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Friday 7 October 2022, UKT
Russia, Premier League
13:30 FK Ural Yekaterinburg - Khimki1.910.52.011.952.52.00
Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
10:00 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg3.660.51.29---
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg3.280.751.35---
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg2.9011.431.181.54.95
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg2.331.251.631.562.52.46
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg2.031.51.831.682.752.21
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg1.881.752.061.9231.98
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg1.5722.452.113.251.75
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg1.452.252.782.353.51.61
 Fakel Voronezh - Zenit St. Petersburg1.382.
12:30 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow1.2803.74---
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow1.470.252.771.211.54.38
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow1.
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow1.650.52.301.692.52.20
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow1.830.752.041.862.752.04
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow2.1111.822.1331.73
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow2.421.251.592.413.251.58
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow2.721.51.472.683.51.47
 CSKA Moscow - Dynamo Moscow3.301.751.344.804.51.19
15:00 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow1.3403.35---
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow1.270.253.81---
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow1.530.252.571.181.54.82
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow1.720.52.171.602.52.36
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow1.920.752.051.742.752.11
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow2.2211.681.9631.94
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow2.531.251.542.223.251.68
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow2.831.51.442.473.51.56
 PFC Sochi - Lokomotiv Moscow3.451.751.324.284.51.22
Sunday 9 October 2022, UKT
10:00 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov1.2504.09---
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov1.410.252.951.211.54.38
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov1.580.52.421.492.252.67
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov1.740.752.141.672.52.24
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov2.0811.861.892.752.01
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov2.291.251.652.0831.76
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov2.601.51.522.363.251.61
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov3.111.751.382.623.51.49
 Spartak Moscow - Krylia Sovetov4.1221.244.664.51.19
12:30 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny1.7002.19---
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny1.530.252.571.241.54.03
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny2.090.251.841.562.252.47
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny1.410.52.941.752.52.10
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny2.310.51.642.012.751.89
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny2.780.751.462.2831.64
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny1.290.753.682.603.251.51
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny3.7011.292.893.51.41
 FC Orenburg - Akhmat Grozny4.
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod1.9302.00---
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod2.290.251.65---
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod1.650.252.281.401.52.97
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod2.660.51.501.501.752.64
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod1.510.52.641.6422.28
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod1.350.753.271.912.251.99
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod3.310.751.342.162.51.71
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod4.8111.192.522.751.54
 Torpedo Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod1.2014.713.933.51.25
15:00 Rostov - FC Krasnodar1.4402.87---
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar1.670.
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar1.340.253.301.562.252.45
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar1.920.52.001.762.52.08
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar1.280.53.741.962.751.97
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar2.180.751.712.2631.65
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar2.6811.492.553.251.53
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar3.041.251.392.823.51.43
 Rostov - FC Krasnodar3.411.51.335.064.51.17