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Friday 24 January 2020, UKT
South Africa South Africa, Premier League
13:30 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.4402.72---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.640.252.12---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.310.253.26---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.260.53.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.890.51.83---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.130.753.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.890.751.41---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-13.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.891----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.891.25----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-1.253.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-1.53.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.891.5----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.891.75----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-1.753.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-23.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.892----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-2.253.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.892.25----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-2.53.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.892.5----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.892.75----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-2.753.80---
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.893----
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-33.801.090.59.00
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-3.253.801.331.53.25
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.893.25-
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-3.53.803.753.51.25
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.893.5-
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.893.75-18.505.51.03
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-3.753.808.206.5-
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards-43.8018.507.5-
 Cape Town City - Black Leopards1.894-18.508.5-
 Steenberg United - Cape Umoya United FC1.2903.50-0.58.00
 Steenberg United - Cape Umoya United FC---
18:00 Supersport United - Chippa United1.3003.91---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.190.254.60---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.470.252.71---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.160.55.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.700.52.21---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.700.751.60---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.080.755.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United-15.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.701----
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.701.25----
 Supersport United - Chippa United-1.255.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United-1.55.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.701.5----
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.701.75----
 Supersport United - Chippa United-1.755.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United-25.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.702----
 Supersport United - Chippa United-2.255.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.702.25----
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.702.5----
 Supersport United - Chippa United-2.55.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.702.75----
 Supersport United - Chippa United-2.755.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United-35.30---
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.703-
 Supersport United - Chippa United-3.255.301.501.52.58
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.703.25-2.582.51.50
 Supersport United - Chippa United-3.55.305.203.51.17
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.703.5-11.504.51.06
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.703.75-
 Supersport United - Chippa United-3.755.3011.506.5-
 Supersport United - Chippa United1.704-11.507.5-
 Supersport United - Chippa United-45.3011.508.5-
Saturday 25 January 2020, UKT
13:30 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs3.4001.30---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs2.530.251.49---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs3.940.251.25---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.500.51.21---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs2.120.51.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.500.751.10---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs1.560.751.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-11.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.501----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-1.251.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.501.25----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.501.5----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-1.51.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.501.75----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-1.751.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-21.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.502----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-2.251.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.502.25----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-2.51.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.502.5----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-2.751.69---
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.502.75----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.503----
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-31.691.040.59.50
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.503.25-1.321.53.40
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-3.251.692.042.51.80
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-3.51.693.703.51.30
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.503.5-7.804.51.10
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-3.751.6918.005.51.03
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.503.75-18.006.5-
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs-41.697.807.5-
 Golden Arrows - Kaizer Chiefs4.504-18.008.5-
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City1.4103.00---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City1.710.251.97---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City1.310.253.22---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.020.51.70---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City1.250.53.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.020.751.35---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City1.120.753.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.021----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-13.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-1.253.25---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.021.25----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-1.53.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.021.5----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.021.75----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-1.753.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-23.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.022----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.022.25----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-2.253.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-2.53.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.022.5----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.022.75----
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-2.753.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-33.85---
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.023-
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-3.253.851.441.52.78
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.023.25-2.402.51.56
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-3.53.854.603.51.20
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.023.5-9.804.51.06
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.023.75-
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-3.753.859.806.5-
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City-43.859.807.5-
 Stellenbosch FC - Polokwane City2.024-9.808.5-
16:00 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.1307.17---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.230.254.06---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.080.258.18---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.070.59.20---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.370.53.04---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.030.759.20---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.370.752.02---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.371----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-19.20---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.371.25----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-1.256.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.371.5----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-1.56.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-1.756.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.371.75----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-26.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.372----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.372.25----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-2.256.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.372.5----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-2.56.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-2.756.96---
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.372.75----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.373----
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-36.961.070.59.00
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-3.256.961.441.52.88
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.373.25-
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-3.56.964.333.51.20
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.373.5-9.404.51.06
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-3.756.9625.005.51.02
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.373.75-25.006.5-
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu1.374-25.007.5-
 Orlando Pirates - AmaZulu-46.9625.008.5-
Sunday 26 January 2020, UKT
13:30 Baroka FC - Maritzburg United2.1001.671.040.59.00
 Baroka FC - Maritzburg United---1.361.53.00
 Baroka FC - Maritzburg United---
 Baroka FC - Maritzburg United---3.753.51.25
 Baroka FC - Maritzburg United---
 Baroka FC - Maritzburg United---10.505.51.03