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Friday 5 June 2020, UKT
Vietnam Vietnam, Premier League
08:30 Dong Thap - Can Tho1.5002.57---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho1.830.252.03---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho1.370.252.86---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.160.51.78---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho1.300.53.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.330.751.56---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho1.150.753.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.9211.36---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-13.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-1.253.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.601.251.16---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.651.51.13---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-1.53.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.651.751.06---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-1.753.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.652----
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-23.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-2.253.35---
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.652.25----
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.652.5----
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-2.53.351.060.511.00
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.652.75-
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-2.753.351.552.252.34
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.653-1.802.52.00
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-33.352.002.751.80
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.653.25-2.3531.54
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-3.253.352.673.251.42
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-3.53.351.963.51.07
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.653.5-1.964.51.06
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-3.753.351.965.51.02
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.653.75-
 Dong Thap - Can Tho-43.351.977.5-
 Dong Thap - Can Tho2.654-1.988.5-
10:00 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City2.4301.55---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.990.251.83---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City2.840.251.43---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.760.52.12---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City3.250.51.35---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City4.110.751.24---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.550.752.44---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.3313.05---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City6.0611.13---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.271.253.45---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City6.691.251.11---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.231.53.85---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.201.51.10---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.161.755.07---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.251.751.07---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.252----
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.0927.98---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.082.258.69---
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.252.25----
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.252.5----
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.082.58.751.060.513.00
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City1.052.759.
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.252.75-1.532.252.38
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.253-1.782.52.05
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City-39.051.982.751.83
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City-
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.253.25-2.593.251.45
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City-
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.253.5-5.304.51.09
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City-3.759.0511.005.51.03
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.253.75-
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City-49.0511.007.5-
 Hai Phong - Ho Chi Minh City7.254-11.008.5-
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.3603.10---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.220.253.38---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.550.252.34---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.180.53.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.800.52.00---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc2.050.751.72---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.090.753.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-13.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc2.5611.46---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.771.25----
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-1.253.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.771.5----
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-1.53.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.771.75----
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-1.753.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-23.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.772----
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-2.253.90---
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.772.25----
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.772.5----
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-2.53.901.010.510.00
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.772.75-
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-2.753.901.3922.80
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-33.901.622.252.21
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.773-1.882.51.95
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-3.253.902.102.751.69
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.773.25-2.5431.47
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.773.5-
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-3.53.901.364.51.06
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.773.75-1.385.51.02
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-3.753.901.396.51.01
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc-43.901.397.5-
 Pho Hien - Binh Phuoc1.774-1.018.5-
11:00 Nam Dinh - Viettel2.1101.78---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.780.252.14---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel2.490.251.57---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel2.880.51.45---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.600.52.48---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel3.580.751.31---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.430.752.93---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel5.0011.18---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.2713.75---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel5.511.251.16---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.231.254.19---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.201.54.57---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel6.001.51.14---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.131.756.27---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.471.751.09---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.0729.71---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.3021.04---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.072.258.86---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.322.251.04---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.062.58.14---
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.342.
 Nam Dinh - Viettel1.042.7510.911.261.53.75
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.342.751.021.532.252.44
 Nam Dinh - Viettel-310.911.832.52.06
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.343-1.982.751.83
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.343.25-2.3131.59
 Nam Dinh - Viettel-3.2510.912.633.251.46
 Nam Dinh - Viettel-3.510.912.943.51.34
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.343.5-5.504.51.08
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.343.75-
 Nam Dinh - Viettel-3.7510.9111.006.51.01
 Nam Dinh - Viettel-410.9111.007.5-
 Nam Dinh - Viettel8.344-11.008.5-
12:00 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.9201.93---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong2.250.251.67---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.690.252.27---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.540.52.63---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong2.580.51.52---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.380.753.11---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong3.090.751.37---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong4.1211.21---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.2214.10---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.181.254.58---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong4.601.251.18---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.161.55.00---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong5.001.51.16---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong6.961.751.11---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.111.756.96---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong11.0021.06---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.06211.86---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong11.552.251.05---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.052.2512.52---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.112.51.05---
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.052.512.491.010.512.50
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.112.751.
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong1.022.7512.491.562.252.37
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong-312.491.792.52.12
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.113-2.002.751.84
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong-3.2512.492.3331.58
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.113.25-2.633.251.46
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.113.5-1.753.51.42
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong-3.512.495.104.51.11
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.113.75-9.605.51.02
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong-3.7512.499.606.51.01
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong-412.499.607.5-
 Sai Gon FC - Binh Duong12.114-9.608.5-