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Wednesday 4 August 2021, UKT
Slovakia, 3 Liga
14:30 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou4.2901.29---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou4.790.251.22---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou3.170.251.40---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou2.610.51.55---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.300.51.20---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou2.210.751.60---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.300.751.10---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.301----
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.9711.90---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.301.25----
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.741.251.99---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.301.5----
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.581.52.20---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.061.751.55---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.301.75----
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.302----
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.0421.55---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.302.25----
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.032.251.55---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.032.51.55---
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.302.5-1.020.521.00
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou1.012.751.551.031.52.20
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.302.75-1.362.53.10
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou-31.551.4832.42
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.303-1.683.252.06
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.303.25-1.983.51.85
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou-3.251.552.113.751.65
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.303.5-2.4741.47
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou-3.51.551.254.51.12
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou-3.751.556.005.51.16
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.303.75-11.506.51.06
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou-41.554.107.51.01
 MFK Sobrance - MFK Vranov nad Toplou5.304-13.008.5-
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov2.6301.44-0.523.00
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov2.240.51.561.362.53.10
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov2.020.751.981.4832.44
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov1.8011.941.683.252.07
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov1.611.252.181.983.51.85
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov1.491.52.412.103.751.66
 MSK Spisske Podhradie - MSK Tesla Stropkov---2.4641.47
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad2.4301.62---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad2.070.251.85---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad2.770.251.49---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad1.860.52.04---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.100.51.41---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.100.751.20---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad1.610.752.18---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad1.4212.61---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.101----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.101.25----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad1.041.252.11---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad1.031.52.13---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.101.5----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.101.75----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad1.031.752.14---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.102----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-22.14---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-2.252.14---
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.102.25----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.102.5----
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.102.75-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-2.752.141.312.54.20
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-32.141.513.252.35
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.103-1.783.52.12
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.103.25-2.0641.90
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.103.5-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.103.75-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-3.752.
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad-
 OSK Rudnany - FK Poprad3.104-
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice6.5001.10---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice3.030.251.13---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.700.251.02---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.840.51.02---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice2.410.51.23---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.840.751.01---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.970.751.23---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.5411.23---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.841----
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.841.25----
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice2.431.251.48---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice2.131.51.64---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.841.5----
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.841.75----
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice2.001.751.81---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.7022.04---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.842----
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.842.25----
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.552.252.27---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.162.51.25---
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.842.5-1.030.529.00
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.102.751.361.081.52.02
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.842.75-
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.843-1.533.252.31
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.0331.681.713.52.03
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.843.25-1.893.751.95
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.033.251.682.1541.63
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.023.51.682.384.251.50
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.843.5-
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice1.013.751.682.025.51.06
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.843.75-
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice-41.683.607.51.04
 Pokrok Krompachy - Slavia TU Kosice4.844-6.808.5-
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany6.7001.17---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany4.410.251.24---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.170.251.13---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.800.51.12---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany3.430.51.35---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.800.751.06---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany2.850.751.37---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.801----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany2.2911.40---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany2.221.251.57---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.801.25----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.981.51.90---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.801.5----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.801.75----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.801.751.94---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.802----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.5822.23---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.802.25----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.462.252.48---
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.802.5----
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.202.51.771.020.529.00
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.122.751.771.091.59.20
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.802.75-1.312.53.75
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.803-1.473.252.46
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.0331.771.773.52.14
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.013.251.771.853.751.95
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.803.25-2.0241.71
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany1.013.51.772.254.251.56
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.803.5-2.744.51.49
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany-3.751.774.805.51.21
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.803.75-
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany7.804-
 Raslavice - SK Odeva Lipany-41.7721.008.51.01
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa3.2501.33-0.523.00
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa2.580.251.431.362.53.10
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa2.190.51.611.4832.42
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa2.000.751.801.683.252.06
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa1.7312.001.903.51.90
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa1.561.
 Slovan Giraltovce - TJ Mladost Kalsa---2.4741.47