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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
Czech Republic, U19
10:00 Pardubice U19 - MFK Karvina U191.5502.261.482.52.44
 Pardubice U19 - MFK Karvina U191.760.252.071.602.752.22
 Pardubice U19 - MFK Karvina U192.110.51.821.7831.97
 Pardubice U19 - MFK Karvina U192.230.751.592.143.251.91
 Pardubice U19 - MFK Karvina U192.6711.402.203.51.58
11:15 Slovacko U19 - Sparta Prague U192.400.751.431.442.752.36
 Slovacko U19 - Sparta Prague U192.1511.561.5732.12
 Slovacko U19 - Sparta Prague U191.961.251.841.863.251.92
 Slovacko U19 - Sparta Prague U191.661.51.981.983.51.66
 Slovacko U19 - Sparta Prague U191.501.752.232.223.751.50
11:45 Sigma Olomouc U19 - Viktoria Plzen U191.500.252.351.4432.53
 Sigma Olomouc U19 - Viktoria Plzen U191.670.52.081.623.252.15
 Sigma Olomouc U19 - Viktoria Plzen U191.850.751.931.843.51.94
 Sigma Olomouc U19 - Viktoria Plzen U192.0611.671.973.751.74
 Sigma Olomouc U19 - Viktoria Plzen U192.291.251.532.2341.56