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Sunday 27 November 2022, UKT
Spain, Primera Division RFEF (Terciera)
10:00 FC La Union Atletico - Real Murcia B1.420.252.571.441.752.52
 FC La Union Atletico - Real Murcia B1.640.52.121.6022.20
 FC La Union Atletico - Real Murcia B1.850.751.881.872.251.85
 FC La Union Atletico - Real Murcia B2.1911.602.112.51.64
 FC La Union Atletico - Real Murcia B2.511.251.442.442.751.47
10:30 AD Torrejon CF - Cuc Villalba1.1405.00---
 AD Torrejon CF - Cuc Villalba1.450.52.471.451.752.50
 AD Torrejon CF - Cuc Villalba1.630.752.141.5922.20
 AD Torrejon CF - Cuc Villalba1.9511.881.852.251.88
 AD Torrejon CF - Cuc Villalba2.331.251.532.082.51.80
 AD Torrejon CF - Cuc Villalba2.691.51.392.412.751.48
 Club Portugalete - CD Basconia1.5002.501.421.752.49
 Club Portugalete - CD Basconia1.330.252.791.5622.18
 Club Portugalete - CD Basconia1.840.251.961.892.251.93
 Club Portugalete - CD Basconia1.990.51.682.102.51.70
 Club Portugalete - CD Basconia2.330.751.482.362.751.46
 SD Portmany - CD Constancia1.9801.751.451.752.49
 SD Portmany - CD Constancia2.360.251.521.6122.17
 SD Portmany - CD Constancia1.650.252.101.882.251.84
 SD Portmany - CD Constancia2.710.51.382.132.51.63
 SD Portmany - CD Constancia1.480.52.412.452.751.46
10:45 Fundacio Esportiva Grama - UE Sants1.1704.50---
 Fundacio Esportiva Grama - UE Sants1.470.752.441.381.752.73
 Fundacio Esportiva Grama - UE Sants1.8012.091.5022.40
 Fundacio Esportiva Grama - UE Sants1.981.251.761.842.251.99
 Fundacio Esportiva Grama - UE Sants2.261.51.561.972.51.85
 Fundacio Esportiva Grama - UE Sants2.681.751.392.252.751.55
 Robres CD - SD Ejea1.5002.511.411.752.63
 Robres CD - SD Ejea1.340.252.911.5422.32
 Robres CD - SD Ejea1.750.252.001.792.251.94
 Robres CD - SD Ejea2.000.51.722.012.51.90
 Robres CD - SD Ejea2.320.751.522.292.751.53
11:00 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.8801.981.080.57.00
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra2.260.251.651.100.757.00
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.600.252.361.1216.40
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.480.52.721.261.253.70
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra2.610.51.501.401.52.75
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.330.753.301.551.752.43
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra3.100.751.351.7822.15
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra4.4011.
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.1814.652.352.51.62
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra5.
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra1.141.55.753.803.251.25
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra5.501.51.154.333.51.20
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra---5.503.751.15
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra---
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra---
 AD Ceuta - Pontevedra---
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes1.3703.
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes1.630.252.291.1116.80
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes1.300.253.451.241.253.90
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes1.910.52.031.361.53.00
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes1.240.53.901.521.752.60
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes2.190.751.681.6922.25
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes1.150.755.502.032.251.89
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes2.8311.452.242.51.67
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes3.101.251.352.632.751.50
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes3.451.51.303.3031.33
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes4.401.751.203.553.251.28
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes6.6021.
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes7.
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes---7.504.51.07
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes---
 Algeciras - San Sebastian Reyes---
 Arroyo CP - Fuente de Cantos1.2803.001.391.52.52
 Arroyo CP - Fuente de Cantos1.530.252.211.511.752.25
 Arroyo CP - Fuente de Cantos1.810.51.921.7522.00
 Arroyo CP - Fuente de Cantos2.020.751.631.972.251.67
 Arroyo CP - Fuente de Cantos2.5011.402.222.51.51
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.3503.46---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.590.252.47---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.270.254.06---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.230.54.70---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.880.52.04---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.140.756.57---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity2.090.751.80---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity2.5511.53---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.06112.08---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity3.001.251.40---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.051.2513.04---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity3.351.51.33---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.051.511.20---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity1.021.7511.20---
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity4.381.751.
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity6.6021.121.1116.80
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-2.2511.201.401.53.15
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity6.602.251.111.481.752.60
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity4.682.51.101.6322.30
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-2.511.201.932.251.90
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-2.7511.
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity7.652.751.062.532.751.50
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity8.013-3.1031.35
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-311.203.453.251.30
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity8.013.25-4.303.51.26
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-3.2511.204.803.751.18
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity7.663.5-7.0041.10
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-3.511.208.604.51.09
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-3.7511.2011.005.51.02
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity8.013.75-
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity-411.209.207.5-
 Atletico Baleares - CF Intercity8.014-9.208.5-
 Atletico Levante UD - CD Roda1.3003.401.361.252.78
 Atletico Levante UD - CD Roda1.420.252.571.561.52.27
 Atletico Levante UD - CD Roda1.680.52.051.801.752.01
 Atletico Levante UD - CD Roda1.960.751.772.0321.70
 Atletico Levante UD - CD Roda2.5111.462.342.251.51
 Atletico Levante UD - CD Roda2.941.251.332.882.51.40
 Atletico Malagueno - Marbella FC1.9101.831.4422.53
 Atletico Malagueno - Marbella FC2.210.251.591.672.252.08
 Atletico Malagueno - Marbella FC1.630.252.141.932.51.88
 Atletico Malagueno - Marbella FC2.500.51.452.142.751.63
 Atletico Malagueno - Marbella FC1.470.52.432.5731.42
 Ayamonte CF - Coria CF2.1001.671.471.752.45
 Ayamonte CF - Coria CF1.750.251.991.6322.14
 Ayamonte CF - Coria CF2.470.251.461.952.251.85
 Ayamonte CF - Coria CF1.550.
 Ayamonte CF - Coria CF1.380.752.722.482.751.45
 CD Aurrera de Vitoria - Touring Ke1.7601.981.4822.41
 CD Aurrera de Vitoria - Touring Ke2.110.251.651.732.251.99
 CD Aurrera de Vitoria - Touring Ke1.520.252.361.982.51.76
 CD Aurrera de Vitoria - Touring Ke2.430.51.472.242.751.57
 CD Aurrera de Vitoria - Touring Ke1.380.52.712.6831.39
 CD Azuqueca - CD Quintanar Del Rey2.2001.531.421.752.43
 CD Azuqueca - CD Quintanar Del Rey1.840.251.881.5722.13
 CD Azuqueca - CD Quintanar Del Rey2.570.251.381.882.251.85
 CD Azuqueca - CD Quintanar Del Rey1.580.
 CD Azuqueca - CD Quintanar Del Rey1.410.752.462.362.751.44
 CD Castellon B - Jove Espanol1.6702.111.411.252.56
 CD Castellon B - Jove Espanol2.060.251.701.611.52.13
 CD Castellon B - Jove Espanol1.400.252.581.881.751.93
 CD Castellon B - Jove Espanol2.410.51.482.1821.58
 CD Castellon B - Jove Espanol2.950.751.312.522.251.42
 CD Castellon B - Jove Espanol---
 CD Covadonga - Caudal Deportivo1.6202.201.511.52.30
 CD Covadonga - Caudal Deportivo1.380.252.661.671.752.03
 CD Covadonga - Caudal Deportivo2.090.251.681.9821.93
 CD Covadonga - Caudal Deportivo2.470.51.462.282.251.53
 CD Covadonga - Caudal Deportivo3.090.751.292.572.51.50
 CD Llanes - Luarca CF1.400.252.501.471.752.30
 CD Llanes - Luarca CF1.600.52.081.6422.02
 CD Llanes - Luarca CF1.860.751.861.952.251.78
 CD Llanes - Luarca CF2.2211.522.142.51.56
 CD Llanes - Luarca CF2.591.251.372.492.751.40
 CD Platges de Calvia - CD Llosetense1.5702.271.441.52.41
 CD Platges de Calvia - CD Llosetense1.870.251.851.581.752.14
 CD Platges de Calvia - CD Llosetense1.360.252.681.8821.93
 CD Platges de Calvia - CD Llosetense2.130.51.592.092.251.61
 CD Platges de Calvia - CD Llosetense2.550.751.402.502.51.50
 CD Praviano - Lealtad2.1001.771.511.52.33
 CD Praviano - Lealtad2.400.251.501.681.752.06
 CD Praviano - Lealtad1.610.252.161.9821.83
 CD Praviano - Lealtad2.790.51.362.292.251.55
 CD Praviano - Lealtad1.440.52.532.602.51.48
 CD Rota - Pozoblanco1.7601.981.441.52.38
 CD Rota - Pozoblanco1.480.252.311.571.752.12
 CD Rota - Pozoblanco2.060.251.611.8421.88
 CD Rota - Pozoblanco2.380.51.442.082.251.60
 CD Rota - Pozoblanco1.350.52.652.342.51.45
 CD Tenerife B - UD Tamaraceite1.2903.50---
 CD Tenerife B - UD Tamaraceite1.470.252.431.421.752.58
 CD Tenerife B - UD Tamaraceite1.680.52.051.5622.27
 CD Tenerife B - UD Tamaraceite1.930.751.801.852.251.95
 CD Tenerife B - UD Tamaraceite2.3411.532.102.51.70
 CD Tenerife B - UD Tamaraceite2.701.251.392.332.751.51
 CD Ursaria - CF Pozuelo de Alarcon1.4002.75---
 CD Ursaria - CF Pozuelo de Alarcon1.400.252.491.431.52.40
 CD Ursaria - CF Pozuelo de Alarcon1.610.52.071.561.752.14
 CD Ursaria - CF Pozuelo de Alarcon1.890.751.831.8521.95
 CD Ursaria - CF Pozuelo de Alarcon2.2911.492.032.251.63
 CD Ursaria - CF Pozuelo de Alarcon2.681.251.342.402.51.53
 CD Varea - Comillas CF1.4212.581.432.252.55
 CD Varea - Comillas CF1.641.252.121.612.52.17
 CD Varea - Comillas CF1.851.51.871.782.751.96
 CD Varea - Comillas CF2.091.751.662.0031.71
 CD Varea - Comillas CF2.4921.452.253.251.55
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense2.6301.57---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense3.130.251.42---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.930.251.96---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense3.750.51.33---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.700.52.28---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.500.752.77---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense5.100.751.21---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense9.0611.08---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.3013.88---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense10.051.251.07---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.251.254.49---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.211.55.10---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.951.51.07---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense1.131.755.90---
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.951.751.
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.952-1.140.755.75
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-25.101.1814.80
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.952.25-1.351.253.10
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.952.5-1.741.752.10
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-2.755.102.402.251.58
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.952.75-2.842.51.46
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.953-3.302.751.33
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-35.104.4031.20
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.953.25-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.953.5-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-3.755.1015.005.51.01
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.953.75-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense-45.1010.007.5-
 CF La Nucia - CD Eldense8.954-15.008.5-
 CF Lorca Deportiva - UD Caravaca1.1405.00---
 CF Lorca Deportiva - UD Caravaca1.440.752.511.4722.42
 CF Lorca Deportiva - UD Caravaca1.6112.171.712.252.01
 CF Lorca Deportiva - UD Caravaca1.901.251.831.952.51.95
 CF Lorca Deportiva - UD Caravaca2.161.51.622.202.751.60
 CF Lorca Deportiva - UD Caravaca2.521.751.442.6231.41
 CF Montanesa - CE L'Hospitalet1.5702.251.361.752.63
 CF Montanesa - CE L'Hospitalet1.230.252.591.4822.32
 CF Montanesa - CE L'Hospitalet1.770.251.851.802.252.00
 CF Montanesa - CE L'Hospitalet1.970.51.632.052.51.75
 CF Montanesa - CE L'Hospitalet1.110.52.982.182.751.52
 CF Pobla de Mafumet - Peralada1.5702.651.471.752.40
 CF Pobla de Mafumet - Peralada1.650.252.071.6222.11
 CF Pobla de Mafumet - Peralada1.930.51.801.892.251.95
 CF Pobla de Mafumet - Peralada2.230.751.562.112.51.70
 CF Pobla de Mafumet - Peralada2.9011.322.442.751.45
 CP Villarrobledo - CD Tarancon1.4402.651.401.752.48
 CP Villarrobledo - CD Tarancon1.640.252.051.5422.18
 CP Villarrobledo - CD Tarancon1.930.51.801.882.251.93
 CP Villarrobledo - CD Tarancon2.180.751.562.102.51.70
 CP Villarrobledo - CD Tarancon2.7111.352.322.751.46
 Cuarte CD - Illueca CF1.9701.801.471.52.30
 Cuarte CD - Illueca CF1.600.252.081.621.752.04
 Cuarte CD - Illueca CF2.310.251.481.9821.88
 Cuarte CD - Illueca CF2.660.51.352.172.251.55
 Cuarte CD - Illueca CF1.430.52.402.502.51.50
 Cultural Deportiva Leonesa B - SD Almazan1.6202.201.411.752.45
 Cultural Deportiva Leonesa B - SD Almazan1.380.252.551.5622.15
 Cultural Deportiva Leonesa B - SD Almazan1.930.251.811.902.251.90
 Cultural Deportiva Leonesa B - SD Almazan2.160.51.552.152.51.67
 Cultural Deportiva Leonesa B - SD Almazan2.550.751.382.352.751.45
 El Palmar CF-Estrella Grana - CD Bullense1.4402.751.4222.59
 El Palmar CF-Estrella Grana - CD Bullense1.710.252.011.652.252.10
 El Palmar CF-Estrella Grana - CD Bullense1.980.51.761.882.52.00
 El Palmar CF-Estrella Grana - CD Bullense2.280.751.562.122.751.64
 El Palmar CF-Estrella Grana - CD Bullense2.8411.352.5231.44
 FC Vilafranca - CP San Cristobal2.6301.461.471.52.43
 FC Vilafranca - CP San Cristobal2.990.251.321.611.752.16
 FC Vilafranca - CP San Cristobal1.950.251.781.9321.88
 FC Vilafranca - CP San Cristobal1.670.
 FC Vilafranca - CP San Cristobal1.470.752.442.502.51.50
 Gran Pena FC - CD Estradense1.8901.831.421.752.52
 Gran Pena FC - CD Estradense2.230.251.561.5722.20
 Gran Pena FC - CD Estradense1.590.252.161.852.251.87
 Gran Pena FC - CD Estradense2.550.51.412.082.51.73
 Gran Pena FC - CD Estradense1.440.52.472.372.751.48
 Las Rozas CF - CF Fuenlabrada Promesas1.2503.751.782.52.03
 Las Rozas CF - Flat Earth FC1.390.252.671.4422.53
 Las Rozas CF - Flat Earth FC1.580.52.221.672.252.07
 Las Rozas CF - Flat Earth FC1.780.751.961.902.51.83
 Las Rozas CF - Flat Earth FC2.0811.672.142.751.63
 Las Rozas CF - Flat Earth FC2.391.251.492.5631.43
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla2.1401.821.070.57.50
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.840.252.151.1116.80
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla2.490.251.581.231.254.00
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.610.52.501.361.53.00
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla2.750.51.431.451.752.68
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.420.753.001.6022.43
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla3.450.751.301.882.252.02
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla4.8011.
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.2214.152.432.751.60
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.181.254.653.1031.39
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla5.501.251.153.453.251.30
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla5.901.51.133.753.51.25
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla1.111.756.806.8041.11
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla---
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla---10.505.51.03
 Linares Deportivo - Real Madrid Castilla---
 Racing Rioja CF B - CA River Ebro2.2601.571.361.752.62
 Racing Rioja CF B - CA River Ebro1.890.251.831.4822.32
 Racing Rioja CF B - CA River Ebro2.610.251.361.802.252.00
 Racing Rioja CF B - CA River Ebro1.620.
 Racing Rioja CF B - CA River Ebro1.440.752.372.192.751.52
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona2.2001.72---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.800.252.08---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona2.630.251.52---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona3.050.51.41---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.600.52.44---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.410.752.97---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona3.920.751.28---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.2414.14---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona6.1411.15---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona6.871.251.13---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.201.254.72---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.181.55.30---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.601.51.12---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona1.121.756.40---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.601.751.05---
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.602-
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-25.301.1216.40
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-2.255.301.251.253.80
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.602.25-1.431.53.10
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-2.55.301.511.752.50
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.602.5-1.6922.15
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-2.755.302.002.251.83
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.602.75-2.322.51.69
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.603-2.642.751.48
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-35.303.3031.33
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-3.255.303.553.251.28
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.603.25-4.503.51.24
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-3.55.305.253.751.16
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.603.5-
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-3.755.3011.005.51.02
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.603.75-
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona-45.3010.507.5-
 Real Union - Gimnastic Tarragona7.604-10.508.5-
 RSD Alcala - Getafe B1.8001.971.451.52.48
 RSD Alcala - Getafe B1.510.252.381.591.752.20
 RSD Alcala - Getafe B2.140.251.631.8821.93
 RSD Alcala - Getafe B2.490.51.452.122.251.64
 RSD Alcala - Getafe B1.370.52.762.502.51.50
 Sporting Gijon B - Real Titanico FC1.380.752.721.3722.78
 Sporting Gijon B - Real Titanico FC1.5112.391.582.252.22
 Sporting Gijon B - Real Titanico FC1.761.251.981.802.51.93
 Sporting Gijon B - Real Titanico FC1.981.51.732.002.751.71
 Sporting Gijon B - Real Titanico FC2.261.751.542.3631.50
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.9801.911.080.57.00
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.640.
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense2.300.251.631.1216.25
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.480.52.601.261.253.70
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense2.680.51.471.401.52.75
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.330.753.301.541.752.43
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense3.300.751.331.7322.10
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.1914.502.032.251.83
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense4.6511.
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense5.
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense1.141.55.753.703.251.26
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense5.751.
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense---5.503.751.15
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense---7.504.51.07
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense---
 Talavera - Real Balompedica Linense---
 UB Conquense - CD Toledo Sad1.5302.381.501.752.31
 UB Conquense - CD Toledo Sad1.830.251.891.6922.00
 UB Conquense - CD Toledo Sad1.350.252.792.012.251.80
 UB Conquense - CD Toledo Sad2.110.51.622.252.51.62
 UB Conquense - CD Toledo Sad2.480.751.442.612.751.40
 UD Almeria B - Real Jaen1.4102.461.371.752.57
 UD Almeria B - Real Jaen1.670.251.971.5022.27
 UD Almeria B - Real Jaen1.970.51.761.782.251.95
 UD Almeria B - Real Jaen2.230.751.521.952.51.68
 UD Almeria B - Real Jaen2.8211.312.222.751.50
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.4802.77---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.370.253.30---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.780.252.13---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.300.53.80---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta2.080.51.88---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta2.420.751.59---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.190.755.21---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta3.1811.38---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.0917.32---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.081.256.72---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta3.541.251.30---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.071.57.13---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta4.001.51.25---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.371.751.17---
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta1.041.758.901.080.58.80
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.5421.091.100.757.00
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-28.901.1216.25
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.882.
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-2.258.901.431.53.05
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-2.58.901.501.752.50
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.962.51.071.6822.20
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-2.758.902.032.251.85
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.962.751.052.322.51.68
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-38.902.612.751.48
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.963-3.3031.33
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-3.258.903.553.251.28
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.963.25-
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.963.5-5.253.751.16
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-3.58.909.204.51.08
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.963.75-
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-3.758.9017.006.51.01
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta-48.9010.507.5-
 UD Logrones - SD Amorebieta5.964-10.508.5-
 UP Plasencia - Olivenza2.1201.641.461.52.45
 UP Plasencia - Olivenza1.740.252.011.611.752.17
 UP Plasencia - Olivenza2.540.251.431.8521.88
 UP Plasencia - Olivenza1.530.52.342.142.251.63
 UP Plasencia - Olivenza1.360.752.822.422.51.48
 Valdesoto CF - CD Tuilla2.3501.471.431.752.41
 Valdesoto CF - CD Tuilla1.930.251.801.5822.11
 Valdesoto CF - CD Tuilla2.730.251.331.892.251.83
 Valdesoto CF - CD Tuilla1.640.
 Valdesoto CF - CD Tuilla1.450.752.342.392.751.44
 Viveiro CF - CSD Arzua1.9201.831.471.752.45
 Viveiro CF - CSD Arzua1.610.252.171.6322.13
 Viveiro CF - CSD Arzua2.290.251.551.952.251.85
 Viveiro CF - CSD Arzua2.630.51.412.202.51.65
 Viveiro CF - CSD Arzua1.450.52.492.512.751.44
11:15 CD Azuaga - SP Villafranca1.3303.25---
 CD Azuaga - SP Villafranca1.450.252.341.381.52.54
 CD Azuaga - SP Villafranca1.790.51.951.501.752.26
 CD Azuaga - SP Villafranca1.970.751.771.8022.05
 CD Azuaga - SP Villafranca2.3411.471.962.251.68
 CD Azuaga - SP Villafranca2.661.251.352.352.51.57
 CD Binefar - CD Caspe1.3803.251.491.752.24
 CD Binefar - CD Caspe1.580.252.101.7921.96
 CD Binefar - CD Caspe1.940.51.892.032.251.83
 CD Binefar - CD Caspe2.010.751.632.252.51.62
 CD Binefar - CD Caspe2.4511.412.532.751.38
 Silva SD - Arosa SC2.1601.611.441.752.53
 Silva SD - Arosa SC1.810.251.931.5922.21
 Silva SD - Arosa SC2.510.251.441.862.251.86
 Silva SD - Arosa SC1.600.
 Silva SD - Arosa SC1.420.752.592.422.751.47
11:30 Aviles Stadium CF - UC Ceares2.6501.351.431.752.40
 Aviles Stadium CF - UC Ceares2.050.251.621.5922.10
 Aviles Stadium CF - UC Ceares1.800.51.931.902.251.82
 Aviles Stadium CF - UC Ceares1.550.752.
 Aviles Stadium CF - UC Ceares1.3412.692.412.751.43
 CE Europa - UE Sant Andreu1.5302.631.441.52.51
 CE Europa - UE Sant Andreu1.710.252.011.581.752.23
 CE Europa - UE Sant Andreu2.010.51.741.9521.93
 CE Europa - UE Sant Andreu2.360.751.522.092.251.66
 CE Europa - UE Sant Andreu3.0511.312.502.51.50
 CF Trujillo - Jerez CF1.4202.481.401.52.48
 CF Trujillo - Jerez CF1.300.252.871.531.752.22
 CF Trujillo - Jerez CF1.750.252.001.7621.97
 CF Trujillo - Jerez CF1.950.51.681.982.251.66
 CF Trujillo - Jerez CF2.300.751.472.232.51.50
 Girona FC B - CF Badalona1.1704.50---
 Girona FC B - CF Badalona1.340.252.881.521.752.30
 Girona FC B - CF Badalona1.530.52.341.7822.03
 Girona FC B - CF Badalona1.720.752.
 Girona FC B - CF Badalona2.0711.672.352.51.57
 Girona FC B - CF Badalona2.461.251.462.642.751.40
 Villarreal C - Athletic Torrellano1.6202.201.461.52.38
 Villarreal C - Athletic Torrellano1.990.251.751.601.752.11
 Villarreal C - Athletic Torrellano1.380.252.611.9321.88
 Villarreal C - Athletic Torrellano2.300.51.512.142.251.58
 Villarreal C - Athletic Torrellano2.790.751.332.502.51.50
12:00 CD La Cuadra - CD Union Sur Yaiza1.470.252.291.4422.38
 CD La Cuadra - CD Union Sur Yaiza1.690.51.941.672.251.97
 CD La Cuadra - CD Union Sur Yaiza1.950.751.781.952.51.78
 CD La Cuadra - CD Union Sur Yaiza2.2711.502.152.751.56
 CD La Cuadra - CD Union Sur Yaiza2.561.251.382.5731.38
 CD Marino - CF Panaderia Pulido2.6301.441.4522.50
 CD Marino - CF Panaderia Pulido2.090.251.661.682.252.06
 CD Marino - CF Panaderia Pulido1.830.51.971.972.51.85
 CD Marino - CF Panaderia Pulido1.610.752.162.162.751.62
 CD Marino - CF Panaderia Pulido1.4012.662.6031.41
 CD Mensajero - UD Ibarra1.1305.50---
 CD Mensajero - UD Ibarra1.410.752.631.472.252.43
 CD Mensajero - UD Ibarra1.5312.331.702.52.10
 CD Mensajero - UD Ibarra1.791.251.961.892.751.93
 CD Mensajero - UD Ibarra1.991.51.722.1131.64
 CD Mensajero - UD Ibarra2.261.751.542.373.251.50
 Lanzarote - CD Santa Ursula1.4402.411.421.52.42
 Lanzarote - CD Santa Ursula1.310.252.841.561.752.15
 Lanzarote - CD Santa Ursula1.800.251.931.8221.91
 Lanzarote - CD Santa Ursula2.040.51.622.062.251.61
 Lanzarote - CD Santa Ursula2.390.751.432.322.51.46
 UD Las Palmas Atletico - Arucas CF1.1006.50---
 UD Las Palmas Atletico - Arucas CF1.380.752.741.4322.54
 UD Las Palmas Atletico - Arucas CF1.5112.391.682.252.06
 UD Las Palmas Atletico - Arucas CF1.891.251.971.952.51.85
 UD Las Palmas Atletico - Arucas CF2.001.51.722.152.751.62
 UD Las Palmas Atletico - Arucas CF2.311.751.522.5531.43
14:30 CD Calahorra B - SD Oyonesa2.1101.651.411.752.61
 CD Calahorra B - SD Oyonesa2.460.251.461.5522.29
 CD Calahorra B - SD Oyonesa1.770.251.961.812.251.92
 CD Calahorra B - SD Oyonesa1.570.
 CD Calahorra B - SD Oyonesa1.400.752.652.342.751.51
 CD Mirandes B - UD Santa Marta1.460.252.331.391.752.51
 CD Mirandes B - UD Santa Marta1.660.51.981.5322.22
 CD Mirandes B - UD Santa Marta1.950.751.781.812.251.92
 CD Mirandes B - UD Santa Marta2.3311.481.982.51.66
 CD Mirandes B - UD Santa Marta2.661.251.352.272.751.48
14:45 CD Anguiano - CD Berceo1.380.752.561.3622.60
 CD Anguiano - CD Berceo1.5312.211.562.252.14
 CD Anguiano - CD Berceo1.861.251.861.802.51.93
 CD Anguiano - CD Berceo2.071.51.601.972.751.67
 CD Anguiano - CD Berceo2.371.751.442.3431.45
 CD Colunga - UD Llanera1.9801.761.501.752.36
 CD Colunga - UD Llanera1.650.252.091.6822.05
 CD Colunga - UD Llanera2.350.251.521.972.251.76
 CD Colunga - UD Llanera1.480.52.402.232.51.58
 CD Colunga - UD Llanera2.690.51.392.602.751.42
15:00 Casalarreina CF - Yague CF1.2503.75---
 Casalarreina CF - Yague CF1.490.52.261.462.252.33
 Casalarreina CF - Yague CF1.620.752.041.732.52.08
 Casalarreina CF - Yague CF1.9411.841.942.751.90
 Casalarreina CF - Yague CF2.081.251.602.0831.60
 Casalarreina CF - Yague CF2.311.51.472.313.251.47
 CD Don Alvaro - CD Calamonte2.2501.571.441.752.37
 CD Don Alvaro - CD Calamonte2.620.251.361.6022.07
 CD Don Alvaro - CD Calamonte1.860.251.891.982.251.88
 CD Don Alvaro - CD Calamonte1.600.
 CD Don Alvaro - CD Calamonte1.420.752.442.432.751.42
 CD Numancia B - Arandina CF2.390.251.491.421.752.59
 CD Numancia B - Arandina CF2.000.51.721.5622.27
 CD Numancia B - Arandina CF1.780.751.951.832.251.90
 CD Numancia B - Arandina CF1.5312.332.062.51.68
 CD Numancia B - Arandina CF1.401.252.652.362.751.50
 Patacona CF - CD Acero2.0201.741.451.252.49
 Patacona CF - CD Acero2.540.251.451.651.52.09
 Patacona CF - CD Acero1.600.252.191.931.751.88
 Patacona CF - CD Acero3.010.51.312.2821.55
 Patacona CF - CD Acero1.410.52.622.642.251.40
 Patacona CF - CD Acero---
 Salamanca CF UDS - Atletico Astorga FC1.5302.711.501.52.37
 Salamanca CF UDS - Atletico Astorga FC1.690.252.071.651.752.10
 Salamanca CF UDS - Atletico Astorga FC1.960.51.781.9421.81
 Salamanca CF UDS - Atletico Astorga FC2.310.751.542.222.251.75
 Salamanca CF UDS - Atletico Astorga FC3.0811.302.502.51.57
 UD Barbastro - CD Carinena1.2503.75---
 UD Barbastro - CD Carinena1.520.52.301.4822.42
 UD Barbastro - CD Carinena1.690.752.051.742.251.99
 UD Barbastro - CD Carinena1.9611.782.032.51.83
 UD Barbastro - CD Carinena2.261.251.562.242.751.57
 UD Barbastro - CD Carinena2.531.51.442.7131.38
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B2.1501.79---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.790.252.09---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B2.600.251.56---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.580.52.38---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B3.000.51.43---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B3.700.751.28---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.430.752.92---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B5.7511.15---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.2514.12---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.211.254.71---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.211.251.13---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.181.55.30---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.801.51.12---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.881.751.08---
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.121.757.371.070.59.00
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.952-1.1116.80
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.0528.
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.952.25-1.471.752.68
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.952.5-1.6222.30
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.052.58.351.982.251.94
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B1.022.758.352.142.51.70
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.952.75-2.482.751.53
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B-38.353.1031.35
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.953-3.453.251.30
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.953.25-3.753.51.25
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B-3.258.354.653.751.18
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.953.5-6.8041.11
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B-3.58.357.604.51.08
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.953.75-10.505.51.03
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B-3.758.3517.006.51.01
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B6.954-7.607.5-
 UE Cornella - Real Sociedad B-48.357.608.5-
15:15 Atletico Tordesillas - Unami CP1.1704.50---
 Atletico Tordesillas - Unami CP1.420.52.421.4422.36
 Atletico Tordesillas - Unami CP1.550.752.161.792.251.95
 Atletico Tordesillas - Unami CP1.8411.932.002.51.80
 Atletico Tordesillas - Unami CP2.031.251.632.172.751.55
 Atletico Tordesillas - Unami CP2.281.51.482.6131.36
 CD Utrillas - CF Atletico de Monzon2.0901.611.491.752.29
 CD Utrillas - CF Atletico de Monzon2.500.251.411.6821.99
 CD Utrillas - CF Atletico de Monzon1.740.
 CD Utrillas - CF Atletico de Monzon1.510.
 CD Utrillas - CF Atletico de Monzon1.350.752.732.592.751.38
15:30 AD Cartaya - Xerez CD2.6601.351.441.52.36
 AD Cartaya - Xerez CD2.000.251.651.591.752.10
 AD Cartaya - Xerez CD1.760.51.981.8821.85
 AD Cartaya - Xerez CD1.510.752.
 AD Cartaya - Xerez CD1.3012.862.392.51.43
 Atletico Bembibre - Real Avila CF2.6301.441.411.52.47
 Atletico Bembibre - Real Avila CF2.000.251.741.531.752.20
 Atletico Bembibre - Real Avila CF1.760.51.971.8321.98
 Atletico Bembibre - Real Avila CF1.520.752.
 Atletico Bembibre - Real Avila CF1.3012.852.402.51.53
 Bollullos CF - Puente Genil FC1.8402.001.481.752.28
 Bollullos CF - Puente Genil FC1.520.252.221.7421.99
 Bollullos CF - Puente Genil FC2.100.251.582.032.251.78
 Bollullos CF - Puente Genil FC1.390.52.532.302.51.60
 Bollullos CF - Puente Genil FC2.410.51.432.532.751.39
 CA Pulpileno - Ucam Murcia II1.2703.101.381.752.60
 CA Pulpileno - Ucam Murcia II1.510.252.291.5122.28
 CA Pulpileno - Ucam Murcia II1.780.51.951.802.251.94
 CA Pulpileno - Ucam Murcia II1.980.751.681.992.51.68
 CA Pulpileno - Ucam Murcia II2.4011.452.262.751.51
 CD Azkoyen - Txantrea2.5801.371.401.752.49
 CD Azkoyen - Txantrea2.010.251.641.5422.19
 CD Azkoyen - Txantrea1.790.51.951.842.251.88
 CD Azkoyen - Txantrea1.540.752.
 CD Azkoyen - Txantrea1.3412.712.322.751.46
 CD Galapagar - Real Aranjuez CF1.4502.391.391.752.51
 CD Galapagar - Real Aranjuez CF1.780.251.951.5322.21
 CD Galapagar - Real Aranjuez CF1.320.252.771.832.251.90
 CD Galapagar - Real Aranjuez CF1.990.51.652.022.51.64
 CD Galapagar - Real Aranjuez CF2.310.751.472.302.751.47
 CD Naval - CF Vimenor2.0201.741.451.52.36
 CD Naval - CF Vimenor1.630.252.031.591.752.10
 CD Naval - CF Vimenor2.350.251.471.8721.85
 CD Naval - CF Vimenor2.700.51.342.112.251.58
 CD Naval - CF Vimenor1.450.52.352.372.51.44
 CD Torrijos - CD Manchego Ciudad Real1.7102.051.531.52.28
 CD Torrijos - CD Manchego Ciudad Real2.110.251.651.711.752.01
 CD Torrijos - CD Manchego Ciudad Real1.460.252.512.0221.73
 CD Torrijos - CD Manchego Ciudad Real1.330.52.932.342.251.53
 CD Torrijos - CD Manchego Ciudad Real2.470.51.452.632.51.40
 UD Ourense - CD Barco1.8801.851.391.752.67
 UD Ourense - CD Barco1.600.252.191.5222.34
 UD Ourense - CD Barco2.210.251.581.782.251.95
 UD Ourense - CD Barco2.530.51.442.012.51.71
 UD Ourense - CD Barco1.450.52.502.282.751.53
 UD Rayo Ibense - Elche B2.4601.571.501.52.35
 UD Rayo Ibense - Elche B1.900.251.841.661.752.08
 UD Rayo Ibense - Elche B2.940.251.332.0021.80
 UD Rayo Ibense - Elche B1.630.
 UD Rayo Ibense - Elche B1.440.752.532.602.51.48
16:00 Aguilas - Deportiva Minera1.0508.50---
 Aguilas - Deportiva Minera1.551.52.241.432.252.54
 Aguilas - Deportiva Minera1.841.752.031.612.52.35
 Aguilas - Deportiva Minera1.9321.791.872.752.10
 Aguilas - Deportiva Minera2.182.251.601.9831.73
 Aguilas - Deportiva Minera2.412.51.482.223.251.56
 Calvo Sotelo Puertollano - CD Illescas1.5002.501.471.752.29
 Calvo Sotelo Puertollano - CD Illescas1.790.251.991.7422.00
 Calvo Sotelo Puertollano - CD Illescas1.310.252.832.002.251.80
 Calvo Sotelo Puertollano - CD Illescas1.960.51.682.252.51.62
 Calvo Sotelo Puertollano - CD Illescas2.300.751.472.512.751.39
 CD Agoncillo - CDFC La Calzada2.0401.741.481.752.41
 CD Agoncillo - CDFC La Calzada1.710.252.041.6522.10
 CD Agoncillo - CDFC La Calzada2.410.251.481.952.251.85
 CD Agoncillo - CDFC La Calzada1.530.52.342.202.51.65
 CD Agoncillo - CDFC La Calzada1.360.752.792.542.751.43
 CD Ciudad de Lucena - Sevilla C1.1704.50---
 CD Ciudad de Lucena - Sevilla C1.380.52.541.381.752.56
 CD Ciudad de Lucena - Sevilla C1.500.752.261.5122.25
 CD Ciudad de Lucena - Sevilla C1.7412.011.842.251.98
 CD Ciudad de Lucena - Sevilla C1.971.251.672.082.51.73
 CD Ciudad de Lucena - Sevilla C2.221.51.512.262.751.49
 CD Padura - Barakaldo---1.752.52.05
 CD Paracuellos Antamira - CD Canillas1.3003.40---
 CD Paracuellos Antamira - CD Canillas1.530.52.291.4022.66
 CD Paracuellos Antamira - CD Canillas1.740.752.021.752.252.18
 CD Paracuellos Antamira - CD Canillas2.0311.722.002.51.92
 CD Paracuellos Antamira - CD Canillas2.361.251.522.032.751.69
 CD Paracuellos Antamira - CD Canillas2.671.51.392.4031.48
 CF Gandia - Silla CF1.4003.121.491.52.39
 CF Gandia - Silla CF1.570.252.241.641.752.12
 CF Gandia - Silla CF1.890.51.881.9421.88
 CF Gandia - Silla CF2.160.751.612.192.251.60
 CF Gandia - Silla CF2.8311.352.502.51.50
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna2.2101.67---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna2.750.251.46---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.830.252.06---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.580.52.40---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna3.300.51.35---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna4.250.751.23---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.410.752.97---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.2414.25---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna6.8411.12---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.201.254.87---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna6.801.251.11---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.171.55.39---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna4.921.51.09---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna4.921.751.05---
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.111.757.711.100.57.80
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.442-1.130.755.90
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.0528.331.1515.50
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.042.258.431.331.253.30
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.442.25-1.491.52.63
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.042.58.971.631.752.25
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.442.5-1.8821.99
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.692.75-
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna1.022.758.972.502.51.59
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna-38.973.002.751.38
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.443-3.9031.24
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna-3.258.974.253.251.21
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.443.25-4.503.51.19
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna-3.58.976.253.751.12
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.443.5-
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.693.75-
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna-3.758.9721.006.51.00
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna-48.979.007.5-
 Fuenlabrada - Deportivo La Coruna8.444-9.008.5-
 Moralo CP - CD Miajadas1.1006.50---
 Moralo CP - CD Miajadas1.300.752.881.4422.37
 Moralo CP - CD Miajadas1.4212.471.662.251.99
 Moralo CP - CD Miajadas1.761.251.991.982.51.88
 Moralo CP - CD Miajadas1.971.51.672.122.751.57
 Moralo CP - CD Miajadas2.241.751.502.5831.37
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B1.3103.501.070.57.50
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B1.
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B1.560.252.431.1216.40
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B1.180.54.651.251.253.80
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B1.860.52.051.401.52.75
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B1.120.756.401.501.752.55
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B2.060.751.811.6822.21
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B2.5511.552.012.251.87
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B2.751.251.432.252.51.66
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B3.101.51.352.602.751.48
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B3.901.751.243.3031.33
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B5.7521.143.553.251.28
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B6.
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B6.602.
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B---7.504.51.07
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B---
 Osasuna B - Athletic Bilbao B---
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.2404.
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.450.252.761.1116.60
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.190.254.501.251.253.80
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.680.52.251.481.752.60
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.100.757.001.6522.25
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD1.920.752.011.962.251.89
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD2.2511.662.202.51.67
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD2.601.251.482.532.751.50
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD2.851.51.403.3031.33
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD3.551.751.283.553.251.28
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD5.2521.
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD5.752.
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD6.
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD---
 Racing de Ferrol - Merida AD---
 SD Textil Escudo - CD Guarnizo1.8601.911.401.52.48
 SD Textil Escudo - CD Guarnizo2.170.251.551.521.752.22
 SD Textil Escudo - CD Guarnizo1.550.252.161.8022.00
 SD Textil Escudo - CD Guarnizo1.400.52.481.992.251.65
 SD Textil Escudo - CD Guarnizo2.480.51.402.402.51.53
 Torreperogil - UD Torre Del Mar2.1301.631.441.752.52
 Torreperogil - UD Torre Del Mar2.520.251.441.5922.20
 Torreperogil - UD Torre Del Mar1.760.251.971.872.251.85
 Torreperogil - UD Torre Del Mar1.560.
 Torreperogil - UD Torre Del Mar1.390.752.702.432.751.47
 Tropezon - SD Revilla1.1106.00---
 Tropezon - SD Revilla1.4212.481.462.252.32
 Tropezon - SD Revilla1.641.252.041.732.52.08
 Tropezon - SD Revilla1.941.51.831.942.751.88
 Tropezon - SD Revilla2.101.751.612.1031.58
 Tropezon - SD Revilla2.5121.412.353.251.45
 UD Somozas - Racing Club Villalbes1.5102.241.461.752.32
 UD Somozas - Racing Club Villalbes1.360.252.641.6322.02
 UD Somozas - Racing Club Villalbes1.880.251.851.952.251.78
 UD Somozas - Racing Club Villalbes2.120.51.572.152.51.56
 UD Somozas - Racing Club Villalbes2.490.751.402.482.751.40
16:30 CE Santanyi - UD Collerense1.1704.50---
 CE Santanyi - UD Collerense1.490.752.251.3322.74
 CE Santanyi - UD Collerense1.7411.981.532.252.20
 CE Santanyi - UD Collerense1.981.251.761.802.52.00
 CE Santanyi - UD Collerense2.161.51.551.922.751.70
 CE Santanyi - UD Collerense2.501.751.402.2331.50
 Udc Torredonjimeno - El Palo1.7801.961.401.752.63
 Udc Torredonjimeno - El Palo2.110.251.651.5422.31
 Udc Torredonjimeno - El Palo1.530.252.321.812.251.93
 Udc Torredonjimeno - El Palo2.410.51.482.042.51.69
 Udc Torredonjimeno - El Palo1.400.52.652.322.751.52
17:00 Real Madrid C - Cd Mostoles Urjc1.2603.101.421.752.43
 Real Madrid C - Cd Mostoles Urjc1.490.252.301.5722.13
 Real Madrid C - Cd Mostoles Urjc1.760.51.981.882.251.84
 Real Madrid C - Cd Mostoles Urjc1.930.751.692.072.51.60
 Real Madrid C - Cd Mostoles Urjc2.3311.462.382.751.44
 RSC Internacional - CD Mostoles URJC1.3303.251.932.251.88
 RSC Internacional - CD Mostoles URJC---
 UE Vilassar de Mar - UE Castelldefels1.5302.421.391.52.52
 UE Vilassar de Mar - UE Castelldefels1.310.252.831.511.752.25
 UE Vilassar de Mar - UE Castelldefels1.840.251.951.7522.00
 UE Vilassar de Mar - UE Castelldefels2.020.51.631.972.251.90
 UE Vilassar de Mar - UE Castelldefels2.360.751.442.222.51.67
17:45 CA Antoniano - Cordoba CF B2.1001.591.421.52.44
 CA Antoniano - Cordoba CF B2.500.251.401.551.752.17
 CA Antoniano - Cordoba CF B1.750.251.991.8021.93
 CA Antoniano - Cordoba CF B1.510.
 CA Antoniano - Cordoba CF B1.340.752.692.292.51.47
Saturday 3 December 2022, UKT
17:00 Alcorcon - Fuenlabrada1.900.751.902.002.251.80
 CD Calahorra - CF La Nucia1.800.252.001.952.251.85
 CD Eldense - UD Logrones2.000.51.802.002.251.80
 CF Intercity - Barcelona B2.000.251.802.002.251.80
 Merida AD - CF Rayo Majadahonda1.750.252.051.952.251.85
 Real Madrid Castilla - Cultural Leonesa1.800.752.
 Real Sociedad B - CA Osasuna B1.950.251.852.002.251.80
 SD Logrones - CD Castellon1.950.251.851.952.251.85
 Unionistas de Salamanca CF - Badajoz1.800.252.001.952.251.85
18:00 Deportivo La Coruna - Cordoba CF1.900.251.901.952.251.85
Sunday 4 December 2022, UKT
11:00 Athletic Bilbao B - UE Cornella1.950.251.852.002.251.80
 Numancia - Real Union1.900.51.902.002.251.80
 Real Balompedica Linense - AD Ceuta1.950.751.851.952.251.85
 San Fernando CDI - Linares Deportivo1.7802.
 SD Amorebieta - CD Atletico Baleares1.950.251.852.002.251.80
16:00 Pontevedra CF - Racing De Ferrol1.900.251.902.022.251.78
17:00 Celta Vigo B - Algeciras CF1.900.251.902.002.251.80
 Gimnastic Tarragona - CE Sabadell FC1.900.251.902.002.251.80
 Real Murcia - CD Alcoyano1.900.251.902.002.251.80
 UD San Sebastian de los Reyes - CF Talavera de la Reina1.750.752.