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Saturday 11 December 2021, UKT
South Africa, Premier League
14:30 Baroka - Cape Town City1.8901.93---
 Baroka - Cape Town City1.550.252.38---
 Baroka - Cape Town City2.350.251.561.110.55.95
 Baroka - Cape Town City1.400.52.851.471.52.58
 Baroka - Cape Town City2.820.51.411.601.752.24
 Baroka - Cape Town City1.260.753.611.8721.93
 Baroka - Cape Town City3.580.751.
 Baroka - Cape Town City5.4411.142.492.51.50
 Baroka - Cape Town City1.1415.424.643.51.16
 Chippa United - AmaZulu2.0501.79---
 Chippa United - AmaZulu1.650.252.24---
 Chippa United - AmaZulu2.550.251.521.110.56.39
 Chippa United - AmaZulu3.050.51.381.481.52.63
 Chippa United - AmaZulu1.470.52.681.631.752.27
 Chippa United - AmaZulu1.320.753.361.8921.91
 Chippa United - AmaZulu3.940.751.
 Chippa United - AmaZulu6.1911.122.602.51.49
 Chippa United - AmaZulu1.1714.975.123.51.16
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC1.4102.81---
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC1.780.
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC1.290.253.441.401.252.81
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC1.
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC2.080.51.711.821.752.00
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC1.140.755.462.1221.67
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC2.570.751.482.482.251.50
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC3.7111.252.802.51.39
 Moroka Swallows - Marumo Gallants FC4.331.251.205.723.51.11
16:30 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy1.2403.85---
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy1.180.254.52---
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy1.470.252.60---
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy1.700.52.091.491.52.52
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy2.030.751.811.621.752.22
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy2.5911.471.8621.94
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy3.111.251.342.142.251.66
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy3.601.51.262.432.51.52
 Orlando Pirates - TS Galaxy4.641.751.184.713.51.16
19:15 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns2.4201.53---
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns1.860.251.95---
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns3.000.251.361.110.56.00
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns3.550.51.271.451.52.62
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns1.580.52.301.581.752.29
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns1.410.752.811.8321.97
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns4.670.751.
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns1.2413.852.452.51.51
 Supersport United - Mamelodi Sundowns1.191.254.354.533.51.17
Sunday 12 December 2021, UKT
14:30 Royal AM - Golden Arrows1.5002.52---
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows1.350.253.06---
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows1.860.251.96---
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows2.170.51.651.481.52.55
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows1.270.53.571.611.752.23
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows1.170.754.711.8621.93
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows2.650.751.452.152.251.65
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows3.7311.252.462.51.51
 Royal AM - Golden Arrows4.
16:00 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch1.8302.00---
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch2.270.251.601.140.55.83
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch1.520.252.461.401.253.01
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch2.730.51.431.591.52.39
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch1.380.52.951.761.752.07
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch1.240.753.792.0921.76
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch3.490.751.282.472.251.56
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch5.4411.142.822.51.43
 Maritzburg United - Stellenbosch1.1215.875.783.51.14
17:00 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United1.4302.74---
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United1.310.253.28---
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United1.720.252.06---
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United1.240.53.801.491.52.52
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United2.070.51.781.621.752.21
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United2.460.751.521.8821.93
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United3.4211.
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United3.961.251.232.462.51.51
 Kaizer Chiefs - Sekhukhune United4.501.51.184.743.51.16