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Thursday 17 October 2019, UKT
Israel Israel, League Bet
16:00 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United3.9001.24-0.515.00
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United3.000.251.381.131.256.00
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United4.400.
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United2.500.51.501.241.753.90
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United4.800.51.181.3023.45
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United6.250.751.121.452.252.68
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United2.250.751.631.622.52.25
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United2.0011.801.782.752.03
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.751.252.052.0331.78
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.601.52.302.303.251.60
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.451.752.682.503.51.50
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.3323.303.003.751.38
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.282.253.553.7041.26
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.242.53.904.004.251.23
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.182.754.804.254.51.21
 Ahi Acre - Bnei Majdal Krum United1.1136.605.504.751.15
Friday 18 October 2019, UKT
08:00 Maccabi Bnei Raina - Hapoel Ihud Bnei Jat1.2004.33-0.513.00
 Maccabi Bnei Raina - Hapoel Ihud Bnei Jat---1.632.52.25
08:30 Beitar Ironi Kiryat Gat - Moadon Zeirey Rahat1.3603.00-0.519.00
 Beitar Ironi Kiryat Gat - Moadon Zeirey Rahat---1.452.52.68
09:00 Maccabi Umm al-Fahm - Maccabi Neve Shaanan Eldad1.5302.38-0.515.00
 Maccabi Umm al-Fahm - Maccabi Neve Shaanan Eldad---1.602.52.30
09:30 Beitar Ironi Maale Adumim - Sport Club Dimona7.5001.07-0.529.00
 Beitar Ironi Maale Adumim - Sport Club Dimona---
 MS Hapoel Yeroham - Maccabi Kiryat Malakhi2.3801.53-0.515.00
 MS Hapoel Yeroham - Maccabi Kiryat Malakhi---1.582.52.35
10:00 Hapoel Kiryat Ono - Beitar Ramat Gan1.2004.33-0.511.00
 Hapoel Kiryat Ono - Beitar Ramat Gan---1.752.52.05
 Maccabi Amishav Petah Tikva - Hapoel Qalansawe1.6702.10-0.515.00
 Maccabi Amishav Petah Tikva - Hapoel Qalansawe---1.632.52.25
 Maccabi Ironi Sderot - Bnei Eilat1.2503.75-0.519.00
 Maccabi Ironi Sderot - Bnei Eilat---1.452.52.68
 MS Shikun Hamizrach - Sports Club Beer Sheva---1.952.51.85
 Tzeirey Tamra - Beitar Nahariya FC1.6202.20-0.511.00
 Tzeirey Tamra - Beitar Nahariya FC---1.802.52.00
10:30 Ironi Beit Dagan - Beitar Petah Tikva1.3603.00-0.517.00
 Ironi Beit Dagan - Beitar Petah Tikva---1.502.52.50
 Ironi Modiin - Hapoel Ironi Gedera1.1704.50-0.517.00
 Ironi Modiin - Hapoel Ironi Gedera---1.452.52.68
11:00 MS Ironi Kuseifa - Maccabi Ironi Netivot1.1405.00-0.517.00
 MS Ironi Kuseifa - Maccabi Ironi Netivot---1.482.52.60
11:30 Beitar Kfar Saba Shlomi - Hapoel Mahane Yehuda1.6702.10-0.512.00
 Beitar Kfar Saba Shlomi - Hapoel Mahane Yehuda---1.752.52.05
 Bnei Baqa United - Hapoel Bnei Fureidis5.5001.13-0.519.00
 Bnei Baqa United - Hapoel Bnei Fureidis---1.432.52.75
11:45 Maccabi Ahi Iksal - Ironi Nesher3.7501.25-0.519.00
 Maccabi Ahi Iksal - Ironi Nesher---1.432.52.75
12:30 Maccabi Bnei Nahf - Bnei HaGolan VeHaGalil2.0001.73-0.513.00
 Maccabi Bnei Nahf - Bnei HaGolan VeHaGalil---1.652.52.20
12:00 Hapoel Kafr Qasim Shouaa - SC Bnei Yaffo Ortodoxim1.2004.33-0.517.00
 Hapoel Kafr Qasim Shouaa - SC Bnei Yaffo Ortodoxim---1.502.52.50