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Thursday 29 July 2021, UKT
Brazil, U23
18:00 Avai FC SC - Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS1.9201.881.4322.64
 Avai FC SC - Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS1.610.252.221.702.252.07
 Avai FC SC - Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS2.260.251.602.012.51.81
 Avai FC SC - Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS1.450.52.562.252.751.60
 Avai FC SC - Gremio FB Porto Alegrense RS2.600.51.442.6931.41
 Bahia BA - Juventude RS U231.420.52.741.4122.77
 Bahia BA - Juventude RS U231.560.752.391.642.252.22
 Bahia BA - Juventude RS U231.8012.021.872.51.93
 Bahia BA - Juventude RS U232.131.251.692.122.751.69
 Bahia BA - Juventude RS U232.461.51.512.5731.47
 Ceara SC CE U23 - CRB U231.550.52.361.4922.52
 Ceara SC CE U23 - CRB U231.730.752.071.762.252.03
 Ceara SC CE U23 - CRB U232.0511.782.032.51.79
 Ceara SC CE U23 - CRB U232.391.251.562.332.751.58
 Ceara SC CE U23 - CRB U232.711.51.432.8631.39
 Coritiba FC PR - Vitoria BA U232.3401.571.4022.83
 Coritiba FC PR - Vitoria BA U231.920.251.881.652.252.21
 Coritiba FC PR - Vitoria BA U232.740.251.421.902.51.90
 Coritiba FC PR - Vitoria BA U231.670.
 Coritiba FC PR - Vitoria BA U231.480.752.552.5431.48
 Figueirense U23 - Bragantino U232.5401.501.3822.89
 Figueirense U23 - Bragantino U232.030.251.791.612.252.26
 Figueirense U23 - Bragantino U232.970.251.361.852.51.94
 Figueirense U23 - Bragantino U231.750.
 Figueirense U23 - Bragantino U231.540.752.382.4831.50
 Fluminense RJ FC - Ponte Preta SP U231.560.752.661.492.252.33
 Fluminense RJ FC - Ponte Preta SP U231.5412.261.852.51.99
 Fluminense RJ FC - Ponte Preta SP U231.851.251.841.932.751.78
 Fluminense RJ FC - Ponte Preta SP U232.131.51.612.2931.53
 Fluminense RJ FC - Ponte Preta SP U232.521.751.422.603.251.40
 SC Corinthians SP - Fortaleza U231.5602.371.4422.65
 SC Corinthians SP - Fortaleza U231.850.251.951.692.252.12
 SC Corinthians SP - Fortaleza U231.420.252.751.952.51.85
 SC Corinthians SP - Fortaleza U232.110.51.702.232.751.63
 SC Corinthians SP - Fortaleza U232.490.751.502.7431.42
20:00 Cuiaba U23 - Santos U232.640.251.451.4622.58
 Cuiaba U23 - Santos U232.140.51.681.742.252.06
 Cuiaba U23 - Santos U231.910.751.892.022.51.80
 Cuiaba U23 - Santos U231.6512.202.292.751.60
 Cuiaba U23 - Santos U231.491.252.502.7831.41