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Wednesday 4 October 2023, UKT
International, Copa Sudamericana
00:30 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP1.2803.79---
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP1.510.252.62---
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP1.220.254.441.441.52.81
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP1.750.52.131.561.752.46
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP2.010.751.901.7722.11
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP2.4611.572.082.251.78
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP2.881.251.432.382.51.59
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP3.291.51.352.842.751.44
 Fortaleza CE - Corinthians SP4.221.751.244.533.51.20
22:00 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito1.2603.91---
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito1.480.252.711.341.53.29
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito1.210.254.541.5322.52
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito1.740.52.191.842.252.05
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito1.980.751.922.052.51.81
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito2.3411.632.342.751.61
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito2.741.251.472.8831.43
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito3.121.51.383.553.51.30
 Defensa y Justicia - LDU Quito3.941.751.