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Saturday 20 April 2024, UKT
Scotland, League One
14:00 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic2.790.51.431.412.52.84
 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic2.490.751.531.492.752.55
 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic2.2111.681.6332.29
 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic1.921.251.931.853.252.07
 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic1.891.
 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic1.691.752.452.303.751.60
 Edinburgh City - Annan Athletic1.3823.002.7541.43
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts1.401.52.691.332.752.99
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts1.491.752.431.4032.68
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts1.6322.181.593.252.23
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts1.892.251.941.853.52.01
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts2.072.51.712.053.751.76
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts2.302.751.552.2441.56
 Falkirk - Kelty Hearts2.7531.392.504.251.46
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC2.9301.401.2923.51
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC3.340.251.321.472.252.63
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC2.320.251.621.662.52.23
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC2.010.51.851.832.752.06
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC1.780.752.072.0731.83
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC1.5512.442.323.251.59
 Montrose - Hamilton Academical FC1.441.252.772.593.51.48
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South1.8802.011.3623.08
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South2.200.251.731.572.252.36
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South1.620.252.321.792.52.02
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South2.500.51.522.022.751.83
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South1.480.52.642.3431.60
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South1.340.753.212.613.251.47
 Stirling Albion - Queen of the South3.010.751.382.903.51.40
16:30 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic1.8402.031.502.52.54
 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic2.120.251.741.612.752.29
 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic1.620.252.331.7832.05
 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic1.480.52.622.033.251.83
 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic2.390.51.562.223.51.66
 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic1.350.753.142.523.751.51
 Cove Rangers - Alloa Athletic2.820.751.423.0441.36