 Pittsburgh Riverhounds - FC Tulsa2.8021.422.383.251.55
23:30 Chattanooga Red Wolves SC - Cv Fuego FC1.560.252.331.552.752.36
 Chattanooga Red Wolves SC - Cv Fuego FC1.760.52.041.7132.10
 Chattanooga Red Wolves SC - Cv Fuego FC1.970.751.841.953.251.87
 Chattanooga Red Wolves SC - Cv Fuego FC2.2811.612.163.51.67
 Chattanooga Red Wolves SC - Cv Fuego FC2.561.251.472.443.751.52
 Tampa Bay Rowdies - Loudoun United FC1.5012.541.522.52.45
 Tampa Bay Rowdies - Loudoun United FC1.741.252.151.672.752.21
 Tampa Bay Rowdies - Loudoun United FC2.001.51.881.8832.02
 Tampa Bay Rowdies - Loudoun United FC2.231.751.662.093.251.74
 Tampa Bay Rowdies - Loudoun United FC2.6721.462.323.51.58
Sunday 1 October 2023, UKT
01:00 New Mexico United - Louisville City FC1.8602.041.482.252.56
 New Mexico United - Louisville City FC1.630.252.291.792.52.17
 New Mexico United - Louisville City FC2.150.251.701.932.751.97
 New Mexico United - Louisville City FC1.490.52.582.1231.71
 New Mexico United - Louisville City FC2.420.51.542.383.251.55
01:30 El Paso Locomotive FC - Charleston Battery1.7302.181.4022.83
 El Paso Locomotive FC - Charleston Battery2.040.251.841.642.252.24
 El Paso Locomotive FC - Charleston Battery1.520.252.471.972.51.95
 El Paso Locomotive FC - Charleston Battery2.330.51.612.212.751.75
 El Paso Locomotive FC - Charleston Battery2.740.751.442.4731.52
02:00 Oakland Roots - San Antonio FC2.3401.601.4422.71
 Oakland Roots - San Antonio FC1.960.251.921.682.252.17
 Oakland Roots - San Antonio FC2.720.251.441.932.51.94
 Oakland Roots - San Antonio FC1.720.
 Oakland Roots - San Antonio FC1.510.752.522.5531.49
 San Diego Loyal SC - Monterey Bay FC1.510.52.401.562.752.25
 San Diego Loyal SC - Monterey Bay FC1.650.752.171.9432.01
 San Diego Loyal SC - Monterey Bay FC1.9511.932.053.251.78
 San Diego Loyal SC - Monterey Bay FC2.121.251.712.193.51.62
 San Diego Loyal SC - Monterey Bay FC2.321.51.552.503.751.47
02:30 Phoenix Rising FC - Orange County SC1.4702.631.3822.92
 Phoenix Rising FC - Orange County SC1.720.252.211.612.252.31
 Phoenix Rising FC - Orange County SC2.000.51.881.842.52.02
 Phoenix Rising FC - Orange County SC2.250.751.652.032.751.92
 Phoenix Rising FC - Orange County SC2.7511.432.3831.55
23:00 Sacramento Republic FC - Las Vegas Lights1.410.752.641.552.52.25
 Sacramento Republic FC - Las Vegas Lights1.5312.351.732.752.03
 Sacramento Republic FC - Las Vegas Lights1.821.252.041.9931.85
 Sacramento Republic FC - Las Vegas Lights2.001.51.782.173.251.61
 Sacramento Republic FC - Las Vegas Lights2.251.751.562.403.51.49
00:00 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC - Rio Grande Valley FC1.5702.401.552.252.38
 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC - Rio Grande Valley FC1.430.252.761.782.52.04
 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC - Rio Grande Valley FC1.870.
 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC - Rio Grande Valley FC2.100.51.742.2931.61
 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC - Rio Grande Valley FC2.410.751.552.573.251.48
 Memphis 901 FC - Birmingham Legion FC1.520.252.481.472.252.60
 Memphis 901 FC - Birmingham Legion FC1.740.52.211.652.52.21
 Memphis 901 FC - Birmingham Legion FC1.960.751.921.842.752.01
 Memphis 901 FC - Birmingham Legion FC2.2811.632.0831.88
 Memphis 901 FC - Birmingham Legion FC2.581.251.492.343.251.57