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Tuesday 5 March 2024, UKT
South Africa, Premier League
17:30 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows1.2703.92---
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows1.200.254.781.150.55.45
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows1.570.252.451.441.252.85
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows1.890.52.001.641.52.29
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows1.150.55.641.841.752.01
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows2.210.751.692.2021.73
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows2.8911.432.592.251.51
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows3.381.251.332.952.51.40
 AmaZulu - Moroka Swallows3.871.51.275.923.51.13
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC1.4202.97---
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC1.300.253.56---
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC1.720.
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC2.040.51.881.471.52.73
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC1.
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC2.400.751.601.8322.03
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC3.1711.372.152.251.72
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC3.651.251.292.472.51.56
 Cape Town City FC - Stellenbosch FC4.
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows1.2603.82---
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows1.200.254.47---
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows1.490.252.611.381.52.95
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows1.720.52.131.491.752.61
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows1.980.751.881.6422.24
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows2.3711.581.942.251.89
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows2.761.251.452.192.51.67
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows3.131.51.362.562.751.50
 Kaizer Chiefs - Golden Arrows3.941.751.253.953.51.24
Wednesday 6 March 2024, UKT
17:30 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC1.7102.21---
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC1.460.252.71---
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC2.090.251.761.110.56.38
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC2.480.51.541.501.52.57
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC1.340.53.201.651.752.23
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC3.080.751.371.9321.90
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC1.230.754.
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC4.4011.212.612.51.48
 Chippa United - Richards Bay FC4.961.
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs1.230.254.09---
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs1.360.
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs1.450.752.751.4222.85
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs1.5812.371.632.252.27
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs1.861.251.971.842.51.97
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs2.121.51.732.062.751.77
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs2.451.751.552.3631.58
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs3.0621.372.893.51.40
 Orlando Pirates - Cape Town Spurs3.442.251.314.774.51.17
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC1.3803.03---
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC1.280.253.62---
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC1.710.
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC2.010.51.851.541.52.46
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC1.
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC2.320.751.611.9821.88
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC3.0711.382.332.251.60
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC3.551.251.292.672.51.47
 Sekhukhune United - Royal AM FC4.
 TS Galaxy FC - Mamelodi Sundowns2.000.751.841.6922.12
 TS Galaxy FC - Mamelodi Sundowns1.6712.