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Sunday 28 May 2023, UKT
Czech Republic, Gambrinus League
14:00 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin1.5202.68---
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin1.400.
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin1.780.252.171.532.252.61
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin2.050.51.851.752.52.19
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin1.320.53.541.982.751.96
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin2.350.751.652.1931.72
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin2.9511.442.493.251.57
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin3.341.251.352.773.51.47
 FC Zbrojovka Brno - FC Trinity Zlin3.741.51.305.114.51.18
15:00 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice1.2504.21---
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice1.420.253.00---
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice1.600.52.461.201.54.72
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice1.770.752.171.652.52.33
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice2.0611.881.802.752.08
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice2.321.251.662.1231.83
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice2.631.51.532.333.251.65
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice3.161.751.382.613.51.53
 Banik Ostrava - FK Pardubice4.2421.254.724.51.20
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice1.3703.26---
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice1.300.253.73---
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice1.570.252.501.191.54.91
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice1.790.52.121.612.52.39
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice2.010.751.911.822.752.12
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice2.3711.632.0431.87
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice2.721.251.502.283.251.67
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice3.051.51.412.563.51.54
 FK Jablonec - FK Teplice3.771.751.294.644.51.21