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Saturday 25 May 2024, UKT
Russia, Premier League
13:30 Baltika Kaliningrad - Lokomotiv Moscow1.7202.161.632.252.24
 Baltika Kaliningrad - Lokomotiv Moscow1.530.252.471.872.51.97
 Baltika Kaliningrad - Lokomotiv Moscow2.020.251.842.102.751.75
 Baltika Kaliningrad - Lokomotiv Moscow2.290.51.622.4531.52
 Baltika Kaliningrad - Lokomotiv Moscow2.670.751.452.763.251.40
 CSKA Moscow - Ural1.4902.561.522.252.45
 CSKA Moscow - Ural1.750.252.121.732.52.12
 CSKA Moscow - Ural1.990.51.871.932.751.91
 CSKA Moscow - Ural2.260.751.642.2331.64
 CSKA Moscow - Ural2.7311.432.493.251.50
 Fakel Voronezh - Akhmat1.590.52.341.4022.76
 Fakel Voronezh - Akhmat1.780.752.081.642.252.23
 Fakel Voronezh - Akhmat2.0711.791.902.51.94
 Fakel Voronezh - Akhmat2.361.251.582.132.751.72
 Fakel Voronezh - Akhmat2.641.51.462.4931.50
 Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow1.6002.331.532.252.42
 Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow1.880.251.981.752.52.09
 Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow1.460.252.641.962.751.88
 Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow2.120.51.752.2631.62
 Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow2.450.751.542.543.251.48
 Krylia Sovetov - FC Nizhny Novgorod1.4402.701.582.52.33
 Krylia Sovetov - FC Nizhny Novgorod1.650.252.241.742.752.11
 Krylia Sovetov - FC Nizhny Novgorod1.880.51.981.9731.87
 Krylia Sovetov - FC Nizhny Novgorod2.120.751.762.233.251.64
 Krylia Sovetov - FC Nizhny Novgorod2.5111.512.453.51.52
 Orenburg - Spartak Moscow1.9301.931.562.52.36
 Orenburg - Spartak Moscow2.200.251.691.712.752.14
 Orenburg - Spartak Moscow1.680.252.191.9431.90
 Orenburg - Spartak Moscow1.540.52.452.183.251.67
 Orenburg - Spartak Moscow2.450.51.542.403.51.54
 Rubin Kazan - PFC Sochi1.6502.241.622.52.26
 Rubin Kazan - PFC Sochi1.500.252.541.792.752.05
 Rubin Kazan - PFC Sochi1.930.251.932.0431.80
 Rubin Kazan - PFC Sochi2.170.51.722.293.251.60
 Rubin Kazan - PFC Sochi2.490.751.522.543.51.48
 Zenit - Rostov1.4412.701.482.252.54
 Zenit - Rostov1.671.252.211.672.52.18
 Zenit - Rostov1.911.51.951.872.751.97
 Zenit - Rostov2.151.751.732.1431.72
 Zenit - Rostov2.5621.492.403.251.54